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  1. Would like to see Humphries with a big day in one of these early games as well.
  2. The setup is there to just take it to the Jags from the get go this week. I mean, they can’t start the season with a 2 game win streak, we knocked off all the rust last week, they have no answer for Simmons and Clown, AJ is prime for a breakout game, get both Evans back, and this team is DH’s bitch. Which all means it’ll come down to a last second 51 yarder from misstowski. Of course it will.
  3. Very well could be the case. If the team goes on a win streak, everybody including Beasley will receive a motivation snowball effect and want to be a part of it.
  4. Agreed, but if the game plan was that CD would have the best matchup, you look there FIRST, and if he’s open on most plays there’s no reason to look for AJ. Not that I agree with that game plan, but that may be why AJ didn’t get as many chances. Next game could be AJ will be looked at first. Maybe they could have adjusted the game plan and went to AJ more if he was that wide open, but good to see CD making plays for sure. I’ve said it before, this offense is going to have the problem of not enough footballs to go around. Obviously a good problem to have.
  5. Yep, that’s what having a real NFL QB does for you. For years and years we were the Monday night Broncos losing games at rhe end of the 4.th quarter.
  6. Yep, definitely a huge advantage, but also earned, and probably the way it should be. Haven’t looked at stats, but I’m sure this will drive down the percentage of 2 seeds that make the CG and SB.
  7. The best teams every year have several games like this that they win. In the NFL every team is "good," even the Jets. Given the circumstances, it was a very good win. There is plenty of room for improvement to go around, but in the end, the plays that needed to happen and the kick that needed to happen were executed nicely. The OL opened some holes for DH on the final drive and RT hit receivers for first downs in crunch time. Along with games like this, the Titans are also gonna curb stomp a few teams this year as well. Each season is a process and learning to win games like this as a whole team is part of that process. Not a bad start for a squad that's looking to still be around in late January.
  8. Lock is pretty decent but he has all day. No pressure is hurting pretty bad.
  9. Hatred of the Cowboys is also a reason they get so much media coverage. I've heard people say they would rather have the Cowboys lose than their team win on any given Sunday. They are never irrelevant. Being irrelevant is the worst thing an NFL team can be by media standards.
  10. It’s also a cycle. The media talks about them all the time because they have a lot of fans, which in turn gains them more fans, which in turn makes the media cover them even more. This would obviously never happen, but if the national media one day decided to cover the Titans all day every day like the Cowpukes, the team would pick up more fans and this cycle would eventually(after a long eventually...lol)start for the Titans. Why do people follow a team simply because they’re covered more in the media? Because, in the end, the general population are morons and there’s no getting around that.
  11. I'd like to say that this conduct surprises me, but I think I'm surprised we don't see this stuff even more often giving young 20 somethings a boat load of money. It's obviously idiotic behavior to the nth degree and he is obviously naive and immature. There have to be some consequences here and then see how he handles those consequences. No one was physically hurt this time so he'll get another shot, but you have to think this may be it if there's another incident. Jrob has certainly shown he'll own up to his mistakes and cut ties fairly quickly. I'm old enough and have seen enough to know that he's on the edge of ruining his career and we've all seen that interview a few years down the road, "I messed up and I wish I would have done things differently and got away from the crowd I was hanging with." Kids have to learn things themselves and almost never listen to wisdom from those who have been through it already, which can be extremely frustrating. Give him the right info and hopefully something clicks. We're gonna find out pretty soon I think.
  12. This is definitely the prevailing national groupthink and I get it if you don’t pay that much attention to the team, which most don’t. This team, however, is loaded and still very hungry. Next year at this time there will be a much different national opinion going forward.
  13. The defense will be a nightmare to game plan against. It’s gonna be pick your poison when choosing who to double team. There’s gonna be games where the DB’s look lights out with multiple picks because of constant upfront pressure. They’ll be able to jump a few routes as well knowing the qb will be looking for something quick.

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