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  1. It looks like in this discussion everyone is close to being on the same page. Everyone agrees we’d like to keep the offense together as much as possible and add pieces to the defense. After watching this crap for 50 years, I can tell you that the successful answers each year USUALLY come from the most unapparrent or imperceptible places. Either a draft pick no one saw being this good, or some lower level FA that’s working his ass off right now that had something “click” and no one knew he would improve this much in the off-season. No one knew predraft that taking Kearse or DH wou
  2. I think what some of you guys see as fans taking a players behavior personally is not that at all, but just frustration that a 1st round pick that should have been integral to keeping the team competitive has been wasted. If it’s a later round pick, it’s no where near the frustration. This is about nothing but winning, and losing a first round pick for nothing is unconscionable. Imagine the team is on the clock in round 1 and as time runs out Goodell announces, “Titans said, nah, they’re good, but they do wanna go ahead and pay for the non-pick and have it count against the ca
  3. What a waste of a human being. Just wow, the stupidity is mind boggling.
  4. I hope you’re right, but that Indy line is gonna give him some time and Reich will modify the offense for his strengths. I’m ecstatic they didn’t get Stafford or Watson, but I’m not ready to close the book on Wentz just yet. A new environment can cause sparks, and for me this multiplies the need for edge guys to pressure him and make sure he stays bad Wentz.
  5. The problem for the Titans and Titans fans with Indy getting Wentz is the unknown. Colts fans definitely have hope now. Strong opinions on a QB with the history of Wentz don’t mean much because there’s way too much unknown on how he’ll do in a different environment from the eagles. He looked both great and bad in his time at Philly. Barring injury, he might wipe the floor with the division or he might be benched by game 2. Usually the answer is in the middle somewhere and that probably doesn’t bode well for the Titans as the rest of that team has looked pretty good recently, even if W
  6. Generally speaking, the answer is heat, but there are many caveats and unknowns here that could change that as more specifics of the situation became available. It’s all in the details.
  7. You know, from that angle it looks like he may have maybe cros....lol. Happy made up by retailers to increase slow after Christmas sales Day!
  8. Early 90’s Columbia Blues are sick. Wear them in Houston and it’ll be a home game and a chance to turn that place to a home away from home (like Jacksonville) with the shitstorm that is that organization right now. In fact, I might be for signing Watt just to give that a shot. I mean, Tanne did play at A&M just up the road from Houston.....lol
  9. I definitely enjoy football and the entertainment aspect, however, I will say I’ve been “enjoying” it for almost 50 years now and would like to see a fucking SB win at least once before I die. Obviously don’t know how old you are, but your perspective changes a bit as you realize there’s more football seasons behind you than there are in front of you.
  10. I believe there is something to a qb getting in a rhythm. I don’t think we’ve been able to see much of that with Tanne because he’s being handcuffed having to throw so often, almost “defensively,” on third down to pick up first down yardage, just so we can run it on first down again. I was hoping the week to week offensive scheme would be some weeks you end up throwing it a lot and some you end up running it more, depending on the defense and in-game adjustments. The success of DH, I believe, has hamstrung Tanne somewhat because he just can’t quite get into a rhythm whe
  11. Yep, very similar to Mike Tyson’s quote of “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”
  12. Hmmmm.....so are we still up in the air on who was more responsible for the Patriots dynasty? Bill’s a great coach and all, but if he signs glass joe Tebow to start, then just dam...
  13. Admittedly, it’s a crazy game sometimes with few absolutes even though I kind of gave an absolute in my above post. Asking the defense to lock down the ravens was absolutely too much to ask in that situation though.
  14. I’ll turn it around and just say that’s another stat that indirectly shows just how productive the offense was to get to 11 wins and a division championship. Many ways to win a SB, but none of them include being historically bad in one of the three phases of the game. The offense can not win every single game-occasionally the defense, especially in the playoffs, has to come through for a win.
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