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  1. I think these are just numbers that prove what we already knew without the numbers-“any given Sunday.” I think it shows that every year is a different entity unto its own for most teams and things that are laughed at preseason can come to pass quite easily. How many times have you said, “Who saw that coming?” 8-8 is certainly not unreasonable for the Titans and with the +/- 3 wins average per season as shown, 5-11 is not unreasonable/laughable and 11-5 is not unreasonable/laughable.
  2. Sort of interesting concerning pre/post season sos over the last 3 years. Some they nailed and others were way off as you would expect due to injuries, etc. Average change was 9.33 spots pre/post. No statistician, but that would seem to be significant.
  3. Yes, I will agree that because of my job I'm seeing a probable inordinate amount of this particular problem vs the entire population. We're all definitely effected by things we see daily in our own little worlds.
  4. I see both sides of the argument here, but the quoted above is absolutely not true. I see everyday in my place of employment, able people who are readily willing to live in squalor to avoid the responsibilities and effort it would take(including paying income tax) to increase their quality of life. It is absolutely crazy and frustrating to see the effort put into staying where they are in life when less effort would be required to make their lives so much better.
  5. Dude, I agree with you. I probably lean libertarian in a lot of areas. I’m just severely jaded in this one area. I was probably thinking in hypothetical terms that automated vehicles ARE a complete solution to death by vehicle, which of course in real life, they would not be.
  6. There’s gotta be a way to allow people who know how to drive to continue to be able to do so and I would normally 100% agree with you. However, in my job as a ladder truckie In the big city, I’ve had to cut way too many dead people out of vehicles. There are way way too many people under the influence of everything under the sun driving a vehicle at high speeds and there are way way too many unstable people in the world now. It would be extremely helpful to get the keys out of those peoples hands somehow. Too many innocent people die at their hands every fucking day.
  7. smokeater


    Maybe, but we’ll never know for sure now. Always hated the whole asterisk on the championship thing because we’ve seen things happen that no one saw coming before. This series, unfortunately, will be riddled with asterisk. Let me add my own asterisk-it’s not over yet either. Could still see that great series.
  8. smokeater


    Toronto is playing well and they are really good. We were robbed of a potentially great series due to the injuries to GS. KD is great and all, but they were not going to run through Toronto as easily as most thought, even if fully healthy.
  9. I've always said if the aliens ever come down and see how we travel around the earth they would say, "You stupid motherfuckers drive around at 70 mph in those tin cans and just let any idiot alive be at the controls?" Way too many unstable people out there these days.
  10. It really did, especially in the house of pain days. Know you were being facetious, but there were definitely some intimidated teams coming into the dome back then.
  11. Born and raised in south Texas between San Antonio and Corpus Christi in the 70’s and 80’s. Entire family were Cowboy fans and so was I until I was about 8-9 years old when I learned to read a map and saw Houston was closer to us than Dallas and I was like wtf? Then, in Earl Campbell’s hey day with the Oilers I got his autograph while visiting some other relatives in Houston and that was that.
  12. I don’t think anyone would argue it’s a nut up or shut up year for MM. It’s obvious Jrob is not one bit afraid to pull the trigger on a new starting QB if MM shits the bed or gets injured again and misses significant time. Also, not many at all would argue against him getting this last shot. Every other argument is just semantics over who figured all this out first. The question is the middle ground. What if he leads the league in passing for 9 weeks, then gets hurt again. Or what if they win a playoff game, but he doesn’t look that good in doing it. I think if any middle ground occurs as above, Jrob will be looking to move up as high as possible to draft his new starting Qb. Different middle ground scenarios could still make it a tough call though. Mostly injury free with decent stats and passing the “eye test” will keep him here I think.
  13. Got me. Dam 50 year old brain strikes again. I’d blame it on fat texting fingers but I don’t think that’s believable. Sux getting old...lol.
  14. Start at least 14 games and win a wildcard playoff game with the team winning with him and not despite him. The loss in the divisional round can't be mostly attributed to his mistakes. If that happens the stats will be adequate enough and it's much much more about helping the team win than anything to do with stats anyway. That will get him another chance(franchise tag) to prove he can be successful consistently. Less than this and Jrob will get his chance to draft a first round QB. An obviously huge win in the divisonal round and berth in the afc championship game gets him an extension. The team will in no way be able to get that far winning despite him-he would have to be doing a ton of things right.
  15. Knowing how MM operates, watch him break the NFL passing record for the halfway point in the season and then snap his femur week 9.. Hello Mr. "I get another year bitches." I hope he whips ass, but barring the above scenario, this is obviously make it or break it year. In the AJ Brown video Vrabel corrected him for responding that he was good and not great. I would imagine that goes quadruple for the QB position. You have to believe JRob is salivating and chomping at the bit to draft his first ever QB. We've gotten so used to mediocre around here that we start to defend it, myself included, but from what I can tell JRob and MV don't play and Amy has their back. I wouldn't be surprised if MM shits the bed the first three weeks that we see Tannehill starting week 4.
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