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  1. Yes, and maybe Tanne was and could have done more in the playoffs if it wasn’t for the run game being so productive. Hindsight 20/20 of course, but maybe if he had been unleashed from the start of the playoffs he does more today. I can understand though if someone thought we should try and draft that top 5 guy Every year possible with the way Mahomes played today.
  2. Solid team. Few more parts here and there. Great season. Anyone would have taken the afc championship game at the beginning of the year. Mahomes played incredibly well and that’s what it was gonna take.
  3. DH is a truck, no doubt. However, to me, the success with the run game over the last part of the season and playoffs is all about the OL and it's real simple. Somewhere along the way the OL completely came together and figured out how to run block as a team. When DH isn't successful running the ball, he's not getting through the DL and he can't pick up a head of steam. The OL is now blowing the DL off the ball creating run lanes allowing Henry to get up to speed and that becomes really bad news for the secondary(see earl thomas). Any other NFL back would be picking up yards with the way the OL is making lanes, however, we just happened to have a giant sledgehammer with speed back there. Hence, broken NFL records. There's NEVER been a run game like the Titans have at this very time in all of NFL history, so this is all unprecedented. These defenses have never seen anything like this and it's stunning them. If the defense plays any kind of decent football, which they obviously have been, I don't know how you stop this team. Mahomes will have to play the perfect game of his life and maybe he does, or maybe we have some turnovers, or some special teams gaffes, but geez, AR has to be pulling what's left of his hair out right now and losing a few L B's too.
  4. Young guys with inflated egos are just so dumb. No reason at all to do this to yourself other than ego, but hey....thanks.
  5. If the ball just happens to bounce our way or the turf monster makes a needed tackle sending the team to the SB, we'll know here what happened. RIP brother.
  6. Titans are proving it right now. If it weren't for Mahomes, I wouldn't even be that worried about KC. That guy makes up for a lot of deficencies elsewhere.
  7. I saw everything of Arnolds in the 80's in the theater when it first came out. Total Recall is around '90-'91 I think, and I remember having to get a babysitter for for my 3 year old daughter at the time to go. Everybody in high school starting lifting weights after the Conan movies in the early-mid 80's. Good stuff.
  8. Schtick....or...? You know Kyle is a yooge niner fan right?
  9. “Our RB is whopping everybody’s ass...bullshit, our QB is whopping everybody’s ass...nuh unh, our OL is whooping everybody’s ass. “ I could get used to being spoiled like this. Let’s just keep whooping that ass.
  10. Extremely smart and competent moves made at every point along the way since she's been owner-it's not arguable and she is the exact opposite of her dad. He taught her everything not to do.
  11. Agree that the 9-7 record is the biggest reason the Titans have been overlooked. The QB change after week 6 made an absolute fundamental change to this team and the team was really a 12-4 team coming into the playoffs. Why people can't see this I have no idea-this is not complicated in any way, shape, or fashion. Also, RT has not been asked for any kind of volume passing so far in the playoffs because they haven't needed it yet. Efficiency is a billion times more important in this offense than volume. It's conceivable the team could win the SB with RT having mediocre volume stats throughout the playoffs only because he never had to, not because he wasn't capable. Secretly in my subconscious I would love for RT to come out and have to light up a defense just to have all the pundits stfu and shove it in their face. However, I also know the best and most efficient way to win playoff football games is with effective volume running and efficient passing, and of course winning the trenches on both side of the ball. MV has built a team to win in the playoffs-enough can not be made of this. We won't be overlooked as much next year. A small market team with a small fan base has to have a few skins on the wall to not be overlooked publicly. We're just like the old Spurs NBA teams-I love that shit. There are no teams and HC's that are overlooking us now, not that they ever were, We have to be fucking scary and a nightmare to gameplan against for opposing teams. We're talking about how tough KC is gonna be, which they will be, but imagine what's being said about us in their little game planning meetings this am.
  12. Obviously have a good shot against either team, but this Texans defense doesn’t have a prayer.
  13. Need both these teams skill players trying to be heros in the second half. Leave it all on the field fellas including your ACL’s, high ankles, and hip pointers.

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