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  1. It’s ridiculous. Literally almost anyone could have signed him. This will end up being a benign, nothing signing in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Totally agree. I hope they find a way to play this season. Potential is off the charts for this team.
  3. Totally agree with you Oz. The only thing I would add is that because this is such an emotional subject in this particular environment at this particular time(as it should be), it would obviously be best to get the facts before releasing something as volatile as this to the public on social media as NASCAR did. Maybe there was no choice, and I certainly get the assumption of what it was, but right now there's even MORE reason to get something like this right the first time for all the obvious reasons.
  4. Difficult to have a list with no context of what it is relative to, so I'll go by importance to the teams goal of winning. 1. Tannehill 2. Lewan 3. Byard 4. Henry 5. Simmons AJ, Jonnu, Landry, Evans, J. Brown, Kern, and Jackson could all easily be on the list as well.
  5. The greatest RB’s are usually the ones that make things happen in the open field. If you have no OL or no QB so that the defense can stack the box, it usually(with a few exceptions) doesn’t matter how good the RB is because he can’t get started. DH is the ultimate example of this as we had the OL but no QB until Tanne took over, and then HE took over. Hell, really it’s way more QB than it is even OL as our OL all of the sudden became road graders when 17 was behind center. Where a RB becomes special is making guys miss in the open field once they’ve cleared the LOS. DH has unique size(and speed for that size)and intimidation factor once he clears the line, but that deadly stiff arm turned DB’s and a few LB’s into bitches last year.
  6. This is all true, but I'm not sure how Jrob could have handled it much differently. It would be difficult to warn players in advance, "Hey, we may be trading you at some point in the near future, but we're not sure yet, but keep playing hard for us until then." Casey had bought into the new Titans and probably had his feelings and pride hurt. But man, as a Pro, you have to know this stuff can happen to almost any player at any time. Jrob shouldn't be "penalized" in the court of NFL opinion for doing his job in the best way he knows how.
  7. The correct decision was made business wise in regards to Casey. On the human side of things it was, of course, a little cruel, but bad teams are the ones that hold on too long for sentimentality. He actually did get his chance last year with a very good team. They can throw me out like “trash” too with the set for life wad of dough he walked away with. If they had cut him from his college football team like this I’d be a little pissed at them too, but this is the NFL and there’s no place for that here. JRob would be “not for long” if he started making personnel decisions on the basis of past production, likeableness, and sentimentality.
  8. I'm not sure rivals is that big of a thing anymore in the NFL. The constantly changing rosters now sort of puts a damper on it, especially for the players.
  9. Agree to disagree that Mariota wasn’t killing the franchise-depends on your definition. Having said that, the franchise was indeed dead last year if MM had remained behind center.
  10. They are truly lost and goes to show how unimportant having the media recognize and talk about the team has become. If anyone cared at all it would be embarrassing. You can’t fix sheer incompetence and laziness.
  11. smokeater

    Virus in US

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that the state of the country currently is lowering Trumps chances. There will be a ton of votes that are not really for Biden, but simply against Trump. It’s always change that is desired when there are major issues going on in an election year. This year is obviously highlighted with issues. It’s still gonna be a lot closer than a lot of people think, but even without the “unpresidentialness” of Trump, he still loses this election in this year. He’ll get very few undecided and swing votes.
  12. Very small pet peeve of mine. They let way, way too many guys in the HOF. It should be for the best of the best, but it's became the Hall of Very Good. It's watered down now and they keep having to build on to it for all the players they keep putting in. There's way too much of "well, if this guy got in, then you have to let this guy in." While it's still an honor for the player, I don't think it means quite as much to the general NFL fan as it used to.
  13. Yes, carp is considered a trash fish. Do not eat that thing. They can get huge and can live in nasty water.

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