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  1. Hmmm, I get what you're saying, but you gotta keep rolling fellas. Don't mess with what's working. Maybe you rest a guy if he's dinged up, but it would have to be for real injury, not rest alone. You definitely prepare for them just the same. Play smart, aggressive football all the way to the end. We are rolling and if we let up it may be harder to get it rolling again. Now if everything is written in stone by week 17, then I'd let anyone with any kind of ding rest up. I'd still prepare for the game as usual and really try to win with who's on the field though.
  2. To me, the much higher risk is not paying him after he had success here, and then watching him lead another team to the SB. That would be a fire everyone in the front office felony offense. Screw that, I'll take my chances with the guy throwing darts right now.
  3. I love it when we have to argue about who is the greatest player on the team. These are the good times fellas.
  4. Winning cures all and I mean all things NFL. Pretty sure the weeds have stopped growing and any parking lot potholes have magically been filled outside Nissan.
  5. No hate here. Agreed. You can almost see them trusting Tanne more and more with each game. You can feel AS giggling in awe to himself, "holy shit look at that, let's open this thing up!"
  6. Any QB can flop, get injured at anytime, etc. GM's can't tell the future so they have to go off what they see in front of them. Sure there's some risk involved paying out big money, but that's part of the game when the only information you have is what's right in front of you. Anyone can site examples of negative and positive signings from the past. The much, much bigger risk is letting a qb go in free agency because you don't want to pay and he becomes successful with another team while you're stuck with only the dregs of qb's left to choose from like we have been for years and years. Terribly and frighteningly risky.
  7. Just a killer play in that situation that worked to perfection. AS had to have that in his back pocket just waiting to use it when we were backed up. Flow going one way allowing your best receiver to get on an island and go to work. An aggressive assault of that defense yesterday.
  8. Finally got to watch the game tonight. Very striking how in charge Tanne is on the field and the accuracy is literally on point. Superb QB play allows all the talent on the offense to shine. Will be very difficult for any defense to shut down. The defense is capable of getting gashed here and there, but there are playmakers. With the rules favoring offense this is true of most NFL defenses, but there does seem to be someone stepping up and making a play, at the right time, in each win. This team should fear absolutely no one.
  9. Davis is a specimen. Brown is a football player. If Davis gets on the same page as Tanne like Brown has, he'll put up big numbers as well.
  10. Crazy NFL. If the Texans wanna keep playing like this then maybe WE will be the ones resting players Week
  11. I do think with a change in environment Tanne would be better here than in Miami even without DH, however, let's not test that theory and mess with what's working. Success running it and solid QB play takes you a long way in playoff football. I will admit that we've had such spectacularly shit QB play up until recently that Tanne looks like Brady/Montana incarnate out there to a lot of us right now.
  12. I agree in the fact that the team needs to step up in a big game, which they've shown they can do. What sucks is the team now is actually better than the overall record. I disagree that they don't "deserve" to be in the playoffs if they happen to put up just one stinker along the way which can and does happen to very good playoff teams in the NFL.
  13. Agreed. You could find another video showing how RT has opened up the running lanes for DH. That's the beauty of how the offense is playing right now-balanced. This offensive philosophy, (while still a little bit conservative for me-it's why we sometimes don't take early leads), wins games in the playoffs with a decent defense. If you don't have a super-elite QB, being able to play like this can be every bit as successful with an accurate QB and a downhill running RB. This offense, as it is now, is just so hard for opposing defenses to gameplan against. Very frustrating and dishearteing to play against-the offense is making some players on the defensive side give up-it's visible. They're having to pick their poison and both are pretty deadly. As Mythos states, the biggest opponent right now is the injury bug.
  14. Apparently this guy did it, but it does look like not that many actually have done it. I could see it being pretty dam tough. Does seem like this would put an end to a flat earth theory-not sure how they explain it unless they just deny that it happened.
  15. The problem here is the sheer absurdity makes it difficult to know where to start. I scanned the link but just couldn't read it all. How do they explain being able to sail around the world ending in the place you started?