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  1. Yes, absolutely, that is the one thing I left out. There is definitely some luck involved as well.
  2. Agreed, MM hasn’t developed at all. The current staff will need to draft their own guy sooner rather than later and give it their shot. If they fail, then that’s when they start to take their turn on the hot seat.
  3. Should be a team effort with Jrob final say on choice of player and MV overseeing development of said player with input from all offensive position coaches and any other staff that can provide positive input. Making a player into a real nfl qb will never be an exact science, but this staff deserves their shot at it.
  4. I get your point but Jrob and MV need a shot at developing their own qb from the beginning and that guy won’t have to go through what MM did with all the change you mentioned. You still have hope for him and that’s fine-mine completely went away with this last game and how he played. Any pressure at all and he folded. Noodle arm passes and lots of bad misses. He may have a decent game or two here and there, but he’s not the answer. RT probably isn’t either, but sure would like to see what his strong arm can do with talented wr’s.
  5. While all of this may be true, it doesn’t matter anymore. Whether he was turned into shit or he was shit from the beginning, he’s still a turd now that needs to be flushed.
  6. This guys a potential monster and just needs a chance. That’s some obj shit right there. He fumbled because he was trying to make something happen because he finally got to touch the dam ball. The surrounding ball-skill talent is here right now and it’s being wasted. At least give me the strong arm guy that can give the talent a chance of making a play. These guys don’t have a prayer as it stands now.
  7. Yes, it’s absolutely true that RT could fall flat on his face. However, we have to see what he can do with the talent at wr the team has right now. He never had this much talent around him in Miami and MM is undeniably wasting all of it. You saw that highlight reel one-handed catch over his head CD had the other night-JFC let’s get somebody in there that has a chance of letting that guy eat! Don’t throw away the season without finding out what RT can do.
  8. I’m sure Jrob and MV told Amy they could win this year with MM and that’s the biggest reason he’s still starting. OL excuses or not, they’ll have to make the walk of shame to her office pretty soon if they want to attempt to save the season-it ain’t getting better.
  9. I’m afraid russ may be right and it will take an injury to get him out of the starting lineup. MM looks like a frightened 12 year old girl in tight quarters in the pocket. Doesn't pass the eye test or have any worthwhile stats, but it’s the OL circumstances that are going to buy him more time.
  10. Agree with this, but I definitely want to see what RT can do with the offensive personnel he'll have available here. The wr talent is being wasted right now and Tannehill should at least be able to get the defense to respect the midrange to deep ball-that in turn should help open some lanes for Henry. The fear with Tannehill for me is the exact opposite of MM-increase in turnovers-but we need to see soon, and I mean very soon, what RT can do with this offense. We're going nowhere special with MM and we're spinning our wheels right now. A MM led offense must be so easy to game plan for by other teams. Trusting Jrob and MV have a plan.
  11. Will obviously only happen if we lose. All we had left with MM before the season was hope that everything would click all of the sudden for him. That hasn’t happened and the last nail in the coffin would be a loss Thursday night. If the team loses thurs with MM looking the same as usual and he then continues to start, I don’t think there would be any doubt that it’s a directive coming from up above. A win would be great, but expectations very low it would be due to even average qb play.
  12. I agree with this unless it's only being done by posters as some sort of retaliation told you so post. MM got more time because he was a rookie when he joined the team, RT was not and will get substantially less time to prove himself in the offense. The sooner the better we find out what RT can do.
  13. While I wholeheartedly agree that the change should be made to RT now, I fear MM is gonna get much longer. Whether he was ruined by multiple coaching staffs or he just never had it, it doesn't matter anymore-there's nowhere near enough production from the most important position on the field. I just get the feeling MV thinks he can still win with him-hopefully I'm proven wrong.