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  1. At least 6 of those guys, possibly more, will be playing in the league this year and most will contribute significantly to the team they’re on. We can’t keep everyone-I’d say those were some pretty good picks by JRob and co.
  2. We knocked the goat the fuck out!
  3. Following the team since early 70’s. Live in south Texas and the whole family were cowboy fans, as was I for a few years until I learned to read a map and saw Houston was closer to where I lived than Dallas. That was it-fan ever since. Probably easier for fans of the Oilers to stay with the Titans if you didn’t actually live in Houston. I remember thinking, well, Tennesseans came and helped us out at the Alamo so that’s good enough for me. BTW, it is very easy to become a hater of the Cowpukes if you live in Texas(besides Houston) and are a fan of another team. It’s all the professional football talk you get down here and no matter who you are, it is irritating after a while.
  4. Definitely looks like a trump comb over.
  5. Back to reality, I can agree with this. I guess an argument could be made for the Lions, but too much history there as well.
  6. Cowboys, Pats, Steelers, and Packers....you said who would I remove....lol
  7. JE-This retard fan on my left quit the Titans for the 49ers this year when the 9ers were 8-0. Kyle or some stupid shit... Goat- Wow, you can't do that. I bet he likes fat chicks too.
  8. This is the whole "life's not fair" argument. The sooner you get over that the happier you'll be in life. Should the best NFL QB make more than the best heart surgeon? Of course not, but we value our entertainment here so highly and in such huge numbers that there you go. Supply and demand.
  9. Think about it this way with Conk. If he was on another roster right now and all we had was Kelly, would you want Jrob to try and bring him onboard as a FA? The trenches are where it’s at in the playoffs. This could seriously be a “don’t know what you got till it’s gone” type situation.
  10. Gladiator days baby. Everyone signs their life-waiver before crossing onto the field. Nothing is illegal except that there are only two times weapons are allowed on the field. The extra point is one offensive player with his choice of spear from the 30 with the defense lined up the full length of the goal line-takes his pick. Same thing goes for the offense when they turn the ball over. Coordinators take turns fist fighting for 1st and 2nd half choice of ball or defer. Head coaches fist fight for overtime-last man standing wins. Meanwhile, back in reality, reffing the games is the biggest heartache right now. Refs should err on the side of not throwing the flag. Should never be an inadvertent flag because they are erring on the side of not throwing it. The "eye in the sky" type ref could also work. The new proposed schedule is fine by me as long as they draw a line and go no further.
  11. Sure, in reality I can’t argue with a lot of what you say here. The overstatedness is just because guys are trying to make a point on the internet-you overstate it to get your point across to someone who disagrees-happens a lot in the world today.
  12. This is why we got so lucky. The toxicness was simply all the losing going on that caused the regime change.
  13. Toxic situation in Miami. It’s obviously not a toxic situation in NE. We got very lucky.
  14. Was gonna say do away with the term "wildcard weekend" and just call it round 1, but I guess almost everybody's a wildcard now so it's even more apropos.
  15. No way this happens. JRob and MV are football guys first, and the answer when you look at it from that perspective is blindingly obvious. Do they want media attention or do they want to win? The football gods finally gave this franchise a break with RT and there's no way he gets sent packing for even a washed up goat. Hell, the most productive player on the team is asking "Why not Tannehill?" Fun to talk about for fans and media, but we have adults making big decisions now.

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