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  1. Yeah, but looks like he was still able to handle his assignment most plays, which on this oft injured OL would be a godsend.
  2. Out with the sombrero, in with the Q, and panda’s one snap away. In the immortal words of Apollo Creed, “Sounds like a got dam monster movie!” Hopefully it doesn’t become a real life horror show for Tanne.
  3. People who claim they can’t breathe in a mask usually have issues with claustrophobia, and the anxiety from that is what’s causing their shortness of breath. Either that or their just anti-maskers. In a previous job I used to use iv conscious sedation to get people through MRI’s. A lot of these people can’t even stand a clear shield over their face. There were quite a few I still had to sedate over at the “open MRI” just for the sheer dread that it was still called MRI. The anxiety is real whether the reason is bogus or not.
  4. Gotta hand it to him, he robbed the NFL owners coffers and became a rich man, but speaking in football terms only, he is NFL QB retarded.
  5. Fans are just so bad at speaking in total absolutes all the time, both positively and negatively. I think a lot of fans still live in the past when the NFL was at least a little more predictable. Not that it ever was predictable, but you had a better feel for who teams were. That's completely blown out of the water now and games that seem certain to go one way will go the opposite and teams can go from rags to riches a lot quicker, even in season. Teams have to grind now and hope they hit that hot streak going into the playoffs(unless you have a generational player like Mahomes.) Speaking in absolutes is such folly. No one actually knows shit, but fans would have you think the winning teams each week were literal Gods and the losing teams are literally full of handicap and downs syndrome patients. Then again, I'm old and been through more NFL years with this team than most of your parents have years on this earth, so yeah, that shit will take something out of you.
  6. Seems about right. A few of those blackout uniforms look pretty decent.
  7. I think Jonnu can be that guy and I'm hoping AS starts to call his number a lot more often going forward.
  8. I apologize if this is common knowledge, but what is Adoree's injury? I looked around briefly and couldn't find anything.
  9. Not sure I understand this Cian guy. Surely this is some sort of joke. If not, I don’t understand how he has anything to do with football on any level.
  10. This is definitely where the GM earns a lot of his money---mid to late rounds and UDFA's. The unheralded meat and potatoes of the team.
  11. I like that. Yep, I'm going with Sombrero. Tannes's left side is now protected from the elements by a big Sombrero.
  12. They were bad for a good while in the 70’s, early 80’s.

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