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  1. This is of course true and a microcosm of our society. Why is a KC/Rams type game more enthralling to most humans than a defensive battle? I actually like both fairly equally, watching the defensive side go to work and put on a clinic. The problem for me is just if it’s bad football. For most folks bad defensive football(49-42) is still watchable, while bad offensive football(9-6) is not.
  2. Hawks had no choice but to pay him for winning and PR reasons. No reason to antagonize him by not meeting his deadline when you’re gonna pay him anyway one way or another. Tradetalk was just a smokescreen.
  3. Looks like he was injury plagued the first few years, but played a full season last year. Appears to be a Jrob type guy. Would be a good pickup.
  4. He absolutely can, but he’s only one part of the equation. After what we’ve seen so far, it’s doubtful we could realistically do any better at the head coaching position.
  5. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/26423928/source-aaf-suspends-operations-1st-season So much for that. I was enjoying it too.
  6. Sacrilege. Houston had their chance in the 90’s to keep those uniforms and effed up. Whats crazy is how the 80’s, 90’s uniform actually gets better with age and that’s not nostalgia talking.
  7. Guys will have to learn to play by the rules as they are now. Play better and don’t cheat if you wanna win. These guys should easily be able to defend a Hail Mary pass without cheating. There will definitely be a period of getting used to it being different, but I think they are capable of defending it correctly.
  8. This a good synopsis of the qb situation for this year now that the backup position is shored up. My confidence level is right at 50/50 for Marcus to step up this season and be a real grown up man franchise Qb, and get rid of the fragile label. If he stays the course and continues this year to only be a “part time” franchise Qb and show “flashes” only, then I think JR will have had enough. Seems like a good year for Qb’s in the draft next year-the plan for the position going forward is crystal clear now.
  9. Whooooaaaa...everybody, let's just slow down here for a sec....but yeah
  10. Besides just giving our opinions, we'll obviously never fully know how good/bad some of these moves have been. I do fully believe though that unless you have the QB position buttoned up, you can never really know how good these moves are in the most important statistic of all-the won/loss column. As of right now we are still waiting for the QB question to be answered and once we have that we can then fully evaluate the rest of the roster and that includes the defense. As a fan, I don't have and never will have enough information to evaluate the cap as to whether or not it truly hindered us from signing a player that we really wanted/needed, which is all I care about. Maybe the player I think would have been great for us was never on the radar due to information I don't have and had nothing to do with the cap. We're pissing in the wind though until we have the QB position figured out. I don't think you can fully evaluate a GM as a fan until he has to make a move at the starting QB position. After this season, the decision will have been made by JR on QB. He's sticking with MM or we're going somewhere else. Only then will I start to think about how good or bad a GM he can be. The QB position is that important and trickles down to every facet of the team.
  11. I think JR has done a good job with the roster, but this all comes down to QB. If MM turns the corner this year, all these moves will look brilliant because the team will be winning and winning a lot. If not, then draft picks and FA pickups alike look like mediocre/bad moves. The team is plenty good enough to win with good QB play. Everyone knows this, and it's why all threads eventually become MM threads. From my perspective, there's really not any heat on JR. If MM turns into a healthy franchise QB, then we win now and everyone is happy. If not, then JR gets to pick his QB and he only gets on the hot seat if his chosen QB fails.
  12. I know the rules favor moving the ball through the air, but Tractorcito has got to be licking his chops right now. Beating a team into submission with the run is one of the most satisfying ways to win a game for me as a fan. Works pretty well in the playoffs too.
  13. He absolutely has the right to do what he’s doing. This is still America. In my opinion though, which is what message boards are about, he will regret this decision in the somewhat near future.
  14. His sheer freak luck that he could athletically play college football at a high level is the only thing that has kept him out of the gutter to this point in his life. He has been straight handed every chance in life and then some, and he just used up his last handout. The gutter can mean a lot of things for different people, but you can be sure we will find out what it means for this moron in the very near future. Imbeciles and retardic subhumans everywhere can rejoice as they tongue bang their windows each night and think, "motherfucker, now that guy is stupid."
  15. Been in a job that randomly tests for it, among many other things, yearly so have never tried it. Plan to in 9 years when I retire. What makes it so alluring that you would give up a million dollar job for it?-I really would like to know. Maybe if I’d tried it way back when I’d be willing to give up my much less paying job as well. ETOH is much worse though as far as a detriment to society than mj. I’m a firefighter in a big city and we would need about half as many fire companies if alcohol was illegal. Alcohol is incolved in at least half the calls we make-job security. Can’t say the same thing for weed at all.
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