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  1. If it’s a mental health issue, then we might want to be doing some background checks to keep the mentally ill from buying guns.
  2. https://cbsaustin.com/amp/news/local/sports-illustrated-says-austin-san-antonio-area-ripe-and-ready-for-nfl-team A stadium between Austin/San Antonio somewhere around San Marcos combining the two television markets will probably happen at some point. The Texas Oilers, or whatever, would become a fairly large market team at that point, and Jerrah wouldn’t be able to turn down that cash cow if his corpse is still breathing.
  3. For what you wanna do, take a look at youtubetv also. You’ll probably find yourself choosing between that and Hulu.
  4. I’m assuming it’s the building with the big blue etch a sketch for a roof.
  5. That was such a fun year—right up until the playoffs started. G. Brown seemed to have an innate feel for where an opening would be. As I think about it, I believe that was the final playoff game in Houston. That loss to Montana and the Chiefs was basically the definition of the Oilers in the playoffs in that era.
  6. Well, those uniforms were still the best, even in that horrible era.
  7. Dam dude. Nukes are not make believe. You are putting a lot of faith in a crazy person who is already committing genocide on one country of people, and believe you me, you can bet he really likes us. If you believe there is 0.0000000000001% chance this nutcase would push the button, then you do what the president is doing right now-arm the Ukrainians to the teeth and sanction the bastard back to medieval times. It sucks, but you don’t risk ending human existence because you think Putin is a liar. You yourself said you submit to those with a higher intelligence clearance. Those people are on the case and they obviously haven't advised direct military conflict. Making decisions that do not involve emotion are what those folks are here to do. Everyone wants what you want. When it comes to risking the end of the world, however, including my family and your family, I’m glad we have a real commander in chief and not some orange buffoon.
  8. Doubt this gets anywhere. It’s another one of those things that is hard to change simply because it’s been that way for a very long time. If we had always had one single time and they were trying to change it to what we have now, it wouldn’t get anywhere either. Same thing as trying as to change the tax system-will never get enough people to agree, so everything just stays the same.
  9. Am I reading this right? It’s not “say goodbye to daylight saving time,” it’s say hello to permanent daylight saving time.
  10. Just awful. Strides have been made in certain areas, but this crap remains endemic.
  11. I don’t see how there is any other choice. If that’s all I was qualified to do at the time, then what else are you gonna do? As long as I’m not unemployable due to being disabled, I’m working for minimum and looking to move up and better my situation. Got married and had my daughter very young so at one time I was working three part time jobs(welders helper, laborer in electrical construction, washed cars for a used car lot on weekends) and going to college simultaneously. Minimum wage was 3.35 at the time. I can’t wrap my head around just giving up and relying on someone else/government (barring being truly disabled). For a myriad number of reasons, I suspect those that end up there don’t have the ability to see success on the other side of hard times. They stop trying which brings on hopelessness and the drugs are an out for those feelings of despair.
  12. Double-Ought was a gamer with speed and great open field running skills. He was one of many in that era that should have a SB. Fuck those asshat, made a deal with the devil steelpukes. RIPIP.
  13. Obvious moves made here on the extensions, but can someone order this fucker a salad please? The next variant could eat fat people the way Jrob apparently goes after Krispy Kreme.
  14. Bejeebus, our defense would have at least given them a game.
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