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  1. Agree with this. Would be nice though if the ratings stayed up for the AAF and it caused the nfl to make a few changes to the format of their games. (Fewer breaks, referee issues, etc)
  2. Sort of surprised at the entertainment value of these games. Much easier to watch a game in this format. Practice squad talent level, but it’s real football with much less of a prima dona feel to it-good for fans of the actual game of football vs celebrity laden football. It’s almost a little weird knowing they make less than I do. Good that a lot of these guys are getting a chance for a 2nd chance to move up to the next level as well.
  3. Not in favor of either one of those games.
  4. Saints probably beat the Pats and it’s a much better game.
  5. Glad that shits over with. Everybody back to 0-0. Keep hope alive.
  6. Totally agree with this. The only argument you could make, however, is the that the rules are so skewed toward the offense now that it's much easier to score on your first possession than it was say 10-15 years ago,
  7. The general population and sports media are mostly agenda driven idiots and you just have to understand that now. What passes for sports journalism these days is a joke. Get most of my Titans news right here. RW is a great/elite QB capable of carrying any team. If he's not talked about, it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the people who should be talking about him.
  8. Nick Foles acting like Tom Brady, just without any of the help Bill Belicheck provides. Hell, he may not need it...lol
  9. When two NFL teams are both playing at their best in a game the difference in talent is minimal, with a few rare exceptions. What’s meant by “any given Sunday.” Consistently playing every week at your best is the difference maker, as well as the ability to flip a switch in winning time. What’s meant by “a culture of winning.”
  10. Agreed. Wonder if the new AAF could fulfill this role?
  11. I'm in the camp of giving MM one last prove it year. If he fails and we tank, we'll be in better position to get someone in 2020. If everything starts to click for him and he stays healthy, we'll enjoy the playoff run.
  12. Yeah, I almost got the feeling he was talked into taking the HC job back then and took it due to loyalty to the franchise, and not because he really wanted to be a HC(at least at that time).
  13. GM speak. Something better comes along and it'll be bye bye Gabba Gabba. Any veteran backup QB will have a certain amount of "trash" in his game or he'd be starting-not much hope or excitement when they have to play. Only young backups with no history provide hope and excitement from a fans perspective.
  14. This is true. We're obviously a little behind the colts right now, but when healthy, not as far as some might think. The team was in the same position the colts are in right now this time last year. We'll be able to battle them and get a win or two sometime soon and end their complete dominance. I see this staff doing what needs to be done to keep up with the division and give us a chance every year. Every division game is huge, but Colts week going forward will add that extra spice to the team, especially the defense, and they'll get them here and there. Tough division going forward for several years.
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