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  1. That sucks for AJ, that could be a couple weeks.
  2. I think before the injuries he was elite. He's living off the hype not what he's done lately.
  3. I was wondering if Evans would get suspended for the punch. I really hope not, we need him out there.
  4. Hmm I remember another poster saying Wilson going to a party was not a big deal. This is exactly why it was an idiotic move. Imagine if he got RT in protocol before our first game
  5. Did you not get my point at all? Of course there are risks everywhere. As a professional football player you have to try to minimize your exposure. It is bad optics to be going to a party during training camp, especially with covid going around. He knew it as well, otherwise he wouldn't have thought about jumping out of a window. Point is you try to limit your exposure and going to a party is anything but.
  6. This is a business...what they do is our business. If it wasn't then reporters wouldn't bother providing stories on these guys. Watch one episode of hardknocks and you'll see how seriously the rams and the chargers are treating this. All I'm saying is going to a fucking party is absolutely stupid. Grocery store, your families house whatever. A party though.... come on man
  7. For any normal person nothing. For a professional football player who’s team is relaying on him to make good choices, everything. All it takes is one guy to fuck up and infect the team. He’s in close proximity to RT what if he gets it and is forced to miss the opener?
  8. Do yall think Sieman is a better option than Bortles? If RT goes down or gets covid I don't like our odds
  9. Sieman looked terrible with the Jets last year. Was he hurt?
  10. I can't believe the cowboys got Everson Griffen for only 6 mil this year. I wish we would have went that way if we don't plan on signing Clowney. Time will tell but the our pass rush is looking suspect this year.
  11. Why now? Did he have the surgery earlier in the offseason? Dude can’t stay healthy unfortunately.
  12. OP has been in quarantine way to long, he’s become delusional. I still don’t like losing Casey. I don’t think it would have bothered me as much if it was a higher pick.
  13. Considering everyone say's running backs are easy find we sure have had a bunch of duds on this team.
  14. I'm pretty sure Schiano is now the Head Coach at Rutgers. It will be interesting to see what we do.

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