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  1. This was the best game I've seen in awhile. Great day to be a Titan fan, wish this team would show up every week.
  2. Who's not playing because they are hurt? It's coaching plain and simple. Arthur Smith was a sham hire to try to correct a sham QB.
  3. Premature but If we were to fire Vrabel who would you guys consider for his replacement? I say an offensive minded coach and his first name can't be Mike is all I ask for.
  4. It's sad day indeed I had high hopes for this year. I thought naively that MM would put it all together finally. Unfortunately he hasn't and it appears we are entering a new era.
  5. The fact that RT threw the ball deep on a free play is all I needed to see. M8 would have just taken the sack or threw it for a short pass. Another note, holy crap who knew Cory Davis could catch passes?!
  6. I wish there’s some truth to this. You have to hold people accountable and Smith and M8 have been atrocious.
  7. Marcus is doing his absolute best to put us in position to find his replacement
  8. You’ve got to feel bad for the defense. Every week they play good to great and every week the offense lets them down.
  9. What are you talking about 80 percent of the board already blames the inept QB. Besides the QB I blame JRob and staff for the sham of a search for an offensive coordinator. Arthur Smith is a trash play caller with a trash QB. Recipe for disaster.
  10. I know it’s illogical to think we have a chance to turn it around, but I still have hope. If we lose Sunday, than yea all is lost. I’m not ready to think about the offseason yet
  11. Is what happening? I’m glad we’ve upgraded the running backs situation, Lewis has been dog shit.
  12. The decisions Vrabel has made lately, especially today were god awful. However, you don't fire him just yet. I hope he learns from this and makes better choices in the future.
  13. Has anyone else noticed how outspoken Delanie Walker has been? He seems pissed and frustrated with the team. Basically called the team soft.
  14. I've been giving MM the benefit of the doubt. Granted the o-line is piss poor. I am officially joining the MM hater club. Where can I pick up my welcome bag?