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  1. PK made it sound like there was no chance in hell D Morgan would come back here. I wonder what happened, some sort of fall out?
  2. Do we not have more draft picks? Are there not different makers left in FA or undrafted FA? You are taken JROB “misleading us” way to personally. We can still get over the hump this year.
  3. Sucks he can’t help us right away, oh well.
  4. I like your first draft a lot. Also keep em coming what else is there to discuss
  5. Are you concerned about his heart condition? Do you think other teams are just leaking it in the hopes he falls?
  6. I would love for this to happen. I don't think the giants pass up on Haskins though
  7. Cyp was a pro and while he wasn't great he was good for team chemistry. I remember reading articles about him making cleats for the guys and supporting the boys. Good luck to him.
  8. Very interesting. I feel like he’ll be a raider, they have too much ammo. Surprised we’re in on him
  9. Hopefully we can find a good OC that stays more than a year. If we hire Flip you run the risk of being in the same spot next year.
  10. This is a big deal. Yet another year that our O has to potentially learn a new offense. Continuaty would have been nice but looks like that may not be the case.
  11. Who do you think/want to bring in if LaFleur gets the packers gig?
  12. Here we go with stupid threads. Vrabel is the best coach this franchise has seen in awhile. I expect us to see a big jump next year.
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