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  1. They easily lost to Washington because Burrows knee got blown out.
  2. That absolutely set us back and changed the game. Why they let him start is beyond me. That said, what the hell happened to the play calling. First drive was amazing. Dud after that.
  3. The best medicine for a terrible offense is the Titans defense. Going to be rough out there guys.
  4. I still hate the game stalling screens we continue to call. Every time we have any momentum we shoot ourselves in the foot with those dumb plays.
  5. Every time the Bengals needed a big play they threw Josephs way. He is atrocious ,and to let him step on the field again, is slap in the face to all who have played the position.
  6. A shame Gilmore tweaked his knee, he'd be the guy I'd hope we go for.
  7. Did you guys see the cowboys are shopping Everson Griffin. I think we should go after him at the right price.
  8. You know our defense is not stopping Burrow. Dude has been lighting it up.
  9. Are there any pass rush guys available for trade? Does Geno Atkins have anything left in the tank? Our pass rush is absolute garbage.
  10. Did anyone else notice that Kalu was out of bounds and was the first person to recover the fumble on the kick off return? Isn’t that illegal touching? Did we get away with that one this game?
  11. I hadn't heard that rumor about McNichols lol. Dude was picking up blitzes like a boss and was shifty at least. Sad to see D Evans go down again, he had burst.
  12. I get the point you're making and its valid. However, this is not a nursing home or doctors office. They should be at 100%, but 75% is way better than I was expecting when they were peddling historic fines. Go watch an episode of hardnocks and they were incredibly lax with their masks. We deserve to be fined and punished but not as severe as was being pushed imo.
  13. I wonder how many draft picks the president loses for infecting the majority of his staff?
  14. How are you this positive? Can I have some of that Kool-Aid please lol The bills are a solid team and I can see them putting minimum 40 points on us.

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