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  1. I miss the days when free agency would begin and we would wait and sign guys in the third wave. At least then y’all had something to gripe about jfc
  2. Brady is a game manager. I was wrong, he clearly has some left in the tank. However, I'm glad we went with RT 100%. No way Brady last all season with the oline we had last year or go as far with the defense we had. Brady threw 3 picks in the NFC championship game. If it wasn't for that stellar D, they get knocked out.
  3. No way this team goes 3-13 next year, get out of here with that. 7-9, 8-8 are more likely imo. I just hope Bowen turns it around which I highly doubt.
  4. I could have sworn Gase thought he was too stupid to run his offense. He wouldn’t even let RT audible out of plays.
  5. I see players praise Vrabel for holding players and coaches accountable. If he doesn’t hold himself accountable for this atrocious defense then he will lose all credibility.
  6. Borders went to IR so I definitely see Fulton getting so much needed reps
  7. We've had some terrible luck with injuries to our DB's. I think I saw somewhere that we haven't had our 3 starting DBs together since week 9 of last year.
  8. I like the feed on the right. I agree it should be a little smaller though.
  9. Ok thanks, I thought it still applied to low hits
  10. Don't forget the non call on roughing the passer when the player went low on RT. Maybe I'm not remembering the rules but I thought you weren't aloud to go low on the QB. We absolutely did not do ourselves any favors but sometimes referring this bad, makes me wonder if games are rigged.
  11. @NFL2K5 I never deleted my comment so not sure what your talking about. Nobody was rooting against Henry. A few peeps myself included, just used stats to show how Cook with one less game played was only 10 yards behind Henry. Im glad Henry has pulled away and hopes he has another dominant December.
  12. I remember when there were people on this board clamoring for Brady over RT lol
  13. You must be a Trump supporter, all talk no evidence to back up your silly claims. While Hump hasn't lived up to his contract thus far, dude has been clutch on some pretty key victories for us. Do you watch the games at all?
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