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  1. Bluth

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    Hopefully we can find a good OC that stays more than a year. If we hire Flip you run the risk of being in the same spot next year.
  2. Bluth

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    This is a big deal. Yet another year that our O has to potentially learn a new offense. Continuaty would have been nice but looks like that may not be the case.
  3. Who do you think/want to bring in if LaFleur gets the packers gig?
  4. Bluth

    Why was Vrabel hired?

    Here we go with stupid threads. Vrabel is the best coach this franchise has seen in awhile. I expect us to see a big jump next year.
  5. I don't think it's the throwing that's the issue. Sounds like they were saying if he takes another big hit or lands on it wrong again it could cause permanent damage.
  6. It's going to take the boys playing for the boys! I have confidence that we will give it everything we've got next week.
  7. Mariota doesn’t have the KT tape on his throwing hand that’s a positive.
  8. I’m glad to see Vacarro out of the concussing protocol.
  9. Bluth

    Redskins Week

    I agree but you can’t ignore that there are reasons for his terrible numbers. If Mariota was injury free and hadn’t been on his 4th OC I would say he’s a complete waste.
  10. Bluth

    Redskins Week

    Locker would have been here for his full contract if he didn't up and quit. I didn't say he deserved a pass, just that there are reasons for his struggles. I personally would like to see him have one more year. They should absolutely bring in somebody to compete via draft or vet.
  11. Bluth

    Redskins Week

    I was hoping we would rock the all blue.
  12. Bluth

    Redskins Week

    That's up to the GM. Normally you put up with it until his contract is up. I was simply answering why his numbers are down and there are valid reasons for that.
  13. Bluth

    Redskins Week

    I already did and you ignored it. He has been hurt period. He can't stay healthy unfortunately. Couple that with a new system and you have a recipe for disaster. We are not going to be KC or the Rams throwing 3 TD's a game. I think we can all agree that we want a prolific offense and Mariota to be great. We have to play to our strengths right now and that's running the ball and limiting Mariota because he's hurt.