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  1. Instead of trying to rip me why don’t you defend your position? What has Carson Wentz done since 2018 to be deserving of any praise whatsoever?
  2. I didn’t ever say that. I said he was overrated. Still think so.
  3. That makes a lot of sense actually.
  4. I feel like the talking heads are the ones who overrate him.
  5. I think they schedule a few weeks in advance but can certainly alter it. But the game still has enough juice to it that it wouldn't make sense.
  6. Wentz has been IMO one of the most inconsistent QBs in football since 2018. In fact he's been mostly mediocre. I feel like he's living off of people's perceived potential of him and his season 3 years ago. I never understood why they gave him that contract so soon. They won 4 playoff games, all with Foles.
  7. It's CBS's doubleheader week and they do the late game in that case.
  8. It's even more now than when I looked the other day. Most of New England has it. The other day they had Buf/NYJ.
  9. No but he's so explosive. Wentz hasn't done anything of significance since his 2017 injury. So I'm just not sure how he's a top 10 QB at this point. I'd put some of the older QBs (Rivers/Brees), Ryan and Stafford ahead of him as well. And probably Goff. I'm just not a fan of the guy. Probably never will be.
  10. I didn't like the call either. The Titans have been the best team in the red zone since Tannehill took over. And much of that was because of him throwing TD passes. Let him make a play.
  11. Smith is doing a good job, but you have to have players who can execute. The best offensive coordinator in the history of the NFL would fail if he didn't have players capable of executing his plays. Obviously so far Tannehill has been the MVP.
  12. Wasn’t that the game that the Steelers nearly had some miracle TD on the last play of the game?
  13. Because it’s silly stuff that anyone with half a brain knows is cooked up nonsense likely from a foreign country to try and help Trump. It does Biden no good to acknowledge this garbage.
  14. From what I remember PFF wasn’t as high on him that year. And it didn’t help that he got hurt and the Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl.
  15. No one called him the worst QB in the league. But I don't think he was ever elite as some, including in the media, wanted to claim. He's a highly inconsistent and erratic QB. IMO.
  16. I wouldn't have done it but my guess is they feel like they have no real shot at the Super Bowl so why not get him some time after a bye week in meaningful games without having to worry about having to survive a full season. I think that staff knows what they're doing. I think Flores may be the lone exception to people who coached with Belichick will ultimately fail. He's a good coach IMO.
  17. The Giants did something similar with Warner/Manning. Also, Denver did it with Plummer/Cutler.
  18. Just when Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing arguably the best football of his career.
  19. Usually they put them in the message boards on Mondays. Although they still don't have FOX up yet.
  20. Right. I didn't get it. I still don't get it. I'd have called an RPO for Tannehill. Either he runs it himself to the right or he throws to maybe Firkser or Brown.
  21. There's a reason for this. The 49ers-Patriots was scheduled before the season as a doubleheader game and probably one of CBS's biggest games of the year. While the records aren't great for their team they're a combined 1 under .500 and both still in the thick of things in their conferences. While on paper the Steelers-Titans seems to be a better and bigger game, it's too early in the season to bump what the network thought would and still may be a ratings bonanza. Remember, there is a storyline of Garoppolo going against Belichick. Also, the Steelers-Titans are actually scheduled to get a bigger national audience than the 49ers-Patriots if you look at the 506 maps. So theoretically they could have had Nantz/Romo do this game but I think they still like the idea of having them do the later window game when there's likely to be more people watching football at that time, even if more people will be seeing Steelers-Titans than 49ers-Patriots. And for those who complain about no Nantz/Romo, they did the Titans as many times as anyone last year in the regular season (4). And twice in the playoffs to boot.
  22. If it was me I'd have gone for two. I was kind of annoyed to be honest that they didn't just try and win it right there instead of the 50/50 shot at winning the coin toss. IMO they had a better than 50/50 shot to convert the 2.
  23. He was emotionally invested. Sometimes it's not that easy to pull back. He knew the reality of the situation just like we all did.

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