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  1. Going into the draft process it felt like Young was far and away the #1 guy. Something seemed to change that. I'd prefer they take Will Levis myself. Or Anthony Richardson. And of course I'd like to see Carolina take Stroud. My thought is Carolina is going to take Young and Houston Stroud while the Colts get Levis.
  2. No matter what happens, it's pretty much guaranteed that whatever QB the Texans get the narrative will be that he was their #1 rated QB.
  3. Of course it is. And it's getting annoying every time I see something like this and the Titans aren't involved. They literally have the worst WR corps in the league. And from where I sit at least it does not seem like they care.
  4. Looks like the Jets. But I am getting sick of seeing receiver after receiver sign elsewhere. The Titans desperately need a receiver. Sign someone! Anyone!
  5. Yes but you have to have some sort of contingency plan in case that does happen. Relying on a raw rookie who everyone knew wasn't ready didn't seem to make sense if they knew he wasn't ready.
  6. If they knew he wasn't ready they why in the world did they make him the #2 all year? They could've easily carried a 3rd QB and made Willis inactive on game days.
  7. I could not care less about what the media says on the topic of Matthew Stafford. He's a good QB and quite honestly got very lucky in the Rams Super Bowl win. He fumbled at the end of the TB game. If TB recovers it then he'd have been the QB that blew, what, a 28 point or so second half lead? And then the next week he throws an absolutely horrific INT against the 49ers that somehow didn't bite them. And that game was won by the defense. Stafford and Tannehill are interchangeable. Both good, not great QBs.
  8. Honestly the Patriots in Brady's first Super Bowl season were more mediocre than any of those teams. And there's no way at that point he was a franchise QB.
  9. I highly doubt Carter had anything to do with that.
  10. I think the best news of the offseason so far is that the Titans signed a guy who is "more of a pass blocker than run blocker," in his words.
  11. She's paying Jon Robinson millions not to work and another GM millions. I don't think it's that.
  12. My fault. I still don’t like it, however. There’s gotta be other ways to operate than releasing one of the heart and souls of the team who is still playing at a high level.
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