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  1. I know what you’re trying to do…..but obviously not even close to Tannehill’s level.
  2. I’m not talking about his statistics. I’m talking about the quality of play from one half to the other.
  3. Tannehill’s problem was he could never seemingly put together a complete game. It’s why I’m having trouble coming up with his best game and maybe agreeing that it might be the GB game, when he threw a horrible pick at a bad time. If you take the 2021 season, for example, there were three games that highlight this exact problem. Seattle, Buffalo and San Francisco. He was just not good in the first half of any of those games, some worse than others. He was terrific in the second halves of all those games. But it seemed to be good half, bad half with him too many times. In 2022 he’d come out on fire and then struggle in the second half. It happened too many times. He just wasn’t consistent enough, which is why you could never call the guy, even on his best day, a top level quarterback.
  4. It’s hard for a game to be your best when you throw a bad pick during it. I’d say the Houston 2020 game in Nashville might have been but again he threw a pick in that one too. The KC regular season game in 2019 was good but the volume of passes was too low. Maybe Raiders 2019? I remember there being an early turnover but he was pretty good that day as well.
  5. Trump ignored multiple requests while Biden willingly handed them over. That's the difference.
  6. Trump wouldn't be facing any punishment either.....if he'd just cooperated when he was asked to return them. You know it and I know it.
  7. They were spewing racist or other inappropriate nonsense which was why they were banned from what I remember.
  8. Right, I should’ve added that. Obviously some remain so being a Trumper isn’t why people are banned.
  9. I’m not sure if Ben was banned or not. Many of the Trumpers were.
  10. That would make a bit more sense but I don’t think it’s Ben either.
  11. I meant as far as both not having one blue county. I'm sure they're both fine places.
  12. The only reason they're going after Fauci, just like the only reason they're going after Garland today is because they want to make Trump happy. They're scapegoating Fauci because they think Covid helped Biden win the election and of course we know about their gripes with Garland.
  13. Remind me never to move to West Virginia or Oklahoma.
  14. I don't think it's Jake. The posting pattern is different and this poster is a lot more respectful than Jake.
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