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  1. Oh yeah? Interesting. Could be an easy way for them to differ from / not spoil the books.
  2. It's why she hates Tyrion and they introduced it in the show.
  3. That's much funnier than it should be. Also, the Jamie wight choking her with just one hand is interesting. I hadn't thought of that.
  4. In my mind, It's Jaime the wight who comes back to strangle Cersei.
  5. I have 23 solo wins in Fortnite. That averages out to about one win per 600 hours I play.
  6. It's, I believe, all consoles in the lobby now. But that's not PC.
  7. Keep working at it and one day you can play waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many hours and sometimes win, like me.
  8. You're at least using Builder Pro, right?
  9. It's very different. More of a true shooter, forced squads and they have different classes. Lots of weapons and you upgrade them over the match. A few good tweaks to gameplay that really work. But I fucking hate it.
  10. An opinion piece, but one I generally agree with. Partisan, ends-driven governance is toxic. Not only to the moment but to the institution itself. It actively corrupts the ability to given responsibly in the future and undermines the institution these people serve. https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/581500/
  11. 2018 Draft (updated 5/2/18) ROUND 1: 1. + Notsolegato (9 nines) - Saquon Barkley 2. Cyrus - Nick Chubb 3. NashvilleNinja - Derrius Guice 4. + Cornrow Wallace (9 nines) - Rashaad Penny 5. Bink (Cornrow) - Ronald Jones II 6. Jamalisms - Sony Michel 7. + Real Old School (9 nines) - Royce Freeman 8. TitanJoe - DJ Moore 9. 9 Nines (Cornrow) - Calvin Ridley 10. Abenjami (Wiscotitansfan) - Kerryon Johnson 11. Wiscotitansfan - Courtland Sutton 12. + Guru (9 Nines) - Baker Mayfield ROUND 2: 13. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Anthony Miller 14. Cyrus - Christian Kirk 15. NashvilleNinja - Lamar Jackson 16. Cornrow Wallace - Dante Pettis 17. Bink (Jamalisms) - Mike Gesicki 18. Jamalisms - Michael Gallup 19. *Real Old School (Notsolegato) - James Washington 20. TitanJoe - Hayden Hurst 21. 9 Nines (Bink) - Sam Darnold 22. Abenjami - Dallas Goedert 23. Wiscotitansfan - Josh Rosen 24. Guru - Antonio Callaway ROUND 3: 25. Notsolegato (Cornrow) - Nyheim Hines 26. Cyrus - Kalen Ballage 27. NashvilleNinja (NashvilleNinja) - Equanimeous St Brown 28. Cornrow Wallace - Kyle Lauletta 29. Bink - Josh Allen 30. Jamalisms (Real Old School) - Mark Walton 31. Real Old School - Mark Andrews 32. TitanJoe - Ito Smith 33. 9 Nines (Jamalisms) - John Kelly 34. Abenjami - DJ Chark 35. Wiscotitansfan - Tre'quan Smith 36. Guru 2019 Draft (Updated 5/2/2018) Standard order Exceptions: Oldschool owns 9's 1st and 3rd round picks Oldschool owns Jamal's 2nd round pick ConditionaI - If Crowell finishes in top 10 in rushing yards in each of the next two seasons OR if Reed misses 14 games or more in total over the next two seasons combined for any reason THEN Gurus get a 2019 1st from Bink for a 2019 3rd unless Sanders gets 1000+ yards in each of the next two seasons, in which case the conditional trade is a 2019 2nd from Bink for 2019 3rd. 2020 Draft (Updated Long Ago) Standard order Exceptions: Round 1: Cyrus from Bink Trades from 2018: 1. 9 Nines acquired Oldschool's 2018 first for his 2019 1st and 3rd. 2. Jamal gets Garoppolo, Notsolegato gets Stafford and pick 19. 3. Cornrow trades pick 12 for Chris Thompson 4. Jamal sends his 2019 2nd rounder to Oldschool for #18. 5. Cornrow trades #27 to NashvilleNinja for Randall Cobb 6. 9's gets Doug Baldwin, Bink gets Devin Funchess and Corey Coleman
  12. I can't find this alleged post, only millions of non-credible sites parroting the story. Anybody have a link?
  13. I think if you post in this thread all by yourself a few more times, people will bite. Don't give up, I'm rooting for you.
  14. In that case, trading him now is a terrible idea.
  15. 1 and 3 work for me. That or draft early.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if Jaime kills her as a wight.
  17. I can suggest some books that are like checkers for you, if you would like. But chess and the unexpected and a very intricate building up of a world that is complex and better imitates reality is appealing. To me at least.
  18. They were harder to read the first time but books 4 and 5 are the better rereads, tbh. They're a slog at times but there's more depth there and the resolution hasn't yet occurred. It's like a masterful setting up of a chess board. Brienne going off in search of Sansa with a magical sword and, instead of finding her, finding nothing except other people looking and beginning a witness to the real devastation from war ... while the details actually show you (if you're paying attention) what the resistance is up to ... is a fascinating bit of pragmatism.
  19. Whataboutism seeks to distract from and avoid a subject. I'm happy to say fuck him. So I've addressed the subject. I'm also happy to note I'm consistent because fuck Kavanaugh for the same reason. How about you?
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