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  1. Yes and no. I don't think it's unintentional he started some shit as shit dies down. He needs controversy and something to rail against.
  2. I'll buy into this when the product is delivered and delivered well and people like it and you can stream enough G that it's isn't a problem. And I only buy physical games, if they're available. I can lend them and I can sell them. Both are useful and there is not nearly enough discount on digital to make up for that... even if I have realized this generation how annoying it is to have to store them and get up off my ass to swap out a game.
  3. The remarkable ironic parallel here is probably lost on you. But, as I said, remarkable.
  4. This is so unrelated to what you quoted as to legit make me belly laugh.
  5. In fact, Pelosi sand others started downplaying impeachment a few weeks ago.
  6. "There wasn't collusion. There was just a documented, coordinated effort through many layers of the campaign, rising up to the campaign chairman and including the President's own family (not to mention the president himself calling for it publicly) to work with Russia to obtain information and facilitate its timed release, to cover up those efforts and actively lie and perjure about those actions and to illegally and privately assure Russian counterparts that sanctions and such would be set aside ... all while trying to negotiate large construction projects for significant personal financial gain (while lying about not negotiating such projects) ... then to alter the GOP stance on Russia to be more favorable, to actively denigrate and malign allies and align with Russia on major initiatives, to stymy and delay sanctions that were forced through against Trump's will, to claim the Justice Dept and intelligence agencies are lying, corrupt and just plain wrong while Putin is right and to work to erode all public confidence in independent journalism that might report all the above actions. That's all. Well, that and secret coordination with parties being investigated. And a personal flat refusal to be interviewed on the record about any of the above. And to fire anyone investigating it. And then replace them with individuals who have publicly committed to an ending or illegitimacy of the investigation ... an investigation that coincidentally wound down quite quickly and then ended shortly after such appointments were made. But that's it. Totally vindicated."
  7. With Tim, it's not isolated and his views and stances often align with those of the associated group. Dismissing it out of hand, again, isn't adequate. I have my own views and there's a reason I called him an intro drug. But if he doesn't care to do more and you don't care either, I agree we've identified a microcosm of the problem with the current state.
  8. And it's something for people to consider. Is he uncomfortable being associated with white supremacists? Is he interested in providing context? If not, that's something to consider. If he is interested and does provide connect, that's also something to consider. This is how people make up their minds about the world. You don't think he's a white supremacist. I'm interested in knowing more about why.
  9. Is he in that photo or not? Why? Are there others? Why? Those are the questions to answer to disprove something that should be pretty easy. Simple negation is problematic.
  10. Damn you for replying while I was finishing my pre-emptive apology message. You couldn't give another 30 seconds, asshole!?
  11. Nah. I shouldn't be flippant and sarcastic because I've not been given cause to believe Merc is a white supremacist (though he fits the demographic and following Tim Pool is something of an intro drug into that world). I'm interested in legit rationale that can be worked through. But he said he isn't interested in dialogue and he didn't reply within half a minute so my impatience won out.
  12. Organized crime and white male libertarians.
  13. As a middle class white male born in America, it's all good as long as your 401k does well, amirtite?
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