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  1. First of all, it's a really weak logical fallacy to say that sometimes people misuse a word so the word is always misused. But fine. How about ... it's discriminatory? Because it's legally discriminatory. We can set aside what to call discrimination that's based on race or national origin. We can stick with discriminatory.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-strategy-racist-attacks-republicans-220324130.html Hey look, it's Mercalius!
  3. Hey honey I'm going to take $5,000 and put it into something I think is a bad investment, heavily manipulated, at high risk of theft and supports crime. Some guy on the internet promised me double my money. And that sounds like a smart thing to trust.
  4. As an owner of Sony, I hope this pick brings you misery. @notsolegato is up.
  5. Good question. @9 Nines ... Do i have something wrong?
  6. No, stop. @9 Nines is up. Then @notsolegato. Then @Bink.
  7. Old, uneducated White people, especially men, who distrust or actively hate minorites are the supporters of Trump. Factually. Shocking nobody. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/06/06/racial-anxiety-is-a-huge-driver-of-support-for-donald-trump-two-new-studies-find/
  8. Just remember, the real victims of Trump attacking people of color are definitely his white supporters on the internet!
  9. What he stated doesn't have a multitude of interpretations. It's pretty transparent. But there are a multitude of potential responses to what he said. And how and what we respond to tells a story of who we are and what we value. That's just the nature of life and, especially on the internet, how we all form opinions. Not a test. Just another layer on the cake. This one's got poo icing, though.
  10. I don't view racism as silly, especially when it emanates from the President. Especially a President who continually cosies up to that segment of the population. But, yeah, expectations always need to adjust. I just find this one rather sad. It is what it is.
  11. Tim Pool? Absolutely. Talk about faux outrage and an internet cult, that's exactly what these YouTube heroes are. They foment and imply and gain traction and sell clicks for a living. It's quite distinct from true journalism and is prone to getting fringe really quickly. Tim just isn't near so laughable as Info Wars. He hides it better and comes across as far more reasoned and makes some good points, so he sucks in smarter people than the idiots who buy into Info Wars (comrade Ben). But it's largely the same thing, just a different flavor.
  12. You seem to approve of his tweets in terms of effective strategy. Do you approve of it on its face, morally? Do you find it acceptable language and views for the POTUS to support? Your references to faux outrage suggest you don't think it's a big deal.
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