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    As a starter, he was killing the Titans O.
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    The ultimate credit for building a highly respected front office goes to Amy Adams Strunk. That’s one apple who fell far from the tree. She’s arguably one of the best owners in football.
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    Vrabel: Still a meathead?

    I think he's a really good coach and pretty smart and a meathead
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    Virus in US

    MERS killed 866 people worldwide. Again, basic math. Btw, in an entire year, the flu kills 3,500 - 15,500 in the US. They suspect some cases aren't identified and so they estimate up to 61,000 but the actual number is 3,500 -15,500 depending on the year. And, again, that's 12 months. Oh, and 61,000 is still less than the reported deaths for Covid19 in just a few months of extreme social measures. Oh, and Covid19, just like the flu, has a number of deaths that aren't identified so even this comparison is too soft. The fact (yes, fact) is that Covid19 is way more deadly than the mother fucking flu, MERS and SARS. Put. Together. But keep on insisting otherwise.
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    Hey this is the guy who has been on Turron Davenport’s podcast lately and maybe another radio show too. Let’s be nice and not run him off please. Cool breakdown
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    No, please don't.
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    I talk about how impactful Derrick Henry is even when he doesn't get the ball. This is a sequence of 4 plays last season vs the Raiders and illustrates how he is utilized. I would love to hear feedback and if you like the video subscribe to my channel. Lots more Titans-specific breakdowns coming. https://youtu.be/J6mhhbbESrk
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    Twitter escalates. This gon be good.
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    No it's just you offer shit all discourse and resort to insults too quickly. And you're practically illegible most of the time. Basically, just a shit poster who induces pain in the brain trying to understand. One of the reasons I'm very reluctant to use the ignore feature is I don't want to block things just because I don't agree with them, but I've learned lately there is a time and place for it for sure. Also I'm not a "democrat", I can safely say I have never voted democrat in my life 😉 You're too stupid to differentiate between posters which is part of the reason why you're a trash poster.
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    http://www.nfl.com AJB made the list. A Titans Era To Remember. It's Happening! Catch rate: 61.9%. Expected catch rate: 54.7%. Difference: 7.2%. A breakout rookie who too often was overlooked nationally, Brown ripped up defenses with his combination of size and speed. Remember Ryan Tannehill's league-leading passer rating? He can thank Brown for much of that, as Tannehill and Marcus Mariota compiled a combined passer rating of 127.6 when targeting Brown, the best mark of any of these pass-catchers. Teams afforded him 5.3 yards of cushion off the line on average, but they also learned that pressing Brown can get them beat, too. The receiver faced the third-highest press rate (38.3 percent) of these 10 pass-catchers, yet still managed to catch 52 passes for more than 1,000 yards. In fact, defenses blanketed Brown, who faced a greater tight-window percentage than any of these 10 players at 33.3 percent of all targets. He was only open on 25 percent of targets and rarely wide open (9.5 percent), helping explain his positive catch-rate difference. Brown won with size, strength, drive and desire in 2019. He's going to be a nightmare for opposing defenses in the years to come.
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    Virus in US

    We are the laughing stock of the entire fucking world. Thanks, Don.
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    More curious as to why you would admit you dick would fit into cheerios.
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    I make the best posts, the best. Many people say they are the best.
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    Please avoid bumping idiotic threads

    Gotta be honest, I see certain posters that have started a thread and I don't even bother going in there because it's going to be a train wreck or just full of bs/lies.
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    The Never-ending Saga of Jadeveon Clowney

    Amidst all the non-Clowney talk in this thread, I did not notice this posted yet:
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    Based on the playoff roster, I’d have to say better. Add Beasley at OLB. Butler replaces Ryan plus they added Fulton. A healthy Humphreys replaces Sharpe. Evans replaces Lewis at RB. Conklin is a loss at RT, but how much vs Wilson/Kelly remains to be seen. Lost Casey but Simmons should be better than last year.
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    Shut up Earl

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    So...Clowney gonna be a Titan?
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    Dalton to the Cowboys

    Dalton might be better than Dak
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    Titans Pick Up Adoree's 5th year Option

    No brainer on this one. Adoree made huge strides last year. I don’t think he’s even reached his potential yet either.
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    Virus in US

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    Just reading some of the most recent tweets here, it's obvious that this stuff has gotten out of control and most of these clowns aren't really rioting because of George Floyd's death and some of them are just doing this for kicks/anarchy. It's another horrible chapter in our history under Donald Trump.
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    I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. I have studied it better than anybody else. It’s very expensive. They are made in China and Germany mostly. —Very few made here, almost none, but they are manufactured, tremendous —if you are into this— tremendous fumes. Gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes and everything. You talk about the carbon footprint — fumes are spewing into the air. Right? Spewing. Whether it’s in China, Germany, it’s going into the air. It’s our air their air everything — right? A windmill will kill many bald eagles. After a certain number they make you turn the windmill off. That is true. —By the way they make you turn it off. And yet, if you killed one they put you in jail. That is OK. You want to see a bird graveyard? You just go. Take a look. A bird graveyard. Go under a windmill someday, you’ll see more birds than you’ve ever seen in your life. ~ D. Trump 12/21/2019
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    Terry Robiskie:
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    I don’t believe in the integrity of the system anymore.
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    Earth to Flynn Conspiracy Morons

    Listened to a podcast about Flynn and the FBI from two prosecutors. Flynn clearly broke the law, he was working with a foreign government illegally and lied to the FBI about it. Trump fired him for lying to the FBI and Pence. Flynn pled guilty and apologized, he even worked for the prosecution to the point in the original sentencing they only asked for probation. The judge actually asked the prosecution if they were sure Flynn wasn't guilty of treason, lol. Don't forget Turkey was paying Flynn to kidnap someone and return him to Turkey. The big issue is William Barr released the notes that showed the FBI discussing the fact they thought Flynn might lie, which is a felony to the FBI. They are laughingly trying to say that's entrapment. Barr is a slimy piece of shit who is nothing more than a political toadie for the president. This is nothing more than a dog and pony show so Trump can pardon Flynn and not get political blow back. We all know how much due process means to Mike Flynn, after all it's not like he led a chant "lock her up" or anything
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    He's closer to Haynesworth than Casey
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    Virus in US

    Why are we even arguing about this? More people have died from coronavirus than anywhere else... no matter what numbers you use. There is absolutely no denial of the FACT that lives could have been saved that weren't, as a result of the inaction of government officials combined with the lack of urgency from the average citizen.
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    Done. Also, it's a bit annoying to see updates on this thread only to pop in to see some totally off-topic discussion. This has been much better lately but I was actually splitting completely off-topic side conversations into their own thread for a while there. So, please try to keep things somewhat on topic like we have been.
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    Dammit Russ ignore the retard!
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    Virus in US

    We are way way past that point. People are dying because of their idiocy.
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    Come on Titans

    Virus in US

    some doctor feedback on the blue angel flyovers.....
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    It's probably safe to say we've all enjoyed the JRob era far more than we enjoyed the Ruston Webster or Mike Reinfeldt years. But here's the thing: go win a division title. Then we'll talk.
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    I believe the Titans are one of the best run teams in the league. The problem in the NFL is there are so many moving parts it's hard to really judge how well a team is run by results. It's really not an accurate way to judge. Injuries, bad luck bounces and bad calls can change fortunes. Even an easy or hard schedule can halter the path. Last year the Titans were 2-4, people were calling for Vrabel to be fired, he was questioned for his moves weekly, Saffold was a bust etc..... Tannehill enters, boom. Belichick has a losing record without Brady but he was still a genius. You can also look at teams that have a great QB but are still run poorly. I believe the Packers totally squandered Rodgers prime years even with the SB win, The Saints to a lesser degree wasted a lot of Brees prime. Seattle looks to be doing the same thing with Wilson since their SB win. Robinson totally gets it. He knows what he's doing regardless of what the results are
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    They also didn't have 3.5 years worth of the train wreck known as the Trump presidency staring them in the face in 2016.
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    Tara Reade Allegations Against Biden

    Ford was far and away more credible than Reade. Having said that, neither one of them had a shred of evidence that would hold up under potential legal scrutiny. You can criticize those who would support both of them and make a pretty reasonable argument for doing so. I would argue that America deserves better than Kavanaugh and they deserve better than Biden... but since they are but a reflection of our society and our imperfect system, maybe this is what we deserve. I also would argue that when the Presidential candidate you supported is on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women then you don't have much credibility to judge the media or anyone else.
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    Minority draft proposal?

    Hire the best people regardless of color
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    9 Nines

    Jimmy Kimmel's Apology

    This is like a great movie that you wish would go and on and not end. Watches all of it - everything in it is great and very clever.
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    Virus in US

    Best tactic I’ve seen to get the Trump cultists to start wearing masks:
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    Tannehill Taking Charge

    Former Dolphin fan browsing and had to reply about this BS hack piece. It was about a Saturday practice before a London game. Those are called walk throughs. A practice squad guy was jumping routes during a walk through and the team's starting QB lit him up for it. That shouldn't have been news and certainly not some spin that the starting QB was getting torn up by the scout team in practice and couldn't mentally handle it. Of course the guy that was jerking around during the walk through and got into with Tannehill and then leaked some BS story to the press was a guy who was kicked off his Cal football team for being a crappy teammate. Only in Miami would that story turn out as it did. It was a reflection of the weak culture Philbin had built and the effect of an interim coach after he fired. Tannehill is a solid QB who took a beating in Miami behind what was always one of the worst lines in the league and had dismal skill players around him. He made what should have been a 3-4 win team a 7-8 win team. And then he had to deal with this kind of reporting. He has his warts on the field, but he's a class act. If you want to rag on him for holding the ball too long to find the open man, pocket feel, or not processing on the fly, they are probably all arguments with some validity. But, being a bad teammate and a jerk is fiction.
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    More Corruption

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    Virus in US

    Americans treat 9/11 like it was the end of the world because 3000 people died, 3k are dying a day from coronavirus and republicans are bringing guns to the streets because they want a haircut. It really is the nation with the biggest amount of retards by a long shot
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    Tannehill Taking Charge

    You heard multiple offensive players talk about how much of a change it was once Tannehill took over in regards to his assertiveness in the huddle and the command he had. Mariota was clearly a weak passive non assertive QB with no command
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    Virus in US

    "... it occurred to me that, in four years of emergency medicine residency and over three and a half years as an attending physician, I had almost never seen anyone die of the flu. I could only remember one tragic pediatric case. Based on the CDC numbers though, I should have seen many, many more. In 2018, over 46,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses. Over 36,500 died in traffic accidents. Nearly 40,000 died from gun violence. I see those deaths all the time. Was I alone in noticing this discrepancy? I decided to call colleagues around the country who work in other emergency departments and in intensive care units to ask a simple question: how many patients could they remember dying from the flu? Most of the physicians I surveyed couldn’t remember a single one over their careers. Some said they recalled a few. All of them seemed to be having the same light bulb moment I had already experienced: For too long, we have blindly accepted a statistic that does not match our clinical experience. The 25,000 to 69,000 numbers that Trump cited do not represent counted flu deaths per year; they are estimates that the CDC produces by multiplying the number of flu death counts reported by various coefficients produced through complicated algorithms. These coefficients are based on assumptions of how many cases, hospitalizations, and deaths they believe went unreported. In the last six flu seasons, the CDC’s reported number of actual confirmed flu deaths—that is, counting flu deaths the way we are currently counting deaths from the coronavirus—has ranged from 3,448 to 15,620, which far lower than the numbers commonly repeated by public officials and even public health experts. There is some logic behind the CDC’s methods. There are, of course, some flu deaths that are missed, because not everyone who contracts the flu gets a flu test. But there are little data to support the CDC’s assumption that the number of people who die of flu each year is on average six times greater than the number of flu deaths that are actually confirmed. In fact, in the fine print, the CDC’s flu numbers also include pneumonia deaths." https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/comparing-covid-19-deaths-to-flu-deaths-is-like-comparing-apples-to-oranges/

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