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    Andrew Luck retiring from the NFL

    @ManningEnvy Bring your sorry ass in here!!!
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    Pees back

    Just saw on twitter that Pees has informed Titans he'll be back next season.
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    Floyd Part II

    titantez tonight
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    Stop with the pussy shit already. We are clearly the better team, and if we don't mop the fucking floor with them we don't deserve the playoffs, period.
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    Mett hasn't thrown an incompletion in years...
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    The Titans played their 3rd preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday night and a few things started coming into focus as the real season approaches.The last few seasons the Titans have struggled with putting players in position to succeed. Locker and Johnson were in an offensive scheme that they did not fit well. The wide receivers were asked to run option routes. The offensive line was asked to pass block in difficult situations and Cook was asked to spend the off season learning to play on the line of scrimmage as a blocker, something he's never going to succeed at. On defense Wimbley was asked to play 900 snaps against offensive tackles, Ayers has been asked to play in coverage rather than attack the line of scrimmage and Griffin was asked to play strong safety. The Titans have gone back to the basics and are trying to get everyone in the right places and through three preseason games the results look promising. Judging from last night's dress rehearsal Loggains is installing a play-action based down-field passing attack. Last night the Titans often times lined up in heavy run formations and ran play action off of these formations and went down the field. Look at the Titans first scoring drive early in the second quarter. 1st and 10 from the 36 yard line. The Titans line up in the offset "I", this is a run formation on a running down. The Falcons actually end up with nine players in the box to counter this. Locker fakes the hand off to Johnson and throws an eighteen yard pass to an open Britt. Locker has great pass protection and Britt has good separation with the Falcons playing run all the way. 1st and 10 from the 46 yard line. The Titans are once again in the offset "I" with the wide receivers and Stevens switching sides but still showing heavy run. The Falcons change up their defense by playing more of a seven man front with the safeties back to guard more against a pass. The Titans once again run a play action pass but add a counter action with Levitre pulling and the Falcons safety and linebackers bite hard on the run creating a space for an easy pass to Britt for sixteen yards. The Falcons lined up in a better defense to guard the pass but still bit on the run action. 1st and 10 from 30 yard line. The Titans really bring out the beef with one wideout, a fullback, and Thompson also in the backfield. As the ball is snapped you can sense hesitation in the Falcons defenders on the second level fearing another play action pass. The Titans run the ball but they also send the fullback with a lead block, send Thompson pulling behind the fullback and Levitre once again pulls behind Thompson giving Chris Johnson three lead blockers. Every blocker executes their block to perfection and Johnson runs for nineteen yards. 1st and 10 from the 11 yard line. Another "I" formation and run to the right with Levitre pulling for a 4 yard gain. Pretty simple play. 2nd and 6 from the 7 yard line. The Titans now bring in three receivers and Shonn Greene with Stevens on the line. Locker is in the shotgun with Greene to his left. As the ball is snapped Locker fakes the draw and Levitre once again pulls giving the impression of the same run as the previous runs. As Locker pulls the ball back to drop back you can literally see the strong safety and linebackers frozen coming up to defending the run. Washington is right next to the strong safety as he's trying to change direction and drop back in the passing lane but it's too late. Washington is wide open for a very easy TD pass as he runs by the safety while he's defending against the run. You will not see a better scoring drive. Loggains used formation to dictate what the Falcons would do and countered every move with the perfect play call. Locker was never pressured and on the runs Johnson was given lead blockers on plays the Falcons were fearing pass. All the pieces to the offense were put in a position to succeed and the plays that were called were done against a Falcons defense that was trying to stop a completely different play. The reason the Patriots were so good running the ball last year is not because they lined up and ran it down defenses' throats. They were so good because the defenses were trying to stop their two tight end passing attack. I believe the Titans can flip the script and create a dangerous passing attack against defenses that are trying to stop the run. From Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" "All warfare is based on deception." Three quarters of this offense can really wear out a defense. Nothing drains a defense more than going from a run defense mode to trying to pressure the QB mid play. In the ideal scenario the Titans can get a lead throwing the ball then in the 4th quarter send out Shonne Greene to run out the clock against a worn out defensive front. Photo credit AJ Guel on Flickr. Used under the Creative Commons License. Click here to view the article
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    Hat tip: Warmack

    I'm proud to say I actually decoded this
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    Down 18, he motivated them at the half, coached his ass off and brought his team back Give this man an extension! Mike Mularkey!
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    Shout out from a Titan?

    So one of my friends used Cameo.com to get a former NBA player to trash talk his pickup game and I realized a bunch of Titans are on there. Essentially you pay a certain amount of money for a celebrity to send a message to someone via video. Titans include: Eddie George CJ2K Vince Young Jayon Brown (only $20-great option for a kid's birthday) Jonathan Cyprien LenDale White Guys, for only $100 we can pay LenDale White to tell OILERMAN to fuck off. Or pay Vince Young $150 to call someone on the board an idiot. The potential to exploit this is high. Just thought you should be aware.
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    We should claim Benjamin. We could use the help on the OL.
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    Old becomes new

    Mett's new uniform
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    That face brings me joy
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    Houston DOES NOT have a quarterback. Jax THINKS they have a quarterback. Indy ONLY has a quarterback.
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    Mariota's comeback

    That was the worst officiating crew I've seen in a long time.
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    GM Watch: The Thread

    There's been an awakening...have you felt it? I see you all lurking out there - twitching...nervous...ready...anxious...clawing your eyes out to post something new. Step away from the keyboard. Take a walk. Play a game. Call an old friend. Tell your mother you love her. You guys know I got twitter covered. Don't waste your night away from your family, constantly refreshing - everywhere from the dinner table to the toilet seat. Refreshing until your eyes bleed. There's no need. Walk away. Be at peace. Nothing you can do will change anything anyway. This is the man in charge, or should I say this is the 'stache in charge. Not since Jeff Fisher have we seen such a glorious 'stache. Underwood wears it better. Did you know it wasn't always so glorious? But now... Wearing it like a boss... Like he doesn't even care what the world thinks... Show me your sources, La Canfora!!!! NAMES! Give me names! You see what this search has done to me? I'm teetering on the edge about to lose my frickin mind. Don't be like me. Go back to your life. You know I got your back. I got this news room locked down. Nothing is getting by me. Ehhh, who am I kidding? We're all going to be sitting here refreshing all night regardless of what I say. Let's at least have a thread where we can post nonsense together. So who's going to take the first watch?
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    Little inside scoop

    Sensible move from JRob moving on from Orakpo, unfortunately he has slowed down considerably this year. Orakpo also deserves some praise for helping change the culture of this franchise.
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    Welcome Back Marcus

    Marcus’ performance today was an elite franchise QB performance in every sense. He was spectacular. It wasn’t absolutely perfect....but it was a absolutely tremendous performance. Anyone trying to detract from Mariota’s performance today is clearly more interested in their own personal agenda than the success of this team.
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    The defense is playing great

    I think the late rally and onside by the Browns really hid some really nice things the defense did Sunday. In fact two weeks in a row and really all year. The Titans got 6 sacks again, they had 6 tackle for losses and they got 13 hits on Kessler. The Browns had 40 yards rushing at 2.7 yards per rush, only converted 3 of 14 3rd downs..... And most impressively they forced the Browns on 3 and outs 7 of 8 drives in one stretch. During that stretch the Browns drives had 4 yards or less 7 times and negative yards 3 of those drives. The defense was absolutely dominating. I really think the two TD drives at the end were pretty flukey. Kessler was breaking containment, throwing the ball up for grabs and making some really crazy unscripted plays to led those drives. Spence has all but replaced Woodyard as one of the starting ILBs and he's playing pretty well. The Titans also have 3 really good rushers in BO, Casey and DM, Klug and Dodd are also decent depth. LeBeau deserves a ton of credit for how well this defense is playing
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    Tex, Mrs Tex and TampaTitan! tried to upload a pic of the tailgate, no go from my phone. observations from the game: it was hot and humid, the thunderstorms didn't materialize but the air was stifling. Our offensive formations were well varied. Was surprised to see so much of West but he runs with so much more power and energy than Sankey. The fake handoffs from Mariota are the best I've ever seen, totally fooled twice. It looked to me like we were playing almost all 2nd stringers in the 4thquarter, could see our starters on the sidelines. only noticed one questionable Mariota pass , will need to rewatch to confirm. tons of Titans fans, we were well represented thanks for TampaTitan for the beers and awesome tailgate! Tex & Mrs. Tex ps. Tampa fans were so sure of a win. They booed the offense off the field at least 3 times.
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    10 A See

    My trip to the ATL

    I tend to go to a game every year, Atlanta was the destination this time. Which was convenient since I live in GA, about an hour away. On the way up it was raining so hard that people were pulling over on the side of the road. I could barely see and we were driving about 20 mph. I took this as a good omen because the same thing happened when we went to New Orleans, and Mike mularkey was able to win his first game as head coach after that experience. The field level seating was kinda cool. I was literally behind the visitors bench, but it's tough to see the game live from there, though you can look up at the jumbotron. AAS walked over and greeted all of us Titan fans at the field level and she is unbelievable. She took several selfies with fans, signed several autographs and you can tell she's a super sweet person, genuinely. She shook my hand and said it was her birthday and a win would make it so much better. I wished her a HBD and went back to my seat on (excuse me, but let the homie brag a lil bit, lol) the 45 yard line, front row behind the visitors bench. I was sitting next to Kamalei Correa's girlfriend apparently (this is an assumption, she kept calling him out when he was on the field and he waved to her a few times), and I accidentally (well purposely) was talking about how much he sucked before I realized who she was. It just kinda came out when I realized Finch was inactive (oops). Onto the game... What can I say, the game was awesome and falcon fans reminded me of this board because I kept hearing people say the game was over before halftime. One guy walking by me congratulated me on the win as he left right after half. Also kept hearing about how much Matt Ryan sucks and the team needs a QB (sound familiar?). Ryan did have some head scratching throws and threw into double coverage a couple of times. Ryan missed a short dump off and people were yelling that they could make that throw. At halftime they had Ryan's draft video playing and the crowd let off a huge round of booooooooooos. Everyone was clamoring for the coach and QB to be fired. Other/ Funny stuff The DB group is really close. They got together and prayed before the game and were communicating a lot throughout. Rashaan Evans was doing a grinding dance right next to an equipment guy (guy had his back turned) when a song was playing towards the end of the 4th, we got a big laugh outta that. Corey Davis actually did the "dirty bird" (old falcon celebration dance for you young folks) on the field after the game. I only wish he did it after his TD. I'm assuming he planned to since he knew how to do it, but changed his mind or forgot in the moment. (I got a pic of it, but I was trying to get video). It was after most of the Falcons left the field. Several titans including the QB tossed hats, gloves, and a football to people at the tunnel entrance cheering them on after the game. Overall, great experience. It was really cool watching the coverage disguises and stuff in person. Watching our boys play like a NFL offense was great as well. I know falcon fans hated me because I was yelling after every sack, every TD, every great defensive play, the missed field goal, etc. MM8 played really well and hopefully he can keep it up. It's a long season and I still think we haven't played our best game. TITAN UP!!!
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    I'm glad someone had the stones to finally talk about Mariota's status in 2019 and beyond. That's been the elephant in the room that no one on TR has been willing to talk about!
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    Haven't beaten us for about 650 days. Haven't beaten us on a Sunday for over 1,700 (back in 2013) ... and next game is on Thursday. Better luck on the sixth anniversary, losers!
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    Oh shit....Is it that time already? Where, annually, tards get together and talk about how formidable and scared they are of the Jags lineup.....Time flies, man.
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    Let me say the game is 4 quarters and the INT and fumbles happened and those were total disasters. It lost the game for sure. Mariota cannot make the throw that likely lost the game. But this is against likely the best defense the Titans will face. @Jonboy posted the stats of the QBs the Vikes dominated going back to last year. I honestly think Mariota is going to have a very good year in the offense and something like 4000 yards and 30 TDs is possible. Mariota was way better for the most part than I thought watching live. Don't take my word. Go back and watch the game. This was not a college offense with a bunch of gimmicks. This was a well designed offense featuring Mariota and he executed great for the most part.
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    Titans Trade First Pick

    It is truly a new day gentlemen. We have a GROWN ASS MAN in the GM's office who knows what he wants and isn't afriad of going after it. LOVE IT!!!
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    Never looked at the site or the chat room in hopes of actually enjoying the game. Here's what I saw. 1. Browns are galactically overrated on offense specifically because that is not a good offensive line - and they got beat up early - and got worse as the game went on. Defensively, I thought the Browns were able to get consistent pressure on the QB and they clearly had a plan -- hit Marcus, he loses confidence, gets off rhythm and becomes indecisive. Only one problem with the plan: they kept drawing roughing flags for hitting him after plays were over. 2. Have to admit, I thought MM first half performance was putrid. You could literally see him melting down under pressure. But in the end, he played a smart game. Nothing spectacular (though a QB rating of 133.8 is pretty spectacular, as were 3 TD passes). Nothing that makes me say 'he has it'. But he was exactly who you would want him to be in the 4th quarter. Efficient. Threw the ball to the right place. Used his legs without putting himself in harms way. This isn't a good week for 'Team Tannehill'. But eyes don't lie - he was bad in the first half after the first drive. 3. Arthur Smith. FINALLY, an Offensive Coordinator who appears to know how to use the weapons he has. He was appropriately stubborn with sticking to the running game. The screen passes were essential on a day when we couldn't stop Browns pass rush from burying MM. 4. Delanie Walker. Never understood the thought that he was done. Clearly still a load, and still the primary target for Marcus. 5. Cam Wake. I thought we were insane giving him a three year contract. Apparently I thought wrong. His pressure changed the game making Mayfield by far the worse QB today. 6. Linebackers. Been a long time since we have had a crew that is this fast to the ball and that can cover as well as they can tackle against the run. Thought Chubb would give us hell. Not in the least. 7. Secondary. OBJ and Landry are as good of a duo we will see all season. They won their fair share, but Butler, Ryan, Byard et all had a day. Lots to like. 8. Cairo Santos. Who ever imagined this guy comes in and hits a 50+ yard field goal and made the rest of his kicks. He and Kern were huge. 9. AJ Brown. What a huge pleasant surprise. Kind of the Derrick Henry of WRs. Huge. Not that fast. But surprisingly dangerous. Crazy how quickly he showed up - while Davis, Sharpe and Humphries were largely invisible. That was a day for a young WR. Always remembering that when Marcus gets off schedule, the WRs are only going to look so good. 10. Vrabel. He has built a remarkably disciplined team. Titans played smart, error free football. They got punched in the mouth on the first drive but they squared their shoulders and shut it down. Completely under control. Love the attitude he has instilled in this team. Surprisingly, shockingly, 1-0. #TitanUp
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    I agreed with every decision and thought the risk/reward was managed perfectly
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    I used to wake Kerry up with 4 shots of wild turkey. Once after a baltimore game he was so sore he couldnt raise the glass. I sipped it and spit it into his mouth.
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    Decker calls Mariota "passive"

    Some of my favorite responses:
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    He’s a hot head. But it’s been good for us this year. After the late/out of bounds hit against Seattle - his outburst seemed to bring out the best in the team. Tonight - he was visibly pissed after we failed to score a TD after the turnover. He was on the sidelines, raging like a motherfucker. Is it a coincidence the offense went on a tear afterwards? Maybe. But dammit it’s awesome to watch him get so emotionally invested and the team respond accordingly.
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    McCain is really stepping up. And Valeninto is improving, after the game winning fumble he actually pointed the right way.
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    No excuses anymore. Just win.

    The days of making excuses for poor play, poor coaches and overall mediocrity are OVER. This team is built to win, and it should win. I fully expect us to jack-hammer Minnesota. The staff is invigorated, the players are invigorated, and the culture around the building is changing. I expect our fans to fall right in line. No more "we played it close" or "aww shucks, he's just in his 2nd year..." The 2016 campaign is underway. Win or get the fuck out!!
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    I just picked him up in my fantasy league 2 days ago...................to replace Tony Romo. Anyone we want smited? I'll add them to my fantasy team and let the magic happen.
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    Uh, keep in mind you were also at a Toto concert...
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    Sorry to inject football talk into the forum at this time of year, but thought it was worth sharing based on projecting off-season changes to this team. 1. Scheme. This was Mularkey's first game post-Whis. I think it is pretty similar to the sort of game plan we can expect this season. A lot of downhill running. Mariota spreading ball around and a lot of play-action. On Defense, we were very aggressive, particularly in the 2nd half. The play calling for 80% of this game was very good, although the conservative calls on offence near the end of the 2nd half nearly cost us the game. 2. Defense. The front seven were Very good in this game. Orakpo, DaQuan Jones, Woodyard and Casey were standouts. Zach Brown was an unmitigated disaster. Addition by subtraction to see him go. The secondary was down to 3rd stringers at best and looked awful. Griffin really looked slow in this game. It was like he was going through the motions and played with no fire at all. Byard may be a huge upgrade there. 3. Offense. Antonio Andrews had a career game and looked serviceable at times, but it is still glaringly obvious that we needed an upgrade at RB. Let's hope Murray and Henry can provide it. The running plays we ran in this game are definitely suited to both Murray and Henry's style. Almost nothing slow-developing and a lot of plays where the RB can just hit a seam and get downhill. DGB really started to come on towards the end of this game, but Delanie was the clear #1 target and had a great game. 4. Mariota. In reality all of that was just window dressing. 6 months since he last wore a Titans uniform I may have been guilty of forgetting how good this guy is. He was absolutely incredible in this game. His touch, his accuracy, his lightning quick release were all on show. He also used his feet to pick up a first down on a clutch 3rd down. He was clutch when he needed to be and was every bit as good as Drew Brees, if not better, in this game. If he got similar performances from his supporting cast and played like this each week, we would be at least an 8 win team. If the upgrades elsewhere on the roster are as good as advertised, and Marcus continues to grow, then playoffs are absolutely within reach. In case anyone forgot, Mariota is a bonafide star.
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    Summary for those who missed it: Robinson: Met with pro-staff weeks ago, keeps big board up to date over the last few weeks over team needs, etc. Project who may/may not be there when you pick and get a feel for teams ahead/behind you of who they need. Tries to keep it balanced with who may be on the board and who's around you to fit their need. Says it's a chess match as some teams address what they view as 2nd need 1st. Try not to draft just for need - like to have group of players for various positions and pick whoever is best for the football team. Trade gave the team options. Says they can move up if a player is sitting there, but you try not to pigeonhole yourself so you can be comfortable staying put. Says there are always shockers, but just put yourself in best position possible. PK asks in social media age how many people have seen Titans board? Says he has one in his office and one in the draft room. Handful of guys talk daily about x or y players. Not open for many people to see. Scouting staff does know the board. Says there are a few boards, but they're pretty close and there's one that he has that just he and Mike Mularkey share. Will of course make adjustments before Thursday. Says they do look at mock drafts that are out there - they put in a spreadsheet compiling 10-15 drafts to help get an idea. See who's in consensus top 30, look for outliers, just try to see if you can get anything extra out of it. Says dropping to 15 from 1 opened things up a bit. Had been to 30-40 visits before he got to TN. Didn't overly broaden it because he'd already done a lot of research on the draftees. Actually felt at 1 that things were a lot more narrow, but at 15 the net is wider. Implied he has 3-4 guys anticipated at 15 who they feel would be good picks. Doesn't put a percentage on draft hits vs misses. Says if you can bring guys in who contribute and go out and play winning football then the draft is a success. Pro-bowls and individual success are one thing, but mainly having team first attitude and contributing to winning football is what he considers more of a success. They bring up the advertisement aspect of having the first overall pick that he brought up to Les Snead. Is asked about whether he considers how fans will react to his moves. He says, of course - he works for the fans, so he can put a product out that we're proud of. Fan support, winning football teams, they want to develop a winner so when we spend hard earned money, it's a team of they're proud of - team first guys, accountable. Has to do what's best for the team, but want it to be a brand that fanbase can rally behind. Says he tries to get some cardio in the mornings to reflect and think to himself - says they're pretty well set for most scenarios that could play out. Draft board is pretty well set. Could be a little movement, but you have to be comfortable at this point in process so that when you're on the clock you're comfortable about making the pick.
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    Has there ever been a more laughably absurd idea in the history of international relations as this idea Russia will work with us on cybersecurity, coming only a few days after 12 members of the GRU were indicted for hacking in the US? Like, maybe if FDR had asked Japan after Pearl Harbor for joint training exercises on how to land planes? Or if JFK had asked the Soviet Union to work jointly with him in developing Caribbean property? Or if we had asked Al Qaeda for ways to improve airport security?
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    It's true, we passed on Chris Ballard because he wouldn't retain Mularkey. Everything this ownership group did was a total sham. Disgraceful.
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    I'm not even mad

    Call me a bad fan. This team has issues, obviously. But they also had issues before this game. A putrid Browns defense early on and multiple bail out flags by the refs to put us up 14-3 near the goal line doesn't change that. One good throw to Wright and Hunter immediately after didn't change that. Though it did show what most of us already knew in that Jake just doesn't have the same accuracy and ball-placement as even a lowly backup like Charlie Whitehurst. This team sucks and the embarrassing second half showed us nothing that we didn't already know - if anything the loss was a good thing as it highlights what we've already seen numerous times over the last month. I understand always wanting a win and being down after a loss but what would squeaking a win out at the end of that game really accomplish? Another week of excuses and aiming for heights of mediocrity? This team needs a shakeup. It needs a quarterback. Getting embarrassed by the Browns by a monumental collapse does more towards changing that than riding out a fart-noise of a win after allowing 26 points unanswered. Build for the future. Give Mettenberger a week of starters reps and stop with the dog and pony show of pretending that Locker will magically butterfly into a serviceable quarterback or that Whitehurst is anything more than a brief interim reliever at best. It was obvious two games ago. It's been hammered in to concrete fact today. It's time.
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    I'm sure folks here will enjoy this gif.
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    This is shaping up to be the best non QB draft in the last ten years. Some genius has managed to foresee this and has acquired an extra 1st round pick.
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    Titans Trade First Pick

    The best thing about it is that Kyle can now do at least 10 more mocks.
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    Who has the best style?

    TitansOnline once again avoiding the comparison to Mettenberger.