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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    Props to Vrabel. Down their top 3 tackles, Pro-Bowl TE, and starting QB. He and the staff put together one of the best game plans we've seen in a long time. Well done.
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    Home teams playing in sub 30 degrees who get 14+ leads are 45-0 going back to 2001 until today
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    ESPN (so woke)

    Anyone who has followed me here for the past 15 years know that my politics run a little bit to the left of Che Guevera. So my aversion to social justice warriors isn't typically high. In fact, I often resemble one. But last night's ESPN debacle on Jeffrey Simmons was just the most ghoulish side of liberal social justice. For ESPN, that was their moment to inject 'drama' into the draft coverage. They had Trey Wingo set up on his own desk to properly intone all the right words. They warned us of the 'graphic nature' of the video. Then they proceeded to truth/explain how all of this went down four years ago. They forgot to show his on-field highlights. They forgot to show him taking the phone call from the Titans. They mentioned in quiet whispers his 4.0GPA as a Freshman, the support of the AD, the support of the head coach. The fact that he had been a model citizen on and off the field. They mentioned it -- knowing full well that the 'graphic video' was the only thing that people would focus on. In short, it was made for television melodrama that falsely shapes the narrative around the kid. I watched the video of him taking the call from Strunk, Robinson and Vrable. With his baby by his side, he literally cried throughout the 2 minute phone call. On what should be the happiest day of this kid's life, he had clearly been NFL-shamed by '11 teams who took him off the board' (Chiefs better not have been one of them). We all get second and third and fourth chances. In the case of the most rich and powerful, the chances are infinite. In the case of this young man, the chances were limited. I wanted Ed Oliver. I thought Sweat made more sense given his edge rush skills. But I will now cheer more loudly for this kid when he gets on the field -- precisely because of the 'social warriors' ridiculous melodrama in the ESPN coverage. F'em. Welcome home Jeffrey.
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    We're 11th in total yards, 14th in yards per game. Our young QB has a QB rating of almost 90 (smack in the middle of A-Rod, Eli Manning, Cam) and is in the top 10 in TD passes. He's also the top QB in the league in the red zone. He's also only 7 games into this system, and barely has a year of games under his belt. We're about 10 months from being the worst team in the league (for 2 consecutive years) and still have a roster lacking talent in key areas. For the first time in several years - we actually have a competitive football team to watch. We've been in every game. You can hate moral victories all you want, but this team is far better than the insult to football I've watched for the last couple years. I know this isn't popular around here, but give it time. Give our QB some time to grow and learn. Give JRob a chance to assemble a team full of draft picks and rebuild the roster from the ruins of Ruston Webster. Give Mularkey a chance to see if he can get something going (because none of the griping is going to change anything anyway).
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    This team has been so overlooked it's not even funny. When the playoffs first started the Titans were 60-1 to win the SB, they are now 7-1. I believe the team is overlooked for a few reasons. They struggled to make it in because of the 2-4 start and were lumped in with teams like the Steelers, Bills, Colts etc.... pretenders. Down the stretch without Henry and the top 2 or 3 CBs the defense stumbled and they lost to NO and the Texans. People refuse to believe Tannehill is playing at an elite level. Honestly I believe the Titans are as complete as any team left, maybe the best. They have all the ingredients. This team has the most efficient passing game in the NFL. LOL @ passing yards. They make big plays and prevent big plays. They are dominant on both lines. They can run the ball at an elite level. They are one of the best coached teams left. Their defense is back to being very good. It wasn't a fluke this team beat NE or the Ravens, they are better than both those teams. If they played the Ravens next week they'd likely win again. They are more than capable of beating KC. It's more than possible this team wins the SB regardless of whether or not the football world understands they are one of the best teams in the league, maybe the best team.
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    We all remember that April day when, after an increasing frequency of downtime periods, Titans Central was taken by the dark side. That was a really bad day for many of us who had grown close, or at the very least familiar, to the people who made up this truly unique community. At first we didn't know what was happening, which led to the creation of this place as sort of a refugee camp until it ultimately came back online like it had so many times over those last few months. Of course, it never did. Titans Central was sold out to a big media company and, after some internet Braveheart meets internet 300 back and forth with the new owners and members of the forum, Titans Report was born. For about a year, titanscentral.net redirected to the people who bought the old site. After that, the domain was discarded. Every year since then I have tried to get the old domain. Being that it was a domain that was used for some years with some traffic, it wasn't easy. A company in China bought it and basically sat on it for the last half decade, wanting thousands of dollars to sell it. Well, today I checked again and...they had let it lapse. So, with that said, I am very proud to announce that about ten minutes ago I purchased titanscentral.net! Okay, so this is completely meaningless. We are still going to be Titans Report. At the moment I have no plans for it and it may stay this way. But at least now you can type in titanscentral.net and it will take you here to the home where everyone ended up. Note: DNS propagation takes some time. It varies by ISP, but it should be working for everyone within the next couple of days. Let's go Titans. Beat the Colts tonight!
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    - Mike Mularkey deserves credit I was adamantly against the hire and thought the process was a complete joke...but I'm not going to hold that against him when evaluating his job performance. I don't even agree with the entirety of his philosophy, but there's no way anyone can deny this team is markedly better than last season. At 4-4, we've already eclipsed last season's win total and have been competitive in the 4th quarter of every single loss. The improvement they've made in the running game alone is absolutely astounding. Mularkey, with the help of Jon Robinson, took one of the absolute worst units in the NFL and turned it into one of the best...all in one offseason. Even if you disagree with the hire and his system...it's time to give the man some praise. - We have our bookend tackles for the next decade. Titans fans took Michael Roos and David Stewart for granted and that was never more evident than when they were gone. It took some time, but Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin should be fixtures of this line for a long, long time. Lewan is a hothead who needs to cut out the ridiculous penalties, but his talent and growth is undeniable. He's mean, nasty, and annoying...exactly what you want in an offensive lineman. Conklin, in many ways, is the antithesis of Lewan. He's quiet, reserved, and almost makes you forget he's even on the team. But his impact has been tremendous. I liked the pick when we made it, but didn't feel great about giving up the 2nd rounder. +1 to Jon Robinson because there's no doubt he was worth it. - Kendall Wright can be a big part of this offense. Kendall Wright isn't some amazing #1 WR, but he's a great fit for what we're trying to do and it was always pretty clear to me that he could do well in this offense. He's the one WR we have who is capable of consistently getting separation. We've had him back for 5 games now, but really only 3 when you consider how they eased him in. He's had 2 very strong games and his overall numbers are pretty solid. He's been targeted 22 times and has caught 17 of them for 252 yds and 2 TDs. Honestly, the most exciting part about this for me is thinking about the possibilities of Jon Robinson addressing the WRs next season like he did the RBs this season. If a guy like Wright can do this much to help Mariota and the passing game, I can only imagine what a true #1 WR with speed could do for this team. - Marcus Mariota is our franchise QB. I'm tired of fans beating around the bush. I'm tired of the week to week roller coaster of "now he is!" and "now he isn't!" Marcus Mariota is our franchise QB and is going to be here for a long time. No, I'm not saying he's a sure-fire all-pro, elite, or anything close to that. But you can't tell me this guy isn't already on par or better than "franchise" guys like Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins... He's now had multiple elite performances. He's shown he can throw the deep ball. He's shown he can come from behind and lead a 4th quarter comeback. He's shown the ability work on his craft and learn the game. In short, he's now displayed every single trait I want to see from a QB. The question now is how good can he be? It starts with consistency. He's had his ups and downs this season and as glorious as his Jacksonville performance was, we'd be insane to expect that every week. He'll have more downs. But playing this position is all about the process of learning the game, learning a system, and getting better. He's still working on learning the game and the system...but he's already getting better. - The second half of the season is going to be interesting. The Titans have 2 tough games coming up: on the road against SD and at home against GB. That being said, not for a second do I believe either game is a sure loss. The Titans have shown they can compete with just about anybody. If we can win pull out a win in just 1 of these 2 games, I still think we're in good position to push for the division. Then we go on the road against the Colts and Bears before our Week 13 BYE week. The Colts game is one the Titans will almost certainly need to win, as well as the Bears game. After the bye, we'll have tough tests against the Broncos and at the Chiefs. Beating Jacksonville again is a must. If we split with SD/GB, beat Indy and Chicago, lose to the Broncos and Chiefs, beat the Jags... That would put us at 8-7 heading into the season finale against Houston, where the division could very well be on the line. Regardless of how it turns out, it's such a great feeling to even be having these conversations again.
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    I'll Say It

    Anyone that has been beating the Mettenberger drum should shut the fuck up. No QB controversy here.
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    F%^# him Trample the weak hurdle the dead!
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    446 yards off offense(350 in the first half) 6 TDs 50% 3rd down conversion rate 7.6 yards per play today 20 of 27 passing 305 yards and 5 TDs 162 yards rushing Scored on 8 of 13 drives This isn't a one game anomaly, the offense has been great for a while now and Mariota has stepped it up into elite territory. I was really impressed with a few throw aways and on 3rd down in the redzone he ran, slid, stayed in bounds to keep the clock running and settled for the FG. Earlier in the season he was forcing plays like this. He's started to manage the game very intelligently and getting better. Mariota and Robiskie have this thing down.
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    La Canfora: Clearly this is a sign the team will be sold very soon.
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    My thoughts on the SD game

    Even before the Titans made their comeback I was actually really happy because of Mariota. That may sound crazy because I'd probably have to put this loss mainly on him with the turnovers, he did give up two TDs off of turnovers. Even with the turnovers you can see Mariota starting to click. He's been way better in the pocket for a while now, he's staying calmer and not pressing as much, he was putting some really nice passes into some tight windows. The receivers dropped a ton of perfectly thrown passes. For a good stretch he really looked like Aaron Rodgers out there. This isn't some one dimensional run heavy offense either. The run game was going nowhere today and they got back in it passing with Mariota. He was pretty much carrying the team. Now he ultimately failed but he's getting there. The Titans had almost 400 yards off offense, scored 5 TDs and was 5 for 5 in the redzone. Mariota wasn't sacked and was just hit once. The guy has got to improve the ball security though. You ain't winning with all those turnovers, I don't care if the option was a bad play. He's fumbled on scrambles and in the pocket as well. Rishard Matthews is quietly turning into a pretty damn good WR. He was ranked 12th by footballoutsiders before this game and he looked good again, 6 receptions and 2 TDs. This defense is seriously lacking in the playmaker department. Another game without forcing a turnover. They really need a MLB who can play all 3 downs and they need a real nickelback who can handle inside receivers and TEs. It was a big game and they blew it but at the same time I can't help feeling really good about the direction Mariota is headed, even with the turnovers.
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    I am putting this in its own thread simply because I didn't want to mix my feelings into the 'humor' that the original thread generated. I'm 53. My dad is now 87. When one becomes closer to the end then to the beginning a certain respect sets in for the closure of life. I met Mr. Adams when I was just a kid, maybe 9 or 10. At the time my dad's advertising agency was doing the marketing work for the Oilers. Because of that I got to sit up in Mr. Adams suite during a few games, and my dad became a lifetime season ticket holder. The Oilers/Titans/Astros/Rockets/Cougars form the glue of my connection with my dad. Because of that I have a lifelong love of sports, and the Oilers now Titans, have always been my most loved franchise. There would be no Houston Oilers would there not have been Bud Adams. He and his oil drilling mate Lamar Hunt formed the AFL. When times got tough for owners like Ralph Wilson, Mr. Adams and Mr. Hunt doubled down providing working capital for the leagues fledgling franchises to survive. That can't be understated. It is the crux of why Mr. Adams was so angry when Ralph Wilson was enshrined in the HOF instead of him. WIlson became beloved only because Bud made it possible for him to retain a franchise. As the game's popularity expanded, I have no doubt that HOUSTON would have eventually been given an NFL franchise. But Adams and the renegade AFL owners made certain that it happened. The team was very good at the launch of the league and through the 60's it had moments -- and produced stars like George Blanda, Charlie Hennigan and future pro wrestler Ernie Ladd. That said, even in the early days, Bud's team became a bridesmaid, not a bride. The 70's were just bad years for the team. Bud fired Wally Lemm, who went on to success with the Jets. He made a few interesting hires, most notably Sid Gillman, the father of modern offense. But regardless of Bud's moves, the team stayed stuck in quicksand. This was a period in which Bud got labeled cheapskate by his players, most notably Elvin Bethea, Ken Burroughs and Dan Pastorini all had contentious contract negotiations. As a fan, it appeared that Bottom Line Bud cared less about winning then he did about making a buck. The Bum Phillips Earl Campbell era almost made us forget the 1-13 seasons. The franchise was one horrific call away from a Super Bowl (Mike Renfroe's foot was still inbounds Steeler chuckleheads). Sadly, it didn't happen, and a team that looked so close rapidly faded into obscurity once again as Phillips and then Campbell left town for New Orleans. Not surprisingly attendance declined. At that moment Bud decided he needed a downtown stadium to be competitive with the NFLs free spending franchises. He was right. But he was the wrong man to ask for the deal. So Nashville took advantage of Houston's intransigence and Bud made his way to Nashville via Memphis. Bud changed during the move, and became committed to continuity as the solution for the franchise. I credit Coach Fisher for making that possible. Many of us remember hires like Ed Briles, Bill Peterson, Chuck Studley and the like. One year wonders that made Jerry Glanville and Jack Pardee look like Jimmy Johnson and Vince Lombardi. Very few in Nashville appreciated how much better life was as a Titan fan then it had been as an Oiler fan. I think Bud got it. The other epiphany for Bud was getting rid of Ladd Herzeg. He was a brutally bad General Manager. Good at the cash register. Terrible at picking the groceries. The promotion of Floyd Reese combined with the on-field coaching of Jeff Fisher transformed a perennial never-was into a competitive Super Bowl calibre franchise. Because of that pairing, Steve McNair, Eddie George, and many more, I got to watch my Oilers/Titans play in a Super Bowl. Five of the happiest hours in my life were spent that day. Bud gave me that time and I am forever thankful. Like many old Oiler fans, its very hard for me to separate the good Bud Adams from the bad Bud Adams. But I will say this. He was kind to me as a child. He was good to my father professionally. Through that association, I developed a life long love for football in general and the Oilers in particular. I continue to indulge that hobby to excess today writing this wandering blog containing a lifetime of memories associated with Luv Ya Blue. I hope one day before I pass that I will be able to experience a Titan team winning a Super Bowl. Bud, on that day, I promise to cast an eye north and will offer you a sincere thanks for giving me and my dad a liftime of shared memories. Rest in peace Mr. Adams.
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    As a starter, he was killing the Titans O.
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    Is derrick Henry gay?

    You should just go up to him and ask him.
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    The level of criticism and fan overreaction is laughable concerning the offensive design . Allow me to present some pesky facts that shoot down a lot of the rhetoric..... Leading up until the 2nd drive of the 3rd quarter than ended in a pick 6 the Titans offense had been very effective. 194 yards of offense in the first half The Titans were a great 8 of 11 on 3rd down up until the pick 6 and had 13 first downs The Titans were 2 of 3 inside the redzone. Mariota had a +100 passer rating up until the pick 6. @Jamalisms, the idea you're patting yourself on the back after this game is comical. You were 100% incorrect with your criticism of the offensive design. You're big gripe was Mularkey was going to have a run based offense from heavy sets and not let Mariota command the offense from a quick passing game and from shotgun. Congrats buddy, Mularkey/Robeskie did exactly what you wanted. Up until the pick 6 the Titans passed the ball 28 times vs 18 runs. In the first half it was 14 runs vs 21 passes. Mariota was in shotgun 25 freaking times up until the pick 6. The Titans ran the no huddle one multiple drives. Did you see a lot of heavy sets that you were against? I sure didn't. Fowler, two TE sets? Nope. I did see a lot of 3 WR formations though. The Titans essentially ran the exact offense you claimed to have wanted to see and now you;re saying "I told you so" Anyone bitching about the read option plays, I didn't see you after the TB opener last season. This is what you get with a mobile QB from a college spread, everyone in the league is doing it, it works. I even thought the trick play to Henry was well designed. Getting Henry on the edge in space is good in theory, the Vikes playd it well, period. The Titans were still excellent on 3rd down. The Titans lost this game because they gave up a long returns followed bu 3 turnovers, 2 of which were returned for TDs. The offensive design was not only not bad it was working and effective. Now go back to the crazy nonsense
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    Hope none of you were around Tajae when this was announced!
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    Best Mariota Stat of the Day

    0 turnovers.
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    Here it is. I had her change the big ribbon to a streamer that just hangs off of it like I originally asked for. Didn’t nail the colors but it’s a nice and really big arrangement.
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    New Design is Up

    Hey all, I just pushed out the new design. To be honest, I pushed out sooner than I was going to because after I upgraded the board the whole design, which was built on a previous version, started to cause some errors. So, if you come across anything weird or some text that isn’t very readable due to the colors or whatever please let me know so I can fix it.
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    Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    Told you guys it wasn’t over.
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    Twas the night before Christmas, on Titans Report, Not a poster was stirring, like our name's were all Mort. The topics were framed with remorse and pure dread, As a bright-ending season quickly dashed from our heads. Titansfan was nestled, all snug in his cage - Freshly lined with new paper from O-Man's sports page. And Scotty was drained from a weekend so long, All that jogging, and squatting, and benching since dawn When BOOM! on the forum arose such a clatter, I picked up my smartphone to see what's the matter. I waited a second for Safari to start, And smiled a brief smile as I hit my bookmark. Posters were gathered, the forum alight! A TR reunion on this Christmas night. And though the opinions were not always clear, My heart was alight with this holiday cheer. CMJ was "Haha"ing, and dancing a dance, Reminiscing the time, he tanned O-Man's ass. Reo and Praig were gathered around, High-fiving each other and standing their ground. Unsure at this time which coarse they may take. They knew for a fact, this "wasn't on Jake." Jamal disagreed, or at least questioned why, While CTF took this pause to get fucking high. Jonboy and Guru watched on with a smirk, As we all butted heads and acted like jerks. ManningEnvy dropped by, to rave about Luck. While WG and myself wore out the word "fuck." Oldschool and abe called out a few dummies, While Ninja cracked jokes, that weren't very funny. 9_Nines as always, confused the whole lot, Rekindling the thought he was a spam-bot. As Code was insisting O-Man was dead wrong, Allen was busy, perfecting a bong. Titansfan was hoping his claims became real, While the rest of the board rolled their eyes at Jamiel. I kicked back a beer, content with the day, As Stan spread the truth about JFK. Hundreds of posters, each special in ways, All quick to remind you, when you're being gay. Though not always pleasant and often unkind, This lot is the one I'm glad to call mine. Unique and diverse, a disordered sort, Merry Christmas to all on Titans Report.....YOU SONS OF BITCHES. Just kidding guys, Happy Holidays.
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    Ordered. Gave her the entire budget and said to use Titans colors as much as possible. She can't do a Titans logo, though. There will be a streamer that says "From Your Friends at Titans Report" and a condolences card to his family. She said she would take a photo and send it to me so I can share with the board.
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    Once you get in, anything can happen. I never want to hear this "I don't even know if I want to make the playoffs" BS again.
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    27 is a massive drop and you can forget about a starting quality X WR difference maker. I'd also guess KC will contend again and have a low #1 pick in 2018. At some point you have to take actual players rather than try and win the draft game. I'm glad they turned this down if it's true
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    Here is why I loved it. It was meta game stuff If you get two points you are suddenly leading the game and forcing KC to try and take the lead back. If you fail you are essentially putting the KC offense in run only mode, making it easy to defend the offense. To me tying the game gives you the least amount of odds of winning the game. We've all seen the opposing defense allow the offense to march down and kick the game winner(we just watched it). Missing the 2 pt actually gives you possibly a better chance of winning than tying Mularkey trusted the defense, they made the stop vs 3 runs exactly like they expected and got the ball back. Drive down, win game Way to think outside the box Mularkey. Expect teams to do this more often
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    Will we ever see Greg Joseph kick a FG?
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    Mariota is a Thinker

    This post is a Stinker©.
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    Mettenberger back wit whizenhunt

    Wiz was infamous for not protecting the people most important to him...
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    It's been a long time I've been heavily invested in a Titan playoff game where it didn't end in bitter disappointment. Got to go back to the 02 Steelers game when McNair hit McCareins and Nedney won the game after the TO/running into the kicker. We've been waiting for everything to click all year and it finally did. Mariota was one fire, the running game/OL was dominant and the defense was smothering after getting lit up early. That 2nd half was why fans watch NFL football. I listened to the MMQB podcast with Breer/Benoit and can't remember who said it but they said KC had the worst run defense in the league when facing spread/shotgun run games. They said the key would be whether the Titans used this strategy or lined up heavy and tried to run it that way. KC's run defense was tough against base sets. Henry was great and there is no way Murray could have had that production, even considering the OL absolutely dominated. ESPN had OL breakdowns and the blocking was fantastic. I would warn against thinking this cements Henry has a top notch featured RB, KC's run defense is dead last in DVOA. Henry had huge holes. I hope it continues but it may not. Better run defenses will get him before he can get going so much. Mariota was fantastic in the 2nd half. He was making great decisions, audibles and mixing in the run at the right time. Too much was made out of the run last week. The block really was just an awesome play that closed it out. It was just a QB getting in the way either, he put his shoulder in the LB and sealed it off. Watching LeBeau on the sideline getting the defense together and trying to calm them down was really cool. He and Mularkey deserve a lot of credit for keeping the team calm and convincing them they were still in it. I'll just add I wouldn't bet on the Titans making the SB. However there have been several instances where a team limped into the playoffs, GB, Giants, Cards and got hot in the postseason and made the SB, even won it. I don't care about arguments on the coaches, long term plans etc..... I only care about the NE game. Winning playoff games are not easy, especially in a place like KC. Titans needed to beat Jags and @ KC, NE up next.
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    "A quarterback does not come into his own, until he can tell the coach to go to hell." Johnny Unitas
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    Day 1 Training Camp Observations

    Hey all, just wanted to give a few observations from training camp today. From all the tweets I've seen today, Kuharsky, Wyatt, etc. have been pretty spot on in their assessments overall. One thing I noticed was that Whisenhunt was going around to the different position groups a little more than I've noticed in years past. He spent several minutes working with DGB one-on-one today. I don't want to get too homerish here, but the chemistry among the team feels different. You saw Horton horsing around with a receiver, Whisenhunt talking more with defensive players, and the locker room has been split up and instead of position groups being together, they've intermixed defense and offense and position groups with other position groups as far as locker placement. Dick LeBeau and Horton seemed to be equally involved in coaching the defense, both were very vocal and stood next to each other a lot. The defense was noticeably louder and more vocal, as was the offensive line in calling checks. Mariota looked very good. As I said in another thread, he was near perfect in 7 on 7's. Most of his misses came in 11 on 11's and they weren't blatant misses. Often it was a receiver misjudging the ball or being out of position. Mariota throws to a spot and he blatantly throws guys open in the short to intermediate routes. I haven't seen that kind of quarterbacking in recent memory and I go to several practices every summer. He clearly expects guys to be in an exact spot. He looked crisp and accurate and have total command of the offense. They ran a lot of plays in the run game today. At one point, Mariota was on one side of the field working with the tight ends and offensive line/defensive line and linebackers on the run game while the other QBs and the receivers worked at the other side of the field. I thought that was interesting. After a while, Mariota joined the other QBs in throwing routes. Mariota threw a lot of good deep routes, with long completions to Hunter (for a TD), to Rico Richardson, to Clyde Gates in 1 on 1's, and a great throw and catch between 3 defenders to Anthony Fasano in 11 on 11's. Mettenberger was mostly throwing short and intermediate routes. The 2 or 3 long balls that Mett attempted were incomplete. He threw 3 balls into the ground/at people's feet in 11 on 11's. It was a poor showing by Mettenberger. Whitehurst looks very mobile out there, but he didn't do anything that stood out either. He and Tanney had very limited reps. Mariota didn't throw any interceptions and didn't look like he made any bad decisions. I saw at least 3 of his misses just go through guys' hands. Poutasi got some work with the first team after Bell. And BWW got the start over Cox at first, most likely due to incumbency. In the later periods, Cox was the starter. Cox looked good during the time he was on the field. He's always near the ball. Same thing with Cody Riggs. That guy was all over the receivers he was covering all day, always around the football. Had a few nice break-ups. I didn't notice Curtis Riley at all. Someone asked me about Nicks earlier. He wasn't on the field for a while, but he once he joined the WRs he was hustling. He made some nice catches in traffic. Isn't going to burn anyone deep I don't think, but he was working with the starters in 11 on 11's. The running backs were running all the way to the endzone on every play and Nicks would run with them during running plays when he was on the field. He was clearly going the extra mile compared to the other receivers. DGB looked sloppy and underwhelming to me. He dropped a couple passes and caught some mediocre short passes in 7 on 7's. Hunter didn't stand out to me either. Jalston Fowler and Antonio Andrews looked particularly good receiving the ball out of the backfield, and Fowler actually ran a few routes from the tight end/slot spots. Caught several passes. None of the receivers really stood out to me, but I'd give Nicks good marks for consistency and it was distinctly clear that he has good hands. J.R. Tavai looked good, was very good in coverage and got complimented by Horton a couple times. Tavai got some work behind Orakpo with the 1st team. Mularkey was very active coaching in the running game. I heard Lewan say in a press conference the other day that his presence has been felt in the Oline meetings as well. If I remember anything else, I will throw it in this thread. I'll try to answer any questions if I've left anything else as well.
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    By the way, I just want to mention how good it feels to get to experience this with the most hardcore and loyal Titans fans out there that make up this place. We've been through thick and thin here. We've endured seasons where our playoff hopes were thin to none before we ever got to the end of November and have been split on quarterbacks and coaches but have stuck by the team and this message board. All of that makes this postseason so much sweeter.
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    Mariota met with Orakpo & Woodyard

    It sounds more like this was a “fuck the coaches” meeting.
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    Just a warning for all: I tire of moderating the hardly veiled racist bullshit posts that some engage in. I'll just start banning instead. You know who you are. You and I both know the explanations you'll give for why it shouldn't be objected to. This is the post to make sure you know that I honestly don't care. At all. Post whatever political opinion you have. That's fine. But do it without the racism or it'll be the end of your posting privileges. Be better or fuck off. Thanks! Test me and see.
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    Please no asshole comments in this thread. He was one of us and deserves better.
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    Evans and Landry

    These guys are really playing well. Landry had a sack, tackle for loss and another QB hit. He was pressuring the edge pretty consistently Evans had 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and the TD on the fumble recovery. Robinson looks pretty good trading up for these two guys imo. Add in guys like Simmons, Brown and Byard and he's built the defense well through the draft
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    I was wrong about Mariota

    I'll own it right now. I was totally wrong about Mariota's skillset and his transition to the NFL. Anyone who watched Oregon tape and saw differently deserves credit because I clearly missed it. The guy has command of the huddle, gets rid of the ball quickly, processes the field, and is deadly accurate. That being said he does have some flaws that he needs to work on. Namely adjusting to the speed of the NFL, tightening up his pocket presence, and learning to throw with his core. Whether Mariota becomes a franchise caliber QB is yet to be determined but for the first time in 10 years the Titans have a guy who has all the tools to be one.
  44. 32 points
    Not only is Robinson clearly a better talent elevator than Webster but the difference in accountability with the new regime is shocking. One of the first things Robinson did was cut Griffin after Webster held on to him after terrible play. Then in camp the reports about Robinson watching DGB and writing notes during practice about him and Hunter, they are gone shortly after. A month into the season the STs unit is a disaster and April is sent packing, a friend of Mularkey's. Wright has the hamstring injury and Mularkey and Robiskie are putting pressure on him to return, to the point of people thinking it was too much. It's more than possible Andre Johnson was allowed to retire vs sent packing. Cox is struggling, sent packing. Now the WRs coaches are sent packing. You could argue that Matthews improved and Sharpe was a 5th rounder who started all season and from the outside assume the coaches did a good job correcting the problems. Not good enough. It's such a nice departure from keeping guys like CJ, Wimbley and Griffin way too long. Hell they made excuses for CJ and kissed his ass until the end when they purposely hung him out to dry before cutting him. No one is comfortable and the days of fat cats are over.
  45. 32 points
    Just got finishing watching the game again, specifically the offense up until the wheels came off. The offense wasn't just OK, it was very good. The play calling was great, the formations and Mariota were great. The emotions of watching the game live cloud judgement. There was only a handful of "trick plays" too and not even much read option. I counted 5 gimmick type plays. The Titans did a great job spreading the field and attacking the Vikings defense. They came out and ran the ball early for some decent gains but the Vikes tightened. After that there were a ton of empty sets with Mariota in shotgun and he threw the ball great. Mariota also changed the play multiple times. I'll mention the stuff I didn't like. Watching the game again it was obvious Murray ran the ball much more physical than Henry. Henry was timid on some runs and I could see what Mularkey was talking about with him starting slow. He was much better catching the ball than running it. The Titans ran the trick plays, the delay backwards pass to Henry which I don't think was as bad as some. They ran a triple option in the redzone that was blew up(they still scored), the wildcat to Murray and the play mentioned where Mariota ran behind Murray and the read option that was returned for a TD. They ran a delay from the shotgun spread where Mariota paused then ran that was very effective, otherwise the rest failed. They didn't use Walker enough but honestly they were moving the ball anyway and converting 3rd downs. They tried a screen early and a redzone pass was to Walker. The idea that Mariota was getting beat up is totally bogus. @IsntLifeFunny, Mariota took two hits before the INT and they were minor hits. He got hit on the play action fake pass where he ran behind Murray and he got hit on the early 3rd down where he faked it and rolled out for the first down. What I liked. They showed a graphic early in the 3rd. The average 3rd down distance was 5yards. Very manageable, especially considering no running game. The play calling was very aggressive and was pointed out multiple times by the crew. The best was Mariota on 3rd down: 7 for 11 97 yards, that's almost 9 yards per pass and a 92 passer rating. In the 2:00 offense he had a 117 passer rating. Inside the redzone, Mariota: 7 for 11 45 yards 2 TDs 0 INTs 111 passer rating.( Keep in mind he threw a perfect TD to AJ in the redzone AJ dropped, he threw a TD after that but still threw another one dropped). On 3rd down Mariota had passes for 1st downs to Sharpe, Murray, AJ and Doulgas that were perfect passes. The best was on 3rd and 1. Mariota calls an audible and moves some people around until they are 5 wide and he's in the shotgun, originally from base. The Vikes blitz and Matiota throws a perfect dart to Douglas with a rusher in his face for the 1st that Douglas also gets 10 more yards after the catch. A few more points before the INT. Mariota had a 104 passer rating, the Titans had converted 8 of 11 3rd downs. They only had 1 3 and out. The drive chart up until the INT: 9 plays, 8 plays, 6 plays, 13 plays, 3 and out, then 8 plays I also noticed a few things said by the crew Speillman: The Titans are doing a good job play calling and mixing it up Stockton to Speilman: Are you surprised the Titans offense is moving the ball so well against this defense? Speillman after half time: The play calling in the first half was outstanding by Mike Mularkey

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