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    Jamal Made It Big

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    Marcus Robertson is a contender for best safety, especially if you're talking about pure free safeties
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    I also appreciate Kyle's contribution to the board....... But more so when he post about payday loans, knocking up co-workers, getting fired for sexual harassment and switching to being a 9ers fan etc.....
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    I actually don't blame Vrabel or Smith for this loss. We just need to face the fact this team is somewhat one dimensional when it comes to the game plan. If we can play our game, we win. But if we can't play our game and have to have a shootout, our OL can't pass protect worth a shit and our defense is pedestrian.
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    It's funny that the national media conversation has centered around Henry and Mahomes while Tannehill is treated as an afterthought. A direct comparison of Tannehill and Mahomes since week 10, including playoffs: Tannehill (9 games): 132/198, 1922 yds, 66.7% completions, 9.7 Yds/att, 19 TD, 3 INT, 123.7 passer rating. (+ 4 rushing TDs) Mahomes (8 games): 185/278, 2172 yds, 66.5% compl, 7.8 yds/att, 16 TD, 4 INT, 103.3 passer rating (+ 2 rushing TDs) Despite Mahomes having far more pass attempts, Tannehill has outperformed him in virtually every meaningful category. Not because Mahomes has been bad at all...but because Tannehill has been that damned good. Perhaps the better question is this: if Tannehill plays at the level he's maintained since week 10....can Mahomes keep up?
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    The Disinformation War

    https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/ I thought this deserved it's own thread. This article is very unsettling. Some of the stuff described has already been mentioned various places but deserves extra attention. He ends it by saying the following and I agree wholeheartly : The political theorist Hannah Arendt once wrote that the most successful totalitarian leaders of the 20th century instilled in their followers “a mixture of gullibility and cynicism.” When they were lied to, they chose to believe it. When a lie was debunked, they claimed they’d known all along—and would then “admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.” Over time, Arendt wrote, the onslaught of propaganda conditioned people to “believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true.” Leaving the rally, I thought about Arendt, and the swaths of the country that are already gripped by the ethos she described. Should it prevail in 2020, the election’s legacy will be clear—not a choice between parties or candidates or policy platforms, but a REFERENDUM ON REALITY ITSELF.
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    Ever notice you're always "waiting to see what someone has"? Probably not. Anyways, sure, if Obama had the DOJ open a case into someone or something for Soros, it should come to light and actions taken. What's amazing is you're all about this but have 0 problem with Trump using his office to get a foreign country to announce an investigation into a political rival. Well, it's not really amazing, it's expected, I guess.
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    Kenny Vaccaro Interview

    Football is an emotional game. We will resign Tannehill but if we lose Henry it would suck the life out of the players and fans. Henry is just a different animal compared to other backs/players and is probably the face of our franchise and a great player. I know its against the rules to give deals to RBs but I think the way our team is built it would be a dumb move to move on from Henry. I fully expect he'll resign here.
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    I have one thing to say for now

    The next time you think about getting on your knees and sucking Jrob off, keep in mind he drafted Corey Davis over Pat Mahomes.
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    I have one thing to say for now

    I hope a comet lands on your trailer and then all of you surviving family gets aids and dies slowly.
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    Keep dreaming. There's nothing Lynch can offer JRob to make this happen.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    That's rich. Trump is the mother of all liars and yet you choose to discount Bolton? I guess Kelly is lying too. They are all lying except Trump! That's your argument and its pathetic.
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    Brady to Titans Rumors

    I'd be willing to bet my life on the fact the plan was to sign Brady this offseason. They were going to let Mariota's contract run out and in the meantime Robinson signed Humphries, tried to trade for AB and drafted AJ Brown. Robinson was building the offense for Brady to step right in. Brady's contract ran out and the Pats couldn't tag him. Everything lines up. The problem is Tannehill took over and played like a top 3 QB and Brady is about done. The problem is Brady wants a monster contract, is over 10yrs older than Tannehill and Tannehill is unquestionably the better player.
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    Can Sanders Win?

    Trump invites Sanders because he knows he will destroy him. The one he is scared shitless of is Biden, which is why he tried to con the Ukrainian President into announcing investigations into him.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

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    Uh oh. Look who made the Pro Bowl as the alternate for Mahomes......Not Josh Allen
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    Tannehill gave us the best QB play we’ve had in nearly two decades. And at the same time, if we’re being honest, even the biggest fans of the guy know he’s putting us in a situation that could bite us in the ass as early as next season if we decide to keep him. He won’t come cheap, and you can’t blame him for the way he’s played. But mixed with his own history of (relative) mediocrity and the reliance of a dominant run game to maximize this offense - were being put in a position where a 30+ million dollar contract could outright gimp this franchise if he or Henry revert more towards the mean. He’s not the long term guy. He’s the right now guy. Realistically for the next 2-3 seasons, but to even keep him as the right-now guy, were very likely to have to pay him like a legitimate franchise QB. And that’s scary as fuck, especially considering the other players on the final year of their contract heading into the offseason. We could tie up 150 million dollars between Ryan and Henry easily, and there’s a very real scenario where those contracts look hideous as early as the midway point of next season. There’s so many decisions - from the QB, to the RB, to the OL and even the secondary, and there just isn’t enough money realistically to keep this all together as is. And even if there was, the odds of us replicating this success doesn’t seem super likely if I’m being honest. Historic red zone efficiency and Henry playing at a level few RBs have ever played at. We’d be banking on that happening again, with a potentially worse team around them, and at 20x the cost we’re paying them now. This offseason will be interesting and terrifying because of the long term ramifications. We could look like geniuses and keep a core together and make a couple of more runs in the next few seasons, or we could be trapped in horrible contracts with two players with the very real potential for declining performance.
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    Yea anyone that said that was clueless
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    This is why @kyle021 is a 49ers fan at least till the off-season.
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    Jamal Made It Big

    As long as Jamal can hold off on the fapping for a bit, I'm definitely in.
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    Well Thor proves himself to be a fucking idiot with every post he makes. Put him on ignore and have a better TitansReport experience.
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    Jimmy G sucks

    @woolfolksunclesuncle desperately trying to hack into titansreport.com to create said post:
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    Super Bowl Sunday Thread

    Pretty scary for the rest of the NFL that Mahomes plays pretty much the worst game in his NFL career for 3.5qtrs and still the Chiefs did enough to win a Super Bowl.
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    Haha....the report that the Pats would give Brady 30 million for the upcoming season makes this public show of affection for Tannehill suspicious AND hilarious!
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    What a complete piece of shit. He's trying to write a statement and save himself from the history books while kissing Trump's ring finger. Admitting he's doing makes him worse, not better
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    Can Sanders Win?

    What Trump showed is that the issues only marginally matter. Its about partisan politics and which "tribe" is most motivated/ unmotivated to vote. I don't think Trump's message had anything to do with anything. The same will be true this election. It will be Trump vs not Trump. So of course Bernie can win- as long as his general election unfavorables don't tank to the level of Hillary's. Which candidate can turn out the most votes in the general? I have no clue. I personally can't stand Bernie and it shades my views. The data shown earlier of his favorability are surprising. I don't know if that is a reflection of the dem primary vs general election. Or just who hasn't been on top lately. Warren and Pete both got chances in the lime light and faded. Is Bernie that well liked by primary voters or has he just been that quiet and has the second highest name recognition? I tend to think right now Dem voters have a high opinions of any dem running who they know. I tend to think the dems - in general- are HIGHLY motivated to vote out Trump and any dem they recognize gets a thumbs up. But I have no data to support that and my own opinions may be slanting them. I do think Trump prefers Bernie or Warren to Biden. Trump is scared of Biden and Bloomberg because they will be the hardest villanize and create fear around. I mean- who's afraid of Biden? I barely care who the nominee is. I am concerned Bernie first would be very easy to develop scare tactics around. I think Warren is second on my concerns around that. They both are angry, extreme based politicans who do not calm or offset tensions. They ramp them up. But who knows- it could also be that Bernie and/or Warren will motivate a core group of dems better and moderates like me will vote for just about any dem this year. I have no clue and its why its end of Jan and I still don't know who I'll vote for.
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    Hillary testifies in the Benghazi hearings for 11 hours. Trump is a coward. He'll never do it.....maybe the day after he releases his taxes.
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    Try Ken Houston if you actually want the correct answer
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    Brady to Titans Rumors

    If we bring Brady in I might find another team. Screw Brady. My biggest thrill is the Titans winning a SB. Second biggest is Brady not winning one.
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    To be honest if they literally made no changes at all on offense and just brought back who they have now they'd be good. What they need is pass rush, pass rush and more pass rush. And after that they need a pass rush. Followed by a pass rush.
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    Exactly... imagine with the 17-7 lead they went full playaction pass mode, it would have been like stealing at that point
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    Throwing the ball only 4 times on 1st down through 3 quarters set RT up for failure. You can't wait for the team to be down double digits and pass the ball. KC sold out to stop the run and the Titans counter was to run the ball. Failure
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    He's talking about the 19-20 team. Read the article and full quotes lol
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    With all the gloom and doom talk I'd to remind everyone of something else At least you didn't get a flower arrangement sent to you!
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    Humphries kept a lot of drives alive, which to me is worth it with this style, he’s money on third down. We need a Corey Davis replacement.
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    I have one thing to say for now

    This is idiotic. No one was calling for the Titans to draft a QB that year. And Mahomes was not considered a lock that year, either. You might as well complain about when we didn't draft Russell Wilson or Tom Brady.
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    I think KC is the better team and belong in the SB. THAT SAID, the lack of holding calls against KC has been ridiculous. There's been egregious holds on nearly every Mahomes scramble. There have been other 50/50 calls (like the "hold" on Brock) that ALL went KC's way. There are a few fingers on the scale, for sure.
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    The server is going to take a pounding today. Let’s hope @TitansGuru pedals extra hard today...
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    7:05am kickoff for us which is pretty good compared to the 3am kickoffs early in the season when daylight savings is reversed in both countries, no need to take time off work as i'm semi retired thanks to some smart investments made during the mining boom in the early 2000's.
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    9 Nines

    Jamal Made It Big

    So he is really a Titans fan? I thought this was a parody site? Posters are really Titans fans?
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    Impeachment Inquiry Underway

    They are also fighting among themselves. Trump and his allies (Hannity, Laura Ingram, Rudy, etc) are attacking Bolton. I'm not a fan of Bolton, but he's smarter than the rest of these clowns and he has first hand knowledge of the situation. To make matters worse, the Trump allies don't know what Bolton knows. Probably not a smart move to piss him off like they are doing.
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    Thank you Tanne

    A valid point.....but that goes both ways. Of course Tannehill benefitted greatly from having a stud RB behind him.....what QB doesn't? However, by the same token, Henry's per-carry average improved by a full yard as soon as RT took over.....and after 2-3 weeks, his production absolutely exploded. Personally, I think RT's experience and situational awareness were a huge factor in the running game. I suspect Mariota probably had a tendency to run plays exactly as they were called, regardless of the defense. RT was better at recognizing the nuances of defensive alignments....audibling to get them out of bad plays or into good plays by moving guys around the formation to create favorable matchups in the running game. This is why I think it's silly that so many people want to see the Tannehill and Henry contract situations as an either/or situation. Both guys benefitted tremendously from the pairing.....they're great together. And it's critical to lock down both guys; otherwise, JRob and Vrabel will have to overhaul the entire offense.

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