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    The Never-ending Saga of Jadeveon Clowney

    Take this for what it’s worth, when i broke the Lewan suspension hours and hours before any media members did - the same guy who slipped that to me just texted me and said that Clowney has already agreed on a contract with the Titans and that it should be announced before tomorrow. He said that clowney just finished a video chat up with some titan personnel and player— again this isn’t in blood, but it is the same guy that dropped the Lewan news well before anyone else. We can link my thread if needed.
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    This guy is legit insane. He has wasted a full year and hundreds of posts on a teams QB he isn’t even a fan of. This man suffers from loneliness and hopelessness. He also has some myriad of mental illness mixed in there too. Just wanted to warn you guys not to get your hopes up when you engage this absolute degenerate who wastes his time arguing about Tannehill while eating Josh Allen’s unwiped ass.
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    I’ve been a TitansReport (and former TC) regular for 15+ years now. However, it wasn’t until the past few months that I became a frequent participant in the Politics forum and various politically-oriented discussions. Because in all honesty, I’ve never paid attention to politics or had much use for it. I was largely apathetic and paid only cursory attention to the various comings and goings of our government. I felt the whole system was fucked up and dysfunctional beyond repair...and I wasn’t interested. I just turned 52..and I haven’t voted since I was in my twenties, some 25-30 years ago. I’m not proud of it...but it is what it is. I simply didn’t care. Unfortunately, the events of the past four years have shown what happens when Americans don’t care enough to get involved. I thought 2017-2019 was pretty embarrassing and often cringeworthy....but it was nothing compared to the abject failure of American leadership when faced with real, legitimate national crises over the past several months. This appalling ignorance and dereliction of duty has been more disastrous than anything I could have imagined or would have believed possible. In years past, I didn’t always agree with our country’s leadership or their decisions...but I always had tremendous respect and admiration for the Office of the President and the men elected to that position. Regardless whether they were Democrat or Republican, I always trusted their intentions and believed they acted with the entire nation’s best interests at heart. After four years under our current leadership , I no longer believe this to be the case. I firmly believe Donald Trump places himself, his ego/brand, and his own self-serving interests above those of the nation and American citizens... and it absolutely sickens me. I never cared before....but I care now. I’m disgusted and highly discouraged with the current state of our nation ...and I’m absolutely furious with the so-called “leader” who brought us to this point. And I promise you...millions of other previously non-voting Americans feel the same way. It’s been 25-30 years since I cared enough to cast a vote....but earlier this month I renewed my voter registration. And on Tuesday Nov 3rd, I will exercise that right....alongside millions upon millions of other Americans who are just as disgusted as I am with our currently-not-so-great nation We allowed ourselves to be disinterested and apathetic for far too long....and America has paid the price. On Nov 3rd, our voices will finally be raised and be heard; their weight will be felt. We are silent no longer.
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    Where did Soxcat go?

    I didn’t ban him but completely trust the judgment of the people who can make these decisions. We aren’t aiming for super “woke” here and I wouldn’t be on a site like that. Just general human decency.
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    Just went through and nuked 81 posts related to politics and racial bickering in this thread which was a total pain in the ass. Let’s keep the football forum for football. If you wanna have those discussions, start it in the political forum and link it in the thread if you want to have a side conversation. The football forum exists for a reason as does the politics forum.
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    Only Americans can publicly fail spectacularly and still act like everyone else is an idiot. Embarrassing is definitely the right word.
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    97.9 rating 2TD 0 INT on the road week one. Now gtfo.
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    Apologies. You’ll have to excuse my once every few years super homer post. Just have been watching a lot of Clowney tape and the talking heads give their thoughts and had to get it out of my system before it all might come crashing down when the season starts.
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    https://www.nj.com/eagles/2020/08/eagles-owner-jeffrey-lurie-says-the-united-states-is-fighting-two-pandemics.html “We have to own the questions of leadership and the questions about policies,” Lurie said Sunday, via NJ.com. “There is a lot to be discussed here on that and in the future. It is heartbreaking. These are needless deaths. We should be similar to most countries on this planet, and yet, we are an embarrassment, a tragic embarrassment.” “What if I told you yesterday that five Boeing 737′s crashed in the United States and everybody died?” Lurie asked, via NJ.com. “That is every single day right now. It has been that way for many weeks. We are 4 percent of the world’s population, 21 percent of the fatalities. There is a lot to figure out. Why is that the case? “The fact of the matter is it’s feeling the pain of all those people in the United States and wondering why we are the wealthiest country in the world but have 21 percent of the deaths. We have the ability to socially distance better than any country and life-saving mechanisms more than any third-world country.”
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    Jaguars Week

    According to the local media who attended practice the most eye catching play during the entire training camp was when Evans took a screen pass 70yds for a TD everyone watching was just wowed by his speed/explosion in the open field.
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    I think we are going to have to change his nickname from Panda to Trash Panda. It even fits with the team mascot...
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    Btw it’s nice being the franchise that wins these offseason battles now
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    Jaguars Week

    AJ not mincing words lol
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    The Titans offense is already good enough to win the SB. In a lot of categories they were the best offense in the league last season. The real key to the Titans making a run at the SB is going to be their defense. I think there are a handful of players that could emerge into premier players at their positions that could turn the Titans defense into a strength. Jeffery Simmons: I don't even think this is a question. He was simply injured last season and we saw enough to know he's going to be a dominant player. He dominated some of the best guards in the league last season and made a huge impact. He's going to be better. Rashaan Evans: Evans turned it on down the stretch last season. He could turn into one of the best all around 3-4 ILBs in the league this season if he builds on that. He was blowing up plays down the stretch. With Crawford, Jones, Clowney and Simmons in front occupying blockers he could thrive. I also think he could make an impact rushing the passer. Adoree Jackson: Jackson also came on down the stretch after returning from injury. All reviews from camp have been good as well. If Jackson turns into a shut down type CB it would be huge for the defense. There are obviously other reasons to like the defense like Clowney, Butler returning and already existing talent like Byard, Brown and Landry but I think these 3 guys could really turn into difference makers for this defense.
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    Are the Jaguars dangerous?

    Yeah it’s only been two years.
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    Corey Davis Season Outlook

    The Jeudy drop fest was fun though
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    Give me a healthy Clowney and Beasley, plus Landry, plus Simmons, plus an underrated Daquan Jones...oh, baby, baby, baby, let’s ride!
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    If TWR gets this right again hes a certified TR legend from here on out
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    Broncos Recap Thread

    Understated in the game is that the Titans offense had 81 plays to 59 for Denver. No doubt that helped protect the defense from getting worn out in the altitude during the 2nd half. The Titans left too many points on the field but the long drives helped a lot in terms of game flow.
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    Broncos Week

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for some football. Tennessee Titans (0-0) @ Denver Broncos (0-0) Monday, 9/14 9:20 CDT TV: ESPN Line: Denver (-1.5)
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    Episode 174 - The Afterbirth

    Making their return to podcasting for TitansReport.com, Jamal and Scotty discuss the current state of the Tennessee Titans heading into week 1 of the 2020 regular season. Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-two-tone-crew/id485247545 Android: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/titansreport/the-two-tone-crew Computer: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/twotonecrew/Episode_Rebirth.mp3
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    This is great news. I can't wait to argue with posters who don't understand sack totals aren't everything. Clowney does way more. The DL is now dominant.
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    The really good dominant defenses have two players on the front that require double teams. Clowney and Simmons will require double teams and the simple fact is you cannot double team them both without leaving more people in to block.
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    @woolfolksunclesuncleYOU MAGNIFICENT SON OF A BITCH...
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    Week 2: Jags @ Titans Game Thread

    I'm not saying Tannehill is the 3rd best QB in the league but I'm also not saying he aint
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    Jaguars Week

    Jags fan here. Jags played decent against the Colts. Run defense was not great. Screen passes killed them. I fully expect Henry to run for 125+. Titans have their number for a reason. A 27-13 win for the Titans is my guess. Jags do not have enough talent to compete but more talent than people think. Minshew is definitely a decent starter but he needs to be more consistent. Only way this is a close game is if the Titans turn the ball over. Good luck this year guys.
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    Isaiah Wilson arrested on Friday Night

    Exactly. I lose so much respect for anyone who gets a dui...especially in this day and age when you can have a vehicle pick you up - literally in minutes - just using an app on your phone.
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    I really have no idea how anyone who roots for the Titans can seriously root for the Texans. The first goal is to win the division. Every loss by a division rival can only help the team achieve that goal. Last time I looked the Chiefs are in a different division.
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    Virus in US

    Whoa same thing is happening here too, weird.
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    Good thing we signed Clowney before this Miller injury as the Broncos could of become a serious bidder for Clowney and driven his price up.
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    Broncos Week

    Now seems like a good time to remember week one is always a crap shoot. Losing doesn't mean the Titans will suck in 2020 and winning doesn't mean they are on their way to a superbowl.
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    The Simmons pick last year could almost be included in this. For the money Kelly is a better signing than Conklin. The Browns grossly overpaid Conklin. Conklin is a really good run blocker who cannot be left a lone to pass block good edge rushers, just like Kelly. They drafted Wilson for next year. They got a bargain contract on Henry considering what he did last season. They dumped Casey's large salary cap and upgraded the pass rush greatly. Robinson knows exactly what he's doing.
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    The 99-03 Titans were stacked. Still this is a very talented team that can compete with anyone in the league. Division Champs and deep playoff run is the expectation. It's a good time to be a Titans fan and lord knows the fans who stuck with them deserve it.
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    Logan Ryan to Giants

    Nothing but the best of luck to Ryan. He’s lost a step, but he’s savvy veteran and a great leader/ locker room guy. I wish him well.
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    Just a few quick thoughts

    1, Tannehill has provided the Titans the best consistent QB play we have had since the Mac era and really better than much of the Mac era. 2. The inability to rush the passer is a killer. Clowney isn't in game shape. Landry has been mediocre. And while Simmons has been good, we are missing the explosion from Casey up the middle (I know, overrated, blah blah blah - not the last 6 -8 games of last season). 3. Likewise, we are missing Austin Johnson and his ability to clog the running lanes. 4. Offensive line pass protection has been spectacular. Not so much in the running game. 5. Surprised we didn't try to push the ball downfield more against the Jags. Felt like the offensive play calling started to cover for the defense's inability to get off of the field. 6. Gardner Minshew is massively underrated. They don't need to draft Lawrence. Amazing what he is doing with just a bunch of guys around him. 7. Which speaks to not great back 7 play - though in truth, they got no help today from the rush. 8. Gostkowski still has plenty of leg. Have to hope he continues to come around. Missed extra point could have been a killer. 9. Didn't like the way the Titans failed to attack on that final scoring drive. Appreciate Vrabel's short memory with the K, but it just felt a very flaccid effort. 10. 2-0 doesn't happen very often here in Nashville - and the team clearly isn't playing their best football. As long as Tannehill and the Line are healthy, and Arthur Smith is calling the plays, team is going to be a tough out. Fun game . But didn't need to be as close as it ended. Shouldn't have been.
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    The Titans are pretty beat up and this is a division home game. The Titans really have to win this game if you're going on the assumption they are a SB contending team. I really believe Vrabel is managing the injuries and the roster with an eye towards the stretch after Week 3. Honestly the Vikes road game next week is one of the most meaningless games on the schedule. It can be used as a recovery week to a degree, much like the Saints game last year. I'd guess the real goal is to get Adoree, Brown, Evans, Beasly healthy for the week 4 stretch. Starting in week 4 the Titans have a stretch of AFC and division games that will likely determine their season. 3 homes games before the bye. Steelers, Buffalo and the Texans. After the bye they have another stretch of AFC games. The Titans need to win today and then get healthy and interject Evans, Brown, Beasly, even Clowney to a degree and have Jackson and Fulton more battle tested. Remember how much different the team was last year early compared to what they had down the stretch. MM was starting, Douglas RG, Kelly LT, Simmons was still recovering and out, Blasingame wasn't on the roster etc... Robinson and Vrabel will shape and form the roster and the team's identity as the season goes. This is what Vrabel is talking about in terms of it's a process.
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    Jaguars Week

    Maker, I want to congratulate you for the consistency of your messages. There are very few if any posters besides you who display the kind of messages that you show, and we all know the value you bring to the board. You show exemplary negativity to the hopes of success by TR posters. It will be a pleasure to await your future musings on the travesty that we and you call the Titans. Sic, sic, sic. pro
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    This is what you monsters get for laughing at every other team’s injuries!
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    New Woodward Book

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    Interesting listening to a podcast with Diana Russini just now about how the last 48hrs played out in the Clowney chase, the Seahawks had a $16 million offer on the table that Clowney didn't even counter he simply had zero intention of going back to the Seahawks, the Browns had a $17 million a year offer that he never entertained, the Colts/Texans were interested but conceded weeks ago he was going to the Titans. The Saints apparently weren't willing to give up even after he had told the Titans he was coming to Nashville. Russini also mentioned that the Titans had an offer on the table for Clowney since April and all it took was a small increase on top of that April offer on Saturday afternoon and the deal was done.
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    Titans Will Not Practice Today

    It's wild how people just revert to the law claims that fatal force is allowed so everything's cut and dry while purposefully avoiding common sense or ridiculously similar comparisons where a correct amount of force was actually used with the elephant in the room being race or socioeconomic differences. I just can't get over how many people I am seeing repeatedly act like the only problem is non-compliance and completely ignore how from the top-down, mentality of policing HAS to change in America

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