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  1. Hopefully they can sign Tannehill before the window closes that then leaves the option open to franchise tag Conklin.
  2. This is a big development in the CBA negotiations the whole paying membership of the NFLPA will now vote whether to accept the new CBA, if passed by the players in the next couple of days the ability to use both the franchise and transition tags will vanish.
  3. Was interesting listening to Schefter from the Combine talk about the Tannehill situation, didn't once mention the possibility of a long term deal, everything centered around the franchise tag and whether the Titans would be in or out of the Brady sweepstakes.
  4. Titans reportedly met with Texas A&M WR Quartney Davis at the combine.
  5. I got the impression that JRob hasn't even had significant discussions with Tannehill's new representatives CAA yet.
  6. After watching the whole JRob interview from the combine you can't have any other impression than Henry is going to be on this team next year and into the future, they aren't tagging him he is getting a long term deal, Tannehill is a bit more interesting I got the impression that JRob hasn't had much interaction with Tannehill's new agents at CAA, JRob used words like starting/kicking off when referring to contract negotiations for Tannehill. Out of all the positions at the combine JRob spent the most time talking about scouting OL maybe that could be an indication that Conklin won't be returning.
  7. Another of the top edge guys not doing the workouts at the combine, seems the introduction of a few new drills and the swap to prime time has seen quite a few of the top prospects become healthy scratches from the combine workouts this year.
  8. Would need to be a massive deal, I just can't see the Bengals passing on Burrow though.
  9. Willing to bet some idiotic fan will ask JRob if there is any chance Mariota returns next season.
  10. The Panthers can dream about acquiring the #1 pick and Joe Burrow but I just can't see the Bengals being willing to trade back.
  11. Disappointing that Uche won't be able to work out at the combine, he was a standout at the Senior Bowl and an interesting day 2 edge prospect.

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