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  1. Love might be the biggest boom/bust prospect in this draft, in the right situation he might end up having the highest ceiling out of any QB in this draft (including Burrow), on the downside if he ends up in the wrong situation he could be out of the NFL in a couple of years. There is no denying his arm talent and in 2018 he led the highest scoring offense in CFB, he has just been so up and down this year, one minute he will make a jaw dropping throw that only a handful of people on the planet can make, then 2 minutes later he stares down a receiver and throws a horrific INT. Have been saying it for a while with Burrow unavailable to the Titans the only two QB's I would consider taking in this draft are Love/Eason, don't want anything to do with Herbert/Tua/Fromm.
  2. Epenesa had a monster game for Iowa on the weekend.
  3. Bears are going to be big players in the veteran QB market this offseason, question is whether its Pace/Nagy making the decision who that QB is.
  4. That was an awful INT by Jimmy G stared down the receiver and didn't see the underneath defender.
  5. They were leading till halfway through the 2nd QTR idiot.
  6. WTF are the Broncos doing there wasting all that time.
  7. Winston another 3 INT today. Already up to 17 for the season.
  8. Jags look like they have quit, Colts doing as they please on the ground today 222yds early in the 4th qtr.
  9. Colts running it right down the Jags throats, nearly 150yds rushing early in the 2nd half.
  10. Watson might of just picked up an ankle injury.
  11. With the Titans on their bye week this is the week to pop on Redzone and sit back and watch how the results alter the race for the AFC South/AFC Wildcards. Obviously hoping for the Ravens to beat the Texans and the Jags to beat the Colts. Should both the Texans and Colts lose the AFC South becomes a real mess. I don't think it will happen given their opponents but it would be great if the Bills/Raiders slipped up.