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  1. Hinting here that Simmons is one of the guys the Browns tried to trade into the first round for.
  2. Finally got around to watching the post Simmons selection presser with JRob/Vrabel, interesting part towards the end with JRob mentioning he has already sought out teams in the early part of the 3rd round who are interested in jumping up to pick #51. Seems JRob is putting options in place to trade entirely out of the 2nd round to pick up some more picks, makes sense as there were a tonne of 3rd round players mixed in throughout the visit/known contact list.
  3. Think we will see OL and offensive weapon on day 2, that offensive weapon could come from WR/TE or even RB. Looking through the visit list I get the impression they are content to take a developmental edge guy on day 3.
  4. Wouldn't be stunned if Dawson Knox is a Titan by the end of day 2.
  5. Even renowned Titans hater Pete Prisco loves the Simmons pick. 19 Titans Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State I love this pick. When you look at the tape, the guy who was dominating for Mississippi State was Simmons. He was dominating on the interior. This kid has a chance to be one of the most dominant interior linemen in two years. You could have made a case for getting a weapon for Mariota, but this pick makes a ton of sense. Love, love this pick. Grade: A
  6. If he has a smooth recovery process there is a decent chance he plays the last 6-8 games of the regular season, one positive that it was a regulation ACL injury with no additional damage to the MCL or PCL which will assist in the recovery time.
  7. Pretty decent chance the Cardinals go OL at 33, would make some sense to grab Ford and help protect his Oklahoma teammate Kyler Murray.
  8. If JRob could get one out of Ford/Risner/McCoy that would be a hell of a start to the draft.
  9. Cody Ford has fallen right into the Texans laps.
  10. Wouldn't mind trading back here, some team might want to get in front of the Broncos for Noah Fant.
  11. No chance he was getting anywhere near our 2nd round pick.
  12. Rumors the Falcons would trade up to 8 if he makes it that far.
  13. The Chiefs might be looking for a new WR soon.
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