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  1. Looks like the NFL and NFLPA are not remotely close to an agreement on training camp schedules, the NFL clearly pushing back against the NFLPA demands of no preseason games and only 8 padded practices, starting to run out of time when rookies are meant to report in 2 weeks time.
  2. A lot of good Tannehill advanced stats mentioned in this video.
  3. There has already been reports that there will be heavy fines or even suspensions for players who break the covid-19 protocols, Albert Breer in his MMQB column today mentioned that the NFLPA will actually back these fines/suspensions.
  4. With camp due to start in 3 weeks it won't be long before players have to make the decision whether they are in or out.
  5. Totally agree that the first step should be allowing players to opt in or out, also think a lot of the protective measures the NFLPA are calling for during training camp is going to severely limit players ability to get ready for the physicality of an NFL season, if the NFLPA get their way and there is only 8 padded practices during training camp the injury rates during the early part of the regular season will be astronomical.
  6. Its not unrealistic to think league wide when everyone reports to camp and the first wave of mass testing happens that there will be 200-250 positive tests out of the roughly 3500 players/staff that will be tested. How the NFL covid-19 protocols go in detecting and then isolating the positive cases will determine the viability of the season. There is a lot of discussion currently in the media about your last point, there are about 2 weeks until rookies are due to report for camp and the NFL and NFLPA don't seem to be getting any closer to agreeing exactly what the structure of the preseason/training camp and covid-19 protocols will actually look like, there are also reports that GM's and Coaches are getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from the NFL and not being able to put together a training camp schedule for their teams.
  7. If the NFLPA get their way and the preseason schedule looks anything like this there is zero chance Isaiah Wilson starts the season at RT, zero preseason games and only 8 padded practices is no where near enough time or contact to get him ready for the start of the NFL season.
  8. Had noticed that a lot of the speculated NFL covid-19 protocols were following a very similar path to both Australian major football codes the AFL/NRL and how they were quickly able to return and even manage positive covid-19 tests upon resumption of the season and continue playing.
  9. With expectations that teams will only bring 75 players to training camp it will be interesting to see if any of this years UDFA manage to survive the initial pre camp roster cut down. Also wonder if any veterans become surprise pre camp cuts.
  10. Schefter was speculating today that teams could be directed to split their training camp rosters in half and practice in two separate groups as another safety measure designed to help stop any mass spread of covid-19.
  11. Starting to look like smaller rosters than usual for training camp not really surprising given the challenges of getting a season underway during a pandemic, still disappointing for a lot of the UDFA who likely won't even get a spot at training camp this year.
  12. Looks like the NFL is scrapping the 2020 NFL Supplemental Draft best guess is they feared a tonne of eligible CFB players would of declared and it would of detracted from the 2021 NFL Draft.
  13. NFL reportedly scrapping weeks 1 and 4 of the preseason. If the preseason games are actually played the Titans have the Giants in Nashville on 22nd August and Bucs in Tampa 29th August.

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