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  1. This piece of information from Matt Miller on today's Stick to Football Podcast comes as a big surprise, apparently it was "the worst kept secret in the scouting community" that the Titans absolutely love Mississippi St DT Jeffery Simmons and were hoping he would fall to them at pick #19 due to those off field issues. Must say i'm really skeptical on this narrative that the Titans love Simmons, firstly there is no way JRob would let a piece of information like this out in the open, secondly having a female owner in AAS I find it hard to believe the Titans would draft Simmons given that video of him hitting/kicking a woman while he was at High School. What I couldn't argue though that Simmons is exactly the type of guy we need on this DL, he projects as a Fletcher Cox type guy in the NFL.
  2. Not sure JRob has even contemplated moving Conklin to OG yet, i'm sure the hope is he gets healthy this offseason and returns closer to his 2016-2017 play than what he showed in 2018.
  3. Given our lack of game breaking big play potential on offense UMass WR Andy Isabella is a name to keep an eye on in the 2019 Draft, a smaller stature guy with blinding speed mid 4.3s 40yd time, has been playing both in the slot and out wide at UMass.
  4. The "legal" tampering period kicks off on March 11th, if last year is any indication most of the big name FA destinations will be known before FA actually kicks off.
  5. The 3 teams directly in front of us Panthers/Browns/Vikings all have OL as one of their top needs.
  6. Said previously that I would look at IOL/TE in the first round, both can help the run game and help Mariota, can get a WR in the 2nd-4th rounds. Look at guys like Hockenson Irv Smith Jnr Bradbury Ford Lindstrom If you look at the teams picking early in the 2nd round, i'm just not convinced a plug and play IOL will make it to 51.
  7. For a team that has majorly struggled on offense i'm not sure it would be wise to use so many premium assets on defense this offseason.
  8. Depends on how much they spend on that veteran pass rusher, can't see JRob acquiring an expensive FA OLB then also spending a first round pick on one.
  9. Assuming they get Foles, Hockenson would make so much sense for the Jags, they want to run the ball and play defense, Hockenson comes in as effectively a 6th OL who is also a mismatch weapon in the passing game.
  10. Still think there needs to be some veteran experience added to the OLB group, Landry/Finch/Correa + a first round pick would an incredibly young group.
  11. Think the Jags are a sneaky team to watch in the Hockenson sweepstakes, they have a major need at TE.
  12. We know JRob loves his WR that can assist in the run game. Corey Davis made some outstanding blocks towards the end of last season that assisted with some of Henry's big runs/TD's.
  13. You can achieve explosive plays in multiple ways, doesn't need to come exclusively from a single purpose deep threat WR.
  14. I agree Firkser/Pruitt/Smith shouldn't be considered a reason to stop JRob from taking a potentially elite dual purpose TE.
  15. He simply wouldn't of got the touches in this offense to justify taking him at pick #19.
  16. Even with the ACL injury I think Jeffery Simmons gets picked in the top 40, there has been recent precedent of guys with serious injuries not dropping that far. Look at Jaylon Smith his knee injury was horrific, much worse than Simmons and he still got picked by the Cowboys at #34, Sidney Jones tore his Achilles during the draft process and still went at #43 to the Eagles.
  17. I never saw Marquise Brown as a realistic option at pick #19, with the way Arthur Smith is likely to run his offense Brown would simply be a poor value choice, you can get players that can stretch the field in later rounds.
  18. I wouldn't waste a draft pick on any of these mid round QB's.
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