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  1. lol getting a bit testy this afternoon mate.
  2. This comment isn't a knee jerk reaction to today but the more I dig into this OL group I'm not a big fan of Ohio St LT Nicholas Petit-Frere just far too inconsistent for my liking.
  3. Hutchinson has a legitimate argument for being the best player in the 2022 draft, that is a potential first round OT Nicholas Petit-Frere he ran over there.
  4. A guy like Darnell Mooney who the Titans were very interested in and a guy I was banging the table for would be very handy right about now, the Bears actually traded in front of the Titans because they thought JRob was going to take him.
  5. Two of the deepest WR drafts in recent memory and JRob uses 4 picks and comes away with Dez Fitzpatrick and Racey McMath you don't think this is a huge problem right now. Also who was the young athletic developmental TE in the system to replace Smith if they knew it was going to be hard to keep him post the 2020 season.
  6. No argument from me about rosters having holes the issue was always a philosophical decision from JRob/Vrabel last offseason to plough so many resources into the defense and risk regression from a top 5 offense.
  7. Have no issues with the situation at RB prior to the season was just bad luck with injuries, I have actually defended the Darrynton Evans draft pick on multiple occasions as there was no injury/character concerns with him prior to him being drafted. My issues were always around talent and depth at WR and TE and relying on an aging injury prone OL. Will also add I am not one of those calling for JRob to be on the hot seat or being fired but I also think he has made some really poor decisions both in FA and the Draft post making the AFCCG (so the 2020 and 2021 offseasons
  8. I said above no one could of predicted the extent of the injuries but it also doesn't change the concerns many had prior to the season that this team was light at the offensive skill positions. The discussion last offseason had the board split on whether too many resources were pumped into fixing the defense at the expense of maintaining/building on the strength of this team which was a top 5 offense, had Smith and Davis been adequately replaced before the desperation move for Julio things might not of been so dire right now. I supported the move for Julio but hated th
  9. Disappointing but not surprising news when the ESPN guys Graziano/Fowler started mentioning the multiple injuries Brown was dealing with and he was week to week IR was always going to be realistic possibility. While the sheer volume of injuries is completely overwhelming right now it wasn't hard to predict prior to the season this roster was light on offensive depth and was going to be taking a huge risk on the health of Brown coming off two knee surgeries and Julio and his hamstring issues, throw in a room full of JAGS at TE and an aging injury prone OL and the foundation of this
  10. WR is also becoming a sneaky need this offseason simply can't rely on Brown or Jones to be healthy.
  11. Was about to post this Ruckert is this years Tommy Tremble great blocker and underutilized as a pass catcher, exactly the type of young TE the Titans need to rebuild that TE room.
  12. Going to be devastated when Ekwonu gets taken 10-15 picks before the Titans are on the clock.
  13. According to ESPN's Dan Graziano its not just the whatever it is chest/ribs/shoulder injury keeping Brown out he also has a hand injury which he suffered earlier in the Texans game.
  14. Really is a bad matchup this week Tannehill who leads the NFL in INT throwing to a bunch of scrubs against the Patriots that lead the league in INT and have been strangling teams defensively recently. Even if the Titans defense plays great where are the points offensively going to come from?
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