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  1. The Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes order after Week 6 Would be a major surprise if the Jets don't end up with the #1 pick 1. Jets 2. Washington Football Team 3. Giants 4. Falcons 5. Jags 6. Vikings 7. Dolphins (from Texans) 8. Chargers 9. Eagles 10. Bengals The Jets have 0 wins and the other 9 teams only have 1.
  2. This Jets team is on track to be the worst team in NFL history.
  3. 2020 was always going to be tough on rookies given the lack of offseason workouts, that said I understood the Isaiah Wilson pick but just wasn't a fan of it, all 3 of our top picks (Wilson/Fulton/Evans) have missed considerable time either though covid or injury so we likely won't have a better idea about this draft class until after 2021.
  4. There is no one in the NFL media with the level of connection to NFL front offices as Daniel Jeremiah has here he talks about how much love there is for Arthur Smith inside the NFL. The bit on Arthur Smith starts around 13:30 for anyone interested in watching it.
  5. If the Cardinals beat the Cowboys it would mean the Steelers/Titans/Seahawks/Bears/Chiefs/Ravens would all have as many wins (5) as the entire NFC East combined (5) after week 6.
  6. Zeke killing the Cowboys with his fumbles.
  7. With all those injuries that Cowboys OL is horrific.
  8. Absolutely he is pissed the Titans didn't get hammered by the NFL.
  9. How do you drop that INT Dalton threw it straight to the LB.
  10. Still don't think there is enough recognition of what JRob did in the 2019 Draft getting Simmons and Brown in the same draft is just crazy both guys have legitimate all pro potential. Quietly Nate Davis is also starting to become a really solid NFL guard, this block to help spring Henry on that 94yd TD run is just beautiful, finally you throw in day 3 picks and role players Hooker and Long Jr and you have 5 guys who have made important contributions already.
  11. Dianna Russini has said the NFL believes that trip to Minnesota significantly contributed to the Titans outbreak and the complete overhaul of travel protocols is an admission the initial covid protocols were massively flawed.
  12. So much butt hurt from opposing fans that the Titans didn't get the "death sentence" from the NFL for these minor breaches.

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