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  1. I think it’s possible we trade up for him in round two...I mean he knows our QB coach’s name.
  2. Still on it eh? The guy you highlighted directly said Mariota may be the fastest processor since Brady and has a quicker release than Rodgers. It’s quite funny watching you.
  3. I’m sure you think that, Tom. Albright put him in the discussion with Brady and Rodgers. My mistake was thinking a homer was a guy that likes to sit on both sides of the fence. I’m fine with that. All good, Tom.
  4. Yep I made a mistake on the two people, Tom.
  5. Lol I make a mistake because the first tweet that comes up is “he may be the best processor since Tom Brady” and the second is “he has a quicker release than Rodgers” and I mixed him up with Fahey. Oops. Now Big is the Tom Brady of the forum. Lol oh man. My bad guys.
  6. Interesting. So he didn’t say he might be the fastest processor since Brady? He didn’t say he has a quicker release than Rodgers? Hell, that’s why I mixed them up.
  7. The best part to me in this back and forth is how I could mix up the two and yet you somehow still end up wrong. You can’t say a guy has a quicker release than Rodgers and be the quickest processor since Brady and not be a Mariota homer. Even TDF and 8mm don’t go that far.
  8. Albright said he was the fastest processor since Brady and had the quickest release in the NFL. Fahey was the guy with the 40 page thread.
  9. Ah that’s the guy. I thought it was this guy https://mobile.twitter.com/allbrightnfl/status/899000739602812928
  10. If we are drafting Lock then it isn’t at 19. It’s either trading up because he’s the guy or it’s a trade back and we go the shotgun route.
  11. Yeah...it’s 2019. We’ve had around a 40 page thread on Albright and his love for Mariota. Might as well stop now.
  12. Mariota is on the 5th year option. He’s getting paid 21 million. The only way he’s getting traded is if we pay a fairly large portion of his contract, which I think is possible.
  13. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen someone so wrong about something on the football board.
  14. Albright has been a massive Mariota homer. I’m not sure how you don’t remember this regardless of his his pre-draft stance.
  15. I’m going to make a fifth post in a row just to say damn. Take the L. When Jon calls you out just admit it and move on. Albright has been a huge Mariota homer and has been wrong about pretty much everything.
  16. @tgo If Tannehill leaves after this year and signs a pretty nice deal to start somewhere do we get a compensatory pick with him being on the roster for only a year? If so that’s a solid move by Robinson regardless of the outcome.
  17. Personally, if I’m on the get the QBOF I’m calling Arizona and seeing what it takes to get Rosen.
  18. More just an observation. I don’t mind if we draft him, but if he’s the guy then go get him and don’t hope he falls to you.
  19. I can’t blame them either. If their solution is to draft the 3rd or 4th best QB in a bad draft then I wish them well on their endeavor.
  20. Exactly. You simply don’t wait for a QB to fall to you. It doesn’t make any sense at all unless you’re reading the board perfectly. I guess that is also a scenario in our position where the guy falls and is simply the best player on the board. I just don’t see it at 19.
  21. If we are drafting Lock then I can’t see it at 19. If he’s your guy then you make sure you go get him. At least that’s how I see it, especially at the QB position. Robinson’s past of moving for his guy shows he believes in this philosophy as well. If he drops to us at 19 then either we read the board beautifully or we weren’t convinced, which means we shouldn’t pick him. I’d rather get Grier and then see how the year plays out. The kid is talented though. Erratic at times, but he has talent and I wouldn’t be mad if we select him. I would hope we would eat MM’s contract and trade him.
  22. As long as we pick at 19 I don’t want an IOL. Either pick one of the DT’s or shoot for the moon with Brown or Metcalf.
  23. Honestly I wouldn’t have minded those idiots not getting a penny. What kind of retard goes to Trump university?
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