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  1. Do me a favor and don’t bring up the Chiefs all the time.
  2. It really isn’t a question. The strategy from Republicans is to lean on the Dems who wouldn’t follow along with getting rid of the Filibuster. I think they’ll give the Dems one bill on infrastructure. Other than that everything is DOA.
  3. So the Chiefs shouldn’t have drafted Metcalf. Since literally no one was talking about that and you’re the Chiefs fan here I would remind you that no one here gives two fucks about the Chiefs. The post was about Metcalf. Stop making everything about the Chiefs.
  4. That guy is a much lesser version of Clowney. No thanks. In that one play you can see the tight hips.
  5. I’ve been saying for months this is the route forward. I want a defense centric draft with a guard and tackle added in the mid-rounds. I’ve also thought similar to you that we should breakdown the defense to keep the offense together if that’s what it takes. Cut Jackson and ask Butler to take a pay cut. The question at that point after the obvious cuts and potential Tanne restructure would be whether to keep Saffold.
  6. Sounds like this draft fits exactly what we are looking for across the board. Really good depth at DL and Edge along with tackles and IOL.
  7. His punch is one of the better ones I’ve ever seen from a small school prospect. Lean him out a bit and he’ll have extended success in the NFL. Like you said it’s probably a Nate Davis type transition. I could see them cut Saffold, which sucks because he’s been great, and roll with Brewer until Moore is ready. We didn’t see a ton of snaps for Brewer, but every time he was in the game he played well. My hope is still for him to be our starting center in a couple years, because those short arms will get exposed against the better 3 techs. Still, that would be a solid transition in my o
  8. Every video I find of this guy a defender ends up on his ass. Would love him with the 3rd Comp pick.
  9. That kid has a nasty streak him. He looks like he loved punishing those defenders. Where’s he projected?
  10. An extra timeout is a big deal. It means the other team can get a first down on 1st or 2nd and will still have at minimum 2 TOs. GB took the encroachment and still had 3 TOs left instead of 2, which means they can get the ball back with almost 2 minutes left on the clock instead of right around 1:10. 40 seconds is a huge deal.
  11. If they nuke it then Harris’ job essentially becomes running the Senate. It could get very strange over the next year.
  12. There were no deaths during the Madison disturbances as there were, tragically, during the Washington incursion, but the Wisconsin situation was still, in many ways, worse. That is the dumbest sentence I’ve ever read.
  13. For all the faults of the left they’ve never tried to overthrow our government. I see what you’re saying, but there is no unification to be had and it’s obviously not a great situation.
  14. If it wasn’t for the fact these people were a disorganized band of LARPing idiots our country could have well and been truly fucked. Unity? What a novel concept after they tried to destroy our country. It’s been quite the spectacle seeing so many say they don’t want to discuss it. I wouldn’t either if I were them, but this notion we are supposed to come together after that event is insane. They showed their asses and won’t even apologize for it. Fuck em.
  15. Back from the dead! In case anything happens to you we need ten years worth of mocks in short order so stop slacking off and get to it.
  16. I actually enjoyed this season more. It certified that Tannehill is a top 5-7 QB. Last year was magic, but this year showed we can actually be a perennial contender. The only thing holding the team back is the terrible defensive system and our HC being overly conservative. Without those two things the offense would have made it to the AFCCG and put up a much better fight than Buffalo. Here’s to hoping Vrabel gets his head out of his ass and stops wasting a great offense.
  17. Lin Wood sandbagged a Zoom call with Mercer yesterday begging them to repay one million dollars he at some point donated to the school. A student said to him “you called for the murder of our Vice President. It’s in writing”. The idiot claimed it was a misunderstanding of protected speech. It was hilarious. The worst part was listening to the president of the school trying to reason with him. Just tell the fuckers to sit down and shut up.
  18. He’s a good QB. He isn’t in the same conversation with Mariota just as he isn’t with Mahomes.
  19. It was a really strange play all around. I said before the kick that you have to tell your guy to put the ball out of the end zone. Then when he didn’t the returner just fell to the ground giving up 40 seconds on the clock. It’s one of those instances where both coaches are doing their best to lose the game on the same play.
  20. It’s football. They were in the 2 minute drill and he threw to his first read who was open. The opposite is true here. Your argument is terrible. Tannehill played well with limited opportunities and had one interception where his receiver fell down. Hopefully he takes more control of the offense next year in the playoffs.
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