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  1. I hold the same thoughts. I think the political structure has lost any semblance of ability to deal with these issues.
  2. I see them in the same light. As I said, read William Greider. The reference to spiders was meant as an analogy that I want them as far away as possible.
  3. Guapo, do you think the 400 arrests made to those who stormed the Capitol is the swamp? I call it due diligence. Fuck those idiots. We are the most powerful country in the world and yet we are to be beholden to some retards? Come on now.
  4. I know this post is directed at SK, but the point stands that watching a man try to overthrow our elections with all of his comrades has forever changed the fabric of our society.
  5. You guys ever want to learn how shit works I highly recommend William Greider. His works on Secrets of the Temple (Federal Reserve) and The Grand Bazaar are essential reading about the processes of our government.
  6. Trump. That’s what happened. The fuck made all of us who still distrust the government look at it in a different light and realize with the culmination of January 6th that we actually have it pretty good in this country. The institutions that afford us this ability should at the least be respected and not castigated by a fucking billionaire spoon fed little bitch who told all of his sycophants who follow him like he’s a Demi-god to distrust everything. We have to trust in some processes or else what do we have left? I can’t stand the bureaucracy that rules the day from the local to s
  7. I’m not sure as to your point. Low to moderate confidence in intelligence is an everyday occurrence in that field. Even low confidence means it was sourced and the military and federal government were informed by people on the government’s payroll of a situation. Moderate confidence means the government believes it’s likely true but cannot ascertain direct proof.
  8. I accept as fact our intelligence agencies reported this to our federal government and military apparatus. I can see from the political perspective how Dems got way too far in front of themselves all to make Trump look bad. I guess I just don’t really see things as an either or situation very often. The intel was real, Trump didn’t respond even though he responds and talks about everything else, and the Dems acted as if intelligence was proof. All of the above is true.
  9. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    Like I said above, I think the importance of masks isn’t so much about the actual mask stopping the virus, but it does lower the amount of virus transmitted and in actuality is more of a psychological tool to keep people distanced from one another. As to the lockdowns and their effects I agree to an extent. It’s why it would have been much better if it was done at a national level with coordination through the states instead of the piecemeal approach we took. Nothing is perfect, and as you said the virus was going to spread one way or another, but you cannot honestly tell me you thin
  10. I know. It’s why he has 1 ring in 3 tries and in like 8 Championship game appearances. He refuses to switch things up at the proper time and is always putting everything on his QB.
  11. I think he’s a really humble guy, but those videos are his fuck you to any and everyone who ever doubted him. Yes, I am better than you. Yes, I do work harder than you. Yes, I will be tossing your CB 10 yards next time I play against him. Have a nice day.
  12. I think you have to add the part where he would talk about and speculate on literally everything else under the sun on a daily basis. If he was tight lipped it would be different.
  13. IsntLifeFunny

    Virus in US

    In my opinion it’s become fairly evident that masks signify distance and case load transmission. They lower the case load more than the spread, but they also let people know to stay away from one another, which also lowers the community spread. If you aren’t wearing an N95, which I personally have been since my vaccine, then its major efficacy point is in keeping case loads down and people separated.
  14. They should have switched up the game plan going into the game and thrown off the Bucs with tons of heavy sets and ground and pound with PA to Kelce and Hill. Mahomes didn’t stand a chance out there.
  15. The best part is no one really disagrees with him that much. Robinson used too much capital for an RT. Still, Conklin was a hell of a player and in 2019 he earned himself a top contract. I bet Robinson wishes he had of paid him instead of those bums Beasley and Clowney, but then again he would still be on the books and our line would be the highest paid in the league. Either way, let it go Tolar!!
  16. Anyone seen this movie yet? Highly recommend it. The plot is a little too fast, but the action is badass. I’m a huge fan of Bob Odenkirk, but I never thought he could play a role like this.
  17. I’m okay with that. I’ve said all along if he ends up on the roster I want it to be in a trade back situation. If it’s at 22 then it better be with a damn good idea of how to use him. The offense would also need an evolution into a more pass centric open style of play, which is why I simply don’t see him being our pick. If we do pick him though I think it would be Robinson’s way of telling Vrabel to stop being so damn conservative.
  18. He’s definitely a move player his first couple years no doubt, but I think he could still be valuable in 21 and 12 packages if used correctly. If we draft him then I would definitely think we were moving to more 11 personnel though. If we don’t get him that’s fine, but every time I turn on his tape I find another play where he’s catching the ball at top speed and just flying around people. Kid is fearless and dynamic. At the very worst you’re getting a better version of Percy Harvin.
  19. Yep. The more I watch the more I like. The kid is going to be electric in the NFL.
  20. I have no problem with any of these statements. I spoke with Guapo the other day about some things that are happening in the medical field where HR departments are directly hiring less qualified people specifically because of the color of their skin. It isn’t right. That kind of stuff has nothing to do with the rest of the conversation taking place, but it is noted and I don’t believe it’s the best way forward. Plain and simple: the 14th Amendment needs to be reviewed, upheld, and enforced. That’s all I have ever personally wanted to see, and now that I’m a bit older I’ve come to und
  21. Just reading the thread apparently my opinion falls inline with Kyle and Bongo. I apologize.
  22. I would also add Jenkins to that list. I wouldn’t love the value, but that guy is going to be a stud in the NFL.
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