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  1. I think the criticisms about him not getting YAC because of his ball placement largely hold true. There’s a reason besides our subpar WR squad that we so rarely see short routes against man and blitzes turn into huge gains.
  2. If you can’t laugh homie...what else we got?
  3. The rest of our allies upon hearing Trump’s speech today
  4. @ctm go ahead and post that over here buddy, where it actually belongs.
  5. That really is crazy though. He did actually say that while looking up to the sky. The guy is a full blown lunatic.
  6. Says one of the dumbest people on the board. I fully understand and have read about the clause. The question was asked and answered. Our government codified the acceptance of slavery from its origination.
  7. I imagine he was talking about how easy those types of passes are for Mariota. Defenses don’t run that shit against him anymore in the regular season. They’re stacking the box playing straight zone, zone blitz, fire blitz, or all out blitz.
  8. But he isn’t having a conversation. It’s pointless. To him everything is an argument that ends in a zero sum win or lose. Converse with the rest of us. I’m not saying not to quote him, but don’t get into the several page long back and forth.
  9. It’s funny to me how his supporter see him in some light standing up to the power, but in reality the guy is a tiny little bitch. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have said he supported the measures and then backed down; he would have said he was opposed to the idea.
  10. Why has the deficit been cut the last two Dem administrations while it has spiked massively under the last two Republicans? Seems counter intuitive, no?
  11. He just lied about everything else. Once again, what does that make him?
  12. People who read and believe this shit are scary individuals. They’re literally brain washed. There are many a conspiracy in our government. The people running these types of outlets are preying on that fear of the innate sense of all Americans not to trust the government.
  13. Warren is essentially the countermeasure of Trump. Like SK said, a bunch of suckers voted for Trump, just like I imagine a bunch of suckers would vote for Warren in the hopes she could get something done, which she wouldn’t. I like the lady, and I do appreciate her stance on quite a bit. I’ll campaign for her if she wins the nominee. I think Biden is the right choice as the extreme left will vote for him even if holding their nose. I’m not sure if the moderate or conservative Dem will do the same with Warren though.
  14. ...Trump lost by 3 million votes and is down by 12 in a Fox News poll. I guess Fox is fake news these days, eh?
  15. Biden is one of the least inspiring candidates I’ve ever seen. No one even really knows what he stands for. He doesn’t speak well, is past his prime, and is not someone I would consider to be a great candidate to be president. Still, watching those who supported Clinton lambast the man should stop, at the very least think twice. With Clinton it was “I’m with her”. With Biden, you’re dealing with an old man trying not to act old who has seen some wild shit and can at least appreciate the human experience. His speech in Iowa the other day was excellent. He was speaking about the soul of our country. Tgo doesnt exactly say things the the way I would, but I understand and agree with his point. Warren is a divisive candidate. There’s no way around that. She’s going after the rich and trying to break up a lot of big companies. It doesn’t mean she’s wrong; it simply means her message is fairly easy to dilute and attack. While you all fight over philosophical and policy differences, Republicans, while having narrowed some of their margins, move as a single entity. You can see it very directly on this board. They literally do not argue amongst themselves. Think to yourself, everyone, and maybe I’m being ridiculous, but think to yourself when is the last time you’ve seen a single conservative poster disagree with another? They don’t argue nuance. They fall right in line. I think that’s the gamble with Biden versus Warren as it comes to facing Trump. You’re balancing a party that constantly fights with itself. The race is versus a lifetime politician, somewhat newly progressive (Hyde controversy) and is still perceived as status quo. His challenger is a younger, progressive female, who is an eloquent speaker, talking directly to the disenfranchised masses. The fear is the margins. I fully believe Biden can beat Trump head to head. I don’t think the same thing with Warren. She’s a lot more vulnerable in the Midwest than some would like to believe.
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