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  1. In the 2nd half the Titans pressed more and used more pressure and it def worked better than it has the rest of the season. You can't have the CBs that far off on blitzes
  2. They always know when there is a fetus in there I believe I already posted this one too

    ACB Hearing

    Spoiler alert, she won’t recuse herself

    Voter Turnout

    Yes, although people don't want to believe it.
  5. Futures dropped big and then the market went up the next day Same will happen either way this time

    ACB Hearing

    The idiots were trying to make sure they picked someone who would get nominated..... Good move!

    Voter Turnout

    "You voted already right"!

    ACB Hearing

    Hopefully they totally kill the ACA
  9. I've listened to some investment podcast and the big thing is the stimulus. A Biden win is already baked into the market.
  10. I fully expected a TD with little time left The grounding was a killer
  11. I'd guess because of the CB situation Byard is having to play back a lot more. Once Adoree comes back Byard can play a lot more in the action closer to the ball
  12. BTW, I'd like to see at least one season with Lewan and Wilson and this interior road grading but we may never see it.
  13. By far his best pick. Of course he was taking a LT with Ross on the way out and Robinson and Matthews were already gone so the choice was made for him. He would have dicked is up had he got to pick between all 3.
  14. I've thought for a long while Biden had it in the bag and I know you have too. If not for the crazy upset in 2016 people wouldn't be so afraid to say it. No one wants to look stupid again. The Republicans are damn sure acting like a blue wave is coming and the market podcast I listen to that are totally non political say the market has a Biden win baked in.
  15. I really don't think the loss was some huge deal or that it proved the Titans are phonies etc...... The Titans made a ton of 1st half errors and did a terrible job of tackling. Simply play a little better and keep the score manageable in the 1st half and the Titans could have easily won this game. As bad as the defense was in the 1st half it was pretty good in the 2nd half. So was the offense. Tannehill was 12 of 19 for 170 yards and a TD in the 2nd half. Henry even averaged over 5 yards per carry in the 2nd half. Obviously the Titans have a few position that are glaring weaknesses The Joseph/Smith CB spot and Kelly at OT. Adoree should greatly improve the CB spot. I saw a stat this morning showing since the start of 2019 the points allowed with and without Adoree in the line-up is pretty big. We're stuck with Kelly. I don't expect Wilson to save the day or start this season. Otherwise no reason to panic. Move on to next week, play smarter and better and start another winning streak and hopefully get distance from the Colts. As far as the game goes. Man Jayon Brown finally showed back up, he was huge in this game. Led the team in tackles, had 4 huge passes defensed and the INT. He saved the game with the play in the endzone late with the tipped INT. As mentioned, Smith and Joseph are so terrible Adoree is going to make a big improvement. Maybe not solve everything but it was be way better. Also Clowney hasn't lived up to the hype but a guy who doesn't get enough bashing is Landry. He's just a guy and all the talk about what a great draft pick he was was a lot of hype. No way I pay this guy. On to Cincy!
  16. Just going down the box score quickly it looked like the Titans ran 12 times on 1st down compared to 7 passes. It was even more lopsided, something like 12 to 4 heading into late in the 4th quarter.
  17. The election is over, Biden and the Dems will easily win. Trump will cry it was fixed. The only questions are will any attempt to go to the courts have any real effect and what kind of traitorous behavior will Trump execute until Jan 20th

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