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  1. Winston likely has flopped this coming year if TB doesn't keep him
  2. I'd say the some people are way more concerned about me being wrong than I'm worried about being right. At this point I have nothing to prove.
  3. As I said, I don't agree with a lot of that list, Mariota is one I do agree with. I even think Winston can be salvaged
  4. What I think I see?.....lol, no it's what I saw. I have no emotional attachment. I'm not afraid of being right or wrong, I simply post what I think. It was so obvious people wanted the problems to be Mularkey instead of admitting what we were seeing with Mariota. More than that you could see how the coaches treat Mariota and what they ask him to do. They know how limited he is.
  5. Until going back I had forgotten Vrabel pulled Mariota to the side and talked to him in one of the training camp practices he was playing so badly.
  6. Mariota was totally embarrassing in that Jags game before breaking his leg
  7. The president is on the level of a 13 yr old teenage girl?
  8. He had good 8 games in the middle of that season. The first 4 and last 3 he played just like he has the last two seasons. Mariota cost the Titans the playoffs in 2016 with his poor play
  9. Then stay away from last year around this time because I saw a lot of your posts and holy shit you are the excuse making king. Every single bad pass or sack was always someone elses fault and you attacked every analysis that said anything about Mariota as if they were insulting your sick mother. Funny stuff
  10. Maybe after about 6 or 7 seasons we can figure out Mariota?
  11. The last two episodes the writing was terrible!
  12. Yea he and oldschool def flip flopped in one year. Honestly though I went back and read a ton of stuff from the preseason and training camp and yikes. The degree in which people were all in was staggering. Keep in mind this was after MM just posted 13 TDs and 15 INTs.
  13. You just posted you are on the "Highly unlikely he's the answer" train
  14. Bortles, Tribusky, and plenty of other mediocre QBs have good stretches and good games. Hell Bortles lit up NE worse than MM did.
  15. Welcome aboard to what was already obvious.
  16. LOL.... I went back and read plenty. It's exactly what I said it was. You also mocked people who questioned Mariota in training camp and preseason(they are meaningless). You said Mariota was well on his way under Whiz, which was 5 games in which his stats got worse in all 5 games. You said Mariota didn't have an off year in 2017, he was just in a bad offense and he was fine when he ran hurry up and called his own plays, which was totally debunked BTW. So your stance is well known? Yes it is, you have now followed OILERMAN's lemmings into thinking that's it's HIGHLY unlikely Mariota is the answer. And you did it based off of evidence that you said was meaningless.
  17. What changed from last year to this year aside from a freak injury that you couldn't judge Mariota on?
  18. In August this past year you said this: "My point is that it's crazy to say hes well on his way to not being the answer." If you can't base anything off last year and back in August you thought it was crazy to say he wasn't the answer what in the hell are you basing it on that it's HIGHLY unlikely he's the answer now?
  19. Last off season he went into training camp supposedly the healthiest he'd ever been. He even worked on his mechanics
  20. Original tweet from yesterday before someone edited it for the retard
  21. Week after week Mariota got up on the podium and said he was killing the offense, he was telling the truth. He knew
  22. The popular opinion was Mularkey's offense hindered Mariota. Hell we still have people thinking MM should be throwing it all over the place from 3 WR sets. And the notion that it would take him 18 months to learn the LaFleur offense was one of the dumbest things ever said. Coaches on the staff said the playbook was 80% the same as Mularkey's.
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