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  1. He SHOULD be pissed. He killed the possibility of an important win. At this point we wouldn't get anywhere in the playoffs anyway.
  2. The offense and Robiskie are fine chill out!

    This loss is squarely on MM and MM. That fake punt on our 35 yard line was flat out moronic. It changed the momentum. The picks were in excusable. If I played on the defense, I'd be one pissed off MoFo right now. There no "smash" in our smashmouth. More like exotic trashmouth.
  3. He needs to learn how slide sooner but the designed runs need to stop.
  4. Trump's weird slurring during speech

    I think we should start a "go fund me" page called "Ditch the dentures" and raise enough money to buy the president some implants. If we can limit contributions to 1 cent per person so his base can all afford to contribute.
  5. Browns release Kenny Britt

    Maybe Fisher can hire him to be his "personal assistant." You know, clean the pool, do grocery shopping etc.
  6. TNF Saints vs Falcons

    Brees should too, especially being in range for a chip shot FG to tie the game.
  7. State of the Preds

    First place in the Western conference! The Preds are playing the best hockey I've seen them play. They are playing at playoff level right now 1/4 of the way through the season. Turris was a great addition and has elevated the play of both Smith and Fiala. 8-1-1 in their last 10 games against stiff competition. This is a special team. The return of James Neal tonight @ Bridgestone. Glad to see he's doing well in Vegas but I hope he nets a big goose egg tonight.
  8. Bannon bashes Romney's military service

    It's frightening to know there is a large group of bozos out there, just like her, that actually believe the trash that they spew. If there is a judgement day, these people will be the first ones on the slow boat to hell. They are the least spiritually enlightened people on the planet.
  9. TNF Saints vs Falcons

    Goes to show you that even the best QBs will force it in and make bad decisions. The Saints and Falcons should be in the NFC title game. I'm not sold on Philly yet.
  10. Mike Miracles Titans/Texans All-22 Review

    Not sure that Marcus totally trusts him yet. When they get on the same page, it's going to be deadly.
  11. Damn. That is some scary shit, right there.
  12. Getting Ryan/Matthews back is big too. Ryan probably gets Fitzgerald.
  13. Wow, now THAT'S a bitter pill to swallow.
  14. Warren Moon accused of sexual harassment

    He was honest with her about about. He told her if she didn't agree to it he would find someone that would. She knew going in what was expected.