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  1. Paging Brian Orakpo

    We've less sacks and more pressures so that makes sense. We stepped it up the second half against the Colts and it made a difference.
  2. Paging Brian Orakpo

    There were a few plays when he was a spy on Brissett and lurking on the LOS with his eyes glued to the QB. That said, we are underperforming in our QB pressures and sacks.
  3. Beware online Chinese merchants

    So a chinese woman named IVY was your customer service contact? Sounds suspicious to me.
  4. What difference would it make if he was? I'd rather hang with gay people than homophobes any day.
  5. Tick Tock

    drip drip
  6. He's doing an unbelieveable job. A fantastic job. People don't understand the country was already a wreck when he took over.
  7. The Jaayon Brown hype was legit

    He covers well and NOT hearing his name called shows that he's doing his job. I think he's exceeded expectations at this point.
  8. Browns week

    Games like this scare me. The main reason being, after a big emotional win on a short week, the potential is there for a little let down. Browns are not a good team but bad teams beat good teams any given Sunday. We need to control the tempo/TOP with our running game and play some defense for a change. The Browns lost 3 games by a total of 9 points to the Steelers, Colts and Jets. Stay focused boys.
  9. Corey Davis: WTF

    With a lingering hammy, the rest he's getting now is critical to be full strength after the bye. If we win some games, we'll need him for the stretch run and most of all, for the playoffs.
  10. LeBeau concerns me more than Mularkey. With a good defense, we would be running away with the division.
  11. We should have pounded Miami with Henry after we tied the game. We could have run the ball and kept Cutler on the bench and wore out Miami D. Henry is also a much bigger threat receiving than Murray. It time to give him more carries. Why this is some sort of revelation by the coaching staff is beyond me.
  12. Rishard To Quit If Forced To Stand

    Probably not. The titans would certainly go after every dime they thought they would get back. Wtf is with these guys that tweet before before they think? My advice to Rishard is "engage brain before putting mouth in gear."
  13. Each AFC South Team Has a Reason to Believe

    I wanted to go homer and pick the Titans but the Jags defense is special and Bortles seems to be playing better so I picked the Jags. (and I did it just to piss Mularkey off if he happens to read this thread.) Actually it's like no one in the division deserves to win. IF we get Marcus back and IF the defense improves a lot and plays consistently and IF Corey Davis comes back strong and IF our OLine holds up and IF they would balance out the reps between RBs and IF we quit making bonehead mistakes and IF Jonnu quits holding, maybe just maybe, we can turn this slow boat around.
  14. I was yelling at the TV in the 2nd half. "PUT F*CKING HENRY IN FOR GOD'S SAKE!"