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  1. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    We are one of the only developed countries in the entire world that doesn't have universal healthcare for their citizens. It didn't bankrupt anybody else.
  2. freakingeek

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    https://www.titansonline.com/news/dare-to-compare-comparing-marcus-mariota-s-first-50-games-to-titans-qbs-steve-mc MM has better stats in his first 50 games than McNair or VY. Granted Mac was a late bloomer but these stats put things in perspective.
  3. freakingeek

    Senator Mitch McConnell OPED piece

    That mealy mouthed turtle faced MF is as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. The biggest crybaby in the government besides Trump. Obama was able to pass Obamacare, even with the the Senate deck stacked against him. MM hasn't been able to do squat, even with a Republican President, House and Senate. Look up failure in the dictionary and there's a picture of McConnell.
  4. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    I can tell you don't have a job that requires good decision making. How the fuck would banding together to not vote help? You want to live in a dictatorship? There are plenty of places for you besides the good ol USA starting with Russia. And speaking of giving handouts, that Trump tax break for the "middle class" added one TRILLION dollars to the national debt.
  5. It's not like the roster was so bad we were signing guys of the free soup line. JRob filled holes left by Webster. Conklin, Henry, Byard, A Johnson, Sharpe, Sims, Davis, Jackson, Taylor, Smith, Brown, Levin, Evans, Landry and Cruikshank are ALL contributing.
  6. Yes, Calmus and Boiman. Both linebackers. Boiman had a pretty fair career and is a color commentator at ESPN. Calmus only lasted 3 season
  7. Since JRob has been here, we've drafted 23 players. 15 of them are still on the team. That's pretty damn good.
  8. JRob is responsible for firing Mularkey and hiring Vrabel. That alone qualifies giving him a A grade. Then adding LaFleur and Pees and Coombs has significantly elevated the franchise. I value those decisions more than his drafts. As far as the drafts are concerned, there have been some swings and misses and some home runs. We had a roster with a lot of needs when he took over. When you draft for need and not for best player available, there's going to be hits and misses. Overall the drafts have been pretty good. He's done an excellent job bringing in free agents that fit our system and were cap friendly signings. He has extended good players already under contract, like Casey, to cap friendly deals and kept them off the FA market. The locker room is healthier than it's ever been in my opinion.Vrabel should be given credit for some of that as well. Stepping back and looking at the franchise before and after JRob arrived, we are in much better shape and should be competitive for the foreseeable future. Thus he deserves an A grade from me.
  9. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    He learned that one from Herr Trump. Attack to deflect attention from real issue at hand.
  10. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    Rolltard, I have better things to do than argue with a fence post. There is no discussion with people like you.
  11. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    My point was that hate crimes and murder are two completely separate issues and can't be discussed like it's the same thing. Social injustice has been an ignored issue in this country for a long time, particularly for minorities and women.
  12. freakingeek

    Blake Beddingfails

    The guy has spent his life evaluating talent. Does that mean he's infallible? No. Does it mean he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground? No
  13. freakingeek

    Blake Beddingfails

    No we are NOT sure. He's only in his 2nd season. He has potential to be a legit #1.
  14. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    You didn't have to post anything more than that ignorant statement to sum up your lack of an intelligent thought process.
  15. freakingeek

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    Bullshit. First of all you are generalizing the entire issue into a blacks kill more whites issue. Hate crimes are NOT the same as all other crimes because they are racially motivated. A large percentage of all crimes are committed by people with poverty incomes. The national poverty rate of blacks compared to whites is 22% to 9%. Poverty can lead to high levels of stress, which in turn drive individuals to commit theft, robbery or other violent acts. ... Thus, poverty increases crime rates. However, many other factors influence crime and are correlated with poverty as well. High unemployment certainly increases poverty. You think that might affect those stats? A lack of resources also creates inferior educational opportunities for households in poverty, some actual and some admittedly perceived. Yet the perception of a lack of education is enough for individuals in poverty to create self-fulfilling prophecies regarding their future. Because they believe there aren’t good quality schools out there, then there aren’t good quality jobs out there. People feel the need to fight for themselves. That leads to the creation of gangs and gang affiliation. Then the cycle continues to perpetuate itself again and again. Crime is simply a means to an end. It’s a way to obtain what is needed without a legitimate means to do so because it seems like there isn’t a legitimate opportunity to avoid crime. Socioeconomic conditions factor in and weigh heavily on who commits these crimes. Poor people in poor economic situations commit more crimes. It's NOT a black/white issue. It's a wealth/poverty issue. You are just generalizing homicide numbers to support your own agenda. The OP was pointing out that hate/race crimes have increased by a significant number thanks to Trump's racially insensitive policies and rhetoric. Sugar coat it all you want. Numbers don't lie.