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  1. QBs would take up half their cap money.
  2. True but that's not saying a lot.
  3. I was entertained. Didn't have to spend hours trying to figure out all the subplots. Pretty simplistic plot. Great special effects but I wouldn't exdpect anyhting less.
  4. Last night, I saw on the ESPN scrolling news feed that Cable declined the interview. So SF schedules a 2nd interview with JMcD "after the playoffs" but say they will "likely" hire him as HC. Obviously nothing set in stone.
  5. I don't get the infatuation with McDaniels. Some guys make great coordinators and shitty head coaches and some guys make great head coaches and shitty coordinators, but they aren't interchangeable positions. McDaniels turned Denver into a train wreck while undermining his relationship with Cutler. He goes to NE and has Tom Brady @ QB who could make me look good calling plays. He may do well as a HC his next stop but there's no guarantee. He will get another chance but I just don't understand the attraction.
  6. The outcome of Sunday's game with the Pats will hinge on how well the Steelers secondary can defend Brady. I like their chances.
  7. The Cowboys have a top 3 Oline and even they can't keep him healthy. It's got to be really frustrating.
  8. Romo is a damn good QB but he can't stay healthy. If I was a GM, I'd run the other way.
  9. Give the Chiefs or the Broncos Aaron Rodgers and they instantly become SuperBowl favs. You have to have a QB that will take some shots down the field or the defense is going to stack the box. Dinking and dunking isn't going to get it done.
  10. Egos. Gruden was in Nashville doing a guest speaker gig at the convention center speaking about developing quarterbacks. Between that and MNF, I would bet he makes killer money with practically zero stress. Edit; $6.5 mil a year for MNF alone.
  11. If the Titans are entertaining a re-design there are going to be several options offered by the designer. This may be one of them. I would say at this point there is nothing set in stone.
  12. When I met Gruden last year, I asked him if he would coach again and he said he would " in the right situation" and with the "right ownership". He said " I would coach for an old school type guy who is a football man to core." (said some other things that I chose not to repeat.) That said, I don't think Irsay fits his definition of an old school football guy.
  13. In a way what Bud did was both. He re-branded to give the team a statewide fanbase and identity (as is not the Nashville Titans) but he kept the teams history as being one of the original founding AFC franchises so he kept the Oilers branding. Of course he also used the Tennessee Titans because he was planning on having to play in Memphis for 3 years while the team moved and a stadium was built here. When Memphis fans gave him the bird and didn't support the team (because Memphis had applied for their OWN team), they moved the games to Vanderbilt for the final year before the coliseum was built.
  14. It is rather shocking how quickly JRob turned the 25th ranked unit into the top rated unit in one year. Conklin had a lot to do with that as did the big leap by Lewan from year one to year two. The big unsung hero is Jones. He had a great job being stability to weak position where we really needed strength for Mariota's development, but losing Warmack and Bell and adding Kelly and Kline turned out to be genius.