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  1. Ahh, I see. At least the Oline is not a priority this year as it has been for the last decade.
  2. I though Kline was under contract with us for 2017.
  3. Honestly I'll be happy if we spend both 1st round picks on defense.
  4. Agreed. I think we've upgraded the defense through free agency but we still have some major needs. S, ILB, DE, CB especially looking to the future. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to spend both 1st rounders on defense, particularly with no 2nd rounder in hand.
  5. 3 reasons. He fits our run based offense w/3 TEs sets, he can block and with his speed and Mariota's accuracy, he would be deadly running slants. Seems like a good fit to me.
  6. Parker Milsap has a couple of CDs out. Writes most of his own music. His fiddle player is a neighbor of mine so occasionally we get the chance to play music when he's not touring.
  7. Fisher Davis smoked a fatty at halftime.
  8. Stereotype much? Is this your wife? Now how does that feel to be stereotyped?
  9. We have certainly seen worse around here. That said, as a group the CB corps needs upgrading.
  10. My east bracket is total shit. I have no teams left but the other three brackets are solid. I have 12 out of 16 teams in the sweet 16 teams. So has anyone figured out who's bracket is #1 right now?
  11. I noticed I was the only one to pick Gonzaga to win the championship. It wasn't an emotional pick. I really just thought the brackets lined up well for them to have a legitimate chance. I almost always pick 2 or 3 #1 seeds. My gut said different this year. Arizona might have been my pick to win it all but they play the Zags if my brackets are any good.
  12. I thought Vandy kids were supposed to be smart! How could you NOT know the freaking score in a close game with under a minute to play. That is beyond stupid. Ok, I'm done venting. I always pick some dogs and I had Vermont, Vandy, MTSU and Xavier. Vandy and Vermont let me down and were my only losses.
  13. Exactly. Bottom line is there is no blueprint for success. Every team is different with different aged players of varying degrees of experience. It's a constantly moving target to try make the right choices. You need balance.
  14. Dallas, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and New England on the bottom half of the spenders.