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  1. Probably happen the same season VY wins his SuperBowl.
  2. And your point is that Trump possibly being bought by Putin/Russia is the same type scenario?? You can't be serious.
  3. I quit even opening any thread he started. Waste of bandwidth.
  4. But some DO have a low grade level of comedic value
  5. I hate to tell the board Trump humpers, but there are many Republicans who are appalled at where this country is heading thanks to the donald.
  6. That's the problem. Most of the fanbase doesn't know any different or WANT to know any different. They are the same ones that bought in to the "Make America Better" by inviting all his billionaire buddies to join him at the White House and on his cabinet (which is the absolute opposite of what THOSE people needed.) They are also the same ones that hear about some plant not moving to Mexico and view it as "bringing jobs back to the USA" which ultimately will mean the cost of goods will go up with import and export taxes and higher manufacturing costs because of higher labor costs. When all the illegals are deported, watch the cost of construction rise incrementally because all the cheap labor will be gone.
  7. I don't think the shit is going to die down post election. It will probably get worse. A political forum might allow more threads NOT about Trump to get watered down or lost in the shuffle. I vote yes.
  8. Fat redneck women with Walmart teeshirts is more like it.
  9. HOF....Hall of Failure? Halfback of Futility?
  10. Haha. No, I guess I just "got lucky".
  11. Dude, I'm married and sex isn't a problem for me. I was speaking in a collective sense.
  12. Poor Jaguars. The suck AND they're ugly. (yes they may have knocked us out of the playoffs but we'll still get laid more)
  13. On the surface it looks stupid but people draft unproven college QBs with less experience than JG higher than #12 so if he can be had for a #12 its probably worth the risk for some QB starved team, even if he's not battle tested.
  14. It's getting harder and harder for them to defend the shitshow that the White House has trotted out. And it ain't over yet. It's just getting started.