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  1. It is my opinion that none of the Middle East countries are stable enough to keep the lid on Islamic extremism. If the US doesn't train, support and supply arms to these weak governments, the extremists take over. We have tried to installl democratic governments, we've tried fighting them with our own troops, we've tried fighting with them. Nothing works. I think the idea of forcing their own government to fight them is a good strategy but I still believe it will fail as well. It is a losing battle.
  2. Possible Trade?

    Guys have personal things come up. It's pre-season. Nothing to see here.
  3. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    I don't know who posted that he had struggled at times to learn the defense or what their source was, but I just remember reading it.
  4. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    I was at the game and watched Reed nearly the entire second half with binocs. He played well. He got some snaps early in the game too. The Titans staff moved him all over the field. He played both CB positions, strong safety and free safety and a few snaps at nickel. He played more safety than any other position. It's my opinion that the staff is trying to figure out what his role is going to be. They are trying McCain, Sims in multiple positions as well. I don't think the 2nd CB is nailed down yet. Whether or not you think signing Ryan was a mistake, he's going to play the outside. The rest of the secondary is a crapshoot. His snap count in the next game is going to tell a lot about what role they see KR playing. I think the kid will get his shot but if he's struggled to learn DL's defense at times, they will bring him along slowly. The kid can ball.
  5. Steve Bannon - Out

    Screw Bannon and his upscale wino hairdo.
  6. Steve Bannon - Out

    Trumps father was arrested in 1920 for civil disobedience as a member of the KKK. Maddow had the official arrest record on her show last week. Trump denied it of course but he's been racist his entire life because he grew up in a racist household. Who knows what kind of in fighting is going on. Of course Ben and Tux will spin this as a good thing somehow. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/28/in-1927-donald-trumps-father-was-arrested-after-a-klan-riot-in-queens/?utm_term=.aa9e12d53dd4
  7. From Foreign Affairs magazine written by Mara Revkin and Ahmad Mhidi. The article is really long so this is only a portion of it. It was written before Trump won the election. Donald Trump has been campaigning on a promise to eradicate the Islamic State (also known as ISIS). The Republican presidential nominee regularly makes belligerent statements such as “I would bomb the shit out of . . . those suckers” and“We have to knock the hell out of them.” He has said that he would send up to 30,000 more U.S. troops to fight ISIS and refuses to rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against the group. One might expect ISIS to view his candidacy with apprehension. However, interviews with ISIS supporters and recent defectors suggest just the opposite: jihadists are rooting for a Trump presidency because they believe that he will lead the United States on a path to self-destruction. Last week, an ISIS spokesman wrote on the ISIS-affiliated Telegram channel, Nashir, “I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.” Meanwhile, an ISIS supporter posted on one of the numerous jihadist “channels” hosted by the Telegram messaging application, “The ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any cost!!!” Analysis of ISIS chatter on social media and conversations with 12 current and former supporters of the group do indicate that ISIS strongly prefers Trump over the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. When asked to explain their preference for Trump, interviewees offered several reasons. First, Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric plays into ISIS’ narrative of a bipolar world in which the West is at war with Islam. Second, ISIS hopes that Trump will radicalize Muslims in the United States and Europe and inspire them to commit lone-wolf attacks in their home countries. Third, ISIS supporters believe that Trump would be an unstable and irrational leader whose impulsive decision-making would weaken the United States. And fourth, ISIS subscribes to the prophecy of a “Final Battle,” to take place in the northern Syrian town of Dabiq, in which the caliphate will decisively triumph over its enemies. Some ISIS supporters believe that Trump would lead the United States and its Western allies into the apocalyptic clash they have been waiting for. Although not all ISIS supporters are following the election—some say they aren’t interested or don’t have time to care about the domestic politics of their enemies—many are keen spectators of a bitter and divisive race that they believe has the potential to do serious damage to the United States. According to Khaled, a former ISIS fighter who now supports Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Trump is becoming well-known among jihadists owing to Al Jazeera’s regular coverage of the election. Azzam, another ISIS defector who still considers himself a jihadist, said he watches television every day just to see what Trump will say next. As the presidential race intensifies, it is clear that ISIS views the impending change in U.S. leadership as an opportunity to advance its ideological and military goals. THE CLASH ISIS’ view of international relations is based on a stark division between two antagonistic realms: the lands governed by the caliphate, which it calls dar al-Islam (“the domain of Islam”), and the lands of its enemies, known as dar al-harb (“the domain of war”). For a group whose ideology is based on a bipolar universe in which everyone is either a friend or an enemy—there is no such thing as neutrality—it is helpful to have adversaries who are easy to hate. Trump is “the perfect enemy,” in the words of Tarek, a former ISIS fighter who recently switched sides to one of its Salafi rivals, Ahrar al-Sham. Take, for example, Trump’s vitriolic speeches, which provide a constant stream of material for ISIS’ hyperactive propaganda machine. He has been featured in at least two ISIS videos so far—one about the Brussels attack and the other about the strike in Orlando—as well as a third video released by al Shabab, al Qaeda’s Somalia-based affiliate. One recent ISIS defector, Samer, said that when he was fighting for the group in Deir ez-Zor, “we were happy when Trump said bad things about Muslims because he makes it very clear that there are two teams in this battle: the Islamic team and the anti-Islamic team.” Khaled expressed a similar view. “When Trump says hateful things about Muslims, it proves that jihadists are right to fight against the West, because the West is against Islam,” he said. A Trump presidency would make it easier for ISIS to justify its bipolar worldview, in which the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds are engaged in an existential clash of civilizations. When asked why Clinton has not yet been shown in an ISIS video, a recent defector, Adel, said it is because “she never says anything bad about Muslims.” Indeed, it is far more difficult for ISIS to vilify Clinton, who routinely insists that “Islam is not our adversary” and “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people.”
  8. Trump tells people to "study" fictional historical event

    I like this part of General Pershing's Wikipedia profile. Sounds very Trumpian. No mention of soaking bullets in Pig's blood though. "Some of his tactics have been criticized both by other commanders at the time and by modern historians. His reliance on costly frontal assaults, long after other Allied armies had abandoned such tactics, has been blamed for causing unnecessarily high American casualties."
  9. Trump tells people to "study" fictional historical event

    VERY VERY presidential! Incredibly presidential!
  10. Trump tells people to "study" fictional historical event

    Trumpers don't know what "fact check" means. Trump has a "jim Jones" type affect on those people. "Here comes the mother ship! Quick! Drink this koolaid!"
  11. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    What he means by "American" is "bendoverandtake14thetrumpteam"
  12. Bob Corker questions Trump's competence and his stability

    I think a lot of them know but just don't' have the balls to tell him.
  13. Bob Corker questions Trump's competence and his stability

    During the healthcare negotiations, Corker wouldn't sign one of the first drafts because it contained a tax break for the rich.
  14. Unraveling in Jax

    Lol, especially the guy with the bowtie.