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  1. More meetings with foreign countries

    It's bad and getting worse. I'm in shock and I was born in the USA. What Trump is doing is far worse than anything Nixon did and yet the spineless senate and house look the other way. It's a pitiful state of affairs.
  2. More meetings with foreign countries

    You know what the answer to that one will, be. Corrupt DOJ, corrupt FBI, witch hunt, senate songbirds and all the other catch phrases they use every time new info come out. They'll still be in denial even if Trumpy has been impeached.
  3. I'm back (well sort of)

    @Legaltitan you know you can just hang without talking titans right? Lots of worthwhile threads and we even spawned a new political forum when Trumpy got elected. Just check in once a month. Kinda like renewing your passport.
  4. I'm back (well sort of)

    Poor ol Johnnie Reb. A mere shadow of what used to be. He probably has a monogrammed apron he wears around the house while he's vacuuming when his wife is at work.
  5. I'm back (well sort of)

    That explains a lot.
  6. The Dalton Scale

    FRom what I've seen, Mariota responds well to pressure and big situations and Dalton is the opposite. It's hard to quantify with all the coaching and coordinator changes. I think he rises to meet the challenge.
  7. Titans sign Nick Williams

    What IS the reasoning behind the signing?
  8. Democrat Party is pathetic

    I do agree she has a bigger dick than her father. Screw MS-13.
  9. Poll - Will Vrabel succeed as HC?

    There's no way to tell with a young coach learning on the fly. He'll make mistakes, thats a given. Will he learn from them? Who knows. I like his drive but a good leader learns when and where to apply pressure. A good leader surrounds himself with good people and lets them do their jobs. Belichick is one of the few head coaches that you will see sitting on the bench coaching players and personnel groups on the sidelines during a game. He's hands on but he has a ton of experience. Vrabel has a lot to learn. I feel good about his coordinators and staff and I feel good about JRob putting a good roster together, so I vote yes.
  10. Democrat Party is pathetic

    Obstructionism was perfected during the Obama years. Gimme a break.
  11. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    I admire media guys that ask the hard questions. Nashville is a soft media market. That's why I like PK. Fisher was the King of revoking media access if they didn't play nice. That said, being an ass 100% of the time will get you nowhere unless you're Don Rickles.
  12. Cohen Asked Qatari for Millions for Trump Family

    This was old news to Mueller. The reason he has "come up with nothing' is that you FINISH the investigation AFTER you have all related information needed to prove an air tight case in court. Muller has run a tight ship. Nothing has been leaked except for what Stormy's lawyer found out on his own. The investigation has not been compromised by the facts getting released. It has been flawlessly executed and just because Mueller doesn't run things like the Trump White where EVERYONE leaks EVERYTHING, doesn't mean he has "nothing."
  13. Titans sign Nick Williams

    Possible ST/return man. Other than that, he'll be lucky to make the opening day roster. How does a guy whose best season was 17 catches and 159 yards coach OTHER players on how to be successful at WR?
  14. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    Vrable is a no nonsense guy. After decades of Fisher's country club like atmosphere, then graduating to Munch eating hot dogs on the sidelines during a game, then on to Coach Whizinpants and his Lemony Snicket approach, and finally to the constipated Mister Rogers neighborhood with Mularkey, I'm fine with a no nonsense attitude.