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  1. Mularkey's Total Silence Still Surprises Me

    Mularkey's comments after the season was over (before the playoffs) were ihmo, a shot over JRob's bow, more than AAS. I think he felt too comfortable with HIS own relationship with AAS and was thinking JRob should have offered an extention at season's end. JRob obviously felt there were serious issues that needed to be addressed BEFORE an extention was offered. Speaking publicly about the issues was totally unprofessional and likely sealed his fate, even BEFORE he made the remarks that the offense was fine and so was Mariota's development. Apparrently he was the only one who didn't get the memo that there was trouble in paradise. That attitude will NOT fly in the NFL. It didn't work in Bufalo and it didn't work here. That said, there was nothing that could be gained from throwing JRob or AAS under the bus IF he wanted to continue to coach in the NFL. Personally, I don't think he has the personality for it. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and very few coaches have been successful doing so. Im guessing he's still pissed but there's no point in adding fuel to the fire.
  2. Why people feel the need to politicize everything is part of the problem we have today. These kids are scared to be in school and they are doing the only thing they know how to do which is protest. Good on them. This country needs more activists to counter balance the Pacs and lobbyists. They damn sure don't have the money to take on the NRA. Trump jr is a frigging moron but the fruit never falls far from the tree.
  3. Titans Offseason Tailgate

    Don't overcook. 4 minutes shell side down on a hot grill should be plenty.
  4. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    A more extensive vetting process with a serious background check. If you had to register to own guns, then you would have to show your ID when you buy guns OR ammunition. Personally I wouldn't mind doing that It's like getting a friggin drivers license. It would be a way to track felons and illegals and mentally unfit people and keep them from buying legal guns. When I go to buy ammunition at the gun store, they don't even ask me for my drivers license. That's insane. I own hunting guns and guns for personal protection. I don't know anything about automatic weapons because I don't need one or want one. I disagree with your "it won't make a difference" reasoning behind wanting SENSIBLE gun control laws. If having to go through a screening process limits these regular occurring mass shooting, I'm fine with it.
  5. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    You don't need to lecture me on on jack shit. I spent 4 years in the military, I never lived in gated community and I've worked hard for everything I have. Your reasoning behind not having a registry sucks. I don't care if you're a Republican, Democrat or black, white or red. Innocent people are dying because gun control is too lax and the NRA is doing everything they can to keep it that way. I for one ain't buying it.
  6. Gates Will Now Testify Against Manafort

    Manafort decided not to play nice with Mueller and counter sued him. Bad idea. There is also talk that Mueller will ask the grand jury to incarcerate him in light of new information that would increase his risk of fleeing (and I'm assuming that's coming from Gates.) Manny is so screwed.
  7. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    I own guns but I don't have an assault weapon so I consulted Wikipedia.Technically, the AR-15 fires 800 rounds a minute (source: Wikipedia), which is 13.3rounds per second. This is the “cycle rate” of the weapon, assuming it could be fired as fast as physically possible and had a bottomless magazine. Secondly, IF it was a perfect world we wouldn't need gun registration OR assault rifles. It's not a perfect world. Stricter registration for gun owners and tougher laws governing the purchase of guns are needed. The government doesn't operate efficiently enough to depend on them to enforce what laws we have. So you have to make provisions for the mentally incompetent, nutcases and idiots because they are out there. I'm assuming by your pro gun rhetoric, who haven't' had one of your children or family member killed in a mass shooting. That's what we are talking about. Not barrels melting down and people getting theie panties in a wadded about the 2nd amendment. The NRA doesn't support gun legislation. They spent millions last year fighting background checks in Nevada. https://www.thetrace.org/rounds/nra-spending-nevada-universal-background-checks-las-vegas/ There's no compromise. So we've had 3 school shootings PER WEEK since Jan 1st and we're currently doing nothing about it and won't, as long as there is no compromise with the NRA.
  8. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    That was a bad choice of words. Let me re-phrase.... any weapon that can fire 800 rounds per minute or 13 rounds per second is meant to do as much damage as possible, which in warfare, is eliminate as many of the enemy as possible, which in that situation, there is a enemy returning fire. That weapon was designed to be and is meant to be a killing machine, period. Then let's go so far as to say in a civilian situation when there are unarmed innocent people not returning fire, it becomes even more deadly. There is no justification for having that type of weapon legally available for purchase by 19 year old emotionally unstable individuals. Furthermore the NRA has fought EVERY bit of gun regulation that has been proposed by the Dems. The modern society we live in now in the United States, is not the wild west and the laws need to be altered to accommodate the challenges of the world we live in today. I don't want anyone "taking my guns" or telling me I can't bear arms but weaponry like the AR-15 does not need to be in the hands of some people. You might not like it but that's the truth.
  9. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    The problem is Trump rolled back gun control legislation that Obama put in place. Now a mentally unbalanced 19 year old can legally purchase a weapon that was developed specifically for mass killing. This is not a first amendment issue. It's a common sense issue and the NRA has not a shred of common sense on these issues. There HAS to be better a vetting process for people purchasing these types of weapons. Waiting periods and extensive background searches would be a place to start. The only time this government runs efficiently is when someone owes them money. Now we have a President whom the NRA gave $21 million dollars to support his campaign. Can you honestly tell me you see nothing wrong with this?
  10. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Wow, is all I can say.
  11. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Its beyond the realm of normalcy. They have a mental firewall against anything that refutes their agenda (or the agenda of their "Fuhrer.") Reality and fact are inconsequential. They've been re-programmed.
  12. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    I'm not an anti gun person you moron. I have 2 pistols and 3 rifles and ammunition for all of them. We don't need fucking assault rifles available to the public. This white supremacist BOUGHT THE GUN LEGALLY at AGE 19. And he was identified as being mentally unstable before he bought the damn gun. Get a grip ! Your political stupidity is one thing but your refusal to recognize common sense and reality is alarming.
  13. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    This is only one dominoe. Given that this finally proves Russian involvement and intent, I will say there is probably more to come. Mueller is still connecting the dots.
  14. Former state representative David Jolly, R- Florida says flip the house of representatives if the public is serious about gun control because Repub aren't going to do shit. The former Florida congressman said “Republicans will never do anything on gun control,” referencing the shooting at a baseball field last year that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) seriously injured. “The idea of gun policy in the Republican Party is to try to get a speaking slot at the NRA and prove to that constituency that you’re further right than generations past of Republicans have been on guns,” he said. Go ahead Tux and Thor, defend this BS. The shooter was a white supremacist emboldened by Trump's policies. Nothing we don't already know but just another example of Trump's chickens coming home to roost. In the 2015-2016 election cycle alone, GOP candidates took $17,385,437 from the NRA, This is NOT counting the $21 million given to President Trump. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/373983-ex-gop-lawmaker-vote-republicans-out-of-office-if-you-want-mass-shootings
  15. Laquon Treadwell

    No thank you. I think Taylor, Sharpe and Davis will take a step up this season. We'd be better off re-signing Decker than Treadwell.