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  2. It's been his mantra for 11 months.
  3. As much as I can and do appreciate a good looking woman, ESPN has turned sports reporting into reverse sex discrimination.
  4. Don't bring that baby stroller on this plane!
  5. JRob working this draft like a orented mule!
  6. We have a great core of regular posters here. If it a free site, you're going to get some chaff with the wheat but overall, this is a knowledgeable site and fan base. We had every right to bitch about the shitshow this franchise tried to sell us for the past decade. The fanbase was NOT valued or appreciated. That has changed with the new ownership, general manager and coaching regime. I prefer sifting through some BS posts than to spend my time at an over-moderated site with some rose colored glass wearing pom pom waving cheerleaders.
  7. FIFY. I could give a flying shit about ESPN's sports reporting in general. It's awful. PK was a good direct line in for Titans info because of his local connections. He'll be missed around here. ESPN is all about the splash. I don't listen to ESPN on satellite either.
  8. Nashville used to have a semi pro hockey team called the Nashville Knights back in the 70s. They played at Municipal Auditorium and tickets were dirt cheap. The old saying, "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out" was never closer to the truth.They fought more than they skated but that was great entertainment value. I remember reading that those guys carpooled and drove their own cars to the away games and even had to pay for their own gas.
  9. The Preds have had a pipeline of great defensemen flowing from Milwaukee qnd now we have some scoring to compliment them thanks to some great trades by Poile.
  10. The Blues are almost a mirror image of the Preds in the way they are built. Speed, defense and great goaltending. Goals will be at a premium and I see OT a likely scenario. We both nearly swept the top 2 seeds in our division. Should be some fantastic hockey.
  11. Pekka gave up 3 goals in the entire 4 game series and the one goal he gave up last night was at the end of the game during a 4 minute minor penalty on the Preds and the Hawks pulled their goalie so it was a 6 on 4 power play. Pekka came within a frog hair of shutting out Chicago 3 out of the 4 games. The hottest teams in the west are Preds, Ducks and Blues. If St. Louis wins tomorrow the Preds Blues series will be a grind it out dogfight.
  12. BOOM!!!!
  13. There should be a footnote after his name that simply says "Rodgers".
  14. It's been some fantastic hockey so far, all the way across the board. Every series on both sides of the bracket has been very competitive and the intensity level has been high and it's only going to get better. Greatest championship in professional sports imho.