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According to the local media who attended practice the most eye catching play during the entire training camp was when Evans took a screen pass 70yds for a TD everyone watching was just wowed by his s

AJ not mincing words lol    

Jags fan here. Jags played decent against the Colts. Run defense was not great. Screen passes killed them. I fully expect Henry to run for 125+. Titans have their number for a reason. A 27-13 win for

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40 minutes ago, Alcibiades said:

Third. Fulton was second. We might want to start pretending we didn't have a first.....


Anyway, I think we would have heard by now if R Evans was suspended, right?

There is no way evans gets suspended

He threw one punch and stopped...had he kept going maybe but he did the time.

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19 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


I don't expect Vrabel to give them much of an answer but its mind boggling that a top 15 CB in the league goes on IR with a knee injury and no one in the local media even asks what happened.

Of course they still have to ask but I almost don’t blame them, you know he’s not gonna say anything. Has Vrabel actually given legit info on an injury question yet?

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