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  1. Our window for the super bowl is now I think. We are close. If Clowney is a major piece to the puzzle then he should be signed to get us to the dance.
  2. Have to look at the roster from last year at this time. Lewan was out the first four games. That hurt us a lot. Marcus played the first six games I think. Go back and watch the loss against the Jaguars, our offense was really bad. So in saying that, I think our team is better right now than last year.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2020-nfl-schedule-will-be-released-slightly-earlier-than-originally-planned-on-thursday/
  4. Schedule will be released 30 minutes early tomorrow night.
  5. Logan Ryan didn’t have the speed either.
  6. Plus with the virtual stuff going on He and Clowney both know the defense.
  7. He said he didn’t think anything would happen this afternoon .
  8. He didn’t say no to tomorrow . Just not this afternoon .
  9. Agreed. He didn’t say it’s not happening. Just about timing . But there was no pass rusher drafted.
  10. Robinson on @Midday180 regarding Clowney: Nothing is imminent... not coming in at any point this afternoon. #Titans
  11. It was a seventh round pick. You take a flyer on a QB with strong arm and runs a 4.58 forty.
  12. Could trade for Chris Jones of the chiefs with them being so strapped with lack of salary cap money.
  13. Ricky

    UDFA Thread

    Have to think kickers ready to come to Tennessee. Kickers and WR’s line them up!
  14. Or a QB some point in this draft. But need another WR.

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