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  1. Like LSU guy from the Saints. Joe Brady. He uses a lot of quick passes.
  2. But if we are going to draft a QB fairly high and Henry is not resigned then we may not be able to lean on the running game like we have been. Then I think we would need a new OC. Tannehill been around while he could pick it up. But the new QB needs OC that could hopefully stay around for a while. The running game makes our OC look a lot better. He was terrible first part of season.
  3. The fumble recovery for TD gave the titans a spark. Haven’t seen us play with that energy in a game this yesterday. They were pumped after that defensive score. Hope that carries over the rest of the season.
  4. We were saving the high pick for QB. May not happen now if Tannehill continues to play well. But can’t give up the high pick of need a QB.
  5. Todd Downing our TE coach was an OC with Raiders at one time. Just a thought. Not saying I want him to be OC though. Would like young bright guy to work with young QB.
  6. Their two top running backs are injured. So this makes sense for them.
  7. Ricky


    Titans building the roster. Looking good.
  8. We don’t need to try and use Lewis out of the backfield. I had rather see Dawkins. Lewis is not playing well this season.
  9. He played well Sunday. Yes the chargers defense was hurt with injuries too. What makes or breaks Tannehill is games against Colts, Jags, and Texans. With good defenses and when playing against division foes. Those games are when you make it or break it. First game for RT looked good. Hopefully he continues and we not have to give up the farm to draft a risk rookie QB.
  10. Need to play short to intermediate passing game to move chains. Running Henry May take awhile to get going. Liked the screen to Henry Sunday. That looked good. We don’t turn ball over we can win this game. Really hope Adoree is good to go for this game. Bucs have good WR’s.
  11. He got double teamed in college. But think about it, he and Sweat were on the same team. Why do you think Sweat has such good statistics rushing from the outside. You can watch college tape of Simmons and he blows up the line quite often. I live in Mississippi so was really wanting Simmons and Brown to be drafted. Both are playmakers .
  12. Remember our WR’s . Rishard I quit Matthews. Nick, drop the ball, Williams. Decker, drop the ball 2.0, decker. Man we had some winners didn’t we. Now we got some true WR’s.
  13. Simmons slipped because of the ACL and the thing about him beating up a girl in high school I think it was. Robinson knew he wanted Simmons. Why he didn’t trade down and kept the pick. Glad he did.
  14. He is just a freak. He is a big time playmaker with his ability to push the pocket and clog the middle of the line. Him and Brown both very good draft picks. Was a good draft when you count Davis and Hooker also.
  15. They guy from Texas Ehlinger is a winner. That guy never gives up. He brought them back against LSU and back against Oklahoma. He is tough as nails. Like his moxie.