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  1. I would like to see more play action with roll outs to get away from the pressure. Of course Lewan comes back in two games.
  2. As long as we win, keep doing what works. Winning fixes everything.
  3. I think the added weapons on offense opens up our attack. We lost Delani, Matthews wimped our, And left them to double team Davis. Delani and Matthews were our two top targets the year before. Now add Humphries and Brown. We saw it make a big difference with Delani back and Brown making big plays down the field. Both offense and defense could be good this year.
  4. Good chance to go from good to great! Start it Sunday!!
  5. The titans were playing to the limits of the OL. Yes it was a lot of one read pass plays. That was to get the ball out quickly to avoid the pass rush. Plus to get the ball out and him not take a beating. Yes he missed some throws. Drew Brees in the first half Monday night played not as well. How much did Marcus play in the preseason? Time will tell . This is a big game Sunday. We see how he plays and how it goes.
  6. Yes but how many people want Marcus to fail? It would be so much better for the Titans if he can stay healthy and be the man. To get another QB is going to cost a very high price and then you are not guaranteed that they will work out. Yes understand why people are not sure about Marcus, but it would be so much better for our team if he steps up and stays healthy.
  7. Marcus career won loss record 29-29. Winston career won loss record 21-34. Glad we didn’t pick Winston. As for as Marcus, we see how he does the rest of the season. Everybody smashing the guy. We see how the season go.
  8. Vrabel is a pay attention to details. Details and fundamentals. He is a hard nosed type of coach but the players love him and play hard for him. The video of the locker room post game of the browns shows that. He teaches about each player learning to be a better player. Best coach we have had in a very long time.
  9. These division games are huge. Plus it’s an AFC team which counts when looking at head to head tiebreakers for playoffs. Want to go good to great, here is a good chance to prove it.
  10. I like we took shots down the field. Helped open up the run. Browns were keying on Henry. We need the pass rush to continue against the Colts. That was a huge plus for us against the Browns.
  11. Have to think to the OL was shaky at first. They settled down in second half when we were able to run the ball. Also have to note, that 53 yard FG by Santos was a big boost. That and the safety were big plays.
  12. And what about Winston’s performance yesterday. Yikes! Now Marcus threw 0 ints. And had 0 fumbles. Yes he missed some throws. He had big throws to Aj Brown too. He played within the system. With a makeshift OL, and new WR’s and OC , hey we won the game. And won it Big! I take that.
  13. John glennon:Will double check these numbers, but I believe #Titans ' Mariota went 6-for-6 for 143 yards and 3 TDs in second half.
  14. We won today on team effort . Offensive and defense. Marcus was off in the first half. But I felt was much better second half. Thought Smith called good second half. We got ahead and the defense tees off on Mayfield. Good win to start the season . Was it perfect, no, but sure was pretty to see.