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  1. Was so so good to be at that game in Baltimore. Those raven fans were so shocked and totally drunk and wiped out.
  2. Both FG’s Sunday weren’t short ones either. One was 51 yards and the other 49 yards I think I .
  3. And with our defense playing like this, it’s no wonder they were having DB’s in for tryouts.
  4. I know one thing, Tannehill gets hurt this team is screwed if we can’t run the ball.
  5. Look around the league right now. Offenses are putting up the points. It’s not just our defense not doing well. I think the rookies and and other young players are struggling because of lack of practice and playing time. Lots of very high scoring games in the league right now.
  6. One yard you call a quick run . QB sneak or fake to Henry and let Tannehill boot leg it . They were keying on Henry.
  7. Another important thing with the 2-0, both games are AFC opponents. We need division wins and conference wins. Titan up!! And Tannehill was awesome today.
  8. When your primary emphasis is running the ball, sometimes WR’s are left out. Last year Mariota got all the first team reps in OTA’s, mini camps, and training camps. Those reps were with Davis and Humphries. Took Tannehill awhile to have the chemistry with those two. Davis being a rookie last year Tannehill got a lot more reps with Davis. First game out Davis has a much better game this year. Hmmmm wonder why? Tannehill and Humphries have a better game? Hmmm
  9. And maybe the deep knee bruise to AJ Brown keeps him from catching the TD pass. He looked like he couldn’t extend to bring it in.
  10. You want to win the division, you have to win division games.
  11. Whatever it is it needs to get fixed quick.
  12. Mariota is on another team. I wish him well. But he is not our QB for a reason. Tannehill played well.
  13. You give up 10 points on missing kicks you usually lose. To still win this game is really remarkable. Davis had a heck of a game at WR. Defense needs to do better job of not being gashed by TE’s. Defense looked tired at times. Maybe the alitude . It’s the first game and we got a win. Take it and move on.
  14. Clowney with Simmons is going to be very hard to beat. Both of them are very good. Add into it our LB’s and secondary, our defense should be top notch. As for the offense, Tannehill should do better since has full off season to work with Davis and Humphries . Should be a really fun year. Plus hopefully our kicker doesn’t crap out like ours last year.
  15. As Vrabel said other day, we focus on the Broncos, not if better or worse than last year. We focus on the Broncos. One game at a time.

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