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  1. Would also like to see the halfback pass from Henry. We need to pull out all the guns tonight. This is a huge game here in Nashville. Good time to good to great!!
  2. Hate humphries is not available . Short quick passes to humphries would really help. Need to take shots down field with Raymond too. Wouldn’t mind seeing Henry in slot for quick pass to get him one on one if possible . In other words let’s open up the offense tonight.
  3. We need to roll tannehill out and throw the ball. They are going to be keying on Henry. Don’t need to get behind by many points and have to throw to catch up. Would be different if we had Lewan on the left side but we don’t. Like to see quick short passes to open the defense up. Titan UP!!
  4. We have 2 punters and 2 long snappers on roster or PS . Load them up!!
  5. New long snapper, new holder, and new punter. Hope this isn’t a disaster this Sunday.
  6. True and he knew he wanted a Vrabel. People thought he wanted McDaniels. Glad that didn’t happen .
  7. Malarkey back himself into the corner to be fired when he wouldn’t change some assistant coaches, like Robitskie. And he brought all the national attention to himself before wild card game about his being fired or retained. JRob didn’t have a choice but to fire him.
  8. Also roll Tannehill away from the blitz and throw or run.
  9. I want to see the pitch to Henry and he pass it over to Brown or Davis. Also a screen to Jonnu where this time he catches it.
  10. Titans win or lose comes down to if we turn the ball over. Steelers feast on turnovers. We can’t turn the ball over against them multiple times and expect to win. Tannehill has to either get rid of the ball or just run it and move to next play. The Steelers will blitz!!
  11. One important thing in the game last night. Before halftime we had fourth down and thought about attempting a 55 yard FG. Vrabel called time out and we punted. If missed the FG we give the Bills a short field. We were up 14-10 at the time I think. Anyway, we punted to make the bills go length of the field for a score. Defense held and we got ball back and scored right before the half. Was a huge turn of events in the game. Smart coach we have.
  12. It’s a game. Trash talk both sides all you want it’s a game. I wished we have all our players and the Bills have all theirs and let the game be played. But still just hoping for a game tomorrow night. Who knows how it turns out. Could and should be a good game. Both teams are good teams . Titan UP!!
  13. Steelers weren’t too sympathetic to titans not being able to practice . Besides it’s the right thing to do if it could be rescheduled. Gives both teams the ability to prepare for the game.
  14. Paul K said CBS crew is being told will be Monday night.
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