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  1. Get Yannick from the Jaguars. There is your edge rusher.
  2. Succoup is gone at his price. Joseph did well. Delani, Marcus, Lewis, are likely gone .
  3. Lewis is not a very good change of pace back on passing downs. He definitely needs to be replaced. We badly need a speed pass rusher.
  4. We got tired in the second half running and chasing their offense. Fatigue set in and we got behind and couldn’t catch up. Our defense played a lot of snaps against ravens.
  5. Need more speed. Pass rusher, CB, and 3rd down back.
  6. One of the big issues in first game with Chiefs was bad tackling. Have to tackle and limit their speed. Must not let them get extra yards. They slipped several tackles in first game for first downs and extra yardage.
  7. And Henry didn’t play as well. We were still in the game until late.
  8. Yes but for WR’s and RB’s when get hit harder to hang on to the ball. Henry should be even harder to tackle in the cold.
  9. As for as signing Tannehill and Henry, take Marcus salary and Walker’s salary and that gives you a pretty good amount for those two. You got to think Lewis doesn’t come back either. There some more change to chip in.
  10. This game comes down to turnovers and mistakes. The cold weather will make tackling and securing the ball even more important. Kicking the ball will be very difficult as well. Teams that run the ball Should do Better in cold weather. Lots of negativity on this board for our team. You just got to believe. Nobody gave us a chance against the Ravens. We beat them. They didn’t beat themselves we just flat out beat them. Never underestimate a teams heart and character. Titan UP!!
  11. We were at the game and getting up 14 points on them was huge. They stopped trying to run and became a drop back and Jackson improvise. We were coached to handle that.
  12. Went to the Fans rally here in Baltimore tonight and Vrabel said the team is ready. One of guys that works for the team said they are ready and Vrabel is going to beat their ass. Everyone is very confident.
  13. Watched Ravens games against 49er’s and bills . Ravens defense was ran on wide. They were very good against run up middle. Quick throws worked well. The Bills tried to throw and had guys open but Allen couldn’t connect with them. As for as the Ravens offense, run Ingram, run Jackson, throw to TE’s.
  14. To me the X factor in this game is Vrabel. He will have the team ready. He knows what it takes and knows how to prepare for these games. Plus he hates losing. I expect to see the Titans to run through a wall to win this game.

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