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  1. And the NFL gave Nashville the draft. So guess they thought that’s enough prime time TV for the Titans. Just a thought.
  2. I hope the season opener is at home. Always so much excitement playing season opener at home.
  3. I agree. Give the guy a chance to play healthy. Then make a decision on his play.
  4. Need starter at guard. We watched our QB get sacked and sacked, Hurt and hurt. Need protection or we be back with 8-8 or 9-7 or worse with good defense and no offense. Also we want to run Henry, have to have holes for him to run. Upgrading OL is win win for this team.
  5. Have to evaluate all players who could be there at 19. Remember we took Lewan and he basically was the best player available. So they have to do homework on all available. Plus next year Conklin and Kelly contracts are up I believe.
  6. JRob usually finds way to get who he wants. Yes it’s good to get more picks but we need playmakers. I trust JRob to make this team better. How many people said with new head coach, new OC, and new DC we wouldn’t get back to 9-7 with a harder schedule? And factor in losing Delani, Matthews quitting, losing Ryan, Casey, and Marcus being hurt so much, we were win and in the last game of season. And we added Humphries, Saffold, Wake, and Tannehill. JRob is doing a very good job.
  7. I think it depends on how players ranked at certain positions. Will the IOL go in early second before our pick? Will the LB, DL, WR go early second? JRob will look at draft board. Remember he took Davis and all other top ranked WR went off after that. So all this will play into our picks.
  8. There will be a run on OL from end of first to mid second round. Also WR’s will start to go off in this range of picks as well.
  9. I think titans make trade in first round.
  10. Probably won’t be there at 19 though.
  11. Titans doing homework on most TE’s. Looks like will draft one some point in the draft.
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