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  1. I think Humphries will be the player to break out for Titans. I know he is not considered unknown but he is new to the Titans. He should help open up middle of field for Walker. We haven’t had a good slot WR in a long time. If pick a rookie, Brown probably plays quite a bit, but I go with Davis at OG. He has chance to win starting position. But of course I maybe just doing some wishful thinking. Titan Up.
  2. Practice was a little more energetic for the Titans today. Offense started slow but a catch by Tajae Sharpe got things going for them. Defense still looked good. More balanced today as far as offense vs. defense. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…
  3. Yes Conklin to Giants was going to happen. Had to move up to get him or lose him. JRob good at reading the draft board.
  4. I was born and raised in Texas. Loved the Oilers since I was a very small child. Watched Earl Campbell in training camp in San Angelo, Texas. Was Texas Longhorn fan so really clinched me being an Oiler fan when Earl went to Oilers. Watched Brad Hopkins get drafted in the astrodome at the draft party. So I followed them to Tennessee. Was also big time Steve McNair fan as well. My dad hated the cowboys and thus so do I. Have been Oiler/Titan fan for about 55 years.
  5. And yes he looks slow and confused, but remember what was said about learning Lafleur system, it would take some time. How many HC, OC, has he been through. I agree he needs to stay healthy and step up his game. But the changes hasn’t helped his confidence and game speed any at all. He looked confused. Throw in the injuries and he hasn’t lived up to what everyone wants in franchise QB. This year is make or break for him with the titans. The long list of injuries that was reported after the season sure didn’t help him either. Lots of things have affected his game. Our interior line was collapsed many times. How many dropped passes, dropped TD’s, etc. go back and rewatch games and you see dropped passes in every game. I’m not blaming it all on everything else, he does need to step up. But this is his year to shine with the added offensive weapons. Titan Up.
  6. Tannehill is a significant upgrade over what we have had for a backup QB in years (Cassell and Gabbert). When Marcus went down this team went down especially against good teams. Seems to me people are wanting Marcus out the door when the Titans would be better off if he can play and play well. If drafting a rookie QB, one doesn’t really know how it will turn out. I am a big time Marcus fan but a bigger Titans fan than just for him. He has the weapons and OL to succeed this year. Hopefully things will click and he will lead this team to the playoffs again and onto the Super Bowl. Time to go from good to great.
  7. That’s awesome. We usually are late with first round picks.
  8. Especially when Delani went down first game of season.
  9. Could explain why wasn’t as sharp at end of year as was earlier.
  10. Davis helping Brown is why they stayed late.
  11. This is the year for Marcus. They got him more weapons. And really good weapons at that. Improved the OL. Kept the same language in the playbook. It’s his year to thrive.
  12. With Humphries and Brown our WR’s should be vastly improved.
  13. That’s true but he did face some who will be in the NFL. Can’t say if will be good rookie year right now. Will get a better idea when goes to training camp. He does look the part though.
  14. Once he caught the ball and runs you don’t see people catching him on way to end zone. Is he as fast as Hollywood Brown, no. But he is a big WR who is built more like a running back and runs fast enough.
  15. I think Brown and Davis both start. Simmons will when he gets healthy.
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