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  1. Fifteen felonies, my guess is he is most assuredly cooperating, why else would he get a five month sentence?
  2. I can't imagine anyone being happy with Biden continuing to build "big, beautiful" border wall and more desperate people being shot by CBP than any other administration, but I suppose some are.
  3. This is a very good ad. Over a million people have watched it. Enjoy.
  4. Good - the Bible and Anne Frank have no place in a society where Mr. Potato Head can't be a mister! /s
  5. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/neocon-gone-liz-cheney-battles-seat-wyoming-primary Now that Republicans have voted out someone more Conservative than they are we have all the proof we need that Trumpism is a cult.
  6. Pence never said shit for four years as Trump attacked anyone and everyone who didn't adore him. Another religious hypocrite
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2022/08/16/trump-lawyers-fbi-raid/ Trump and his people are scrambling to assemble a top legal team in his latest woes with the DOJ.
  8. The problem with the peace movement of the 60s is that it was beheaded. Nah, they boast a lot, beat their chests a lot, make wild proclamations a lot. Witness the resident Righties here who spout on about violence but would never leave their comfortable armchairs, all bluster, no action. Yeah, there have been incidents here or there, like that fool who tried to attack an FBI office, but most of them will storm a government building, steal stuff (because that is SO manly), pose for photo ops so the FBI can catch them easier, then turn each other in for lighter sentences. The American revolution was fought by men of steel, this current crop of "revolutionaries" are mostly spoiled, fat, loud, insecure and full of it.
  9. Remember all those times righties accused targets on the left of working against America?
  10. AJClown

    Rudy Giuliani

    Its astounding how bad he is at trolling. It's like 3rd grade level garbage, so completely dumb. the equivalent of "nuh uh, you are the stupid poopyhead" Just a little of the factual examples of Republican fascism (something @BigTT supports) 1. Trying to overturn and election and continual defense of it 2. Trying to discredit legitimate elections, which TRump did his entire presidency and continues today 3. BAnning free speech in schools. Florida anti woke, don't say gay bullshit 4. Banning books 5. BAnning abortion Just a snip of the fascist garbage republicans push for. But its the stupid poopyhead wiberals LOL.
  11. Burn these motherfuckers to the ground. This trump coup attempt is going to be proven much bigger than we expected.
  12. Was it okay for Donnie to take documents that do not belong to him? Agree or disagree?
  13. Does that idiot Trump have a life? All he seems to do all day is whine and cry and play victim like a very large toddler.
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