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  1. AARP poll: Dixon (R) pulls within 5% of Michigan Governor Whitmer (D) Dixon (left) - Whitmer (right) Bipartisan poll, using an R and a D pollster, for the AARP: A battle of 2 hotties. A few months ago, Dixon was a C candidate - polling 20 points behind Whitmer, when Republicans were pissed that their 5 main candidates got disqualified for submitting faked ballot access signatures. I suspected then already that the race would become much closer.
  2. 1999 Carrera with 3.4 and 6 speed manual. Only 45k miles. Drives out sweet. One scuff on a rim is the only defect I can see.
  3. Fifteen felonies, my guess is he is most assuredly cooperating, why else would he get a five month sentence?
  4. I can't imagine anyone being happy with Biden continuing to build "big, beautiful" border wall and more desperate people being shot by CBP than any other administration, but I suppose some are.
  5. This is a very good ad. Over a million people have watched it. Enjoy.
  6. He's following Fox's lead to back Desantis now. They know he's going down. Only a matter of time the trump trolls here do the same. And regarding the video, Alex Jones wouldn't know sincerity if he was thrown into a swamp of sincerity with a dozen sincere alligators biting off his toes.
  7. Good - the Bible and Anne Frank have no place in a society where Mr. Potato Head can't be a mister! /s
  8. AJClown


    And how many years back were we promised cold fusion?
  9. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/neocon-gone-liz-cheney-battles-seat-wyoming-primary Now that Republicans have voted out someone more Conservative than they are we have all the proof we need that Trumpism is a cult.
  10. Pence never said shit for four years as Trump attacked anyone and everyone who didn't adore him. Another religious hypocrite
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2022/08/16/trump-lawyers-fbi-raid/ Trump and his people are scrambling to assemble a top legal team in his latest woes with the DOJ.
  12. The problem with the peace movement of the 60s is that it was beheaded. Nah, they boast a lot, beat their chests a lot, make wild proclamations a lot. Witness the resident Righties here who spout on about violence but would never leave their comfortable armchairs, all bluster, no action. Yeah, there have been incidents here or there, like that fool who tried to attack an FBI office, but most of them will storm a government building, steal stuff (because that is SO manly), pose for photo ops so the FBI can catch them easier, then turn each other in for lighter sentences. The American revolution was fought by men of steel, this current crop of "revolutionaries" are mostly spoiled, fat, loud, insecure and full of it.
  13. Remember all those times righties accused targets on the left of working against America?
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