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  1. Was is covid or the flu? Or are they just guessing?
  2. Wyattworld

    Virus in US

    Everybody laughing about Biden claiming there is a potential for the virus to hit us again is forgetting that he (or someone that can think for themselves) is privy to the real numbers of illegals being sent throughout the country that haven't been tested for Covid. Watch him claim how right he was when he is rigging the game.
  3. Who is Pierce Morgan?
  4. Durbin is the liar in this scenario.
  5. Lucky we have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Google, etc....that get things right and say exactly what we want to hear! And they are so right that they actually use the same phrasing and everything. Nothing like being so right that all the scripts from independent sources are almost exactly the same. We have more media saying the same thing than they do, so we are right! End of story.
  6. Wyattworld

    Virus in US

    Also, are these numbers trustworthy? Did they come from the Neanderthals or Jen Psaki? Can you really believe any of these guys any more?
  7. Wyattworld

    Virus in US

    Does this include our new voters with Covid?
  8. Here's your shovel, dude. Be yourself.
  9. I didn't say I felt bad about anything. And I sure wouldn't step lower than your previous classlessness with your pathetic whataboutism. Talk all day about the repubs and then act like this. Climb out of the gutter. Show some compassion and class.
  10. These are some classy remarks right here. We talk bad about the repubs and then act like this. Damn you look like fools.
  11. If we don't bury this insurrection investigation, they will find out who was really leading it.
  12. I just can't believe we're so pathetic at vetting fake documents. Didn't we learn anything from Dan Rather? Raskin made everybody look like fools.
  13. No shit. There is this dork on TitansReport that thinks........
  14. Just trying to steal something to write about. I guess the jig is up.
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