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  1. Oh yeah?? Well maybe you won't win by more than 14 points. Boom...owned! (Am I doing it right?)
  2. If that's your way of saying welcome, then thank you!
  3. I am a huge Jags fan but I am also realistic. Would love to see the Jags win and yes there is the whole "any given Sunday", but looking at all the position battles, it is difficult to see where the Jags have a great shot. If Minshew gets time, he may be able to have some success against your CB's but also throwing away from Byard. That's why we watch. Titans have a very good squad. Here's to no injuries and a good game on Sunday.
  4. Jags WR group is probably the strongest position on the team at the moment which isn't saying much. Titans need to turn the ball over for the Jags to have a chance. Minshew is looking at 4 or 5 sacks at least because the O-line is shaky. CJ Henderson looks the part but he has played one game. There is almost zero reason why Henry would not run for at least 125 yards. Overall, Titans are WAY better in terms of talent. Jags need to score first or the game will get out of hand quick. As a Jags fan, I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best.
  5. Hard to say now since the team is completely different now. Definitely a scrappy bunch now. I need to see more to give a better answer.
  6. Thanks! Not the trash talker type at all. I do watch the other 3 division teams way more than the rest of the league. Jags have had a rough 20 years lol. That '99 season was the downfall. Rivers played like well... Rivers. Made 2 ridiculous passes in traffic that killed any momentum they had. Titans are more consistent. Look forward to the game.
  7. Jags fan here. Jags played decent against the Colts. Run defense was not great. Screen passes killed them. I fully expect Henry to run for 125+. Titans have their number for a reason. A 27-13 win for the Titans is my guess. Jags do not have enough talent to compete but more talent than people think. Minshew is definitely a decent starter but he needs to be more consistent. Only way this is a close game is if the Titans turn the ball over. Good luck this year guys.

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