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  1. Excellent news on the injury front - especially at this time of the year. Sets us up well for a run.
  2. I wonder if a trade for David Johnson would be worth looking into
  3. I’d attempt to trade Davis if the right package of a pick(s) or player(s) was brought to the table.
  4. I wonder if we’d be able to grab Callahan as an o-line coach.
  5. Yep. Their offensive coaching trio of Stefanski, Kubiak and Dennison are really good, too.
  6. Yep. Total buffoonery not switching to Tanny
  7. I just want to watch Scotty make live distasteful jokes and comments @OILERMAN
  8. True. I’m willing to give him a one time pass as long as he hires an offensive-minded head coach.
  9. This is interesting, and definitely a solid nugget.