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  1. Agreed. Then again, Gettleman isn’t the brightest GM so who knows.
  2. Interesting on Collins. Only 25 years old. Stud.
  3. Just say no to foot injuries (I still love you though, Jevon).
  4. Two things can be true: 1. Keep Woodyard for one more year 2. Increase Evans’ playing time/responsibilities
  5. Excellent news for us as it potentially pushes another quality player down to 19.
  6. Can we draft both Hockenson and Fant? 😁
  7. Hmm two time all-American plus a 3rd round draft pick. Wonder what happened? Injuries?
  8. Hey our defense scheme against the Pats wasn’t too shabby either 😀
  9. Agreed on the speed aspect - sounds like it’ll be a point of emphasis in the maturation of personnel (and rightfully so).
  10. No disagreement, and like us in the real world hopefully an admission of wrong doesn’t erase a lot of the positive he’s done with the roster.
  11. Would love to see Kelly at RG. Kline’s extension clearly was the smartest idea (or structured) but I think with the cap being so high nowadays, his cut hit would be pretty irrelevant.
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