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  1. Lol yes that was my point that I’m happy that we picked versatile players over an older player who is one dimensional
  2. Hooray for going with a multi-dimensional TE. Refreshing.
  3. Was coming here to post the same. I’m a little bias being a UNC guy 😁
  4. We’ve been fortunate to have 3 tackles that we know we can rely on (most of the time). Most teams would kill for that.
  5. Lol yes my post was half comedy, half serious. Make the call.
  6. Having versatility on defense is a beautiful thing.
  7. Definitely divorce in under 5 years, and maybe that’s being *too* kind.
  8. Ol Chris Davis. Definitely agree he needs refinement/more coaching. When he gets the ball, he can make good things happen which I’m okay with.
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