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  2. At this point no one is flipping sides for or against Trump
  3. The average person who never turns on the news has no idea what's going on and may have heard the initial report that Barr said no collusion, no obstruction (even if Barr didn't specifically say "no obstruction"). They have no idea what Barr's role is and assume he's just an impartial attorney general. Then the next thing they hear is that Trump was not convicted in the senate and therefore the impeachment efforts failed. So if you're that average person who doesn't watch the news from, say, Michigan, what are you going to think? "Oh, they're out to get Trump. Give the guy a break! I'm voting for him." This person has no idea of anything going on with the Southern District of New York and has not heard anything about what's really in the Mueller report. Do you really want to lose that potential voter? To me the biggest way to get a voter like that is just continue to hammer home the facts of what the Mueller report actually said and all of Trump's other misdeeds, both as president and whatever else is being investigated in NY. And continue doing that until November and hope to hell that the message gets relayed properly to enough people. All the while reminding people about the shutdown (that's a story that I'd assume everyone heard about) and that Trump said he'd own it. The big thing here is this has to remain in the news. You can't give Trump any openings to nationally claim victory with a real reason that he may get sympathy votes. Not getting impeached by the senate is probably the biggest way between now and then that Trump can pick up those votes.
  4. He’ll probably be long gone, but never know.
  5. There is a very real possibility Hockenson goes #7 to the Jags, absolute worst case he goes to the Packers at #12.
  6. Hockenson is not going to revolutionize our run or pass game.
  7. He actually is an option imo, even it's it's a small chance. He could replace Stocker right away.
  8. This is so hard for me because I'm absolutely in love with Simmons as a prospect but that injury complicates things so much. I know that in the big picture if we're able to take him and be patient, we could end up with an elite level talent next season but there is a nagging part of me that says we really need someone who can contribute immediately. Then again, it's not like I see us winning the superbowl or making a super deep play off run this year (unless Mariota goes pineapples) so maybe we are better off taking him and addressing OG in the second.Even if we remove Simmons from the equation at 19 I'm torn between Burns, Lawrence, and the best OG available. OG is probably the biggest actual need on the team but should we take the highest rated OG at 19 or take Burns/Lawrence at 19 and hope a guy like Lidstrom either falls to us or we trade up for him in the second? As you can see, I'm pulled in so many directions that I don't know what we should do lol. In the end, I could see something like this: 1. Simmons 2. Lidstrom (might require a trade) 3. Winovich 4. Jennings/Hardman/McLaurin etc OR 1. Ford 2. Lawrence (might require a trade) 3. Winovich 4. Jennings/Hardman/McLaurin etc Or we take a receiver in the 1st and fuck what I think!
  9. I see no way Sansa and Theon have any real romantic relationship. I expect Theon to die in some sacrificial manner for Bran anyway
  10. The Republicans are exposed after all the evidence is out in plain site and they didn't convict. Same thing that happened to politicians who voted for the Iraq war. BTW, it's more than likely Trump is going to lose anyway regardless of Democratic strategy
  11. If you're one of the uninformed idiots parroting the rights talking points that AOC is stupid watch this. Not only is she not stupid she's super smart. Excellent watch hear. Andy Barr is a Republican Sen in Kentucky, he challenged AOC to come to Kentucky and talk to coal miners. She accepted and Barr uninvited her quickly. Another Republican in KY said AOC is smart and would come down there and make them look bad. Another LOL note, there are no coal miners in Barr's district anyway!
  12. bingo. All the discourse on the attractiveness of arya and russ's fixation on her sexuality is dumb.
  13. Sansa and Tyrion can’t be technically married anymore. For her to have married Ramsey, they would have had to annul her marriage to Tyrion. And as she could honestly tell them that it was never consummated, that should be easy to annul under Westerosi tradition.
  14. And what happens when he isn't convicted? You know what he's going to say and what the cult will say. "Vindicated." "Witch hunt." Something to that affect. And it will look like the democrats are trying to get him out by any means possible even if you, me and all the non-cult members know that's not the case. And those in the middle may be sympathetic towards Trump and vote for him.
  15. It depends on the law in question. I heard that, in the case of campaign finance law, it is. If nothing else, it brings in the “shadow of a doubt” that can lead a jury not to convict.
  16. So the economy was already booming when Trump took office and I guess who were pretty happy with Obama right?
  17. I really want Hockenson but since I know that's not an option I went with what's more likely out of the D-lineman. I think Wilkins would be a terrific pick but the idea of Simmons is definitely intriguing.
  18. Yeah I don't think I there's any type of Sansa/Theon thing going on outside of friendship and the fact that he saved her life. I still think it's interesting that her and Tyrion are technically married. Them going through the ceremony and then him sleeping on the floor was a pretty specific writing choice. It might've been used just to emphasize character development in Tyrion but it'd be interesting if there's some sort of long term implications of them technically being married. And after her interactions with Ramsey, I could very easily see the fact that he slept on the floor meaning a lot to her as well. Has he been to a whore house or been with anyone since he technically got married? Would be very interesting if he secretly stayed faithful to her out of some sense of honor and never really told anyone.
  19. @Legaltitan I've heard the old expression "Ignorance is no excuse for the law" Is this legally true? Mueller didn't charge Don jr. because he basically said Don jr was ignorant of the law?
  20. I really believe he will be the kind of player that has success in the pros and in a few years teams that passed on him early will regret it.
  21. I don't think that oldschool, legal or anyone else not in the cult who's saying don't impeach him disagrees. I think the fear is does it backfire? I think we all know it's theoretically the right thing to do. It should have been done two years ago. That's not the point.
  22. I read parts of it. Not sure what the big deal is. Outside of tards like you even the Dems know there is no way in hades Trump will get impeached. It is all a political show.
  23. No. The average American with a job and enjoying the robust economy is going to vote for Trump all day long over some nit wit trying to tell them how bad things are. The Dems have made no effort at all in trying to reach agreements on anything of importance. Their fix for health care is Medicare for everybody. For the border it is to ignore it (we have some insane idiots wanting the abolishment of ICE and removal of walls we already have). While infrastructure is an issue they ignore that. What good are any of these bozos for the country as a whole? The Dems are a shit stain that needs to be washed off. They are off the rails on almost every single issue.
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