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  2. Can you change your avatar? It too easily confuses you with ME.
  3. I seriously can't see Brady not retiring as a Patriot. Age is going to catch him sooner than later anyways and his best years are behind him. Tanny, if he plays well could give 4-5 years anyways. Brady has to be getting close.
  4. We haven't seen the bad RT yet. I suspect that is coming, in which the MM homers can rejoice and come out of hiding. I think RT played great, at least in terms of the typical Titan QB play of which we've come to expect. I have no idea how all this plays out, but it's nice to have a QB with pocket awareness and the ability to make, or better attempt, tight window throws. And yeah, let's just throw out there the ability to read a defense. Even if RT shits the bed, we have seen what good QB play is like. Marcus has his moments, but the core of modern QB expectations? He didn't, and that's what this boils down to. Whatever RT does for the rest of the season, I think we still need to draft a QB. We don't have to reach, as it seems RT is a good stop gap. He may even carry the team a few years, hopefully. Having a good QB on the team even if RT is having success isn't a bad thing for trade value. I fully expect for RT to shit the bed as I am a Titan's fan....and that's just what's expected. But damn, I'm excited to see competent QB play.
  5. We really make sense. Theres not a team I can think of right off that bat that has talent everywhere and no QB under contract under 2020.
  6. Simmons had the 2nd highest grade of any player in the draft according to Lance Zierlein and it shows This is probably the closest you'll find. Breaks down 7 GIFs
  7. I want to see our D against that O with him playing. Certainly his mobility will be limited a bit no?
  8. Simmons with that 90 grade, god damn.
  9. I think he played well and threw the ball with velocity. He provided a spark that mariota couldnt. we broke MM and he's obviously completely shell-shocked... i didnt believe the thoughts that he would retire after this year, but we David Carr'ed him and I could see it happening. But you have to recognize that that was a bottom tier pass D we played (along with a below average run D). .. just as it will be this upcoming week (except possibly the run D). So while its good to be excited, and there were good signs, our offense was not really tested.
  10. Way too early to be blowing your load over Tannehill. Gotta see how the season plays out. I did like what I saw out of him, and I do think he has potential to be a good bridge quarterback with the talent we have on this team. But it’s definitely early.
  11. Starting to sound like he might actually make it back by the time we play the Chiefs.
  12. Meaningless stat for this week, after week 7 there are 15 teams with a losing record, out of those 15 teams the Titans are picking the lowest at pick 15, if the season ended today there would be plenty of QB needy teams between us and the top of the draft. 2020 Draft Order after week 7 1. Bengals 2. Dolphins 3. Redskins 4. Falcons 5. Jets 6. Giants 7. Chargers 8. Broncos 9. Browns 10. Dolphins (from Steelers) 11. Bucs 12. Lions 13. Jags 14. Eagles 15. Titans 16. Raiders 17. Cardinals 18. Raiders (from Bears) 19. Jags (from Rams) 20. Panthers 21. Cowboys 22. Dolphins (From Texans) 23. Colts 24. Vikings 25. Ravens 26. Seahawks 27. Bills 28. Packers 29. Chiefs 30. Saints 31. 49ers 32. Patriots
  13. Thats by record. We may get lucky without mahommes playing, that could help. Most of the elite Defenses are out of the way for us. So we just have to up the offense a bit and let our D keep playing strong. Theres a shot.
  14. Unfortunately, probably not. "Every play" videos are relatively easy to make for players who are directly involved in the plays. Every pass attempt, every catch, every run, every touchdown, every tackle/sack/INT, etc. It's relatively easy to quickly filter through plays that have individual statistics associated with them. Putting together an "every snap" video for a guy like Simmons would be much more challenging and far more time-consuming. According to, Simmons had only four plays with measurable statistics (3 tackles + 1 sack) will only take a few minutes to throw those together and upload them. (I'll post something shortly). But for the snaps where Simmons did his job but didn't collect any sort of official stat (tackles, sacks, INTs, etc)...all those clips would have to be done manually: watch every play of the game, identify the plays where Simmons was on the field, save each one individually, then splice them all together one by one. Probably at least 2-3 hours' worth of work, minimum.
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  16. My bad. I can't count up to umpteen, so I didn't know it was that many.
  17. As long as it’s better than the Last Jedi...
  18. Ugh...he has played one game. Stop with the homer shir.
  19. That is like the umpteenth time you've shown that picture on the forum lately. I'm sure your wife wouldn't appreciate being a pawn in your meme activities.
  20. I always wonder how these guys don't just dominate college ball. How do these college OGs not give up 5+ losses per game against this guy? Offensive scheming?
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