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  2. That's a very generic explanation. Every QB is the focal point of an offense. Mariota is the one holding it back right now. Is he keeping us in better shape than some of our past QBs? Absolutely. But no wideout or play call is going to elevate this offense to anything but average - especially since those are variables that will always change. We're below average right now. Plays break down, WRs get hurt, blocking assignments are missed ... the QBs that can achieve things when they don't go according to script (and many times they don't) are the ones that carry their team. It's on him.
  3. Y'all really burned Oilerman pointing out the difference a hof QB can make over a POS fullback 🙄🙄
  4. This lady just took a shit on Anderson Cooper’s desk and flake nation on national TV! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Who doesn’t know Mariota is the focal point of the offense and that he needs to play better?
  6. That only happens to you @titanruss. The guy that nobody wants on their side.
  7. She was saying people tend to think of rape in terms of some fantasy, and that this was nothing like that. Goddamn you people are retarded.
  8. well when you say retarded inflammatory shit... people enjoy making fun of you for it.
  9. Don’t you flakes feel pretty stupid.You start a lemon party and leave with blue balls. This nut job is walking back her claims.
  10. To put a stamp on this thread and future threads. When you realize that Mariota is the main person that needs to play better on offense WAY above the other positions or coaches you'll realize there isn't much to talk about on offense besides him. It's on Mariota. Admit that and you can stop digging for data, quotes, put away the stop-watches for time in the pocket, throw out WR separation data, stop breaking down offensive film. Notice in the thousands of pages about this subject I have never said, "MARIOTA SUCKS." Or "MARIOTA IS DONE." Mariota just needs to play better. Then we're all happy. Admit that, then just focus on the growing defense instead. Or don't, and the threads will keep rolling.
  11. Mayor Pete needs to be moved somewhere high profile and non voting. Like Secretary of State or UN Ambassador. So that he's ready in 2028 or 2032. He's got plenty of time.
  12. He left the campaign trail - how is he prioritizing his presidential run? But how long does he need to be off the campaign trail really in order to adequately address this?
  13. That should tell you what's going on here. You're going to see a pattern with teams who have bad QB play. They run more regardless of their run success. They HAVE to run more. When it comes to run vs. pass it's the lesser of two evils. Wilson can win any way you want him to, the team just decided they're built to win a certain way and know Wilson can adapt. As for Wilson being a generational talent, if my QB is drafted high or going to be signed for a "generation" I want his talent to be generational.
  14. We weren't discussing what can be proven in court. We were discussing whether we think the allegations were credible in our personal opinion. 16 allegations against Trump. In your opinion, are they all lying? Does that stand to reason after he personally bragged about it on tape?
  15. 1. Yes we will get the answer. He either balls and gets extended or he’s gone. 2. The Seahawks. I mean, I get what you are trying to do in this thread, but comparing Mariota to Wilson is a terrible comparison. Wilson is a Generational talent, who is a true top 3 qb in the league in the prime of his career who has had the same coach/offense for his entire 7 year career. They also led the league in rushing and had a real run game all season for the first time since lynch left. Wilson had a crazy outlier year even for him. He had the lowest yards since his second season but His TD% was higher than any year in his career. I bet he doesn’t come close to the same production again if the run game struggles. If you look at the bottom 10 teams in passing % most of them had a great run game all year. The Titans didn’t. Having a crap run game when you are the second highest run % team in the league puts way more pressure on the qb. like I and many others have said, this is a make or break year for Mariota and he has no more excuses. He has the best team around him that he ever has and he has an OC that has been around him his entire career. Beating the “why Mariota sucks” drum is pointless and getting stale. Just go outside and enjoy your summer.
  16. Mayor Pete dont give a fuck about the blacks and all of his supporters are racist!
  17. That wouldn't be able to be used in court for any of these allegations, but dont let that stop you from making your made up from day 1 decision. Of course they. Yall wait until they get there, and then admit it. But you fight for it until it's no longer of relevance. Right, because they both were convicted and sent to jail. Great comparison. Wrongly convicted. Lmao So if Trump does ever go to court and gets convicted, does that mean I get to argue he was wrongly convicted if I say I believe Cosby? The asinine jokes dont stop.
  18. Right now he is an absentee mayor who isn’t dealing with a serious issue going on in his city while he is prioritizing his own campaign for president. That’s a bad look.
  19. I believe at least some of the allegations against Trump are credible/true, he did admit he like to grab em by the pussy. I also believe at least some of the allegations against Clinton are true. Only one is president of the United States at this time, so the “comparisons” and what abouts are kind of irrelevant right now. Also, if you don’t believe the allegations against Trump, you can’t believe the allegations against Bill Cosby. Anyone defending Trump should be leading the charge to free a wrongly convicted Cosby, right?
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