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    Virus in US

    I use Kroger's on line as well. If I have to use Walmart, then I go at 6:00 AM when they open. Generally the first in line and almost everyone is wearing a mask at that time. I wouldn't even consider going to a restaurant, although I do take out on occasion.
  3. It would seem Trump knows as much about the SEC as he does the Bible...
  4. Dewine has been pretty decent in Ohio as well. Two issues: He bent to pressure not to mandate masking for months, and is caught in the same bar/restaurant opening spike as many other places. Other than that those he got most right.
  5. It’s fine if people don’t want Goskowski. But the love for this Joseph guy is laughable. They literally let him kick one FG.
  6. Actually, when we played the Patriots they sold out on taking away the passing game and the play action passing.
  7. Today
  8. Schefter pretty definitive that Henry won't be getting a long term deal.
  9. There’s also this from the same article: By early April, Dr. Fauci had received so many personal threats that he was assigned personal protection. The N.I.H. continues to turn over threats to the agency’s security force, said one official familiar with them. How crazy do you have to be to threaten a 79 year old man?
  10. I don’t think we need any more information to conclude Fauci was deliberately sidelined. But as Dr. Fauci’s public assessments of the outbreak became increasingly dire, Mr. Meadows and several press officials he brought to the White House began to tighten the access television reporters had to him, ignoring or blocking requests routed to them from the N.I.H. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/13/us/politics/fauci-trump-coronavirus.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  11. Snyder really botched this one. Someone trade marked a bunch of names since, and now he'll likely have to pay this man off for the name. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/washington-redskins-nfl-name-trademarks-martin-mccaulay/
  12. I understand systemic racism. I understand what you’re saying. I’m telling you point blank the manner in which you discuss the situation is infantile and pointless. First, you aren’t black, so though you understand from a certain scale you do not actually understand how it is to be the other. Second, if your reason to state such things is to begin a dialogue for understanding then your methods are shit.
  13. And you still don't get it. It has nothing to do with how hard you worked. It's much bigger than you. Systemic racism results in you being born with certain advantages. It doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't mean it's your fault. However, it is still white privilege. Just like those white NFL head coaches worked very hard to get where they were at, just like you did. However, those white coaches still had an inherent advantage over black coaches, because they were white and their bosses (i.e. the team owners) were white. That is systemic racism, also known as institutional racism. It's not necessarily sinister. It's not necessarily intentional. It's just the way our society is.
  14. That’s why I prodded a bit until he cut me off, but like I said in a chill manner. I wasn’t going to push after that. All in all it was cool getting to talk football with the guy.
  15. Hopefully the hip injury is behind him. He was 7 of 8 before he got hurt, even though he missed 4 XP. He's 36 though so who knows how much more he has left.
  16. TL knows more about the game plans than I ever will, but this just doesn't compute for me. Form what I remember it seemed like we went into a turtle shell before Mahomes took over. Mahomes may have done what he did regardless, but it seems like we let some moments get away from us in that game.
  17. I want to see the Titans play so much. I see the news about the virus spiking and fall/winter is coming. The schools in some states may not open. Colleges are doing virtual classes to protect students from the virus. Meanwhile, states are going to play or undecided about HS football. Suiting up our future to come play ball on Friday nights. In the south, HS football is a religion. Okay. Saturday, we are planning to suit up our future high level professionals. College football is cultish. Sunday, we have the professionals. Everybody's day off and smart ministers finish the sermon in time for his flock to get home in time for kickoff. Meanwhile, everyone else is supposed to wear a mask and practice safe distance-6ft. Man, I don't know what I'll do if the Titans don't start on time.
  18. Trump's new campaign add. I guess he's going for the kindergarten kracy kid vote.
  19. I didn't see his comments like that. I started this thread to discuss a big reason for the economic struggles of black people. It's wasn't a tit for tat, but each side could present sound reasoning about the topic. Some serious barriers have been placed in front of black Americans that has stifled the progress of them as a people. The Supreme Court of the United States has participated in removing laws that protect all Americans right to vote, enabling the old confederate states to deny black Americans the vote. They did this in the 1800's and they did it again in 2013. America is the right to vote for who governs us. It is the foundation of democracy. To enable the old confederacy to practice voter suppression on Americans of one race in 2013 is an abomination. Today, the people are voicing their opinion that all these wrongs cannot continue. The majority of republicans in America believe it is more difficult for black people to advance in this country. It has now become an issue of humanity that has inspired protests around the world. Mississippi, NASCAR, Tennessee, other states and institutions all over the country are removing symbols of racism. There's a lot of work to be done to correct centuries of damage done to black Americans and nobody expects some miracle change to correct every wrong overnight. But also nobody wants to waste time with people who's opinion is nothing has happened to black Americans. The are just making excuses for being...
  20. I’m not a fan of LTF, but this ‘admit your white privilege motherfucker!’ is nonsense and isn’t constructive whatsoever.
  21. Starkiller

    Virus in US

    I order from Kroger online and pick it up at the store, which is no extra charge since this all started. I haven’t set foot in the stores in months and they generally do a good job. I’d rather pick out my own stuff but I’d also rather not be around a bunch of people not wearing masks... My mother uses Shipt and found one person she likes, tips her well, and let’s her know whoever she submits an order so she can take it.
  22. I want the Joseph kid to stay. Gostkowski's got the history but he's old as hell and he basically missed 2 seasons. Sure kickers can last a while but most lose distance and Joseph showed he's got a strong leg on kickoffs.. so we'd have that a while.
  23. klaatu-

    Virus in US

    I was in the frozen food aisle at Walmart today and wearing the mask like oldschool told me to when suddenly a 500 lb tub of lard growled at me like a dog so I growled back at him. Maybe 25% of the customers were wearing masks and even less were social distancing. I'm going to start using Instacart because I can't keep idiots out of my personal space. I've used them before but they always buy the wrong shit and I'm either stuck with it or have to make a special trip to exchange it.
  24. Is that why you stay home all day by yourself?
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