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  3. But @Soxcatsaid Trump is here to help the American worker!
  4. The difference between Trump and an arsonist? An arsonist has a plan.
  5. Quinton Spain went off for the Bills as well. They had him listed at 6'4" and 330, and it didn't look like conditioning had been a big emphasis for him.
  6. Ah yes, I'm somehow an angry millenial. Your go to jab to try and dismiss my opinion for your full of shit take.
  7. I really thought when Warren split with her campaign finance team months ago that she was essentially done, but these recent surges in her polling numbers in unexpected places are impossible to ignore. The second story here is AZ being in play for Dems. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are statistically tied with President Trump in Arizona, a state that hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in a quarter century, according to a new poll. The new survey conducted by OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based nonpartisan pollster, shows Biden leading Trump by a 45 percent to 43 percent margin. Trump leads Warren 44 percent to 43 percent, the poll found. Both results fall within the survey's margin of error, a sign that Trump will have to work harder to win Arizona's electoral votes than any Republican nominee this century. The survey shows Trump running better against other potential Democratic nominees. He leads Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) 44 percent to 34 percent; he leads Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) 45 percent to 36 percent; and he leads South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) 43 percent to 38 percent. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/458344-poll-shows-biden-warren-tied-with-trump-in-arizona
  8. ….an arsonist in the white house and a republican party that is cheering him on.
  9. Did you even read the article? If you did (and understood it), you would know exactly what the prior years of down commodity returns from CHINA comes from (swine flu, not any policy related to the United States). What this should tell you is that farmers who primarily export their soy crop to China were already in a delicate position. Then Trump dropped the hammer on them. THAT’S United States policy fucking over the American farmer. But truly, I’m all for any idiot who supported Trump to get what they deserve from the liar.
  10. The big old C band moveable satellite dishes were expensive, but once you got it was great for sports, before they started scrambling everything. You could get Sunday Ticket for $39 pre season and $49 after Sept. 1 first year they offered it; jumped to $59 the second year. Each satellite had only 8 transponders so you sometimes had to move the dish to get to certain games. They used to do the MNF feed in the clear with the booth live during commercials, that was interesting. If you were willing to take the time to find it, you could get any college game that was televised. It was SD, but it was better than any over the air or cable feed, it maxed out at 500i.
  11. Some are speculating a Tunsil for Clowney trade between the Dolphins/Texans.
  12. Makes no sense. We’re already paying Can Wake a lot of money this year & he’s looked great in camp. He easily has one, maybe 2 years left. We also have Landry who had a great offseason & Finch who looks like a great 3rd OLB, both on rookie deals. We’d have to give up at least a 1st & give out a monster contract for what really wouldn’t be that big of an upgrade. It would maybe make sense if we didn’t draft Simmons because Clowney is actually a much better rusher up on the line & Houston actually kicks him inside on 3rd down. But we did draft Simmons & it just makes no sense. The other stud in our division makes way more sense, Ramsey.
  13. As for Biden: he’s an awful candidate by most measures. I think he’s too cozy with big business. He hasn’t really stood for much and he’s flopped on some issues such as the Hyde Amendment. What I do appreciate about him is the fact he’s a genuine person. At this point in time that goes a long way for me. He’s got my vote. So does any other Dem. Eye on the prize homies!
  14. @Rogue same goes to you. Didnt mean to jump in in the middle. I just don’t like watching intelligent people argue past each other.
  15. I quoted where he said he got kind of lit. That happens. To me, what I saw was that you essentially treated him like you would Jake. That doesn’t make sense to me. Rogue is a good poster. Take the time to pause and investigate, and I would lay money says you at the worst would have agreed to disagree, more likely came to the same conclusion. Intelligent people need an outlet to debate. That doesn’t mean they come to the same conclusion. In Trump’s world where 35% of the people we deal don’t want a debate sometimes we forget that the reason for debating is not a zero sum game where one has to lose or win.
  16. Jones was obviously kidding, but Elliot is not some kind of transcendental type player. He’s a decent running back with a good offensive line. It’s plug and play. Plus, he looks like a goddamn retard with his cutoff shirts. And that feed-me spoon shit is dumb. I don’t like him at all.
  17. Imagine the right wing freak out if Obama had “ordered” American businesses to do something like this... God forbid he do it while wearing a tan suit and ordering Dijon mustard!
  18. I. They won’t. Mayfield is for real. ODB is elite. Landry is a fucking stud. Njoku was really good last year and this year I think he cements himself as one of the best TE in the league. He has trended up every year. He is special. Nick Chubb is a phenom and Kareem Hunt is a top 5 RB when he plays. Their OL is very good also. To to top it off they have an amazing and young front 7 full of playmakers. They have very good LB’s and an elite pair of pass rushers. Garrett is everything he was hyped up to be plus more. I would take him over Joey Bosa any day of the week. They have really really good corners. Ward is special. He had a great rookie year and will only get better. He was a shutdown corner from day one. Opposite him is Greedy Williams who reminds me of Marcus Peters and Terrance Mitchell is a damn good #3 CB Im gonna go Tennessee - 27 Cleveland - 23
  19. The only way to defeat this is to put Pruitt beside Kelly and run Flu and Henry right at them. Tire them out. Let them chase Mariota too. Roll him out.
  20. Over 5 years.... So it started under Obama. Just like yall say about the economy showing growth under Obama. So this all must be credited to him as well.... #LiberalLogic
  21. Zeke heard that Jones said "Zeke who?" and was really pissed.
  22. I disagree entirely with your characterization of his arguments and his approach. Dude jumps in all emo, “Get your head out of your ass”, lectures, casts aspersions, “quite conservative like”, when nobody plays his 20 questions game that he then claims “you got nothing” victory lap. Oh no, you gotta understand each other,... um nope. When someone acts a fool, I don’t need to bother with that shit other than expose it for what it is. Can we get back to Biden now? Maybe move this shit to another thread.
  23. No, socialism is when one of the Dem presidential front runners for prez in 2020 calls for nationalizing the energy sector, among other things. Like Bernie is doing. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/bernie-sanders-wants-to-nationalize-at-least-30-of-the-american-economy
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