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  2. 90% of the people who throw around the word "socialist" forget that there wouldn’t even be an Internet if not for the government doing shit on their own
  3. Stan17


    He's lightning, but we are still pretty young at the position as it currently stands.
  4. I think he is worth way more than a 4th. He is a borderline starting OT.
  5. I wonder about the trade value of Kelly. He was very good last year. Do you take a 4th for him? A backup is valuable, but so is a pick in a deep draft class.
  6. Often putting mild restraints on capitalism is construed with the corrupt disaster that is Venezuela. This is obviously a simplistic sound bite that doesn't remotely scratch the surface of a rational policy debate that we really need. I believe that we need many more of the Socialist type policies that lead to a more equitable society (universal healthcare, heavily subsidized college tuition and childcare, better infrastructure, etc). Yes, that does mean we have to raise more money to pay for it (taxes). This is currently working very well in about a dozen other countries with better upward mobility and happiness than the US without resulting in a lack of general competition/creative destruction that is required to keep growing the pie.
  7. Likely Dubya's greatest achievement
  8. He still has very serious problems in the NY office regardless of the Mueller investigation.
  9. FBI Republicans conspiring to enforce the law 🙄
  10. Pretty impressive for the president at that age
  11. I usually hate kids with these incidents. But I don't really care much in this case. If you f*ck with my family, you f*ck with me. That's my philosophy as well. Hitting a woman is wrong. But I'm seeing red when someone, of any gender, mentions a recently deceased family member and fights my sibling. J Rob is a family man, he gets that. Simmons strikes me as a decent human being with a very poor, emotional moment of judgement. But not one that any protective family member wouldn't replicate. It happened when he was a teenager. It's over. He has gobs of talent and he's done absolutely nothing else to suggest that he's a bad human being.
  12. Not sure JRob has even contemplated moving Conklin to OG yet, i'm sure the hope is he gets healthy this offseason and returns closer to his 2016-2017 play than what he showed in 2018.
  13. I used to think that but it could just be investigating Russia involvement, absent any conspiracy with Trump.
  14. Based on the current trends of events showcasing each side's hypocrisy, I think it will be clear had a lesser figure engaged in the same activity, repercussions may have been different. Ultimately it's probably better for the US if nothing too ground breaking comes out of it all as a large portion will simply not accept it regardless and that will only further escalate tensions. This isn't even a Trump fan criticism as the environment is such now that every major political figure would have a similar blind following and they'd all probably do the same. If it does just the right amount of damage to cement 2020 as Trump's last year then I think that's the best outcome.
  15. I think the opposite— they wouldn’t let it go this far unless it was serious. They need for everything to be air tight before releasing. Remember how long Watergate took.
  16. And there is the admission. This isn't about any of the shit you pretend it is. It's all about using this Smollet thing as a weapon against hate crimes which in your own words isn't really a great problem. I don't know what it is about you Trump supporters but to a man, the more you talk, the more you expose yourselves and your true motives. Must get it from dear old papa Trump. And FYI, we're "quick" to believe stuff like this because Trump is a seething mountain of hate, bigotry, and racism and you sad bastards cosign all of it, every step of the way. It's easy to believe this about you because of your own past behavior regarding people of color and the LGBTQ community. The media didn't force you fucks to proudly defend all of the bigoted stuff Trump was putting out there. Y'all ate that stuff up and continue to do it to this day. When you see that there are people that actually support a person like Trump, that person becomes instantly suspect. You made your bed, now lie in it and stop expecting people to have sympathy for you when you Trump supporters show none for anyone else.
  17. Today
  18. This thread is 13 pages in two days...
  19. Dillard is a tough one. I'm personally not a big fan, but a lot of people love his athleticism. I think Ford blows him away, even if he's moved to guard. His combination of play strength & movement is very rare. Him & Jawaan Taylor have size/power/length/movement packages that are very rare.
  20. We reportedly looked into trading for Gronk, so it's not off the table. And the way this offense has been, we may as well have 3 TEs on the field each play. Jonnu is more athletic than most WRs in the league.
  21. Your honor, in defense of my client, he’s just a big ol’ misunderstood snowflake.
  22. Ben jones should be moved to the left dumpster
  23. I just think something would have been done by now if there was evidence of anything. I just do not think that the special counsel would just sit back, with no attempt to get Congress to remove him, if it had evidence.
  24. I killed a cop once, but I am sensitive and a pretty little flower so they said it was OK.
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