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  2. Every person of note who has the ability to appear in print or electronic media needs to be warning the American the perils of letting this lunatic stay in office once he is presumably acquitted by the senate. It's bad enough to have the complete inner circle willing to placate a narcissist who cannot admit to ever being mistaken, but once the AG becomes complicit and decides he represents the president over country, we simply cannot allow that structure to remain in power. Kelly is looking frighteningly more prescient with every passing day.
  3. I seriously considered putting some Soulja Boy behind it......."Supaman dat hoe"
  4. Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill has career earnings of $67.55M over seven seasons, which ranks th among active NFL players entering 2019. He earned $8.68M in 2018, which ranked 24th among QBs and 150th overall in the NFL. This signing isn't the same as some other signings the Titans missed out on like Suh. RT sat on the bench and watched a lessor player. He studied and prepared himself to play if/when the opportunity presented itself. He has demonstrated he's a team player and 100% willing to do what is asked of him, so the Titans know his value to them. Signing any player is a risk. The Titans know they have to be competitive, but they also know they don't have to break the bank. The Titans are most likely the number one place Tannehill wants to play. He's already made $67.55M playing football, so he has money. What be doesn't have is a SB ring. This is the team that looks to give him the best opportunity to win one. The only concern I see is injuries. He appears durable as hell so far, but he takes a lot of hits. If they sign him or any QB really, a serious priority needs to be placed on having a good backup. A QB who can come in and win a game or two is a must. That's one area JRob has been below average in, until this season.
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  6. You should have put the Superman theme on top of the video.
  7. You probably don't remember this but in their playoff game after the 2003 season the Titans had just come up with a big turnover and tried a trick play with Frank Wycheck throwing the ball. The Patriots were all over it. Eddie George said that it was a play they hadn't run all year so he had no idea how the Patriots knew it was coming. Gee, I wonder how...
  8. That’s because this last election was the first you were eligible to vote.
  9. The sad part is Trump could lose by up to 5-6 million and theoretically win.
  10. They shot almost 8 minutes of footage of their sideline and when caught they asked to delete it. Cheaters gonna cheat...
  11. If the team is healthy, then absolutely. I will say I'd feel more comfortable if our defense were healthier.
  12. I was just thinking about that. How funny would it have been if a blowout loss was the final moment in Oakland? Haha.
  13. Appears we are wearing that crappy light blue jersey and pants. Truly fucked.
  14. To pump up the Right. As I said...naive. We dont need that on the field. And it's not out of left field. McNair did it all the time. In fairness, Simmons might not have the same agenda. Hopefully not.
  15. At least Correa plays with a super high motor. We need more from Finch badly.
  16. Henry's speed game won't last forever. It might even already be gone. You don't build around a RB, you seize the moment.
  17. I assume they were taping the Bengals sideline bcuz they play them this week not for a game in the distant future
  18. This would be awesome. Imagine the hype going into a Sun night game if we beat the Texans this week. Would definitely have a playoff feel to it.
  19. One of the funnier parts to me is the guy doesn’t know how to smile. And then on top of that he smiles at inappropriate times. Idiot.
  20. You absolutely cannot fail to prepare for a game in the NFL. You obviously risk losing a game in horrendous fashion that risks demoralizing a team and causes them to lose two in a row at the end. That’s assuming you won the first of three. @abenjami is basically saying to forfeit week 16. To accomplish what he’s saying and just study Texans until week 17 your better bet is to not even show up so no one has to play and risk injury. Essentially give yourself another bye week. And that’s in Nashville. So you either forfeit, don’t show and refund tickets — preposterous— or you don’t study and basically tell your team you’re not good enough to beat the Saints so just focus on the Texans again, because that’s the low-hanging fruit. It’s the wrong message. You get stronger by lifting heavier weights and facing strong opponents and honing your craft. And for fuck’s sake, we beat the Saints under the Mariota-led Titans. We beat the Patriots and Seahawks as well with Mariota, and we’ve already beat the Chiefs. Sweep the (last) leg. You heard me.
  21. He’s always been elite run blocking. His problem has been dum dum penalties and the inside move against elite and top tier rushers.
  22. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Blech!
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