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  1. I think i would like to see Henry resigned even when you consider the limitations. Im not sure its going to take some massive deal to make it happen either. If they cut Lewis and draft his replacement it seems more then reasonable.
  2. We should let him get a couple more weeks under Munchs' tutelage then sign him and see the improvments since he left the Titans! Lol
  3. If logan ryan keeps this shit up kern might actually have some competition for team MVP...
  4. Definitely think mariota was a big part of the problem. I get why titans fans are upset by him getting benched - it means we're back at square one looking for a franchise qb. What i dont understand is why all the Mariota fans are upset? This is what you all wanted from the beginning isnt it? Mariota on another teams roster. Smile.
  5. Ive seen my father shed a tear exactly once in my life and it was right after they had announced dale earhardts passing later/after the race- I was also in the room when my old man heard his father had passed.... Too bad DJ could never really step up and fill the void his pops left. Still enjoyed watching him race though.
  6. Hows he doing now? Werent there reports that friends in his circle were worried Frank might be losing it?
  7. These games will be valuable in knocking the rust off so he can come out full speed next season. Hell with as many games as we have left this year we may even have time to get to see him dip into that potential towards tje end of the season.
  8. "The what?" "Haha..oh...seriously?" "I totally forgot they were even a team!" "Why!?" Some of the more common responses. I get a lot more confused looks and then something like "oh...cooool". It wasnt so bad before Seattle got decent and won a bowl...but now i get it from all sides. I cant watch a game on delay because people seem to enjoy the fact my team sucks and then actually telling me that they suck while its happening.