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  1. Golden seems solid and at the FA tier we seem to go for.
  2. Don’t like this at all, if true. Feel that Vrabel really made strides as a HC this year in terms of managing the team and overall game management.
  3. Heavy deflect mode. If he doesn't make the title game or super bowl, he’s likely gone. Not sure if cousins can deliver though.
  4. Pro bowl did that previously before the revamp, I think.
  5. Sounds like a good first day and start to the second day to me. I think Conklin is gone.
  6. I’m with you regarding the tag. The risk is a potential hold out from Henry. Likewise we have options with both RT and Henry from a tag perspective. Should be interesting. Aside from the things you mentioned above, the fact Henry is a two down back and put additional tread on those tires in the playoffs, not sure it’s worth the cost.
  7. Why did the Texans move on from him considering their injuries last year? EDIT: or was he the fall guy for BOB?
  8. How has Crenell fared or rather his defenses after his initial stint with NE? My gut feeling is that between his head coaching and other DC stops that his units have been subpar/mediocre. Is that true? Only reason I have pause over him as a DC or senior consultant.
  9. Sorry should’ve specified I’m not singling you out here or referring to you specifically. More so the board at large.
  10. They absolutely are. Everyone was practically on board with RT up until the loss on Sunday. Now names like Rivers and Brady are being seriously considered. RT had an average game, but that’s largely due to our first year OC not going beyond the first page of the playbook.
  11. I cannot for the life of me understand how people are so welcoming of Brady being our potential QB next year. Seriously? The guy is done and will not succeed outside of Foxboro, if he leaves. We’re a little over two weeks removed from trashing him and the Pats offense, yet ok with him as our QB? GTFO. This place is unbearable right now. Everyone was like oh playing with house money, I’m ok with whatever the result is. Now it’s sky is falling and all bent about the result against a good team in the championship game. After 9-7...
  12. Same. I was at the super bowl 20 years ago with my dad. I’m also moving to Miami Sunday. I’d love to get tickets if we make it, but likely out of reach 😭
  13. I don’t know. Mariota was no threat and couldn’t complete a pass to save his life. A rematch of that game with Tannehill starting likely goes very differently.
  14. 2x Bills which is a team he has historically struggled with. Pats he already exorcised that demon. Also what was the temp for the wild card game? Misleading. Those Dolphins teams =/= this team. EDIT: also pretty sure he played some sub 40 degree games already in December, did he not?

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