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  1. Yea can’t say that sold me on this pick….
  2. ESPN this whole week has been blowing AJ up as some savior, all time elite receiver. It’s not going to end well….
  3. As an out of market, I hope not, but it is better for the players
  4. Time to close the books and laugh when Hurts misses him consistently by a country mile and he can’t even crack 1k in 17 games.
  5. No, one pick which was from the trade down in the first with the Jets EDIT: lost a 5th in the trade up for Willis per @Callidus
  6. That’s a lot of picks though. Many teams have picked guys about a round or so early based on rankings. Not much to read into. Grab the guy who fits your team
  7. Surprised we didn’t go for the Austrian kid from CMU. Seemed better value 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Over/under on when he’ll be screaming for Minshew at quarterback? 😂
  9. Good grief guys…key word YET. Burks hasn’t even been a part of the org for 24hrs. Also if we had the reaction to AJ that we did, how do you think RT felt about it? #1 receiver who was down in Florida training with him gets shipped out for a rookie.
  10. Simmons is absolutely getting paid. A dominant, game changing DT who is the anchor of your defense >>> a WR who isn’t a focus of your offensive philosophy
  11. What is AJ even saying? Oh not his fault? Which he promptly deleted? That’s part of the problem. I love AJ just like the rest of you and was floored it even happen. I didn’t even think this was a thing given the reports on negotiations were trending positive (last I read). But his two biggest backers in the building pulled the trigger on this. One of them clearly reminded everyone last night that deserving players get second contracts here. So between his lack of availability, our offense and his Twitter dramas, it’s understandable why we didn’t make him a top 4 paid receiver. Also LMFAO at the Eagles being the ones to pull the trigger. Who the fuck is getting the ball to AJ at a clip that makes paying that worth it? He’ll off himself by the time those fans and media are done with him
  12. Wtf? What was she even attempting there? Streakers make sense, but no idea what her angle there was?
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