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  1. I recall you were really high on the Midget hire. Anxious to see how the unit improves when Adoree comes back.
  2. Absolutely - don’t want to sell it as a big factor and understand Fulton is a rookie. Just feel like Coombs got a lot out of everyone across the secondary last year. Seems like the unit as a whole regressed, but let’s see once Adoree is back.
  3. Saw this below the article tweet. @OILERMAN has talked about this before. Vrabel channeling the hoodie. https://twitter.com/SharpFootball/status/1318189627019329536?s=20
  4. RE: Secondary, I’m wondering if we’re missing Coombs as a coach more than we thought? Obviously Adoree being out has hurt, but seems Fulton hasn’t been as advertised based on post draft reports.
  5. Here’s a stat: both have 0 Super Bowls...so yea. You were saying? AFLs were at least the proper championship at one point and they both have two each. Conference championships are meaningless in a combined NFL. Super bowl or bust.
  6. Lol at Brady losing the down count EDIT: how the hell are the Bears 4-1 😂
  7. Lol it’s like a group of death row inmates mocking the first one up on the execution block. It’s all but a matter of time for the others.
  8. Thanks - just saw in the other thread. I know we’ve done it already, but any chance we can start consolidating all of these threads into one large pinned one?
  9. Source? All previous threads I read stated differently. No game day paycheck
  10. This is why I feel this “historic punishment” is being blown out of proportion. If they go to the extreme then they will need to hold others to it. I don’t see forfeiture as an option given players won’t be paid from both teams and would likely cause a Union issue. I also don’t think draft capital is in play either. I could see heavy fines and suspensions levied. Anything more is highly suspect and indefensible by the NFL. It is clear the NFL has done the bare minimum to prepare for this scenario. Their updates to protocols and full court press in the media shows it.
  11. I’ll take TD over PK. Pretty clear PK is in it for the clicks these days
  12. Finally some actual reporting on the situation and none of this “ooo got eem” knee jerk BS at the National level
  13. This is getting out of control now. You’ve got the NFL spin in full force and the public backing this bullshit for us to forfeit games and possibly (!) our whole season. Unreal....
  14. So over this...tell us who was at fault and what the action/outcome is. Tired of this drawn out circus display. Are we having a game this weekend? Are we forfeiting? Are we losing draft picks? Spit it out already
  15. This. The NFL put protocols in place, but it’s not bullet proof. This was always going to happen. Now it’s a matter of will the NFL own up to it if their review finds their protocol is lacking? Or will they try to make an example out of us regardless in order to save face?

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