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  1. 2019/20 no question. A rough start that led to increasing highs with memorable wins in the playoffs. 2020/21 started off on a high note, but between the pandemic, the inconsistent performances and a lousy defense it just led to disappointment. Though the season ended in a one and done disappointment, I am pleased to see the team claim an AFC south title after 12 years and host a playoff game. Overall, hopeful the team can build on this and add more South titles and playoff games going forward.
  2. You could replace KC with Baltimore in that post and I honestly wouldn’t know it was over a year old....
  3. What’s your thoughts on the LB Zaven Collins? The Athletic have been mocking him to us lately and seem pretty high on him.
  4. Damn that sucks about Odeyingbo. Was excited to see what he had to offer.
  5. Exactly which is why when forced into obvious passing situations it gets hairy. You can’t ask Tannehill to drop back 40-50 times with the way the line is built. Especially after the injuries sustained on the line. So unless there is a philosophy shift and tweak to the line, it will be hard to compare Tannehill to those other QBs. However, on that note, the man has graded out in the top 5 and 10 of various QB stats with the likes of Rodgers, Wilson and Mahomes the last two years. Would I take him over those three mentioned? Hell no, but it means I’m content with the fact that is who
  6. I really hope Watson moves on. Partly because that Texans situation just looks toxic as fuck, but also it puts us as pretty much clear cut division winners going forward pending whatever the Colts do at QB.
  7. It’s a fact, not a feeling. We know that because it was on full display in the Greenbay game.
  8. Honestly we have the shit luck of being in the AFC with the Chiefs and Mahomes. That’s who you have to beat to get to the super bowl now so the question is do you opt to a) try to beat them in a shootout OR b) get them off the field and/or make them kick field goals (if that’s even possible)?
  9. Look saying we wouldn’t give Tannehill up for Brady is one thing, but there’s not a single person here who would not straight up take Mahomie. Not one. Come on now. Appreciating Tannehill and what he brings to the table is not equal to that dumb ass Bill’s take.
  10. The difference was the OL just getting completely owned in the playoff game compared to the regular season game. Henry had a chance to break one, but the Ravens DL managed to get just enough on him to trip him up. Had Henry broken that, it was a long TD that likely shifts the game. I can’t recall when exactly it was, but the replay was back breaking to watch given how much open real estate he had in front. And just to be clear, no, I’m not excusing the coaching staffs approach to the playoff game. Ravens came in with one thing in mind and we played predictably right into it.
  11. I think it’s likely that Crennel will join as an assistant/consultant role with Bowen the DC. They’ll both work together on the defensive side. Let’s see though once Crennel’s contract expires next month. Where it gets interesting is at OC. I think Vrabel is actually considering external candidates and may end up surprising us with this hire (good or bad). If it was internal, I think we would’ve heard rumblings of it by now or something pointing to it at least given the limited candidates. That said, how the hell has the special teams coach not been replaced yet? Come on V
  12. I think folks are trying to read too much into what little we’re getting on this. Maybe there’s a better opportunity for Pees’ son on Art’s staff? One of the drivers for Pees coming here initially was that his son got a gig, too. It’s possible Vrabel was not onboard with bringing his son back.
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