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  1. I feel like the Panthers have pretty much played keep away with us this whole draft. ”Oh you want this guy? Yoink”
  2. Interesting. NFL.com lists him as a 5th rounder. Zierlein wrote it I think? Is he credible at all?
  3. He was in between vaccination shots. But still what an idiot.
  4. So it’s just CBs and WRs of interest for us? Would we not move on a LB or Edge if a blue chip somehow lands at or near our pick? Did we show any interest on players from that position at all during the process? WR just feels like a waste considering it’s a deep position this year. Are Moore and Bateman really head and shoulders above those players that would be available in round 2?
  5. As much as I loved what Delane did here when healthy, it’s highly doubtful we resign him.
  6. 2019 was bad? Didn’t we draft Simmons and Brown that year?
  7. If Zavin Collins is there, I hope we pull the trigger. Very intriguing player, especially given Evans’ and Brown’s futures are up in the air past this season. Otherwise, BPA all the way.
  8. Streaming was great until every content owner felt they needed to create their own app/service. YouTube TV was great, too, until they signed too many contracts which raised the price and ultimately opted to not renew several of them while maintaining that higher price. It is effectively one more price increase away from being cable without the cord and box. It is by far the superior service from a usability and feature perspective, but they need service tiers as the price has become questionable.
  9. Would Tate be worth a look after the draft? Or are we all in on rookie additions with our current group?
  10. Depending on where you are in the world, being called a cunt is like how we say dude or bro. Even better if sick is put in front of it (“you’re a sick cunt”). All depends on tone, though. Fine line between chugging beers bromance cunt and fist meets face cunt.
  11. So who else from our FA group remain unsigned outside of Jonnu and Davis? Brown, Firkser, Jones...who else? And who has a chance to be back?
  12. Looks like our TE group this season will be Firkser, Swaim and Pruitt (pending)? Solid group
  13. What’s the point in the cap if teams can just get around it? Especially in a revenue loss year for the league. This is an example of a team that should’ve had a lot of hard choices to make given the circumstances, but easily kept everyone without breaking a sweat. Unless they’re sacrificing the future for now and will pay for it later, what risks are teams facing? Seems like everyone is easily splashing the cash with voidable years after this year and next or other loopholes.
  14. Can someone explain to me how Carl Lawson is some underrated free agent? Everyone and their mother is talking about this man. I’m pretty sure a quarter of this thread is dedicated to tweets about this guy and posters thirsting over having him on the roster. The man sounds like someone on the verge of getting stupid money. I don’t get it. No way this guy ends up here.
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