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  1. Well said. Didn’t I read a post recently linking a source saying that in recent years all the high impact receivers were drafted in the later rounds (2nd or later)?
  2. Wtf were the Chiefs doing singling Gronk with Berry?!
  3. LOL roughing the passer on that?! Holy hell
  4. It’s been a chicken or the egg argument all season. Is it the receivers or the QB? Look, not trying to derail this thread. However, it’s insane what we went through this season on offense. Rishard, our leading receiver previously and a vet, quits on the team early/released plus Delanie (top target/best offensive player) goes down for the year first game. I’m still shocked we went 9-7 with a last minute “control your destiny” shot at the playoffs despite being statistically worse on offense and losing who we did. I really hope there’s a solid/good vet receiver we can bring in through FA this offseason.
  5. Rivers doesn’t have the mobility to get out of the pocket and avoid the rush
  6. Oh absolutely. Colts are a bunch of JAGS and the Chiefs are making that very clear.
  7. They still have Kelce in the game. Colts didn’t take a page out of our playbook.
  8. Biggest take away: this is how you beat the Colts. Good pass rush and play good man coverage. Good QBs pick apart zone. Oh and put points on the board.
  9. Very interesting. Top QBs remain top and the average/mediocre/bad QBs are reflected as such. Thanks for posting.
  10. We would get this game flexed to national TV and lay down. Oh well....always next year. Fans made sure we got plenty of Colts fans in the stands, too.
  11. The injury week one was flukey as hell. But to then go and allow that many hits is inexcusable given he’s banged up already.
  12. JRob should be held accountable for this. To go into the season in a new blocking scheme with guys who didn’t fit and then rush one of them back when he clearly wasn’t healthy is damning. I don’t see how we give up the amount of sacks we did and someone’s head not roll. If we tossed whisenhunt out, then it’s only logical changes need to happen there. Also captain sea bass pbr chugger wasn’t worth the money. Running his mouth and just as guilty for the # of sacks.
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