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  1. Yeah it's pretty interesting. All the discussion on the shows centers on the Ravens and I've yet to see a talking head pick the Titans to win. Generally that's a positive sign for the good guys.
  2. LOL There's no way you ever trade Chase Young. That's a cornerstone player. You just don't get rid of elite, elite pass rushers. I'd argue a DL like Young is harder to find than a QB of Watson's caliber. Watson is very good but Young is even better for his position.
  3. For many of us it never stopped. My hatred for the Ravens is eternal. They are the true enemy of the Titans. I hate their fucking guts and watching them lose always makes me smile. I work in a casino. Last year I had to work during the second half of the game. I was on cloud nine wearing my Titans jersey. I took all the money from one lady but she threw me a generous tip and told me her former son in law was a huge Ravens fan, and she hated him and the Ravens too.
  4. 7 is the right number with the current amount of teams. 6 always felt a little too exclusive, especially when division winners were assured of a berth even if they in fact were trash. Always felt like a decent squad with a legit chance to at least reach a conference title game would be left out every two to three years. I like only one team getting the bye as well. There should be a real reward for being the one seed and it shouldn't be shared with a second team.
  5. Agreed with the poster who said Fuck the Ravens. Can't be said enough and what a fucking shame it is that we don't play them twice every year. Fuck the NFL too for taking that away from us. It's rather obvious that it's going to be exceedingly difficult to get to the Super Bowl due to how amazing the AFC is, but taking down those filthy Ravens again is enough for me to be satisfied with the season. Anything more will be gravy.
  6. Being an old-school guy myself, I will always prefer watching a ruthless,brilliant and dominant running back than a passing game that's aided and artificially inflated by every rule change over the last 25 years. Quarterbacks of today are the football equivalent of home run hitters in the post 90's strike era of baseball. Both are real, but we all know which one actually transcends time.
  7. The Dolphins are in a very interesting position with the third pick as they have many different possibilities, none of which at this moment appear to be far superior to the other paths they could take. Miami has a huge need for more weapons on offense, so maybe DeVonta Smith makes a lot of sense. They are probably going to be a fringe playoff team for a while so the opportunity to draft a lineman like Sewell must be incredibly tempting because this is likely their last shot to be in a position to grab the top OT. A player like that seems to be very high reward and low risk. You can never hav
  8. It seems impossible that a defense could force so many third and longs and not stop them. To force third and long presumably means you did something right on the initial two downs, meaning you are possibly competent. It's not like the defensive personnel is that different from last season but somehow the unit took a fucking nosedive in quality. Very bizarre. It'd be all at once dumbfounding, amazing, stupid and possibly beyond Mensa if Vrabel realized before the offense alone would win him enough games, play the most dull brand of defense imaginable and then suddenly roll out som
  9. The game went to OT. Don't get me wrong, once the game turned the Titans owned them but there were plenty of moments where there was doubt. This is a dangerous opponent as they're playing well albeit against subpar competition but more importantly they don't have the burden of expectations on them. However I think Vrabel is like the middle school bully and Harbaugh is something of a twerp. Really don't see that dynamic changing and the King seems to have special moments lined up for these nasty and vile black birds.
  10. That would be the greatest troll of all time. I'd love it.
  11. 50/50 game. Turnovers always decide these games. If the Titans offense plays well then we should be fine.
  12. True. Baltimore and Cleveland will be very live dogs.
  13. Assuming week 17 goes as planned according to Vegas odds, then I really like the setup for the Titans. Miami is easily the best match-up for us in the playoffs. Obviously we'd likely go to KC for the divisional round which will be a tall order. However if there is any chance for us to beat the Chiefs it would be in that round where they could easily be less than sharp after having two weeks off. Clearly it's a nightmare to think of the Titans defense against Mahomes but playing them in the divisional round is much better than facing them in the AFC Championship. If the Titans
  14. Everyone is eventually losing at some point to KC. It's tough to get too excited or too disappointed with how this is likely to play out.
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