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  1. Everyone always talks about the NFL being so balanced, which is somewhat laughable when compared to other sports. This would be great for the game. I live in Arizona and pretty much everyone was hoping the 9-7 Titans would win the Super Bowl once they got past New England. I think it'd be great if a 8-8 or 9-7 team won.
  2. Considering the Titans are perennially a 7 to 10 win team, you have to support this proposition. I also like the idea of there only being one team getting a bye. It would make more teams play in the final week and make more games matter. I see absolutely no reason to oppose this proposition.
  3. That's why I'm Dallas Renegades for life.
  4. Dolphins played a lot better down the stretch but it really makes no sense for them at all. Finding the quarterback of the future and building toward 2021-2023 makes sense for Miami. For Brady it only makes sense if his only motivation is to give a fuck you to New England. While I'm sure he'll be privately pissed off if NE doesn't pay like they promised, he's too polished to make that public and then sign with a team where the only purpose is to get back at New England. I thought Rivers was basically a sure bet to go to Tampa Bay, is that wrong?
  5. I'm firmly in the camp that it makes a lot more sense to bring back Tannehill than bring in Brady for what is likely a one year shot and two at most.
  6. I like Bill Burr a lot and he's largely correct in his assessment of the Titans fanbase, however lest he forget the exact same thing could be said about Patriots and their fanbase before they got rolling. Nobody there plays football, there are almost no major college programs and the Patriots nearly moved to St. Louis at one point. All things being equal people there care a lot more about the Red Sox than the Patriots.
  7. It doesn't make sense to sign a 43 year old quarterback when one of the real alternatives has already proven to do well. I think Brady declined a lot last year and it's far more likely that trend continues than the opposite. I'd be open to a one year deal and then we could splurge on defense/Henry and try to do a Bronocs 2016 run. However I'm not even sure Brady fits well with the offensive personnel to be honest.
  8. Gotta say I love Henry's demeanor. It's very easy to cheer for him. It'd be a tragedy if he plays somewhere else.
  9. At the end of the day all my words could reasonably be translated to what you say. Absolutely.
  10. Eh nobody is happy about the loss today but sometimes it helps to point out that there was some fun on the way. Of course expectations are totally different based on circumstances. If you're the one seed, 14-2 team anything short of a Super Bowl trip and likely win is a disappointment. When you're the 9-7 wild card team then getting to the AFC title game is a great success. Sure it would have been great to win but I'm not unhappy about this season at all.
  11. Eh we'll see. AFC is basically KC and wide open for everyone else. There will be opportunity to return.
  12. Amen to the OP. Ending a no.1 seed Ravens team was something that was long overdue and highly enjoyable.
  13. I think this is easily the greatest need for the offense. We need another dimension coming out of the backfield to complement Henry.
  14. I'm impressed with the highlight tape although a highlight tape is always going to impress. He has big arm strength and it looks rather effortless.
  15. They also have several backs who can gash a defense. I love Henry, all things considered he's probably the best back in the league but he needs some help back there. I love the template of a bruising running game. We should look at the 49ers as a way to make it work.

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