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  1. I understand what you are trying to say but it’s not necessarily true. My vote didn’t matter because of the state I live in.
  2. Thor is incredibly stupid, Maddow is an opinion show not news.

    More Corruption

    Good god damn, now Thor is quoting OAN. Ridiculous
  4. Did tucker give you a counter point of bull shit? @Rolltide
  5. Politics. If they find something then hang him high (play on words). I would expect the house, senate and eventually the Supreme Court to be fair. Unlike this last 3 years of nonsense of letting the guilty off.
  6. Another turd buried in the sand. Seek help for your Stockholm syndrome. 11 years of Fox News causes damage. Really seek help.
  7. Trump cashed a check for 12 cents or something in that range. Take all you can get.
  8. Worthless ad. Most don’t even know who this criminal is. Let alone how he is connected to Agolf Twitler.
  9. The Mexicans would spend 1.3 million to build 42 miles of wall to make sure the trumptards, stay here. 😂
  10. We should keep this thread going daily. I’ll start. Michigan and Nevada mailed out ballets. LIE. They sent out applications to request an absentee ballot.
  11. This is bull shit. They don’t bother polling in WV. Just a guesstimate.
  12. There won’t be a response from the Stockholm syndrome clan until Tucker gives talking points.
  13. 15k per month to Kimberly Guilfoile (former Fox bimbo) and 15k per month to Eric’s wife. Grab them by the pussy.

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