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  1. The GOO goal is to privatize the USPS, delaying ballots was just a nice plus. Their work isn’t done.
  2. She Checkl herself out then had to go back because she couldn’t breathe. She’s a 350 plus pounder so I doubt she last long.
  3. As an independent if Biden let’s trump off, I won’t vote for him again.
  4. Why is this a discussion? The Democrats will be live and let die and wonder why they lose. I vote for these bastards only to stop republicans. At some point my vote will change. Dems are middle school playing against varsity. Simple truth.
  5. You can come to Wv. Really mods are shit with this guy.
  6. Here comes ME. Damn I hoped he died of Covid.
  7. I told my step mother that she trusts Fox News more that me and If your sister dies it’s not my worry and I’m not going to their rona invested funeral.
  8. Sad part is I tell my stepmother that I said trump is a tard. I’m sure she will lose a sister because she listens to her other sister. so both sisters will lose a sister and I don’t give a fuck. I told them 5 months ago trump is retarded. sounds horrible but it’s not my problem. Listen to fox and die.
  9. I told my stepmother that trump is a retard and she listened to her sister and voted for this turd. Now their other sister is most certainly dead. I hate this but they wouldn’t listen and they will lose a sister. if you don’t listen then fuck them.
  10. In another thread iwas asked doI feel for trump supporters. I don’t. These non wearing masks fucks have caused 8 months of nonsense. Fuck them.
  11. I don’t feel bad because her son is a firefighter and post nothing but Trump bull shit on Facebook.
  12. COVID positive. She is at the minimum 325 pounds and 76 years old. In the hospital and I guess she is a goner. Trump tards to the max. Her husband is a close talker and their son is a trump tard. She will be dead within four days.
  13. Hopefully this is just an accident and not an attack due to the current political situation here.

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