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  1. You don’t win superbowls drafting players like Young, Locker and MM.
  2. If I’m Trevor Lawrence, I go back to Clemson for a year. Both the Jets and Jax are trash organizations.
  3. We also had a 00 that was pretty good.
  4. I was fine with Mattis because Trump is a dumb ass. Biden has a grip on foreign affairs and shouldn’t be totally reliant on the Sec of defense. No waiver
  5. Pittsburgh reminds me of that 15-1 panthers team. Record is good but they played the nfc east and Cincinnati twice. That’s 6 wins from very poor competition.
  6. Because his promotions should have stopped at brigadier general. This turd made it to Lieutenant General.
  7. Makes you question how the military makes promotion decisions. This fuck was a 3 star general.
  8. I’m pretty sure she said that when Mariota was butchering the offense.
  9. Wentz is a good player but he is notorious for not playing within the scheme of the offense. He tries to do to much.
  10. The lack of laws concerning the transfer of office, shows that most thought no one like Trump would ever actually be elected. The GOP needs superdelegates so they don’t lose their party to a turd again.
  11. Dick D has been in the senate since Christ was a corporal. Piss on him.
  12. The problem isn’t with an executive pardon, the problem was we elected a bad executive in 2016.
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