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  1. Kline and Jones would cause about 4.4 million in dead cap space and save about 7.7 against the cap, so neither are necessarily safe.
  2. He lacks technique but that will improve. He’s not an issue except on special teams.
  3. Cyp would save 5.2 million and cause 1.5 in dead money. Sign vaccaro send Cyp packing.
  4. Rodgers would blow him off after the third practice. Packers need a GM and a defensive head coach.
  5. Says the 3rd or 4th biggest homer on TR.
  6. Hiring Lafleur won’t effect the Titans in anyway next year. The titans have to lean on the run game and defense as long as MM is the QB or he will get hurt. Three yards and a cloud of dust are us. Yea team.
  7. Hey Touched @ManningEnvysend me your address and I’ll post a photo tomorrow morning. Phone means nothing unless it’s a land line.
  8. I understand you aren’t giving away anything that reveals your identity regardless.
  9. Touched you should be able to tell time and understand that that big Orange thing in the sky provides light to take a photo. I’ll help you out touched that big Orange thing isn’t in the sky right now in the eastern time zone.
  10. It’s dark on the east coast and I don’t care about your homosexual New Year’s Eve plans touched. I’ll post tomorrow or never because I have nothing to prove. Ask nicely and I’ll post a photo.
  11. You can’t win with him if he is on the sideline. If you win with a backup you still didn’t win with him, because he’s on the sideline. No bullshit brother.
  12. It’s field dressed and hanging.
  13. True. That’s why they stick with MM and hope.