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  1. Yeah Vrabel says....I don't need no stinking OC.
  2. Don't let his nice persona fool you. He has a bad temper as all scorpio's do. Just ask my wife. An obviously not one of you ever saw him in the gym, he is one strong MF.
  3. You make yourself sound like a scout, coach, or GM.
  4. Do you guys have reading deprivation? I was talking about 1 read QB's and killing one but not the other.
  5. Typical hypocritical response. Different year same person.
  6. You guys crack me up. OS and others think nothing wrong when RT makes a one read but kill Marcus for the same thing. It's so hypocritical, it's insane.
  7. @rns90, who do you blame for that abysmal lost? You had all the pieces and homefield. Total embarrassment.
  8. Major injury, no offseason, no ota's, no preseason. Should I continue?
  9. u guys are a close 2nd. That lefty had a worst offense than Marcus did in his 1st yr.
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