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  1. If they play again, it'll be a bloodbath for the Titans.
  2. Chris Simms is just as bad evaluating players as he was as a QB.
  3. Ignoramus they're both Polynesians,
  4. Typical response just because he's not black? Give me a fucking Break? With you guys. "ONLY" Black lives matter! Every other race people say anything they want? BTW, Oman used the word Polynesians many times. And I'll get over it when I see blacks back other races beyond themselves.
  5. I find it hilarious that none of you said anything when Oman make a racist comment about MM being Polynesian and the Polynesian people. If it's not about blacks then it's OK?
  6. Why is ok for blacks to call other blacks nigger? Is that accepted?
  7. No!!! I'm all about love, peace, and hope. That's why I forgive you for being black and Canadian. 😜 Just kidding about being black but not kidding about being Canadian. 😇 Like an angel amidst a crowd of charlatans.

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