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Found 9 results

  1. If the Steelers got a 3rd and 5th for AB, what is OBJ worth?
  2. Why shouldn't the Titans trade 19 for Frank Clark from Seattle? If they are going to draft a guy like him early why not add him to Casey, Landry and Wake? Pees wants to rush 4. Adding Clark to what they have would give them the best possible 4 man rush. It seems Seattle is serious about trading Clark. This would be my preference in the 1st round
  3. Quite a fascinating scenario seems to be playing out in Arizona. It seems the Cardinals are willing to go all-in on Kingsbury's vision by drafting Kyler Murray #1 overall. Of course they'll look to trade their 1st round pick from a year ago if this actually goes down. Why would the Titans want Rosen? Well he's obviously an instant upgrade to Gabbert, has quite a bit of upside, and is still on his rookie deal. If Mariota gets hurt again or doesn't perform, then obviously you have another guy ready just behind him. Rosen wouldn't really hurt us with the cap because he won't have some huge deal. The front office also isn't tied to him so they could easily move on or keep him as a back-up or bridge QB for the next guy if the elect to draft one in 2020. So it really comes down to the cost and what you'd have to give up. Beddingfield seems to think it would take a 1st while others have speculated that it would take a 3rd.
  4. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26219264/sources-raiders-trade-g-osemele-jets
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