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  1. Did you forget the Oilers are not the Titans?
  2. I keep seeing all these weight loss commercials. Total horse shit. Burn more calories than you consume. Easy. Run, jog, walk. In that order in intervals. You’ve gotta slow down occasionally when you’re out there so you don’t get all pissed off and exhausted. Three miles, four to six times a week. Run on the street. Pavement street is softer than concrete sidewalk. Run in neighborhoods. Not on main roads. Somebody will hit you with their car on main roads. Buy some good shoes. Not Nike. Saucony is excellent. Get a treadmill. Not some stupid Bowflex. Run, jog, walk. Cardio. Natural cardio. Any kind of natural cereal with whatever kind of milk you like, preferably hormone-free. Stoneyfield is good. Real orange juice. Yogurt. That’s breakfast. Eat turkey sandwiches. Dietz & Watson turkey has no processing. Ezekiel Bread. Toast it. Organic spinach, tomatoes and onions. Put some light mayo on it if you need to. Mustard. Grind some salt and pepper on it. Blue corn chips on the side. That’s lunch. Dinner. Fuck it. Don’t need it. Find something light if you’re a pussy. Hungry feels like skinny. Grow some balls and get into a groove. Once you’re in it, you’re a machine. Good luck!
  3. If Vrabel can’t actually see what’s happening in front of him, he needs to go. He always has this look of displeasure on the sidelines. Well, he’s responsible for all of it. Either through his hires or, god forbid, his own input regarding what the offense does. So fuck him. If he’s the little bitch who ALLOWED our offense to go into a shell tonight, he should be shown the door. Did you see KC earlier today? Mahomes was left in the game way too long, risking injury. That’s the opposite end of the spectrum. I don’t know what Reid was thinking, but he wasn’t wanting to sweat balls about losing the game. You cannot go into a game like we do. Like the talking heads say we have to do. Henry for 35 carries. That’s fucking nonsensical. You have to simply run a variety of plays and, WITH YOUR EYEBALLS, see what’s working. And if the opposing team hasn’t proven enough that they can adjust and shut down what’s working, YOU KEEP DOING WHAT’S WORKING. You don’t fall back on some sort of “identity.” You continue to do what got you the lead and what will most likely keep you in the lead. This game was lost by the coaches. The players were absolutely hamstrung by the play calling.
  4. The simple bottom line for me is that (obviously) you need a plan going into the game. If it’s not working, change it. If it’s working, don’t change it. Put the onus on the opposing team to stop what’s working. What we had tonight was working. Then we changed it, effectively defeating ourselves. I get paid fuck all to make these elementary observations. When I’m smarter than the paid person on the field, that paid person should not be paid. That person should be ostracized within this league. It’s just not his forte. He should get on Indeed and find a job that truly suits him.
  5. And don’t forget how Downing has hurt Dobbs’ stock in this league. He’s a very good QB. But he was completely hamstrung by Downing in this game. I’m just so upset. If Downing remains on this team, I quit as a Titans fan.
  6. Why did Downing stop letting Dobbs throw on early downs? Why? He was moving us down the field. Throwing accurately. Fantastic TD pass. Why? Swaim was his guy. How many times did we hear Swaim’s name in the second half? None. This hurts. Downing must burn. He is incompetent. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football field. I hate him. I hate his fucking guts.
  7. I am completely done with this team as it exists right now. I am so hurt.
  8. In a game. When you have a great formula. And you go completely against what was working. It’s like when Blake Bortles, playing for the Jags, was beating the shit out of the Pats in the first half in a playoff game. Then the Jags wouldn’t let Bortles throw anymore in the second half. And they fucking lost. This one hurts. We had plenty talent to win. The coaching staff went brain dead. It’s inexcusable.
  9. We had a winning recipe in the first half. Dobbs was great. Then, Fisher ball. No balls. You’re good passing the ball? Stop. Why? Because you’re a fucking retard. This will not stand. This goddamn fucking horseshit will not stand. I am a person on a couch. And I know the formula to victory in this game. This hurts so much.
  10. See? See what we’re fucking doing now? If we had done this the whole game it have been a goddamn blowout. fucking hell. I’m pissed.
  11. They gonna let him throw it now? Or are they gonna run the clock out with Henry running for 3 every time?
  13. We deserve to lose with this play calling.
  14. Throw the fucking ball. Short passes. Screens. 12 yards downfield. Run Henry once per 1st down. Do what was working.
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