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  1. TeamRobinson

    AFC South is going to be prolific in 2019

    Indy looking scary? Check. Jags looking scary? Check. (not really) Houston looking scary? Check. Titans will most likely make the superbowl in 2019?
  2. TeamRobinson


  3. Jesus miniME. I'd argue you're the only tard on this forum who even knows how to obtain a picture like that.
  4. TeamRobinson

    RIP in peace Jalen Ramsey...

    FU you
  5. TeamRobinson

    Small request

  6. TeamRobinson

    Lewan flips off sky cam

    Sad but true. He is a complete asshole but it doesn't matter because he has fuck you money. I'd hate him so much if he wasn't on the titans.
  7. TeamRobinson

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    what the fuck
  8. TeamRobinson

    Lewan curses out officials

    Lewan is a fucking moron. Was I the only one who saw him shoot the bird to the skycam while he was on the ground injured?
  9. My penis was in the guinness book of world records, but then the librarian told me to take it out.
  10. TeamRobinson


    I, too, can make a thread about some bullshit and label people who disagree as not part of the intelligent fan base. edit - at the risk of looking like a dumbass I'm going to keep this comment up, but after rereading the thread a few times I realize the whole thing is screaming troll bait. It's just so stupid. You never know though.
  11. TeamRobinson

    This team is so weird

    I'd rather face the pats, cowboys on Monday night, eagles, any day than the supposed "easy to beat" teams.
  12. TeamRobinson

    Conklin needs to be benched

    Exactly what I saw too.
  13. TeamRobinson

    How is this team so bad??

    I feel bad for CD, MM, and both of their families that they got drafted by such a shitty team. Their careers would've had such a better start had they been drafted by others