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  1. CTE hits hard Mike. Pay attention to the warning signs
  2. Other than his final tweet right before his death I can only hope I'll have a last online post equal to that one. He was a mariota homer though so at least he didn't have to live through seeing his boy getting benched the next week. I didn't know him outside of lewan/compton's podcast
  3. If only body language reading skills were simply granted to people who played football...
  4. Like to see that but after he got his first penalty on that long play he raised his arms like "what did I do wrong??" and when AJ brown came up to him with a "You can't do that, wtf?" attitude, lewan shoved him to the side and walked away. That meat head shit pissed me off.
  5. Yeah he walked into a few mariota-esque sacks that had me shitting bricks but you can't be mad at the end of the day with a W. Fuck andy reid
  6. They keep dropping INTs. Its hella annoying but the season is over so I don't care anymore. i hope we lose out
  7. Please... please for the love of god create a reddit account and leave us in peace
  8. Ditto. Now let's get back to that spicy discussion about the Chattanooga tv station.
  9. No, I'm just talking about your general intelligence. See, even that went over your head. Jesus
  10. You're the crowned king of "things going over your head"
  11. Not being his cheerleader, just being logical. I mean, what would your expectation honestly be of this "gentleman's fight?" Meeting up after a couple beers and street fighting? Also I never said you should pay for his travel. That's the gay part imo
  12. Imagine talking big but being too scared to post a pre fight shirtless pic, using the excuse that its gay. lol It's funny to joke about but it was never going to happen
  13. Not gonna lie, this is pretty fucking cringe. I would watch though