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  1. TeamRobinson

    Got any Pro-Titans' Memes?

    Saw this one, not quite pro-titans but neither is that nightmare fuel from @klaatu-
  2. who the fuck are you again?
  3. TeamRobinson

    Mariota is a STAIN on this franchise

    You're about as stupid as the next in the Tard Army, so you got that going for you.
  4. So you're telling me other players dictate the W/L, not Carr. Got it
  5. This is true. What about the W/L this year? or does that not apply to him, only the winning season's W/L?
  6. TeamRobinson

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    @ManningEnvy How'd that cock punch feel?
  7. TeamRobinson

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    We had a good run. We can't stop that offense. Not enough rushes for henry, blaine gabbert 3 and outs, blah blah. Looking forward to offseason events
  8. TeamRobinson

    Week 17 NFL Games

    I was watching the Texans/Jags game until I realized I was rooting for Blake Bortles, then I promptly turned it off. No more division winner hopes
  9. TeamRobinson

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    This board is going kookoo and the Tard army is rising. We had a good run.
  10. TeamRobinson

    How do the Titans win tonight with Gabbert?

    I'd disown my own son if he told me he'd rather have Gabbert starting over MM.
  11. TeamRobinson

    Why are the injury girls so hot?

    I dunno but I heard rumors that the next time Marcus goes down Blaine Gabbert will waltz onto the field dressed like this. My right hand is ready.