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  1. We started the game on offense looking like KC. Now we're the tennessee titans.
  2. mawiota got a wittle boo boo and had to go see mr doctor... ☹️ Trubisky < mariota
  3. crackstreams. just have adblocker turned on. live hd easy
  4. If we don't feast this year I'm "done with this team." For the 1037429465th time.
  5. We have people STILL convinced Mariota was the choice. lol
  6. 😂 😂 stop pretending. can you imagine how hard TR would blow up if mariota died
  7. Landry + Simmons + Clowney (+Beasley?) putting and end to Philip Rivers' career. I'm aroused
  8. somebody buy this bubba a mirror.
  9. I imagine there's only so much flexing derrick can take from a dude who's shorter than my 100 year old grandmother hunched over and I don't blame him. but yeah, "he's gay yadda yadda yadda"
  10. This thread has us entering ME's world. Instead of shitpost maybe we should try at least a fraction of the amount that he does. But boobies are nice.

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