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  1. This entire thread is priceless. In the time that I've spent on this board I've seen 2 or 3 degenerates who are around your level in the dimension of fuckwits, and they're all long gone. Your "quaint and true story about an unlikely titans fan with a great human touch" was literally 4 sentences (too) long. I'll end this with my rendition of the thread. Lata It isn't automatically playing, fuck it.. You have to click on it to watch it
  2. Gotta try a little harder than that next time.. Mediocre bait at best. 😪
  3. I'm with you @GoodToGo I may gain interest again if Derrick Henry doesn't tear an acl or some shit. Mariota isn't going to win now. He needs time in a different scene, one that I feel we won't have by next season. The root of my problem isn't the team, it's the NFL. Fuck the NFL; and fuck me if I get lassoed back into it next year. I know I will if the draft is good though. Fuck everything. It's baseball season.
  4. 515 was easy. He could've done 2 for sure. If Jalen Ramsey tried this he'd crumple to a small pile of pixie dust. Henry better not get hurt.
  5. Saw this one, not quite pro-titans but neither is that nightmare fuel from @klaatu-
  6. You're about as stupid as the next in the Tard Army, so you got that going for you.
  7. So you're telling me other players dictate the W/L, not Carr. Got it
  8. This is true. What about the W/L this year? or does that not apply to him, only the winning season's W/L?
  9. We had a good run. We can't stop that offense. Not enough rushes for henry, blaine gabbert 3 and outs, blah blah. Looking forward to offseason events
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