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  1. I couldn't root for Vrabel if we signed Tom *Brady. Fuck that all the way to hell.
  2. Now we wait. Any time now his ol heart will be waiving the white flag and we'll have some other dead fart to make fun of.
  3. Arthur smith run run pass. run run pass. running isnt working? That's why you pass it the third play of the drive. run run pass again, bitch. Fuck you
  4. Ok so the titans have 17. I'm waiting on the 41 point chiefs run.
  5. That looks like some weird shit @ManningEnvy would've posted.
  6. He should've slid feet first if he wanted to be untouched. That's what QBs are instructed to do at every level. (Completely understand that I'd be shitting on him if that turned out to be a 15 yard penalty) It looked similar but not as severe as the non-penalized hit from Clowney that knocked Carson Wentz out of the playoffs. If qb's aren't sliding the refs are going to let them get hit
  7. 100% would rather play KC over the texans. Without question
  8. Newsflash guy, you're not that relevant to our hate of the ravens.. not even drop in the bucket. fart in the wind
  9. @Bomber @TheViolentKatt @Icomeinpeace @Ratbird @asyranok @Darkbird @AnotherRavensFan @RavensOwnTitans @RavensMania @Ravens2020 @Ravensarge @RavensMania @Ravensmaniac2 aXIhuRZWmL1BdiXM.mp4

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