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  1. Misplaced homerism and pride. I get annoyed when I see critical takes of new players or players I deem good and it completely blinds my already biased perspective. Every year is "the year." Also hate for basically every other NFL team, because how dare they try to beat my team? That's just wrong.
  2. I won't be here during the game - I'm going to be watching with my drunk uncle who's going through a mid life crisis because I feel bad for him. To make matters worse, he's a cowboys fan and they just got knocked out of the playoff by this: I'm worried he's going to pressure me to drink. I hope I don't pull a Henry Ruggs III on the way home.
  3. @BudsOilers @SleepingTitan This is why I choose to talk to the voices inside of my head instead of other people. We can at least all agree we're on the same mental level.
  4. Excited for next week's game. I will be rooting for the winner to win it all- fuck all the other boring teams.
  5. As much as I don't care about college football, bama fans are the worst. I would be relieved that they lost if I didn't know I'd hear complaining about the refs or anything else that they will think to be mad about.
  6. @AJClown Hold your breath again. If you do it for long enough, you'll meet the wizard. Just hold your breath and don't breathe back in.
  7. What an unintimidating team KC is.
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