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  1. Thanks but I meant watch the full video recording, the audio was easy to find
  2. Anyone know how to watch the video of the podcast? I've seen a bunch of clips and I'd much rather watch it than listen to it without video.
  3. that's funny, every time I play madden online w33d_k1d_69 tells me the titans are ass.
  4. This changes the game guys!! Paired with his new number 11 jersey, AJ Brown will be unstoppable as a rookie. Crisis absolutely averted!! Just IMAGINE how terribly he would've played with #18. sheesh
  5. The nip is generating a lot of traffic on your profile 😂
  6. Of course a troll had to ruin this thread. We wanted to have fun IMAGINING what their numbers COULD be if they weren't set already.
  7. Yet it still probably costs more than my rent
  8. Other times you're like ME and you want to feel a wiener.
  9. Get real Charley, we all know the biggest risk you take these days is deciding on whether you want the pepperoni or 5 cheese pizza hotpockets in this week's grocery trip.
  10. Did you see the 30 seconds before that? His head was hanging and he was silent crying. It happened a few times while they were talking about him, you guys should watch it
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