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  1. At least his son wasn't under his tire 🤷‍♂️
  2. Imagine being such a useless loser that you take regular shits in a random nfl team's forum to the point you get banned, then you make another account and start back up again.
  3. Arthur smith is going to be a terrible HC. Good fucking luck to that poor franchise
  4. Something magical happened to me last week. I didn't watch the game, and when we won I didn't really care. Something even more perplexing happened this week. I didn't watch the game, and when we lost I didn't really care. Life is trending upwards.
  5. Honestly killed our takeover momentum. I though "oh fuck." Really thought our defense wasn't going to get fucked on though
  6. Why does literally every person clowney touches behind the LOS slip by him??
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