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  1. Okay mariota sucks. Imagine him being as good as Gardner Minshew 😂
  2. Imagine a Gm only having 6 roster mistakes by his 4th YEAR. How many drafts are 100% trash every year
  3. If that were true it'd be easier to hate him but it's not, he threw the ball 40+ yards to aj brown early in the 1st quarter of the browns game.
  4. Imagine thinking we should bring in woodside over tannehill. YIKES
  5. Gross to see vrabel refusing to answer questions about mariota's misplay.
  6. Two iffy games for mariota. He had good and bad moments but that 3 near-INT incompletion streak crushed my hopes for him that I've been holding onto for so long. Teams don't win superbowls when they have a qb plays like this in key situations. Fuck
  7. Like he asked to be traded to the browns to give them offensive info.
  8. Putting thought into the dick sizes of TR posters = Kyle021
  9. It seems like he's been hitting that morphine extra hard. He's phased the fuc out
  10. Walker is mariota's hope. This shit in preseason is unsettling
  11. That was a 2 pt conversion. 2 points in the preseason is worth risking your spinal cord, shut up.