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  1. I recently he got back into baseball and I'm so glad, it's such a better past time. Fuck this high school girl shit. I also recommend Star Citizen.
  2. I hope all those houses and cars are filling up the abyss in your soul
  3. https://ajbrown11.com/collections/mens What type of player has their own website where they sell shitty amazon marketplace-quality merch? Weird
  4. Vrabel to burks: "You thank everyone who got you here. Don't forget where you came from. Stay humble." Sounds like lessons from the AJB experience.
  5. The best part about being a non-tax payer is I don't need to either.
  6. "Name a part of your body that starts with the letter P and your wife enjoys." "My penis" Steve Harvey:
  7. https://atozsports.com/nashville/contract-carson-wentz-free-agent-tennessee-titans/ A classic by a to z.
  8. Just got back from the theater. There was much more cock, balls, cum, taint, and straight up men's assholes than I've ever seen in the other jackass movies. One dude got up and walked out. I'm not sure if WUU would like it though because there was always blunt force and blood involved. Somehow a couple 13 year olds got in. I was shocked to see an old couple walk in and even more shocked when they stayed and watched the whole thing. 7.5/10 for the effort put into it. Decent guests, insane commitment, but hopefully the last movie in the franchise. Most of the comedy revolved around looking at cocks or man ass.
  9. I side with your wife on that one. I would've walked out before the roach was off the edge of the table, that's disgusting!
  10. Misplaced homerism and pride. I get annoyed when I see critical takes of new players or players I deem good and it completely blinds my already biased perspective. Every year is "the year." Also hate for basically every other NFL team, because how dare they try to beat my team? That's just wrong.
  11. I won't be here during the game - I'm going to be watching with my drunk uncle who's going through a mid life crisis because I feel bad for him. To make matters worse, he's a cowboys fan and they just got knocked out of the playoff by this: I'm worried he's going to pressure me to drink. I hope I don't pull a Henry Ruggs III on the way home.
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