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  1. Reading deprivation lol, that’s gotta be a line straight from Ricky in Trailer Park Boys.
  2. Crazy how that miracle throw and catch on the sideline by Lamar was the game changer
  3. Yup. That’s literally the staple play where they hit AJB running across the middle.
  4. The Titans have beaten the Ravens twice in the past year...
  5. You claiming they’re going to lose is a coping mechanism lol. The hypocrisy here is off the charts. You say they’re going to lose today so you can mentally prepare early in case they do indeed lose. That’s fucking sad.
  6. 538 picks ravens and numberfire picks Titans, which statistician will be right,
  7. Lmfao I love how its time stamped at 1:17. Makaveli made it only through 1 mintute and 17 seconds before hitting the pause and bringing it here lol.
  8. I honestly think it’s beneficial with how much they’re laying it on with the Lamar 0-2 talk. I believe it will get into his head and give him the yips.
  9. FAO Shartz is the worst is what I can gather from my advanced analytics, that’s why I’ll be voting for him to be this years AP All Pro Cuck.
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