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  1. These will always be skewed towards teams who get QBs.
  2. Raiders move up to #1 in a swap with ARI. Raiders take Bosa, Zona takes Kyler at 4.
  3. @Number9 Go down to Vegas for the WSOP but don’t play tournaments. Ive been down for 3 and cash games are juicy. The best time to hit is the weeks leading up to the main. Any time during the MM or Monster Stack you’ll make bank in anything from 1/3-5/10.
  4. You know Oiley is gonna throw some of that darkness in here
  5. As a stop gap either if they can’t go up in 2020 and miss or a QB taken in 2020 needs a year to sit.
  6. No. There was always a battle between Mariota and himself. Tannehill is irrelevant. Tannehill will not take the job. Mariota will lose it. If Mariota loses the battle with himself, he gets no extension. Tannehill is just here to fill in when they trade up in 2020 for Herbert or Tua.
  7. The only way we are going is down. The Tannehill trade made it even more apparent. If Mariota doesn’t work he’s going to throw all his chips in 2020 to get Herbert or Tua
  8. Idk why people think this was ever a competition lol. Marcus was always in competition with himself only. Regardless if Tannehill was here or not, Marcus’ performance would have dictated if he was the starter or not. Same goes here. Has nothing to do with how Tannehill preforms or not. Tannehill is just the safe guard of Marcus dosent earn the extension. Marcus will play out the whole season if he isn’t injured. Jrob knows if he dosent extend Mariota he’s stacking the chips to move in on Herbert it whomever he sees to be better.
  9. Couldn’t disagree more. I’d bet my bottom dollar he won’t trade up. He’s likely to move down id say. He knows this is make or break time to see what he’s got in mariota. He’s going to need ammo for 2020 in case he decides to not extend. I see a move down to pick up a second next year and take a Fant or Brown.
  10. That’s why we need to add Hock, he’s versatile for that
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