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  1. Yet their O was at its best with a big time WR.
  2. People say shit when they are heated. I dont think he would be thinking about his Oline in the heat of the moment. Hes a MAGA, Tomi Laren fan. It is well within the realm of possibility.
  3. The kickers already have a large enough sample that they wont be that far off from their past percentages.
  4. That wouldn’t take more than a week in practice. They don’t need a whole summer lol. This is redic.
  5. Idk what argument is being made here of a kicker being in camp or not lol. It was the same shit heap of kickers. They don’t need to learn a playbook. They kick the fucking ball. It dosent matter if Parkey or Santos were in camp it would have been the same flying football of shit missing the uprights.
  6. Fuck no. It’s hard enough to get watchable QBs for 32 teams lol
  7. Hopefully it’s just his memes all commercial breaks for the crowd to enjoy.
  8. It ties directly too much I to play calling though. He’s the one that needs to know what time the drive should eat so when he needs to eat 4 mins and score a TD but chooses bomb and scores within 2, nobody is going to be able to help that.
  9. No shit. It’s clear as day Bill has never valued RBs since the time he off’d Corey Dillon.
  10. Yes the GM who didn’t give a big contract to said QB, who traded for a new QB... Smells like a business decision not a football one.
  11. Maybe I’m misremembering I’ll go back and watch the end today and report back.
  12. That TO changed their win probability by at least 15 percent for the Chiefs. They would have been able to stop the clock once more. They would have gotten an extra play. In soft coverage an extra 10 yards would have been easy. It would have changed the FG probability from a 45-50 percent kick to a 70 percent kick.
  13. Nah the reason the titans won is due to Reid using a TO during the 2pt conversion. That FG was probably a 40 percent probability.