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  1. Limas Sweed was far more impactful compared to these bums and Sweed still was a massive bust. I remember wanting Sweed in the second lol.
  2. I’d much prefer Njoku over Julio. He could def have that Delanie type revival here.
  3. Since RasKas says it’s a B+ shit must be a fucking F-
  4. Garbage tier draft. Randunz was the only decent pick.
  5. Jesus fuck. Did he blow out his back banging that bachelorette party?
  6. I have my doubts. Anybody that decides its a good idea to rock a police badge necklace with double pistols holsters on his sides is not sound of mind.
  7. Horn at 22 isn’t happening nor is Spencer Brown in the 4th.
  8. My predictions are my bets. The horn bet is that he’s picked before Parsons.
  9. These are my predictions. The horn bet is that he is picked before Parsons.
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