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  1. It’s not sad considering we had QBs mocked to us last year.
  2. You should look up Wong Teasers. They hit over 70 percent.
  3. Took me a second I was like how is that his blazing 5 that’s 9 games lol
  4. Up 3.5 units on the week. Might make some more bets on tonight’s game.
  5. I think the only bets I lost today were OAK and DEN which sucks because I bet 2 units on each
  6. Yeah Watson steps away from a loose rusher like it’s nothing.
  7. The D is set for years while adding a CB and as ER. Sign Henry and Conk, draft a QB. That’s all that’s needed.
  8. He has stolen 25 million dollars from this team. He has broken the law. He’s a filthy criminal.
  9. Week 5 makes sense so the move looks good once the oline is shored up
  10. Looks like a new simple Jake. What in the fuck are you going on about? Knee jerk reactions? It’s been 3 seasons of absolute shit. Idk where your logic is here. Mariota didn’t win that playoff game btw. The D did. Hell Henry did more than Mariota. All Mariota did was throw a bad pass to get deflected into a fluke play. Idk what you are going on about femininity in males. You look like you’ve based your looks off of mid 2000s Neyo lol.
  11. I hit on 2 units for delanie but lost my 1 unit AJ bet. Somehow I was returned 8 units. Edit - Oops! I must have placed other bets earlier this week I forgot about. I had Titans -2 which I missed, Henry over 74 which I missed, Mariota over 192 which I hit and Hump over 1.5 receptions which I hit.
  12. PK coming in trying to bait him to blame mariota
  13. Wow Fournette lost 5 yards, they should have declined