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  1. So they’re going to win between 0-4 games according to this guy lol yeah he’s pretty good lmfaooo
  2. Mahomes is the only one I’ve overly been impressed with. Watson is the next one but he’s on the cusp of being on a Mahomes level but needs a bit of improvement. The rest of those guys are just meh.
  3. There’s been 5 amazing QBs in the past 15-20 years, it’s gonna be hard to get one.
  4. Holy, the titans sub reddit has a thread on this. There take away was that mariota is a titan for the next 7-10 years lmfaoooo
  5. Okay? You need to field a QB. So you’d rather overpay for an overrated FA QB? Just because he’s not worth keeping dosent mean they wouldn’t sign him to a cheap deal to transition.
  6. Why have the Bengals wasted time with Andy Dalton? He may end up being the transition QB, who knows.
  7. The options are more than just highest contract ever or not signed at all even if he does preform.
  8. It won’t happen lol. VY, JC and ML were the last 1,2,3 and it didn’t happen.
  9. I’m shocked you are coherent enough to know the schedules.
  10. Correct. That’s not the argument I’m making. I’m making the argument of still drafting a QB even if you can’t be in the Top 5 and have the first or second QB. Im just saying how GMs in general are bad at evaluating which QB to take so there is a probabilistic chance that the QB you could take between picks 10-15 will be really good. It’s not some certain chance that the QBs will be drafted in the right order.
  11. Solid extrapolation from what I said Stephenisdumbdumb. I’m saying GMs blow at evaluating QBs. The probability of the first QB taken being the best isn’t much higher than other QBs in the top 15.
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