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  1. Those quotes are my exact feelings when I’ve visited Buffalo.
  2. I know their run percentage has increased a bit but don’t they still pass at one of the highest rates on first down? Edit - Wow massive decrease. 22nd at 55 percent.
  3. I’d say you should worry about being canceled but idk if they cancel dogshit manual labor peasants such as yourself.
  4. BuffaloWinter is actually trolling. Dumb dumb logicals actually believes he shit lmao.
  5. Buffalo sauce is one of the worst wing sauces going too.
  6. You know it’s bad when the ravens fans are telling the bills fans they need to calm down on a titans board lmfao
  7. Lmfaoooooo thats a good copy pasta. Almost as good as the ravens redditors “stunt on these hoes” playoff post.
  8. Why was Donnie Nicky a titan for as long as he was? Coaches just fall in love with dogshit players for some reason.
  9. Wouldn’t doubt it. We monkey paw’d David Long being starter at the cost of Jayon. So I def can see Rashaan still holding his spot,
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