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  1. That shit about Mariota is wrong. Oilerman said he dosent doubt that Muscleman Mike hates the softness that is Carcass Marcus. Oilerman knows his shit. He took a 3 week course with Paul Ekman.
  2. Mariota already done by the looks of it. Pulled his video. No need to ruin jersey sales this early.
  3. How could he hurt O production? I though Mariota already murdered it.
  4. When you can stiff arm a whole D, I’m sure it becomes natural to think you can stiff arm cars to avoid accidents.
  5. These are my minimum requirements otherwise he is a absolute scrub who should play in the arena league: 5500 yards with 3 1000 yard receivers 1200 rushing yards 50 passing TDs 15 rushing TDs Play in all 19 games. Apologize for being bad the past two seasons Hopefully he is able to achieve those easy tasks
  6. A QB missing a throw is more excusable than a coach lining a WR at OT. Coaching gaffes that big don’t compare to a QB missing throws.
  7. It was hard to tell Browns size. That picture of him standing next to DK made him look small.
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