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  1. Brady won’t crack more than 25 TDs. That WR Corp won’t save him.
  2. How long before he cheats on Wisenhunts daughter with some 17 year old HS girl?
  3. Evans and Brown have to be the best ILB tandem in the league
  4. It’s crazy that the Raiders have two of the biggest piss baby QBs of all time
  5. Even in a positive post it has to be negative
  6. Go get fucked by a swordfish at pike place and go back to your forum. Nobody here cares.
  7. Live in Canada. Friend was big into football. We would play madden and the Titans were a new team so I’d always pick them,
  8. See Todd Heaps thread lol. And yeah flowers were sent.
  9. Yup. Getting that close as made me tune out the NFL since the loss. I threw $80 on KC just to intrigue me.
  10. TMZ is more reliable than any other news source. He’s dead. Lebron passed him in scoring last night, he couldn’t live in that world.
  11. The offences last drive of the half was what ruined that game. Plain and simple. They score a TD and eat the clock, Titans win.
  12. Pretty sure him and his wife are billionaires.
  13. Look at this brilliant thought I came up with. We sign Washed Brady to a 2 year. This team does piss poor because Brady is dead. We draft Trevor Lawrence. Brady grooms TLaw. We are champions.

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