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  1. Trade him now? That would be dumb. Would be better off letting him play his final year and letting him walk for free.
  2. That’s probably why he won’t sign lol he’s not dumb.
  3. Your singular vote wouldn’t have changed the outcome. You don’t have a platform to use your opinion to sway enough people to affect an outcome. Don’t be silly.
  4. In order to get enough power, they need 60 senate seats. There is a zero percent chance Dems ever hold 60 senate seats due to gerrymandering and brainwashing.
  5. What lol? Voters can’t do shit. The Supreme Court is now just a GOP branch of government. They are above the president. The GOP purposely picked young justices to ensure this stands for a long time. Even if voting mattered, the Dems will never ever get 60 seats in the senate. They’ll never be able to do anything. On top of that voting is pointless because gerrymandering has ensured GOP rule forever. Packing the courts is pointless as it will just become a presidential standard when the presidents flip between parties. Your country is fucked. I am glad I don’t live in that shithole.
  6. Beautiful. I really hope they get it done before the season because I feel like his value is going to climb.
  7. I’m calling fisher a bum lol. Not talking about Philips lol.
  8. Fisher was good during his time in the early 2000s. Bum never adapted with the league.
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