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  1. 100p was a move to ensure Burrow didn’t see the ball again. Don’t think it had anything to do with hiding Tannehill.
  2. You guys are reading wayyyyyy too much into the “we” stuff. It’s clear as day that’s how Vrabel has coached this team. To be a “we” team.
  3. Idk who he his but not a fucking chance. We already had one bum with that name. Trade Henry. Sign Foreman. Draft Jameson.
  4. Allen just so unaware of clock management. Lmfao at leaving Mahomes just under 2 minutes then not learning your lesson and giving him 13 seconds. Allen could have burned all that clock and not given Mahomes a chance. Brain dead decision making by Allen.
  5. Todd’s opening Drive success rate alone is worth a firing.
  6. OC should be the number 1 issue. Idk how many games this season required the O to find a groove in the second half. If there’s one key indicator of a shit OC it’s opening drives. Toddy was probably dead last in points off opening drives. It’s one of the easiest drives of the game.
  7. They probably saw the KC situation as one they would be in. This team is very competitive atm. It sucks they don’t have a second or I would have been on a draft a QB team. I think missing that second is going to make it tough to go that route this year.
  8. Another Tom Brady classic. His D saves the day but he’s gonna get all the credit for the comeback lmfao
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