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  1. Would his Thursday rule not hold true if he’s treating it like a regular season game?
  2. It’s preseason. Of course they’re gonna want to pass more to help Mariota.
  3. Announcing that far in advanced seems odd if Luck was close.
  4. It has potential to be. I can see where Kyle is coming from. The way the pieces are progressing it is possible. If Landry takes off like Kearse then there’s a chance.
  5. I don’t trust Hollywood Chao. @Bongo59 we need your opinion here.
  6. Maybe he has some personal stuff going on right now?
  7. Fuckkkkk Honor is gonna be out week 1 isn’t he
  8. I named Law, Asamouga, McCalister, Bailey, Woodson, Barber, Samuel. Pretty sure there were more. Bly is probably better. Winfield on the Vikes was probably better. There’s quite a few better than Rolle.
  9. Look outside of titan fandom. Nobody agrees Rolle was a top 10 career wise in the 2000s.
  10. Look at my list on the other page and tell me he was better then them lol. He was between 15-20th best.
  11. This is hilarious lol. Lemme throw a bunch of fancy numbers that have absolutely no barring on nothing anything.
  12. Idk. I’d say wait. It’ll most likely bump to 6 or maybe even 6.5.
  13. Matt Lafleur told him he’d be running new routes and concepts over the old Mularkey ones and that upset him? Lmfao
  14. Considering you are probably 15-20 years older then me I doubt it lol
  15. Kinda sad when you think about it. They can’t beat the most depraved bum ass teams.
  16. Big dick Derrick is back practicing today. PSG3 should be good.
  17. In regards to the president; you’re state better not fuck it up again. In regards to this thread; this is like throwing Pride and Prejudice into the chimp cage at the zoo.
  18. TheBukafax


    So? They dealt with the situation of no Lewan and won.
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