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  1. All our inactives are injured players lol
  2. Yeah they’re 7 catches and 100 yards apart lol, big deal. Juju isn’t some far and away better WR.
  3. LOL at using Juju as a better WR. Once ben went down and no AB he’s looked like ass
  4. Waller is probably a decent value play but don’t take their WRs. Carr’s average depth of target is terrible, they have massive drop issues and they don’t get TDs. Davis or Brown would be better value plays.
  5. Same could be said about the Colts last week and they still got shredded for yaradge
  6. Hump isn’t that big of a deal. Tajae can fill in fine. Adoree and Sims is massive.
  7. I really wanna know if ME is a really good troll and normal or an actually nuts
  8. Garret continuing to prove he’s a dumb coach by electing to receive lol
  9. If I knew the difference was between a 2 year 30 mill or a 5 year 120 mill you’re damn straight id never go home
  10. “Anybody with real since New” Righttttt...
  11. Was this thread made out of fear of ICE getting you rolltide?
  12. Then what’s the point of telling us to take it one game at a time, dumbass?
  13. Sounds like they just gave AJ it off. No way he got hurt during stretches.
  14. Why don’t you make a football analytics website with your astute findings?
  15. He doesn’t come close to those guys of old. He got pancaked by a rookie lol
  16. Outside of Zach Martin, I cant really name a dominant Guard. No Ogdens or Allen’s exist nowadays.
  17. That documentary was so fucked lmfaoooooo that whole family were probably the dumbest people alive
  18. Probably means Jacksonville+scoring more earlier
  19. Yup. Fuse Brandon Jacobs and CJ together and it breeds Henry