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  1. The Titans subreddit is terrible. I’ve never seen so much delusion and denial. Any posts that are slightly negative to Mariota get downvoted to oblivion— I don’t understand it.
  2. I hope you’re wrong. Losing may be the best thing for this team. It would force the hand of the coaches to bench Mariota. How can you defend a guy who can’t outperform against a 6th round rookie qb.
  3. Art is no where close to mutiny. The playcalling wasn’t that bad yesterday. It looks to me like he’s hamstrung with a bad qb. Just take a look at the number of dump off passes (against 8 in the box) and lack of down the field calls. How many pa roll outs do we have to limit the field for our inept qb? If you haven’t noticed start watching that. Mariota is on a short leash. Art is not.
  4. This is Mariotas chance to be the best qb on the field. Not sure he’s going to get another opportunity. If Minchew looks better than we got some serious problems folks.
  5. I watched the Bill Giants on gamepass. Bills qb Allen is light years ahead of Mariota. If you took these two games and had no context no way would you think we have the offensive weapons we have, and a 5th year qb. Allen can also throw away the ball when he’s under pressure (what a novel concept).
  6. For those that voted that Mariota can still be a franchise qb. Why?
  7. The last sack Mariota took was the play of the game. It knocked Santos out 8 more yards, it’s a different kick then. We make that we win by 1. Bench this QB. Almost anyone is an upgrade.
  8. Got to shut down Mack today. If we lose to the Colts this board is going to go from Titans are SB favorites to well be lucky if we get 3rd place in the AFC South.
  9. Dude, make your bed for crying out loud.
  10. I don’t like the hype. Let’s stay under the radar and quietly chomp away at each teams dreams.
  11. Really well done! I love it.
  12. I’m thinking the Titans disappoint in Week 2. Mack, ty Hilton has good games I don’t think Brissett looked bad. Hooker had a nice int to keep them alive. It was a close game with the browns until baker threw 3 picks— even with 180 yards of penalties. We didn’t make mistakes which is why we won. Don’t get me wrong, that is how good teams become great but I’m under no illusion that we have a great ran right now (at least with just 1 game). The colts are going to come in and try and hit us in the mouth. They own us until proven otherwise and that’s how they’re going to play. I expect them to run Mack over 25 times and put 8 in the box to shut down henry and the dump passes. They will dare Mariota to pass it deep with Hooker playing the ball hawk. If the Titans can prove early they can pass medium to deep it’ll change the tempo of the game. I don’t expect the penalties or lack of discipline or the 4th q implosion (and frankly neither should we). This will be a very tough game to win. Glad we’re home at least
  13. Thanks for posting this to the front page Jonboy. Can we make this a thing for all games moving forward? I hated having to go through tons of pages to find this. Always find these interesting.