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  1. That looks a lot like my ex. Except my ex was a little less tan, fit, less symmetrical face, and less white and straight teeth. Other than all that, dead ringer.
  2. Came to the comments to post this.
  3. When we win: 8 When we lose: 4 In all honesty, JRob has been very good. We has done a good job of identifying needs and getting good players in. He gets marks off for the coaching search (the verdict is still out on Vrabel but his handling of Mularkey and Vrabel search didn't inspire a ton of confidence). And he also gets marks off for failing to find a player who can be the heart of the offense.
  4. I think requesting that Marcus get a shot was warranted (I don’t think for 6 games but all the same). I have to believe that AAS is smart enough to not pull an Al Davis; I’m pretty sure she trusts Jrobs scouting ability.
  5. Ah, the curse of being a Titans. Just when they’re on the brink of me not caring anymore they go and totally redeem themselves. Im seriously pumped about this game but I’m not going to start believing again unless we go 2-0 these next two games against Jags and Colts. No more excuses, make the transition, be a good football team not a mediocre one.
  6. Vrabel won a lot of points in my book today. He didn’t have those idiotic clock management calls and he beat KC without 5 starters. I know you have never been a fan of him but he did a very good job today. Not perfect, but very good.
  7. I agree. But I'm not ready to start questioning anything right now because I may have a heart attack. GREAT team effort!!! What is it about the Chiefs where we always have these crazy games?!?! The Chiefs must hate us.
  8. This board was calling for his head last year and now we want to crown him?
  9. If JRob is smart he'll draft a QB OTF so he can milk a few years on developing "his guy". If he fails to find coaches who can develop his guy, he's shit canned.
  10. Everyone who thinks Jrob is on the hot seat are out of their minds. There's definitely a chink in his armor-- I haven't heard so many in Jrob we trust anymore-- but he's far from the hot seat. He received a contract extension in 2018 to extend to 2022. The organization is not going to jump ship a year later. Vrabel would be the one on the hot seat but unless the season blows up he'll be safe. As a fan, all I want is for them to admit the offensive coaching staff is a problem and move on. If Vrabel doesn't improve next year he's gone. If Titans don't go to the playoffs again in 2020 then Jrob is on the hot seat.
  11. Lewans reputation is as the class clown. Lack of strong leadership may be a big reason the oline and entire offense is struggling
  12. It appears that Vrabel talks a lot about accountability but when Keith Carter remains on your staff it shows that what he really means is “we hold players accountable.”
  13. I’m really disappointed that Keith Carter still has a job at this point in the season.
  14. Dude, why would you even post this? Just leave. It seems to me that you’re being a little dramatic.