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  1. Anyone know what they're saying around 6-10 seconds. It sounds like Harbaugh keeps saying it's disrespectful and Vrabel said they're just standing there.
  2. Any of the more astute football minds on the forum know why they continue to play so far off? Is it as simple as the coaches dont want the corners to get beat deep? Or are they trying to coach the guys to break forward so they have an easier time to read the qbs eyes? I dont get how you can see your defense get shallacked week to week and just be ok with it.
  3. Is there any chance we see Adoree this week?
  4. Wow the Ravens must really suck if they lost to us
  5. Can’t wait for the presser. coach why did you put your team in a position to lose by going for 3 at the 4 yard line? gotta coach better gotta play better
  6. I think it’s clear you run twice there on third and short that close to paydirt. Are they intentionally trying to lose the game?
  7. How fucking dumb do you have to be to do a shotgun snap when you have a new center
  8. How many weeks does it take for Jrob or Amy to tell Vrabel to hire a dc, fire the special teams coach and get a new kicker. I swear the posters could make better personnel decisions. So clear what the issues are and no one in Titans land is making any changes
  9. I feel like I’m ready for the offseason. I’ve seen enough to know this team doesn’t have it.
  10. Game can easily swing back to Titans. Next two drives will be huge.
  11. Everyone: If Adoree doesn't play for 13 or 14 more games... I'm out
  12. With the exception of stuffing short run plays, does this defense do anything else well?
  13. I refuse to believe the players regressed this badly. Entire defense with exception of Simmons has played worse. The loss of Pees devestated the unit. Its so sad because we've seen these players be successcul and know they can be
  14. Does anyone know if the Titans have any openings on special teams? I wont deliver any results but I knew Vrabel in New England.

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