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  1. I love all of our picks. Bet ya he will make some heads pop off on special teams.
  2. I was initially disappointed with the pick-- mostly because I wanted Montez Sweat-- BUT everything I've read about this guy and seen on this guy since makes me think he's going to be a stud. He was the biggest difference maker on Miss. State's defense and made an impact against the run and pass. He was a leader in the locker room and someone who has gone through a tremendous amount of adversity. Go watch his draft video, does he look like a Pacman to you? He was with his whole family holding back tears telling Mikey V "I'm not going to let you down, coach." We're quickly acquiring a very young stud defensive nucleus. Ride or die Titans. He's the next future perennial pro-bowler until he's not.
  3. We are not drafting a qb. Amy wouldn’t have Marcus on the stage if they were seriously considering drafting a qb
  4. When we start getting bye weeks or additional advantages for being under the cap other than the Adams Strunk family can save a tens of million dollars I’ll feel differently.
  5. It’s frustrating to me, as a fan, to spend a substantial portion of my discretionary income on paying for tickets and going to the games when the team is not doing the same. That’s as plain as I can. Other season ticket holders have voiced similar frustrations
  6. Can you name me a year where the Titans went out into FA and made a big splash? I'll wait The whole point of the post was to support the idea that Titans brass only cares about selling tickets. We are ALWAYS substantially below cap. We had 1 year where we resigned all of our guys to big contracts in early 2000s. Other than that, we've been well below.
  7. Arthur Smith has definitely already got the knack of a JRob guy-- he's great at giving vague statements. "we want to be a tough physical football team with tough players" "Goal of the offense is to score more points than the other team" "We want to put our guys in the best system possible to succeed" "We're going to have a nice combination of run and pass" "We're going to take what the defense" Cue Titans fans drooling about how awesome this guy is... I hope he turns into something great, he has just as good as of a shot as any candidate proposed by this board for the OC job. **JUST AS A CLARIFICATION- these are not actual quotes but an exaggeration; I felt he was a bit vague.
  8. Really going to bring in the Patriots to this conversation? They are a completely different breed than any other NFL team. They could cut half their team and still make the playoffs next year. They lost Brady for a year and went 11-5 with Matt freaking Cassel. Mostly, I agree with the sentiment that a team is built through the draft. It is definitely true. However, smart FA pickups can take a team from OK or good to great. Bears and Rams are two good examples of teams that did well in FA to make a drastic jump in 2018.
  9. Our lackluster offseasons are key evidence of this. Everyone expecting big moves in FA will be sorely disappointed (again).
  10. I've learned more about Lipscomb Highschool today than I have about the Titans OC search. Thanks TitansReport.
  11. The circustances around this make me believe. Where there is smoke there is fire. IF Mariota got a 2nd opinion and they said he shouldn’t go. And IF this was not the opinion of the team. We’re in for a dynamic offseason. Personally I’m kind of hoping for reconciliation on a 5th year option. I think 1 thing is clear form this game. We need another qb. If the team unwisely chooses to extend Marcus based on his mediocre stats then they need to have a backup who can win these types of games. Unless someone here would bet their mortgage that he can stay healthy a whole season, we need someone to compete with Marcus.
  12. So you’re saying the turd sandwich is worse than glass boy? Good argument. What’s next, who’s the tallest midget?
  13. 1st down incomplete to 2nd down run is the most predictable playcall.
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