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  1. Draft a qb but not in the first round. first round picks have a lot of expectations and would divide the locker room and fan base. Hell even the Pats have been known to draft qbs on day 2 and 3. It would be negligent to not draft a an both for the back up role and for the future
  2. The team needs an elite pass rush. There were too many times I was screaming at my tv due to opposing qbs having all day
  3. The seconds and minutes are ticking away on our season. Really disappointing way to go. We played awful today
  4. Titans need a TD. I’d say your in 4 down territory. The defense is not going to stop Mahomes
  5. Titans don’t deserve to win today their play has been poor. Defense has been terrible, offense can’t get going. Need to turn it around right now
  6. Ya'll need to calm down with the offensive juggernaut talk. We broke 40 points three times this season, ya'll broke it twice. ESPN and Sports commentators just love to show "aerial offensive porn" on their shows because showing 4-6 yard runs isn't as exciting. You guys kill it with yards but this isn't a game of yards, its a game of points. Below is your ppg for every game this season. Low and behold everyone, the 'mighty' Chiefs offense. You didn't even break 30 ppg average. And before you say "but but the Titans are worse than us offensively." Check out how we've been since we had competent QB play. We've had more ppg than you. @ me bruh. I'd love to hear how I'm wrong. Chiefs Titans
  7. Completely agreed. The game plan is be balanced in the first half and then break their will in the 2nd .
  8. It's great to see everyone come together for this. Sorry I didn't make a donation in time, if there is a need for any other donation @TitansGuru please notify me.
  9. I used to live in Fairfield. Moved to PA a year ago.
  10. Well, anytime you say your team is going to beat the other team by 30+ points that is an arrogant move. The Chiefs have only beaten the Raiders by 30+ points since Week 7 so what makes you think the Titans are going to be worse? You just annihilated the Texans but that was only 20 points. Again, this is arrogance. Your team is facing the other best team in the AFC, not some scrub on your way to the playoffs. The Titans deserve more respect than you're giving them. But that's fine, I'd love if you came back here and admit how wrong you were if we win. And I didn't write the points stat the way it should have been (apologies). The Titans have scored more points than the Chiefs since Tannehill took over. We would not be the same team without Tannehill at the helm. Despite playoff numbers he has led this team to victory game after game. Since Week 7 (Tannehill starts) Titans 304 points Chiefs 279 points Because many of your fans have been talking about this renaissance you all have been under since the Titans game I decided to look at team's production since that game. Post Week 10 (Titans Chiefs Matchup) Titans - 199 points Chiefs - 167 points In summation, you may be right in the way that a broken clock is right two times a day. But your assessment has no basis in reality. The Titans have scored more points than the Chiefs and are clearly worthy to be where they are right now. They didn't get here due to bad calls or wacky situations. They got here through fundamentally sound football in all 3 phases of the game. Good luck this weekend. All proof below. TITANS - 304 points since Week 7 Tannehill CHIEFS - 279 points since Week 7

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