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  1. Tnasty

    Vrabel Press Conference

    The circustances around this make me believe. Where there is smoke there is fire. IF Mariota got a 2nd opinion and they said he shouldn’t go. And IF this was not the opinion of the team. We’re in for a dynamic offseason. Personally I’m kind of hoping for reconciliation on a 5th year option. I think 1 thing is clear form this game. We need another qb. If the team unwisely chooses to extend Marcus based on his mediocre stats then they need to have a backup who can win these types of games. Unless someone here would bet their mortgage that he can stay healthy a whole season, we need someone to compete with Marcus.
  2. So you’re saying the turd sandwich is worse than glass boy? Good argument. What’s next, who’s the tallest midget?
  3. Tnasty

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Was I wrong @No1TitansFan
  4. Tnasty

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    1st down incomplete to 2nd down run is the most predictable playcall.
  5. Tnasty

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Way to maximize the field position. Clowns. cant wait for Luck to march down the field
  6. Tnasty

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    Never seen such hind mive on any forum. Heaven forbid you ever say anything bad about Mariota.
  7. Tnasty

    Which QB do we go after for 2019?

    Bring in Foles. Team first guy, proven winner, has been in back up role. Tell him he has a chance to win the starting job (which he should have a chance). Draft a qb in 2020 to be the qb of the future to sit behind foles. I don’t see a reason why we should extend Marcus with a big contract but we probably will.
  8. Tnasty

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    For everyone that was saying marcus is playing tonight, he’s like Steve he’ll play through anything. Yeah. Yeah... Lets get competition for him next year before we pay him big boy money. Better luck nezt year, jeez.
  9. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    Stats from previous matchup with colts: mariota - 10/13 for 86 - 0 td - 1 int - left game early due to injury (big surprise) luck - 23 /29 for 297 - 3 td - 0 int I’m no mathematician but I think I could figure out which qb is better. I think I could also deduce that one of these qbs in a gunslinger and one is a dump off passer. And before you say Brady is too, what are his stats looking like? Like the best of all time? Mariota is leagues behind Luck. This team would be SB contenders for years with Luck.
  10. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    Wow. I hope you understand how stupid that is. Do you not remember about 4 weeks ago when he put up 38 points on us? A season high for this titans defense which has played extraordinarily well? We’ve faced Brady, Wentz, Rivers and Dak and none of them were close to what Luck put up on us. If he’s 2nd tier in the NFL what is Mariota? Junior varsity?
  11. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    Jordy Nelson had 33 receptions that season. Randall Cobb wasn't on the Packers until 2011. Not sure what you were looking at... The point of my sarcastic post is that these WRs -- Cobb, Nelson, Driver--- are NOT household names. Good QBs make good WRs. Not sure what's so confusing about that. We could sign Antonio Brown next season and if Mariota had similar stats this board would say its a scheme or offensive line issue. Good qbs have done more with less.
  12. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    The argument that he is a franchise quarterback along the same lines as Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Roethlisburger, Rivers, Luck, etc. is asinine. A franchise qb should be arguably the best player on your team. We all like Marcus. He has shown flashes. He has shown he can be clutch. He has been too inconsistent and too injured; his statistics show this. I wouldn't even say he's a "good" qb; he can be good. At best--when you look at his entire career-- he is serviceable. The idea that some on this board think that Mariota is a top QB in this league is ridiculous borderline insane. I was a big Marcus fan and I said last year he had to prove it. He didn't prove it. Then the fans say its the offensive system. So we bring in a new coordinator who just came from the most innovative offensive tree in the nfl. Now the excuse is that LaFleur is a new coach. The excuse is that the line isn't good enough. The excuse is that he doesn't have enough playmakers. When everywhere you go smells like shit its time to check underneath your shoes. We don't have a better option at this time. I would absolutely sign a veteran qb who can come compete. Sign his 5th year option and make him earn a franchise salary. He has not earned the moniker "franchise qb".
  13. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    You’re so right. Aaron Rodgers is in the same class as Mariota— a franchise qb. His first year starting he had over 4000 yards passing and 28 touchdowns. It’s because he had hall of fame weapons around him! How can we forget about HOFers Ryan Grant at RB, Greg Jenning and Donald Driver at WR, and the immeasurable Jermichael Finley at TE. I can’t believe an ensemble like this existed on one team! No wonder Aaron Rogers puts up stats like he does! You are correct— ignorance is bliss. Let’s just wait for Mariota to get a HOF team around him. Then after 3-4 more mediocre seasons we can finally have a discussion that maybe he’s not cut out to be a franchise qb. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
  14. Tnasty

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    Can you name some of the other franchise qbs that get injured every single season? Can you name some of the other franchise qbs that average less than 200 yards a game? Can you name some of the other franchise qbs that barely make it into double digits for TDs? If he was on any other team and hit FA no one on this board would be clamoring for the titans to sign him. He may have potential but this talk of him being a franchise qb is a joke.
  15. Tnasty

    Remember the Titans

    How long can you actually do that dance? The team did it for 15 seconds and that was plenty. What are they going to do after they have finished? Stand around and give each other high fives and pats on the back? Hard pass.