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  1. Adam Vinatieri sounds like he plans to retire. After another brutal kicking day, Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri strongly hinted that he may have played his final game. Vinatieri continued his bad start to the 2019 season by missing two more extra points in the Colts' 19-17 win over Tennessee.
  2. Anyone think Woodside would be a valid backup if they were to trade Mariota and go with Tannehill? If we lose to the Jags and Mariota dont step up I could see this as a real possibility
  3. We will see next Sunday, the Colts played the Chargers pretty tough down in LA
  4. You know him and Elway already have the numbers figured out
  5. My nephews over right now, Seahawks fan, telling him to STFU so he can watch his game 😂