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  1. Lol, I wonder what is wrong with Ryan? I havent heard anything, and nothin about them bringing in anyone else
  2. I heard Succop was drilling some 60yders, actually 60 yr olds, and is nursing that 3rd leg
  3. It's simple...... 2 guys need investor to keep cupcake business going, 1 guy signs as 3rd investor, 3rd guy eats up his share of the profits
  4. Does anyone know for sure if Conklin is not at OTAs because of his injury? Or maybe he's not happy over the team not picking up his 5th year option 🤔
  5. Sounds like he owes you a favor, good time to make that call
  6. Was probably already said but I like the interview where he told Amy Wells "I dont hate DB's, they just get in the way"!
  7. Smokescreen? Maybe to get another team to take him ahead of us, thus one more defensive player slides? Or to get another team to trade up to us if they really like Lock?
  8. What are the prospects at qb for next years draft looking like?
  9. Nice report! I seen Matt Mauck, he came in after Volek got smashed by someone from the Cardinals. That was my only shot to see McNair and he didnt even make the plane trip down to Az. I believe that was the season just before we drafted Young
  10. Just a thought..... can anyone see the same situation they did to McNair, if his injurys havent made a significant change for the better?
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