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  1. Looks like the Titans backup mascot couldn’t stop staring
  2. New song to get their crowd charged up before the games.......
  3. Drew Bennett was a good receiver but I’ll never forget that dropped pass late in the 4th in NE during the playoffs
  4. Maybe a deal in principle is in place, just waiting on a physical to be done?
  5. Would be good for some competition in camp
  6. We ain’t getting either Brady or Tannehill lol
  7. “Hey Touched..... If I kiss this guy on the mouth can I be the next guest on your show?”
  8. Maybe David could get Derek a job on NFL Network!? Didn’t Derek just sign a big extension not to long ago? Might cost the Raiders quite a bit to get him out of that contract if they do go after Brady
  9. From Houston to Memphis to Nashville.... let’s let’s finish this season down in MIAMI !!!! For all of us that have stuck with this team thru everything, LETS GET IT TODAY !!!!!
  10. Towards the end some lucky fan will receive a game used shoulder pads
  11. No, but fuck him anyway. Unless he signs with the Titans
  12. Looks like we playing back to back Sat Night games!!!!

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