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  1. Did we have to give Atlanta permission to interview Arthur Smith for their head coaching position? If we did do you think it’s possible Robinson told them that if Julios contract became an issue with their cap this coming year that we would be able to match or better any trade offer? Robinson is a smart guy. He did tell Davis and Jonnu to go out and get the best offers they could find in free agency. Maybe there was already a behind the scenes deal made or just wishful thinking on my part
  2. Yeah maybe with adding a 3/4 rnd pick with Julio
  3. I never played college ball but he might regret it down the road not playing with buds in his SR year of HS
  4. Celebrating my bday down in Cali watching the Titans play in the SuperBowl!
  5. Missing our 5th and 7th rnd picks, must have been what took to get him
  6. I do too, it was a beautiful deep pass late in the game in the playoffs! It was vs the damn Patriots
  7. The mispronunciation with his name was people were saying Mary-ota when it should be Mario-ta
  8. By the time this thread gets shuffled to the back BJ Goodson might be retired
  9. Love It! That pushes the SuperBowl to my Bday so it won’t be too far of a drive from Az to California to watch our boys play
  10. This is bullshit! The same team that convinced Tunsil to leak draft day photos of him smoking weed thru a gas mask so he’d fall right into their lap. I honestly think someone from that organization spoke to Wilson and convinced him to do what he had to do to get released from Tenn. Fuck Miami!!
  11. Why not this..... Just keep the game going like its between the 1-2qtr or 3-4qtr. First team to score in a full 5th qtr of OT wins the game. Just give both teams either 1 or 2 timeouts, added to what they had ending regulation with the max being 3 TO in hand. If your team was behind and needs to tie the game at the end of regulation they should have to play defense and not be just handed back the ball to win the game. Also it would take any question of OT being fair to the coin toss totally out of the equation.
  12. If Watt comes to Nashville let’s wear the old jerseys, in Houston, so him and the Texans can be reminded that the Oilers will ALWAYS be apart of our Titans history and no one else’s!
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