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  1. Just rewatched the game and seen that it was also Kalu that got in the face of the holder, who got the intentional grounding call!!
  2. Leaping into our own crowd, this is getting fucking embarrassing
  3. In JRob we trust, that he drafts Winston gets stuck with Mariota for a few years, then gets his QB back and wins the SB 🤔. Man they make movies about this kind of shit
  4. Who are you going for today? Colts or Texans? We lost to Indy but Houston at 5-2 would not be good either. Its a toss up for me
  5. How about "Fuck You Manning, put your rings back in your pocket"
  6. Not sure why he didnt role out to the right
  7. He stepped right up into the pressure, fuck