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  1. This whole situation is just a PR stunt. Neither side is going to budge. We will not be removing sanctions without verifiable denuclearization, and NK is not going to stop their testing and provocation unless sanctions are lifted. This whole summit deal just bought time for the inevitability of no deal.
  2. And the QB draft stock is suddenly thinner..
  3. Or even worse a few bad games to where we head into the offseason with uncertainty. Hopefully not the case but definitely possible.
  4. Well Rivers is definitely making his case to be a backup somewhere..
  5. Yep, and Simmons is more effective in tandem with Casey. Getting Casey back will be a big boost.
  6. That dude is a legit tard. ME posts this dudes videos all the time.
  7. Exactly. Almost any QB or backup QB in the league could do the same workout. Hand picked receivers, wide open field, no pressure while dropping back etc.
  8. Now he's at a high school? Lol. Glad Antifa showed up to support him.
  9. He's not a good quarterback. Not even a viable option here..
  10. Supposedly at least 24 teams are now expected to have a representative show up. I hope we aren't on that list.
  11. Haha I'll never forget that game. After Andre swung on him, you can see Finnegan smirk and say is that all you got? Dude was always scrappy for his size.
  12. Tannehill has 6 games to prove himself, so plenty of time to explore all the options. If Tannehill does in fact reinvent himself here, he obviously offers more productive years left to play.
  13. That's crazy. Either a PR stunt or covering their bases with any potential discrimination issues.
  14. The league needs to start making an example of dirty players. Minimal year suspension without pay.