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  1. I thought he had a " good practice" yesterday...
  2. The worst part of losing a game of this magnitude is the fact of how difficult it is in this league to get back to this point. I have no idea how the offseason pans out for us, or what the future holds. We could go 12-4 next year and not be where we are right now. It could take 10 or more years to be where we are right now. Yeah, it will absolutely suck to lose this game. I would be more ok losing the Superbowl then losing the AFC championship to a team and coach that we have absolutely owned. We just need to do what we do and handle business to punch a ticket to Miami.
  3. The biggest question if we lose is who will be doing the mock drafts since Kyle jumped ship?
  4. I put absolutely zero merit in these. Computer simulations anyways..
  5. Madden simulated the Chiefs blowing out the Titans lol. I haven't checked to see how accurate that has been in the past.
  6. I'm sure everyone here besides Kyle hopes for a win. But at this point it is hard not to expect them to win. This team has went from looking like a high draft pick to start the season, to the doorstep of the Superbowl. This turnaround almost hasn't sank in fully. This team can beat anyone, and most uncertainly the Chiefs. This Superbowl window opportunity is so small, and there are no guarantees we are in this spot next year or beyond. This has to be the time for the Titans to go all the way. I just feel like this team has the heart and talent to get it done.
  7. Very sad. It is very easy to get caught up in life and day to day things and ignore the real important things. It is a shame when someone leaves too soon and doesn't get a fair shot at a full life. RIP friend.
  8. The Chiefs are about to meet the wrath of King Henry.
  9. Their defense is probably having nightmares and losing sleep over the damage Henry is about to inflict on their bodies and will..
  10. Regular season record, division ranking are completely irrelevant in the post season. It is just game to game now. Your Chiefs could play the Texans again this Sunday and lose, that is just how it is. But I do enjoy the level of your confidence, much like the Patriots and Ravens fans had, and most of the analysts and media. The trash talk is fun and all, but the fact is that we are the final four teams, and all are very good and there is a reason we are all here. There are no flukes at this point. Regardless of the outcome, I expect two good games. And regardless who your team is, it has been a story for us all and a hell of a run.
  11. He's hoping Reid sees his beanie and plans accordingly.
  12. So your a bandwagon fan that jumped on board once Mahomes was the QB? Got it.

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