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  1. Or you can just slow or stop the massive deforestation worldwide. Trees and plants remove CO2 naturally and for free.
  2. Now Trump wants to " Make Iran great again". What the hell is wrong with this guy??
  3. Regardless if it was in their airspace ot not, which none of us will truly ever know, they admitted and took responsibility for it. If someone had launched it without approval or orders, they would likely just play dumb about it. And this was the second attempt at shooting one down. I highly doubt both drones were in Iranian airspace. They know what they are doing, and will likely try and push the envelope in coming days..
  4. The worst thing about all this is that Iran ADMITTED to shooting it down lol. He is excusing them after they freely admitted they shot it down. Nothing as pathetic as excusing the enemy...
  5. Just like the Obamacare replacement...
  6. Well, now that Iran has the upper hand I wonder what the next move is by them? I imagine the taunting will escalate even further now seeing they suffered zero consequences for shooting down a 130M asset. Imagine if they had successfully shot down the other one. I would guess more oil tankers will be targets as well due to Irans financial status.
  7. This crossed my mind, especially after Putin called for him to use restraint.
  8. No doubt Pompeo and Bolton are pushing for retaliation. Putin may be pulling Trumps puppet strings again, just like he did when North Korea was causing problems. Iran and NK are allies of Russia so this is definitely a legitimate theory. Not to mention the chance of war and fear of it hurting his chances at being re-elected..
  9. Yeah I'm starting to question this whole "mission". Would potential casualties not be addressed in the pre op briefing, before even making a decision to launch a strike? And beyond that, were there not plenty of other targets available that were not in close proximity of civilians? Did Iran give a shit about the civilians who were simply doing their jobs on the oil tankers that were attacked? Our leadership and military coordination are not functioning like the most powerful nation in the world should be. This is weak, feckless leadership to allow unchecked aggression like this, as well as other current events that have happened recently. There is a difference between restraint and being bullied. America is straight up getting punked right now, it's quite embarrasing.
  10. I was referring to the leadership. Although our military leadership seems to be in disarray right now too. No way would Mattis have allowed unchecked agression. Starting a war and retaliating against agression are two completely different things. Iran would lose badly in a war with the US, and doesn't have the money to fund a war. We should have responded to their shooting down of our drone, not to mention the other one they tried to shoot down. Iran needs a wake up call, then hopefully come to its senses and go back to the negotiating table. I don't think any of us are advocating war.
  11. No, the entire world sees us weak right now. Iran is pulling the strings, same as Russia and North Korea. If responding with military action on targeted assets is considered an attack, then Iran attacked us first and punishment is warranted. I am glad it was called off if it was due to the potential for civilian casualties. It sounds like the planning prior to the attack was poor if they were targeting sites around civilians, or Iran did a great job and planted assets in those locations for this reason. I have to laugh at Trumps "you'll see" what happens if you mess with us. Well, now the world knows. Not a fucking thing.
  12. To do nothing would be worse. A measured response is necessary. They have to be expecting it. We take out a few of their assets and hope they change their mind on future agression, meanwhile the world is taking notice.
  13. I made mention of this earlier. All these incidents with no response whatsoever. This is very concerning.
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