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  1. Something else that might be holding this up us the fact that Henry still hasn't gotten paid. Imagine Clowney comes in on big contract and Henry is stuck with his current franchise tag salary. They may be working the numbers to try and make them both happy..
  2. Yeah pretty big need that definitely has not been addressed...
  3. I want to know the deal with the situation of Vrabels "draft room" lol. Has there been any explanation given?
  4. Jay Cutler probably cares as much about losing her as he did throwing a pick. His attitude has always sucked to the point of being comical. I would say she probably got fed up with it cheating or not...
  5. Someone had our draft graded at a B-. If we fail to get Clowney I would say that is about right. We added some good value players, but not anyone with elite talent, at least from day one. I think Fulton has the most upside, and could be the bargain of this draft class.
  6. I think Evans brings breakaway speed much like CJ. If we can create some holes, he is someone who can get open and be untouchable, and Wilson could be a huge asset in that department. We could have a really good running game this season.
  7. Great pick. Good to see us getting some speed players.
  8. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    Profit over lives. There is no way in hell I would ever put my parents in one of those shit holes.
  9. Agree. I don't see them blowing the first pick on a guy that will sit on the bench this season. Kelly is a great backup, but they are banking on him to make an impact immediately.
  10. I feel like this move makes signing Clowney more likely
  11. This is a safe pick considering the importance of our O line for the success of Henry and Tannehill. Not surprised at all.
  12. We are not at a point yet for business as usual. The problem is if you give the green light and say to ease back into work and normal living, everyone is going to take that as live life pre January. Americans don't know moderation. It is all or nothing. Yes we need to get back to work and get the economy going, but to do so now will absolutely cause a huge spike in both infected people and deaths. We do need to start making a plan to open the county back now. Obviously the cities with highest amount of cases will need to stay shut down longer than other areas. This time sucks for all of us, but looking at the big picture, the smartest thing right now is to stay the course just a little longer to give us the best odds to minimize the spread of Covid-19.
  13. Even more fucked up is that the president of the TVA made over 8 million last year. The corruption of these power companies is mind blowing. Nobody should face utilities being shut off right now, nor should anyone be penalized for paying late. Fuck these assholes.

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