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  1. His response is so weak he just looks incompetent as commander in chief. Intelligence is clearly proving NK is rebuilding assets at nuclear sites. That is called regression of policy aka failed diplomatic efforts.
  2. Exactly SK is the X factor, and Kim knows this. He will continue to provoke, example the missile tests and military readiness tests performed yesterday. Meanwhile the joint US and SK tests and exercises have ceased as well as our state of readiness. This is a completely one sided deal. Kim is simply buying time to advance his military power. Trumps response to the tests yesterday was more encouraging words about cooperation from NK lol. Even Obama would have condemned the tests, which should be the default response to such provocation. This is beyond concerning..
  3. I saw a poll that had the Titans at 7-9 no playoffs. I think this stems from very little confidence on Mariota improving or staying healthy for a full season.
  4. Kind of surprised by this pick and have no idea who he is...We did need a guard upgrade though.
  5. So do we even see Simmons this season? I didn't realize he tore his ACL a few months ago. We really need players who can play now and upgrade the defense, especially the first pick.
  6. Dang Murray looks about 5'7 or 5'8 lol.
  7. Funny as shit how Goodell is booed year after year when he is talking.
  8. Disgusting. There shouldn't be one penny of reconciliation for a death that they caused. The family is the one who should be receiving a payout from NK..
  9. Biden is officially in. He honestly has the best shot of all the Democratic nominees to beat Trump in my opinion as he is the most moderate and fits the moderate progressive mold of a true Democrat, not the far left and socialist viewpoints that are just trendy with the young generations and would not be sustainable. I'll be curious to see how much the creepy Joe status hurts him with voters..
  10. Not to mention the Summer gas blend is more expensive, or so they have us believe anyways..
  11. It sounds like Lavi's seat may be getting warm. A friend of mine seems to think that he may be asked to fire and replace all his assistants or else...who knows. Looking at the season, especially the second half, it is hard to believe the Preds even won the division. I find myself wondering if the Preds will even make the playoffs next year, let alone contend for the Stanley Cup?
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