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  1. The words unqualified and in over your head definitely come to mind.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that since Mattis has been gone, the US has been almost silent against any type of posturing against us? There just has been little to no response. Makes you wonder who is actually in charge of our military right now.
  3. Not surprising. I'm sure Russia and China both have plans to strategically put assets there of some sort.
  4. This is why taxing should be done in brackets. Should someone who earns 60k pay 30k in taxes? Hell no. But at some point we need to decide what is just making it, what is living comfortable, and what is living in excess and tax accordingly. The poor and middle class should pay much differently than someone who has way more than they need, let alone a multi million or billion dollar company.
  5. I think one problem with politics are people being afraid to "stray" from the "ideals" of their party. I consider myself a free thinker and find myself hard to categorize at times. There are many current and upcoming issues that will require people to bend boundaries and cooperate for the good of this countries future.
  6. Long term, it is very possible. I predict the companies that stay together long enough will eventually be bought out by these mega companies somewhere down the road, or at least merge with them. At the current rate, how we buy and live will be much different within the next decade, and not in a good way.
  7. Something needs to be done with these Megacompanies. Lets look at the end game. First off, imagine 2 or 3 companies running basically every aspect of our lives. They will not stop at selling goods and offering TV streaming packages. These companies want to own every market. There will be no alternatives or choices. They will own the market on everything. Once they do this, they can price everything however they want, as there will be no competition. We will have no choices, and thus no freedom. This is a huge danger to our economy long term. It is time to take action now before it is too late.
  8. Yes, wealth inequality is a big problem for many reasons. I personally don't think any able bodied person who wants to work and who contributes to society should have to struggle. Not just paying bills, but putting money back for retirement. I could see the middle class becoming a minority at the current rate of wealth distribution. The ultra wealthy are monopolizing literally everything from real estate to goods. At the current rate of greed from companies like Amazon and Walmart who are getting their hands on everything, small business is going to disappear. Nobody can compete with them. Malls are shutting down, and businesses that have been around for decades are going under. Many jobs aren't keeping up with inflation, and some are paying less now than they were 10 or more years ago. This should not be. This is why many people have to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. Throw in a financially devastating medical emergency and they are done. Taxes should be based in income, and I actually think they should be based on profit. Large companies should not get tax breaks. Amazon and Walmart are both disgustingly greedy companies. I would be ok if they paid in 70% or more in taxes. An average family of 4 should not have to struggle while the ultra wealthy live in excess. Small businesses should receive substantial tax cuts as well, to help level the playing field, and give them a chance to make it. As far as supporting Amazon, I think many of us are guilty of using them due to the convenience, but I generally try and use Ebay as much as possible for online purchases because I am supporting more individuals and small businesses, and honestly better deals can be found.
  9. You just can't get over your Trump agenda can you? I could give two shits about what Trump said about planes. As far as the plane accidents go, the reports will eventually come out about what the actual cause was. Whether mechanical, pilot error, or both. You know far more about planes than I do, I'm not going to dispute that. But I have been reading a lot on the accidents, and many have similar suspicions as I do. Are they experts? I'm sure most or not, but when 2 new planes of the same model stall and crash after takeoff, logic tells me to look at the plane itself over pilot error.
  10. Nope, absolutely not. I actually saw what he said while searching for an article. I don't spend much time getting wrapped up in politics. Sorry that some of you can't enjoy your lives without thinking everything has an agenda. I am a free thinker and tend to find some good on both sides of the fence. I could give two shits if someone believes me or not. I don't judge a persons worth by their political beliefs. I may disagree on a lot of things, but I also respect an individual's right to free speech and thinking. I just don't understand hating and degrading people because they think differently. It"s really fucking petty.
  11. Well I think everyone could see how fake the first summit was. Kim wanted all sanctions lifted and to keep his nukes, and Trump wanted complete denuclearization. Neither was going to play out like that and what was the compromise? Partial sanction relief in exchange for partial nuclear disarmament? This deal was never in the cards. NK has been discreetly working on it's nuclear program and in the mean time we cancelled our largest annual military exercises which keep us in a ready state in case of conflict. We have lost readiness and they have gained time.
  12. I am glad the Fed is staying put for now. It was getting too aggressive and confident Imo. We are likely heading toward a mini recession, but to think an economic downturn would be fun is just ridiculous.
  13. This is an epic disaster unfolding. I'm just waiting for the first nuclear or missile test to resume. This will be Trumps biggest failure to date. He had one shot at diplomacy and it has failed. At this point Kim is just playing him like a puppet. The summits only empowered Kim, and made him more relevant, and he now holds the poker card. I really don't see a peaceful resolution at this point. Any more sanctions will swiftly bring back the pre summit rhetoric, and we will be back at square one with likely no second chance.
  14. I actually just saw this evening that Trump said that, well before I posted my comment, so definitely not quoting anything he said. I'm personally tired of everything being politicized. Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal. We all live in a country where we have the freedom to have a choice to live differently and have different opinions.
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