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  1. I still feel like Smiths mind was on his next job and not the wild card game. Biggest game of the season and he called a dud. Wish him the best but honestly looking forward to a new scheme that is hopefully a little more creative.
  2. A hybrid Pees/Steelers scheme sounds very intriguing. Meathead need to give whoever it ends up being full reign with no micro managing. That goes for whoever the OC ends up being as well. Vrabel needs to trust both of his hires to do their job so he can just focus on having the team ready.
  3. That to me is the biggest problem. Regression. I think we all knew this Titans team wasn't going to the Superbowl this year, but to show up at home nonetheless and put up such an awful performance isn't a good look an Vrabel.
  4. Vrabel may go down to be remembered by blowing that game. A good regular season coach who can't win when it matters most.. I don't see this guy being remembered as one of the greats...
  5. The punt on 4th and 2 could have been the difference in the outcome of the game. Vrabel said he trusted our defense lol. This is why Vrabel will never see a Lombardi.
  6. Relieved, no. Expected, absolutely I knew we were one and done in the playoffs. The fact we won 11 games and won the division is a miracle. The record and division title hide the fact that this team regressed. I feel like our Superbowl window is closing. This is going to be a make or break off season for Vrabel and JRob
  7. Absolutely. And a very proficient DC...
  8. This was Superbowl or bust. Record and division title aside, last years team was better and closer to winning the big game. Last years team was hungrier, and more dangerous. This falls on the moves and decisions made by the coach and management. When it's all said and done, nobody gives a shit about who won a division, what a team's record was, or individual player stats. It is all about bringing home the Lombardi.
  9. Henry is 0-2 in the big game. You have to blame a lot of this on coaching and the game plan, but he was irrelevant today just as he was in the AFC Championship game last season. Not to take away anything from back to back incredible seasons from him, but this is why it would be hard to have him in an MVP conversation.
  10. I don't think the Titans will ever reach a Superbowl under Vrabel.
  11. I'm not sure Henry is going to be very effective today..
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