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  1. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    I wouldn't be surprised if that lingers a few more week. So in all reality, this is likely a 30 or more day illness considering they say you are contagious 4 days before showing symptoms. On a side note I can hear the ice cream man driving around down the street. Pure stupidity. No wonder my County is the most infected per capita in the state..
  2. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    Wow, I can't imagine 14 days with a fever. 2 or 3 days is bad enough. Are you still having any shortness of breath?
  3. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    How are you feeling? Curious what the timeline is from first symptoms to feeling normal?
  4. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    I saw a video of someone getting it done. They said it tickled and made their eyes water but not a big deal..
  5. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    June 10th, Wow. That is going to be devastating financially and economically for a lot of people. I imagine other states will eventually do the same.
  6. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    Absolutely disgusting the these people pray on others, especially a time like this.
  7. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    I heard Trump is now looking at the possibility of mandatory lockdown in a few of the hardest hit cities. This should have already happened, and needs to happen asap. This thing will be out of control in 2 weeks and he is really going to look bad even suggesting it.
  8. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    I was reading an article last night saying they think it will be peaking here in about 17 days and 1500 plus deaths every day. Hard to estimate that far about, but I think it is very possible the way it is spreading.
  9. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    Actually there is a ton of evidence showing benefit to vitamin C protocols. But our medical industry hates it because it is cheap, so they can't make money off it.
  10. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    Well at least she spoke up against that bullshit unnecessary spending. 25 million to fund an art center, and $1200 for American citizens, which doesn't even pay an average Morgage. Absolute shame .
  11. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    I have heard that intravenous vitamin C works much better medically. Some people even use it in cancer protocols. Namely in countries besides the US that don't want to get rich off your treatments. You always hear reports from the "experts" that it doesn't do much, but those are the same people who want you to live off their expensive drugs. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. I personally take 3 grams a day of it, and have for years, and I can say for me personally I don't sick as much and recover better from workouts at the gym.
  12. Former_Fan

    Virus in US

    A few weeks ahead, and no end in sight...
  13. Not much to dissect. Financial aid to American citizens. Very simple.

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