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  1. Tennessee are an anomaly. Their record the first 20 years of franchise play was good enough to where they were one win shy of crashing the top ten in wins with 170 regular/postseason victories from 1999 thru 2018 DESPITE having a starting QB play all 16 games just TWICE in twenty seasons. Most wins past 20 seasons and QB's starting Most Wins 1999-2018 1--New England---263 wins Bledsoe/Brady since '93 2--Pittsburgh---218 wins Stewart/Maddox/Roethlisberger since '97 3--Indy---216 wins Manning/Luck since '98 4--Green Bay---204 wins Favre/Rodgers since '92 5--Philly---200 wins McNabb/Vick/Foles/Wentz since '00 6--Baltimore---199 wins Boller/Flacco since '03 7--Seattle--193 wins Hasselbeck/Wilson since '01 8--Denver--188 wins Plummer/Cutler/Orton/Manning since '03 9--New Orleans---182 wins Brooks/Brees since '01 10--N.Y. Giants--171 wins Collins/Manning since '99 10--Dallas---171 wins Romo/Prescott since '06 11--L.A. Chargers--170 wins Brees/Rivers since '01 11--Tennessee--170 wins Way too many to count. Now more than ever its a throwing league now and we are being left in the dust. All these teams have been able to pluck gems lately from the draft:Houston with Watson,Baltimore with Jackson,Kansas City with Mahomes,Cleveland with Mayfield and Indy with Brissett although that was a trade the thing is all those teams are AFC teams.
  2. This is what i don't get. Tannehill clearly outplayed Mariota in preseason. The Titans brass are throwing away what could've been a really good season all for one reason to see if Mariota is worth paying going forward. The answer to that has already been laid bare in front of us and that answer is HELL NO he isnt worth an extension. Mariota hasnt just regressed he has went downhill faster than a roller coaster. The only reason i can think of to keep playing him is a higher draft pick. Other than that it makes ZERO sense to keep throwing Mariota out there as starter each week. The ultimate irony of all is in the past we all prayed Mariota would not be hurt and he always seem to get hurt anyway. Now that we do want him to get hurt the bastard is gonna torture us and play all year.
  3. I like Stafford he has never had a real good roster around him. Fortune favors the bold. If i were JRob i would offer a first for Stafford to play on the roster we have now with not only a top ten defense but also a rising offense featuring a top notch RB,a top five TE in Walker and WR talent like Davis,Brown that is not utilized fully due to mediocrity at QB.
  4. Good points. I definitely think he would prefer to bring in a vet. After all we have a pretty good roster and i know JRob doesnt want to waste a win now type roster on some rookie who may not pan out. Mariota is leaving all kinds of plays on the field if he hits on a couple of those plays last week we beat Indy. I think if we had a Rivers/Stafford we are a 10 or 11 win team easily. An alternative would be to roll with Tanny as the starter next season and have a Foles like back up as someone has suggested earlier. With the way Tanny was hitting receivers this preseason i wouldnt be shocked to see the offense improve.
  5. I think due to how well Jon Robinson has done getting the roster in a competitive spot that the team would be better off going after a vet QB then wasting a couple years again with a rookie. After all teams have done this before and i can state examples. The first team that comes to mind is Kansas City in 2013 most folks thought they would draft a QB but instead traded for Alex Smith and had five straight winning seasons before finally drafting Mahomes in 2018. Another team that went the vet QB route instead of drafting a QB was Arizona also in 2013 opting to trade for Carson Palmer and they had three straight winning seasons including an NFC championship appearance. Here is what i would do..... A: Call San Francisco and see how much they want for Mullins. He has done well when he has had to start. B: Trade for a vet like Stafford there have been rumors of the Lions possibly looking to scrap things and reboot and if they did i would be on the phone immediately. I'd give up a second round pick wouldn't you? Imagine how much our offense would open up. I know they probably won't do this. As much as i like Tannehill as others have pointed out Miami let him go for a reason and he is injury prone like Mariota is. With that being said i am not against giving him a chance. I think after seeing the last two weeks the writing is on the wall Mariota has regressed and looks bad. They need to put Tannehill in BEFORE the season ends up in shambles because he may be what the team needs short term.
  6. Will love to finally get a competent pocket passer. All of our 1st round franchise picks have been dual threat McNair....VY.....Locker....Mariota. Only one worked out the rest nope.....
  7. Surveying the field,decision making and pocket presence are all things Mariota is having trouble with. Seems to me just from watching him play he is getting worse not better. He looks done.
  8. In '15 and '16 he looked like he would be the QBOF and played well. After that he started going down and its been that way ever since '17 with one exception the KC playoff win. Bottom line is he looks bad and Lockerish at this point, We are wasting a playoff caliber defense due to Mariota not being a efficient QB. Time to look for another QB.....again😢 Our main weakness is a starting QB You were right Oilerman...... No sugarcoating it Mariota is terrible. He cost us today....Not Vrabel,not Santos.
  9. I think Henry is a threat to go all the way each time he gets the ball. Since 2017 Henry has had 6 occassions where he gained 54 yards or more either rushing/receiving including 4 plays that were 70 yards or longer and 5 that were 60 or longer. He also holds the NFL's all time longest run from scrimmage 99 yards. Whats more impressive is all these 60 plus yard gains have been from the last 2 years in '17 and 18 He is not a dime a dozen or run of the mill type back, he is a game changer.
  10. This is why we need to keep him. He is a threat to go all the way each time he gets the ball. Since 2017 Henry has had 6 plays where he gained 54 yards or more including 4 plays that were 70 yards or longer including a 99 yard run the longest run in NFL history. He is not just easily replaceable or a dime a dozen type back.
  11. Most RB are not worth paying big money and are easily replaced. Key word is MOST, However a small handful are game changers and have game changing ability. Good examples??? LaDanian Tomlinson/Chargers, Marshawn Lynch/Seahawks, Adrian Peterson/Vikes I think Henry is trending in the game changing ability direction. He is a threat to go all the way each time he gets the ball. Since 2017 Henry has had 6 occassions where he gained 54 yards or more either rushing/receiving including 4 plays that were 70 yards or longer. He also holds the NFL's all time longest run from scrimmage 99 yards. I think he is worth paying and keeping.....
  12. My first 45 was Don't Bring Me Down as a young kid in the early eighties.
  13. The Titans claimed former Colts defensive back Chris Milton off waivers on Monday. Milton was waived by the Colts on Sunday. To make room on the team’s 53-man roster, the Titans placed defensive back Joshua Kalu on Injured Reserve. https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-claim-former-colts-db-chris-milton-off-waivers
  14. 2019 TENNESSEE TITANS 53 MAN ROSTER OFFENSE QB:Marcus Mariota ,Ryan Tannehill RB:Derrick Henry ,Dion Lewis ,David Fluellen ,Dalyn Dawkins WR:Corey Davis ,Adam Humphries ,Tajae Sharpe ,AJ Brown ,Kalif Raymond ,Darius Jennings TE:Delanie Walker ,Jonnu Smith, MyCole Pruitt ,Anthony Firkser LT: Dennis Kelly ,David Quessenberry (Taylor Lewan)SUSPENDED RT:Jack Conklin ,Dennis Kelly LG:Rodger Saffold ,Nate Davis RG:Kevin Pamphile ,Jamil Douglas OC:Ben Jones ,Jamil Douglas DEFENSE DE:Brent Urban ,Isaiah Mack (Jeffery Simmons)IR NT:DaQuan Jones ,Matt Dickerson DT:Jurrell Casey ,Austin Johnson OLB:Cameron Wake ,Sharif Finch ILB:Rashaan Evans ,Wesley Woodyard ILB:Jayon Brown ,Daren Bates ,David Long Jr. OLB:Harold Landry ,Kamalei Correa ,Reggie Gilbert CB:Logan Ryan ,Adoree Jackson ,Tye Smith, Chris Milton SS:Kenny Vaccaro ,Dane Cruikshank FS:Kevin Byard ,Amani Hooker CB:Malcolm Butler ,LeShaun Sims SPECIAL TEAMS PK:Ryan Succop KO:Ryan Succop P:Brett Kern H:Brett Kern LS:Beau Brinkley PR:Adam Humphries ,Adoree' Jackson KR:Darius Jennings, Kalif Raymond