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  1. The best coaches and players come from Tennessee whether it be that they were born here or just played here. Bill Belichick was born in Tennessee and Peyton Manning played here for Tennessee
  2. I'm very glad to see Adoree getting ready to come back Time to put old man Joseph on the bench Adoree being out is a big reason we've had one of the worst pass defenses
  3. Joseph and Butler in my opinion are huge liabilities and are a big factor in why we have a piss poor 28th pass defense ranking along with giving up over 30 points in 3 of the 5 games we've played. When the postseason comes they better have their best guys covering the opposition. I've personally never cared for Butler to me he might have some good games then turn around and give up way too many big plays. Will be a lot better when these guys are on the bench watching from the sideline.
  4. The coaches know and thats why they let Ryan go. He was good and reliable but done here after last year.
  5. Here is my blog i add stuff from time to time.... https://titanfan8.tumblr.com/
  6. At some point Adoree will be playing again when healthy hopefully Then on the opposite side you have the rookie Kristian Fulton I do think the Titans will be a lot better in the secondary once this happens. Byard and Vacarro pretty much have things in order at the safety spot. Two questions.... 1. Anyone know how much longer Adoree is out? Jonathan Joseph,lol could they not find a better option. 2. Also when will they give Fulton more playing time. I'm not that big a fan of Butler
  7. Things are looking really good for the Titans they have the next 4 out of 5 games at home and only have one road game between now and mid November Houston 10/18 Pittsburgh 10/25 At Cincy 11/01 Chicago 11/08 Indy 11/12
  8. I'm surprised that the whole board doesn't have you on ignore. Damn You are so negative and i'm sure that doesn't bother some people but it comes off to me like whiny and bitchy and me being the upbeat person i am there is only so much negativity i can handle. Why do you even watch if you expect to lose every game.
  9. NBC--Peter King...... Defensive Player of the Week Kenny Vaccaro, safety, Tennessee. The Titans allowed the Jags to score 30 points, and so why is the defensive player of the week on a team that allowed Gardner Minshew and friends generate 480 total yards. Good question. I’d say it’s because without Vaccaro, it would have been worse, and maybe much worse. Vaccaro had 11 tackles, one sacks, two tackles behind the line, two more pressures of Minshew on blitzes, and two passes broken up. It’s a terrific all-around game by a terrific safety.
  10. Philip Rivers looking awful throwing multiple picks as well as Marlon Mack being IR'd Anyone getting that feeling Indy might slowly implode losing game after game It would be crazy IF the bastard Irsay ends up being able to draft Lawrence. First Manning then Luck followed by Lawrence
  11. Went with 10-6 myself. So far 50 people have chimed in and not even one has predicted a losing record. This is a good sign the team has officially turned things around for the better.
  12. Agreed. I'd love to see Kalif do well enough to earn a solid spot on the depth chart at WR We will see if Hump does enough this season i just don't see it except for short passes from Tanny to move the chains if he does that.
  13. Top 3 free agency signing from 1999 through the present 1) Delanie Walker 2) Kyle Vanden Bosch 3) Nate Washington
  14. On September 25, 2016, Siemian became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw 300 yards and complete 4 touchdowns with no interceptions in his first career road start in a 29–17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
  15. When He Is Finally Drafted What Team Do You Think Will Get QB Trevor Lawrence?? He has been projected as the best QB since Andrew Luck Was looking around and the team i've seen a lot is the Jaguars because most of the other teams projected to have bad records have recently drafted QB's. Hope Jax doesn't get him. I know most won't agree with this but i'd do a deal to bring him here even if it was similar to the Rams/Titans deal back in '16

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