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  1. After seeing how well Tannehill played this season we can for sure say at 31 years of age he has a mininum of at least 4 good years left and that would get us through the first half of the decade. Then we see Brady this season who has really looked like he is in decline and he even got knocked out in the wild card round. Surely these guys aren't entertaining the thought of letting Tannehill go and signing a washed up over the hill Brady....
  2. Damn hate to hear this he was one of the best drummers in rock history and a pretty good writer as well. I went to see Rush on their Roll The Bones tour in '92. Got about halfway through their set when i met a chick in the audience and we split and went back to her place. If i had it to do all over again i would stay and see the rest of the show as afterwards i never saw Rush live again but had no shortage of opportunities where the ladies are concerned. If i had a time machine i'd go see..... Rush in 1978 on the Hemispheres tour Led Zeppelin in 1975 on Physical Graffiti tour Van Halen in 1978 first tour Ozzy Osbourne in 1981 last tour with Randy Rhoads AC/DC in 1979 last tour with Bon Scott KISS in 1977 on Love Gun tour
  3. Just read Romeo Crennel is out as DC of Texans.... Since Pees has retired we need a new DC.... Any thoughts?
  4. Can the Titans can rely on Ryan Tannehill if the Chiefs limit Derrick Henry's production in the AFC Championship Game. https://www.nbcsports.com/video/can-ryan-tannehill-step-titans-against-chiefs?ls=pftvod
  5. “It’s just another tackle...I’m ready for some sacks” "We're not worried no one can cover us" Also NO ONE is giving us a chance. All the predictions have KC winning. Hope Vrabel and the team are seeing all this.....
  6. Man i miss that. One of the best shows ever to grace television. The Wire Breaking Bad The Sopranos Those three would be in the top 5 all time or close to it.
  7. Agreed. I think Aaron Rodgers carried him a lot of years.
  8. Guy is awfully smug to be a Browns fan. They havent been to the postseason since 2002 which is 18 years ago. Havent won their division in 30 years since 1989, now thats really terrible the eighties!!
  9. Tonights win over New England was their 180th win since 1999 Titans are now 10th in wins(regular/postseason) tied with Minnesota. So the Titans are in the top 10 in wins from year one in 1999 through the present year 2020!!
  10. Basically said he simply won't be able to keep everyone he wants to this offseason. Hate it but thats part of the NFL in the salary cap era. On offense this offseason i'd like to see us bring in another RB,help for the OL and a good backup QB possibly a Brissett,Fitzpatrick,etc. someone who can keep the offense churning along. The main thing though i think this team needs to do is get the defense stronger by bringing some help up front on defense for Casey,Simmons. If they could get the line beefed up that would benefit the defense a lot and help the secondary where an extra CB would be a good idea.

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