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  1. Thinking about subscribing to The Athletic but i wanted to get some feedback from some here who have it..... Is it good enough to consider subscribing to or would you say not to? I am an avid reader someone who reads the stuff some folks here say is TLDR,lol. Anyway i was thinking of doing so just wanted some feedback,anything is appreciated.......
  2. I'm with ya on this. I'm 44 years old myself and dont really feel the need to go at it with anyone everytime i come here. To me its schoolyard bullshit for younguns. I'm not a youngun. To be honest i come here a lot less due to what you are pointing out. You are also right about telling whatever idiot challenges you to go build their tuff guy rep somewhere else.
  3. In 2016 when Matthews first joined the team he had 65 catches for nearly 1000 yds and 9 TD, 2017 he had 53 catches for 800 yds and 4TD then for the 2018 season he had 3 catches and was eventually let go. Matthews was a big upgrade over Justin Hunter at WR For 2016/2017 Matthews had 118 catches,1800 yds and 13 TD he was a big help on offense those 2 years. Matthews was a huge part of the offense in both 2016 and 2017. In 2018 the combination of the offense losing the 60 balls Matthews usually caught and also losing out on the 60 balls Delanie usually caught really hurt not only the offense but Mariota as well. Getting AJ Brown and Adam Humphries will really help the offense and Mariota get back on track.
  4. Before Mariota was drafted i didn't like him for a good while then i watched a bunch of footage and read a lot of things and then i started liking him. In fact i pretty much have been in his corner a long time up until recently. I still think he could be good but the big deal to me is he just cant stay healthy all year. Not being available vs Indy last year was a bad look.
  5. This comment said it all for me in a recent power rankings of Tennessee........ It's become clear that Tennessee cannot count on Mariota being available for important games
  6. First this decision of mine didn't come overnight but gradually over a period of time. I first begin to have serious doubts concerning Mariota when he did not play the season finale at home vs Indy with the postseason on the line. Most QB's even if they are banged up or at risk of getting hurt more are not gonna miss the last game of the year at home with the playoffs on the line as well. I was extremely disappointed when he missed that game. Dont get me wrong i think Mariota has the potential to be a really good QB with the injuries and inconsistency its just not worth it. Sure Mariota hasnt missed a lot of games but he has missed 8 games in 4 years and has yet to finish a whole season yet because of durability issues. For what its worth as long as he is a dual threat type QB he is gonna be at risk more than a normal pocket style QB because he is running and sliding. There are a couple big things swaying my thinking. First the money. We would not be able to keep as many good players if Mariota got paid and then add to that his inability to stay healthy 16 games a year its too much of a risk. Second the injury prone label he has been fighting each and every year missing games. The Titans have been very fortunate to recently end their first 20 years with a winning record just outside the top 10 when compared with other teams during the same period especially when they have had QB issues the majority of their first 20 years only having 2 seasons out of 20 with a starting QB playing a full 16 game season. I think GM Robinson and HC Vrabel are the best we've had in the Titans 20 years here and i would hate to see them pay the price if Mariota bottoms out. My suggestion is to bring in a decent vet that won't break the bank and try and draft a QB next season. We draft a QB and we would have lots more cap room and ability to better the team. Weighing that vs Mariota staying and if he can stay healthy. So far he has missed time every season. One vet i have heard rumors about is Matt Stafford. If Detroit ever got rid of Stafford we would be fools not to look into it. We are about to be at the crossroads with Mariota the last thing we need is to be stuck with him and him being injured and unable to play. Would i like for Mariota to somehow have a career year here and go deep into the postseason? Without a doubt i would love it but i am also worried about the injury aspect as well as being stuck in a big contract where Mariota cant play. Again dont get me wrong i love Mariota and hope he succeeds but i see all the scenarios.........
  7. Maybe its just a cramp.....don't panic yet.
  8. The ignore button is a lovely feature here. I'm sure a healthy amount have this idiot ManningEnvy on ignore.
  9. I'm sure plenty of you Oiler fans from the 1970's remember this....... Wins in November of '78 and '79 against the Cowboys and Dolphins. One was a MNF game the other T'Giving i think.
  10. I may or may not have told anyone here this story..... In 1980 when i was just starting school my father moved from Tennessee to Dallas then later Paris,Texas and we lived there for 2 years while my dad did iron work. In the 1990's i found a picture of me when we lived in Texas with me decked out in Dallas Cowboys gear from head to toe. If i wouldve found that picture when i first got into football in '85 Dallas wouldve been my team. Ironically i cant stand Dallas Cowboys,lol.
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