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  1. Will GM Robinson Sign A Backup QB Or Will Woodside Be Backup QB For 2020? Would prefer to sign a competent backup but from what a lot of fans are saying on twitter they think Woodside played good enough in the preseason last year to be given a shot at being backup for 2020 season..... Thoughts??
  2. Non QB most disappointing would be Dodd QB most disappointing would be Locker Will never understand how Locker was a projected 1st rounder after having a losing record in college including a 0-12 season,Had years where he barely completed 50% of his passes and was overall 55% in college,struggled with numerous injuries. Bottom line Andy Dalton had a couple years in college where he was close to undefeated and played in the college championship,had way better pass completion percentage and didn't struggle with injuries not to mention his numbers were light years better. Had the Titans chose Dalton they may have been better in 2012 and 2013. Dalton went to the playoffs his first five years in the NFL.
  3. I think the Broncos are gonna be really good this season. They have added some firepower on offense at WR with Jerry Jeudy and they have a really good two prong running attack with Gordon and Lindsay. Lock will be much better. Then you have the defense with AJ Bouye and Jurrell Casey joining Von Miller. Remember the struggle the last few years with Elway trying to find a franchise QB? Well i think they got 'em one now in Lock I think the Chargers are gonna struggle at times i see 'em around .500
  4. Houston has a brutal early season slate.... Week 1:At Chiefs Week 2: Ravens Week 3:At Steelers Week 4:Vikings Week 6:At Titans Week 7:Packers
  5. Ha,you got me. Meant Vegas,lol
  6. Same here. Drew Lock surprised me he look good in the games he played. Then you have the free agents who came in like Bouye,Casey on defense to help Von Miller. I have the AFC WEST like this..... 1--Kansas City--12-4 2- Denver--10-6 3- Oakland--8-8 4- LA Chargers--7-9
  7. Dalton led the Bengals to the postseason his rookie year and had 4 game winning drives and 4 fourth quarter comebacks in 2011, Locker didnt equal that in 4 years in TN. Dalton won 9 games in 2011, It took Locker 4 years to win the same amount of games. Dalton is one of five quarterbacks in NFL history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons,Locker didnt even sniff the postseason his four years here. He is also the Bengals franchise record holder for passing yards in a season, passing touchdowns in a season, and career passing touchdowns Dalton has 25 game winning drives and 20 4th quarter comebacks in his career. Since 2011 Dalton has over 30,000 yards passing and 200 TDs thrown. Dalton threw for 33 TD in 2013. Imagine having Dalton instead of Locker and Fitzmagic in 2013 I think had we drafted Dalton the Titans would've been in a much better position to win games. We would'nt go through that awful 4 year stretch of losing due to Locker. Also we would've made the postseason or been close each season with a QB like Dalton.
  8. I wonder how things would've gone if the Titans would've looked more closely at Jake Locker's time at Washington AND avoided drafting him because of his terrible record as a starter,terrible accuracy throwing passes and consistently dealing with injuries What would've been interesting is if the Titans drafted Dalton instead by passing Locker. Dalton held school career records for wins (42), passing yards (10,314), pass attempts (1,317), completions (812), and completion percentage (61.6) at the time he graduated AND his TCU football team finished the season with a perfect 13โ€“0 record and #2 ranking in the AP Poll. Auburn, the only other team with a perfect record, won the BCS National Championship that year. How in the world was Locker projected higher than Dalton if Dalton was better in every category including wins/losses,accuracy,ability to stay healthy??????? Also Dalton nearly won the BCS championship as well going 12-0 and the year before that 11-2. Dalton had a 12-0 undefeated year meanwhile Locker had a 0-12 winless year. Jake Locker had no business EVER being projected as a first rounder. In fact he should've been projected more like a 4th/5th rounder with a career as a backup and that is being kind. First Locker's records leading the team at Washington were 4-9, 0-12 ,5-7 and 7-6. So his win-loss record is 16-34 which includes one year where he is winless. Second the injury issues which started his first year where he was removed from the field by ambulance and later wearing a neck brace. On the fourth day of practice in 2008, Locker partially tore his hamstring. Locker later suffered a broken thumb in September vs Stanford and was sidelined for the remainder of the season, which ended at 0โ€“12, the worst record in program history. Last but not least the terrible accuracy issues. Completed 47% passes in '07, 53% in '08, 58% in '09 and 55% in '10. Never got to 60% in a season and again you tell me how he got projected to first round with a terrible record in college including one season winless,numerous injuries throughout his stay in college and completing 47% passes one year, 53% another year, SMH
  9. First i'll respond to the comment about the Vikings draft. For years they have had a superb team of scouts in place and a really good GM as well. Rick Spielman and George Paton are two of the very best at what they do year in and year out. I'd say 8 of 9 of the players they draft each year end up making the team. Its surprising they havent won a Super Bowl yet. In the last 50 years since 1970 the longest the Vikings went with no playoffs was 4 seasons 1983-1986. Since 1990 in the last 30 years they missed 3 seasons thats the most without making the postseason. If i had to pick the top team in NFL as far as scouting,drafting,etc. Minnesota easily..... As far as Rodgers for years ex-GM Ted Thompson rarely signed free agents always trying to depend mostly on the players he drafted and he was nowhere near as good as his rivals in Minnesota. There was one year the Packers only had one weakness and that was pass defense and this was their 15-1 year and Thompson refused to sign secondary help and they end up losing in the playoffs giving up nearly 40 points to the Giants. Then 4 years later the same thing again all he had to do was get some free agents in to help but he didn't and in 2016 in the NFC title game they gave up 45 points to the Falcons. How good is Rodgers? Rodgers has led the NFL four times in touchdown-to-interception ratio (2011, 2012, 2014, 2018) and four times in lowest passing interception percentage (2009, 2014, 2018, 2019), twice in passer rating (2011, 2012), touchdown passing percentage (2011, 2012); and once in touchdown passes (2016) and yards per attempt (2011). Rodgers is the NFL's all-time regular season career passer rating leader and is one of two quarterbacks to have a regular season career passer rating of over 100, the other being Russell Wilson. Rodgers is fifth all-time in postseason career passer rating, has the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history at 4.23,holds the league's lowest career interception percentage at 1.5 percent and the highest single-season passer rating record of 122.5. He was named Associated Press Athlete of the Year in 2011,and was voted league MVP by the Associated Press for the 2011 and 2014 NFL seasons. 2010 he led the Green Bay Packers to a victory in Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning the Super Bowl MVP He is also an 8ร— Pro Bowler (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014โ€“2016, 2018, 2019) Has 25 game winning drives and 17 fourth quarter comebacks Rodgers..... Best regular season career passer rating in NFL history 122.5 Has a regular season career passer rating of over 100, 102.4 -1 of only 2 QB ever to do so Best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history at 4.23 Lowest career interception percentage in NFL history at 1.5 percent Highest single-season passer rating record of 122.5. 402 consecutive passes without an interception NFL record Most consecutive seasons with a passer rating of over 100.0, with 6 Best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history(4.33)..........364 TD & 84 INT First QB in NFL history to pass for over 4,000 yards in each of the first two seasons One of only four quarterbacks to pass for 40 touchdowns in multiple seasons. One of only five quarterbacks to have a passer rating of at least 110 in multiple seasons. Most games with a passer rating over 100.0 (13) in a season (2011) Highest touchdown-to-interception ratio (7.6) with at least 500 pass attempts (2014) Most touchdown passes in a half (6) (November 9, 2014 against the Chicago Bears) Most passing yards (423), touchdown passes (4) and total touchdowns (5) by a QB in his first playoff game.
  10. Fulton is the only cornerback in this class had more forced incompletions that first downs allowed, and was 3rd on pass completion percentage with 44.3% among the top cornerbacks.
  11. Same here. I really was banking on a corner but someone mentioned the corner class is deep in this draft. Personally i'd try and get a couple corners. Will never forget in 2017 when Jax ended up bringing in Bouye in FA then drafting Ramsey i knew right then they were gonna be a killer pass D I'd love to bolster the corner depth and upgrade the pass rush after all Mahomes is what ultimately stood in our way to Super Bowl
  12. Good grief man are you ever happy or content with anything geesh๐Ÿ™„

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