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  1. Have you ever gotten up early all revved up and ready for the game so you go early buy a bunch of snacks and other stuff..... Then you get everything set in motion like maybe planning something for your kids and wife so they'd be occupied....... So you all psyched up ready for the game got time to kill..... You decide to look at some pregame stuff online such as the injury list,any new things that have popped up when you suddenly realize....... NO GAME TODAY...... IT'S BYE WEEK DAMNIT!!!! 🤬😲😲😲😲😟
  2. Up until this preseason yes i did support him and hope he would turn the corner. When it was obvious the start of the season that he wasnt getting better i quit supporting him. Didnt you once do the same with Dion Lewis?
  3. Yes i did support him but after watching the preseason and regular season you would have to be brain dead not to see Mariota is finished. I am not one of those people that blindly keep supporting a player even when its clear that player is washed up and done.
  4. Same, i see no reason why expanding to 7 teams per conference would hurt because the one team that misses out at 7th the last few years almost always has a winning record at 9-7. This would be good news for Titans fans look at how mawe missed the postseason in the last 10 years due to being in the 7th spot outside looking in for playoffs...... 2011-- New England Patriots (1)13-3 East Champion Baltimore Ravens (2)12-4 North Champion Houston Texans (3)10-6 South Champion Denver Broncos (4)8-8 West Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (5)12-4 Wild Card #1 Cincinnati Bengals (6)9-7 Wild Card ------------------------------------------------ Tennessee Titans (7)9-7 2016-- New England Patriots (1)14-2 East Champion Kansas City Chiefs (2)12-4 West Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (3)11-5 North Champion Houston Texans (4)9-7 South Champion Oakland Raiders (5)12-4 Wild Card #1 Miami Dolphins (6)10-6 Wild Card #2 ------------------------------------------------ Tennessee Titans (7)9-7 Also these are the 7th seeds in AFC/NFC this decade...... 2010--#7--AFC--San Diego 9-7, #7--NFC--N.Y. Giants 10-6 2011--#7--AFC--Tennessee 9-7, #7--NFC--Chicago 8-8 2012--#7--AFC--Pittsburgh 8-8, #7--NFC--Chicago 10-6 2013--#7--AFC--Pittsburgh 8-8, #7--NFC--Arizona 10-6 2014--#7--AFC--Houston 9-7, #7--NFC--Philly 10-6 2015--#7--AFC--N.Y. Jets 10-6, #7--NFC--Atlanta 8-8 2016--#7--AFC--Tennessee 9-7, #7--NFC--Tampa Bay 9-7 2017--#7--AFC--Baltimore 9-7, #7--NFC--Detroit 9-7 2018--#7--AFC--Pittsburgh 9-6-1, #7--NFC--Minnesota 8-7-1
  5. After watching all these dreaded games Mariota has QB'd the past couple years then watching Tannehill immediately come out and start throwing completions all over the place spreading the ball to all players as well as scoring regularly reminded me of a long hard drought then the heavens open up and it rains for days and days..... Watching Tannehill made me remember how exciting watching a Titans game could be when you have a QB who can move the offense and score points regularly something Mariota quit doing for at least two seasons possibly longer.
  6. Differences between Mariota and Tannehill Ryan Tannehill: 3 game-winning drives in 4 starts with Tennessee Marcus Mariota: 3 game-winning drives over last 24 starts with Tennessee Ryan Tannehill:8 TD's thrown in last 4 games Marcus Mariota:8 TD's thrown in last 24 games WOW
  7. In the grand scheme of things the Titans are not that bad of a team to be a hardcore fan of. From '99 thru '11 the team regularly competed in the playoffs and won lots of games. They had seven winning seasons,went to the postseason six times making two AFC title & one Super Bowl app. along with having the NFL best record twice while also having three seperate 13 win seasons a feat accomplished only by New England and Indy. They had exciting players like NFL MVP Steve McNair,the first 100 million dollar defensive lineman in Albert Haynesworth and who could forget the 2,000 yard season by Chris Johnson who still holds the record for total yards gained in a season. 2012 thru 2015 was the stretch of time where the team suffered four straight losing seasons due to poor drafting and free agency additions by GM Ruston Webster with the biggest dud being Jake Locker. However by 2016 the team was winning again and hired a new GM Jon Robinson who made better choices than Webster and the team had three straight winning seasons 2016-2018 as well as a playoff win. The team is 5-5 right now and if Tannehill keeps playing well along with the defense we will have 4 straight winning seasons and hopefully a second playoff berth in the last four years. I can't imagine being a Lions,Jags or Browns fans. Suffering 8 or 9 straight losing seasons most of them 11 or 12 loss years. Going to the postseason once every 15 years. Having a winning season once a decade. We might not be the Patriots,Packers,Steelers,etc. but we can hold our own and we are back to competing for a spot in the postseason each year. We made the postseason the year before last and last year were playing for a playoff berth in the final week of the season.
  8. Agree 100% The last thing this team needs right now is another 1sr rd QB. Back in 2011-2012 when we took Jake Locker two other teams needed QBs and those teams were Arizona and Kansas City. Instead of reaching for Ponder,Locker,Gabbert,etc. both teams decided to go the vet QB route,Kansas City signed Alex Smith and Arizona signed Carson Palmer and both Arizona and Kansas City had multiple winning seasons in a row which wouldnt have happened if they wouldve drafted QB's. This is what Tennessee should've done back then was just stuck with a vet. We can go multiple seasons with Tannehill and try to win now by drafting another good offensive/defensive player in round one next season. I really do hope we dont draft a QB because time will be ticking right then on Tannehill being moved out of the way eventually for the new kid even if Tanny plays well. So yes i think it will be a big mistake to draft a QB when we can sign Tanny and try to win now with a good team. After all we would've easily been 8-2 right now with Tanny starting the season. Will Robinson be smart and roll with Tanny ignoring drafting a QB or will we be looking at drafting one early next season.... We will see........
  9. I still shake my head at how dumb we were for taking him at #8 overall in 2011. The fact was he QB'd a college team that had mostly losing years not to mention one season where they went 0-11. He also suffered numerous injuries throughout his college years and last but not least damn near through more picks than TD's. A year where a boatload of all pro players were drafted in the 1st and we pick this clown. Don't forget also that he ushered in the worst stretch of seasons the team has ever had.
  10. Wow. Always been a dog lover and never liked cats until about a month ago we had this cat hanging around our back door and the story i was told was someone had moved and left this cat who was trained to go outside to use the bathroom and was an all around good cat. Anyway i noticed my kids playing with him in the living room and next thing you know we adopted the lil fella not to mention he is a black cat just like the one featured here. Here is a pic.....
  11. I only included 1999 and up because '99 is when the Tennessee Titans officially started. Also if you hadn't noticed they celebrate the milestone years like the 10th year in '08,20th in '18,etc So the 'team' that i follow is the Tennessee Titans they started in '99 and yes i know it was full of Oiler players and it is really no different than the Ravens starting in '96 with Browns players. Only difference is the Ravens gave the history back to Cleveland so they dont count the years prior to '96. Same goes for Tennessee Titans if they would've given the history back to Houston it would've been similar to Ravens giving the history back to Cleveland. Most Tennesseans that follow the Titans have no earthly clue who certain guys are like Elvin Bethea,Robert Brazile,Ken Houston,Curley Culp,etc. They didn't play in Nashville,They didn't play for the Titans. In fact i have been to games in Nashville where they were honoring multiple Oilers players and people sitting around me had no idea who the players were and were openly questioning why they were honoring players from a time as well as a place that most Tennessee fans had no clue or connection to. Don't get me wrong i love the Oilers run n shoot era with Moon. They used to be one of my favorite teams to watch back in the day. However i do understand this is a very sensitive subject especially with the way things went down in Houston back in '96 and i'd be the same way if it was my favorite team that was shafted.
  12. Recently Kyle made a post explaining how it had been a fun 20 years but with a lot of heartache. Superfreak90 pointed out to Kyle imagine being a Browns,Jaguars, or Lions fan. Thinks about that for some time , and let it sink in. The top 5 worst teams since the Titans started up in '99 are..... 1--Cleveland-------97-230-1 with a .297 win percentage 2--Detroit----------122-205-1 with a .373 win percentage 3--Oakland--------130-198-0 with a .396 win percentage 4--Jacksonville---139-190-0 with a .422 win percentage 5--Washington----140-188-1 with a .427 win percentage The Browns have have just 2 winning seasons over the last 21 years having made the postseason only one time in 2002 which was 18 seasons ago. Over the last 12 years Jax have just 1 winning year and have had 8 seasons with 11 or more losses. Since 2003 which was nearly 17 years ago the Raiders have 1 winning year and have had 12 seasons with 11 or more losses. Imagine being fans of those teams........ I want you to really vision year by year pretty much every season. Think about how brutalized and beat up the fanbases for these teams are...... The worst the Titans ever did was 4 straight losing seasons 2012-2015 and 2 of those they were close to being .500 Now instead of 4 losing seasons imagine dealing with 8 straight losing seasons where every season is 11 or more losses or even worse how about 12 straight losing seasons..... Many wouldn't make it past the 5 year mark. The Titans have never been that bad and outside of a couple years have always been competitive. Also i'd like to point out why its always good to stick with the team you support. First the New Orleans Saints. Their first 20 seasons were all losing seasons. Also from the mid 60's when they started through the mid 00's they had just five years of postseason berths thru 40 years. Starting in 2006 with the arrival of Drew Brees they started winning and win their first Super Bowl in 2009. Second the Seattle Seahawks. The 1990's one of the worst team that decade was the Seahawks. From the mid 70's thru the mid 00's they had just five years of postseason berths thru 30 years. Starting in 2003 they started having success and over the past decade and a half they have had 12 postseason appearances along with 13 playoff wins,3 Super Bowl berths winning 1 title. Now for the Tennessee Titans..... First off i became a fan in the Titans inaugural year of 1999 their first year as a revamped organization called the Tennessee Titans. Last year i would look at that logo with the sword and the number 20 and realize its already been 20 years since the Titans began. But in all honesty if you look at the Titans first 20 years they did a lot better than many teams had in their first 20 seasons all things considered. In fact in the Titans first 20 seasons looking at regular season/playoff wins combined the team had 170 wins overall. So lets see how all the top teams fared in wins over the last 20 seasons from '99-'18..... 1---New England 263 wins 2---Pittsburgh 218 wins 3---Indy 216 wins 4---Green Bay 204 wins 5---Philly 200 wins 6---Baltimore 199 wins 7---Seattle 193 wins 8---Denver 188 wins 9---New Orleans 182 wins 10---Dallas 171 wins 10---NY Giants 171 wins 11---Tennessee 170 wins 11---Minnesota 170 wins 11---LA Chargers 170 wins . The Titans have had 3 straight winning seasons and would've easily had a 4th had they started Tannehill earlier. As recent as January 2018 the team had a playoff win at Kansas City. They have had 10 winning seasons,7 playoff berths,3 division titles,3x 13 win seasons,2 NFL ROYs,1 NFL MVP,2x NFL best record,2 AFC Championship appearances,1 AFC Title & 1 Super Bowl appearance....... We've had our fair share of exciting players not to mention several years here or there where we very well could've went all the way had we won those critical divisional playoff games in 2000,2002,2003 and 2008. So overall from the inaugural season of '99 through the middle of this season they are closing in on their 175th win and are still in the top 12 overall for most wins as a team since starting in '99. Overall the team has done a hell of a lot better than many others have. Also more often than not this team has been competitive outside of the odd years here and there. I could understand jumping ship if we were all fans of the Jaguars,Browns,Raiders,Redskins,etc. As for me you will never see me give up on this team ever. Do i get frustrated as hell. yes, Do i get tired of seeing mediocre QB play bringing down yet what could be another solid team, of course. However i will never give up or stop supporting this team...... So the Titans were 1 win away from cracking the top 10 in wins over the past 20 seasons. Also
  13. Sorry if others feel different but i don't think Vrabel is a good HC and i think he takes to many unneccessary gambles not to mention terrible in game and clock management. Don't get me wrong i really like JRob and all BUT it looks like our GM threw his support behind the wrong guy. Maybe in the future he gets better but i just dont see it. In fact i think Mularkey is a better HC and who knows what might be different if he had gotten a new OC. Anyway i think Vrabel is in over his head. The Camaraderie doesnt seem to be there either like it once was with the team and certain players that used to always be happy seem to be different including Delanie Walker. Also the players seemed to not be giving full effort, losing focus and are missing simple assignments and plays on the field.
  14. Bingo. Many more fanbases do put up with a lot more. Not gonna mince words i am strictly a Titans fan since day one in '99 Since '99 the team has had some good moments. From '99 thru '08 the Titans were top 5 in wins and went to the postseason several years beating Baltimore,Pittsburgh,Indy,etc. going to the divisional round several times,two AFC title games and one Super Bowl. The team had some growing pains the first part of this decade 2010 thru 2015 and had 4 straight losing seasons mainly due to bad drafting and a QB bust in Jake Locker. However with that being said we have also had some dynamic players as well including Chris Johnson who to this day still holds the record for most total yardage gained in one season with 2,509 yards as well as a 2,000 yard season nearly breaking Dickerson's rush record. The Titans came into this season with 3 straight winning seasons that have included wins over New England,Green Bay,Kansas City,New Orleans,Seattle,Baltimore,Dallas,Philly,etc. They also have a recent playoff win against Kansas City that was the biggest come from behind win in NFL history for a road team so we have a recent postseason win in January 2018. From 1999 thru 2019 the Titans have won 175 games and thats good for 12th place out of 32 teams and the ONLY teams with more wins since '99 are Patriots,Colts,Steelers,Packers,Ravens,Eagles,Seahawks,Broncos,Saints,Cowboys and Vikings. YET when you hear some of the whiners on this fanbase you would think this team is as bad as Cleveland the last two decades. The worst the Titans have done is 4 straight losing seasons. More often than not the team has winning years. The team has only been around 21 years the Tennessee Titans that is. This team has accomplished a lot in those 21 seasons. ALL teams go through hard times and stretches. In fact at the beginning of the nineties the two worst teams in 1990 and 1991 were New England and Indianapolis. Look how they eventually turned it around. The worst team of the eighties were Buffalo and the next decade they made four Super Bowls. New Orleans had 21 straight losing seasons to start as a franchise from 1965-1986 then in the nineties they did better before sliding back down in the early 2000's so when Brees joined in 2005 expectations were tempered BUT they were soon rewarded with the best QB play in their history and a title. I have no doubt we are gonna find a good QB prospect and when we do it will be our time to shine....once more.