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  1. Stafford is definitely among the most underrated QB's in the NFL. I think that he doesn't get enough credit mainly due to the Lions not winning enough. The team not winning enough is due to other factors besides Stafford though. I agree wholeheartedly that if the Colts get him we would definitely be dealing with an Indy team that could be Super Bowl contenders. I think Stafford would very well have a career resurgence similar to Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. We all saw how much better Tennessee became once they played with Tannehill and i could see the same thing happeni
  2. Yep they definitely got worse with Patricia the last three years. Patricia won 6 games in '18,3 games in '19 and 5 games in '20. He deserved to be fired.
  3. You're right they have had talent and the main reason it hasn't worked is they had a bad habit of losing way too many close games. Basically from 2011-2017 they could've easily had 7 straight winning seasons had they won the close games. 2011,2014,2016 and 2017 were winning years and the other years should've been like 2012(4-12) 5 games lost by four points or less,2013(7-9) 6 games lost by four points or less ,2015(7-9) 3 games lost by five points or less. Altogether they lost 14 games by five points or less in the 2012,2013 and 2015 seasons The
  4. New #Lions HC Dan Campbell on Matthew Stafford: “I’m gonna have to sit down with Brad Holmes, but here’s what I’ll say: Matthew is a stud. He’s one of the toughest QBs you’ll ever see. He’s extremely talented, a team guy, and I know he wants to win. So I’ll leave it at that.”
  5. One of the most impressive things to me was 15 straight years without missing a game.
  6. Philip Rivers *17 year career (2004-2020) *8× Pro Bowl (2006, 2009–2011, 2013, 2016–2018) *242 consecutive regular season starts (2nd all time) *5,277 of 8,134 (65%) (5th all time) *421 TDs (5th all time) *63,440 passing yards (5th all time) *95.2 passer rating (12th all time) *35 game winning drives (12th all time) *29 fourth quarter comebacks (10th all time) *NFL passing touchdowns leader (2008) *NFL passer rating leader (2008) *NFL passing yards leader (2010) *NFL Comeback Player of the Year (2013) *NFL completion percen
  7. Well with the news that Colts starting QB Phillip Rivers deciding to retire it brings up all kinds of scenarios about who might be the next starter in Indy. I've read some saying it could be Jacoby Brissett and a lot are saying Carson Wentz but there is one name i haven't seen mentioned much Matthew Stafford..... In this past i always thought we'd bring in a free agent QB and it work out well long term because we never seem to draft well at that spot. The QB i always envisoned coming here was Matt Stafford but i was half right we did get a good free agent QB but it wasn't Stafford
  8. You hit the nail on the head Tannehill was a good QB that got drafted by a mediocre franchise. Tannehill was the third quarterback in NFL history to eclipse 15,000 passing yards in his first 4 years. The other two were Dan Marino and Peyton Manning both NFL hall of famers. In a 2015 Week 7 win against Houston Tannehill set the all-time NFL record for consecutive completed passes with 25 as well as posting a perfect 158.3 passer rating. On December 6,2015 Tannehill became the fourth quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 3,000 yards in each
  9. Also the Jaguars are better than their 1-11 record indicates. They lost four of their last five games by close scores. They went to OT vs Vikes,Lost by 2 to Browns, Lost by 4 to Packers,Lost by 2 to Texans. We have all the pressure on us to win while none is on Jax whatsoever. Will never forget back in 2013 going to a home game i think we were 5-4 or something and Jax were 0-9 and we lost by 2 points never heard so many boos. Also it wasn't but 4 years ago that we were 8-6 and in playoff contention and laid an egg in late December down in Jax and
  10. I never said i know everything. The way it was worded toward me he said i didn't understand a thing about pro football. Sure i am not a know it all or a person who thinks they have all the answers. Anyway it was said i don't understand pro football. Sure i'm not saying i'm the Einstein of X's and O's but i do know a good bit.
  11. Just a knee jerk reaction to the last few weeks and being critical of some of the decisions being made. We've all done it before at one time or another. As far as someone who doesn't understand pro football i've been watching pro football since 1985 as a ten year old over 35 years ago a very long time ago. You,Old School and Irish all you guys are a joke. Really man you guys spend way too much time trying to be cool but you are trying way too hard....
  12. Yep the lucky bastards play Jax,Cincy,NY Giants,Dallas all among the very worst teams Pitt and Cleveland the only tougher games left.
  13. We definitely made the right decision sticking with Tannehill. Vrabel/JRob probably spent a lot of time last offseason mulling over whether to bring Brady in or not and keep or let Tanny go. I'm glad they kept Tannehill because you could see last year Brady was declining. Brady has an all star cast of WR and still struggling. I dont see the Bucs going far in the postseason.....
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