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  1. In 2017 the Titans defense was 17th in points allowed and 13th in yards allowed. In the 2018 NFL Draft the team picked Harold Landry,Rashaan Evans and Dane Cruikshank all defensive players and all three players helped the team a lot then you had young players like Jayon Brown and Sharif Finch helping as well. The defense got a lot stronger in that one year. In 2018 the Titans defense was 3rd in points allowed and 8th in yards allowed. The team was a 1 point Buffalo loss and 1 point L.A. Chargers loss from being 11-5 and division champs. The main reason we ended up in that situation losing two games by one point is the dire position the offense was in. With a top 5 defense in points allowed and top 10 in yards allowed that is a defense that should get you not only to the postseason but far as well but we couldnt make the postseason due to the offense being poor. In 2018 the Titans offense was 27th in points scored and 25th in yards gained. Both rankings are near the bottom of the league. We need to put speed on offense and really make opponents respect our offense. So our first player needs to be a WR even though i normally am against it i think we have no choice. Marquise Brown or one of the very fast,solid WR need to be picked first. Then afterwards we need to focus on the offensive line. If we can get a good guard we would be solid at that spot. Not saying go offense every single pick but possibly the majority to solidify that side of the ball IF we go into 2019 and half ass make changes to the offense we will be in the same situation as last year. There is no way in damn hell we go into next year without improving the WR spot. Same goes for the offensive line. Harold Landry,Rashaan Evans and Dane Cruikshank were all picked in 2018 to help the Titans defense get to a level that they feel is more dominant. It showed on film and in the rankings. I think in '19 GM Robinson needs to do the opposite and go all in on offense. Lets say Marquise Brown is there at 19 if he has speed and other good attributes by all means draft him we need a guy like that to help defenses respect us. The last thing we need at WR is a big bodied receiver thats doesnt have any serious speed. The main thing we need is weapons on offense. The goal if i am Robinson/Vrabel is have a top 5 defense and at least a top 15 or top 10 offense..... They got Saffold and have Conklin,Jones,Lewan so we need another guard on the OL. Also they signed Humphries but drafting a really fast WR would help the offense immensely. They have Henry/Lewis but i wouldnt be surprised if they drafted a RB. So the main game plan should be to hope the defense continues to be top 10 and the offense improves. If the offense doesnt improve there is a good chance they won't get past .500 even if the D is top 5 again. Ranking 27th in points scored thats 5 spots from being worst in the NFL. Thats gotta change.
  2. Always liked him. One of my faves during his time here. Couldve resigned him until Webster pissed him off during negotiations back in '14. Webster thought wrong that the price would be too high but it wasnt high and tried to jump back in after doing or saying something that really pissed ATV off and ATV went ahead and signed wit the Bucs.
  3. Jim Wyatt @jwyattsports 5h [email protected] cornerback Alterraun Verner (@Alvern_1) will sign a one-day contract on Wednesday to retire as a Titan.
  4. I would be cool with a draft like this....... 1st round: Best pass rusher 2nd round: Deebo Samuel/JJ Arcega-Whiteside/Andy Isabella, WR 3rd round: Khalen Saunders, DT 4th round:Ross Pierschbacher, G/C 5th round:Another Defensive tackle 6th round:Another Guard
  5. The top tanked defensive tackles at Walter Football......... 1. Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama 2. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston 3. Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson 4. Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State 5. Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State 6. Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson 7. Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame 8. Gerald Willis III, DT, Miami 9. Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois 10. Chris Slayton, DT, Syracuse 11. Isaiah Buggs, DT, Alabama Out of all these guys i like Ed Oliver of course. We wont have a shot at Williams. I am weary of Clemson guys especially after Dodd busted out. The main guy i like is Khalen Saunders he is another one of those guys that will last longer than he should on the board due to going to a small school and i hope we land him if he is there in the third round.
  6. For instance at Walter Football the top ranked WR's are.... 1. D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss 2. Parris Campbell, Ohio State 3. Marquise Brown, Oklahoma 4. A.J. Brown, Ole Miss 5. Deebo Samuel, South Carolina 6. Riley Ridley, Georgia 7. N'Keal Harry, Arizona State 8. Hakeem Butler, Iowa State 9. Kelvin Harmon, N.C. State 10. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Stanford 11. Miles Boykin, Notre Dame 12. Andy Isabella, Massachusetts Notice the small school guy Isabella is ranked 12th. Also Arcega-Whiteside looks really good. One of my favorites is Deebo Samuel i keep hearing this guy is like a fast Anquan Boldin and i think we need to really look at him along with Isabella and Whiteside. I also like Butler a lot from Iowa St. That being said i think that in the top 5 half of those will disappoint or be busts and i hope like hell we dont pick any of them except Samuel. Our GM would look really smart getting either Isabella,Arcega-Whiteside,Samuel or Butler in the second or third round. Bottom line we need a talented speedy WR otherwise we are not doing the offense any favors we have plenty of average WR and what we need badly is someone who can stretch the field and open up the offense.
  7. Fast foward 8 years later and we still have teams doing this every year. Instead of going with the eye test and bio these GM's see where these guys are projected and just draft accordingly. Guys like 6th round WR Antonio Brown and 5th rounder Stefan Diggs fall just because they are from smaller schools a lot of times. I think it was how Kevin Byard lasted until round 3 while he was a good talented safety he was from a small school and fell and we benefited. Back in 2014 we needed a RB and we picked the first one off the board in the second round Bishop Sankey the guy was simply average but he was a big school guy. Just a couple picks later Jeremy Hill and Carlos Hyde were scooped up. In round three Jerrick McKinnon and then in round four Davonta Freeman and James White. All the RB mentioned are still going strong while Sankey only lasted through 2015. Our GM clearly picked Sankey because he was projected as the best and went to a bigger school. Jerrick McKinnon lasted 3 rounds because he went to Georgia Southern a small school and was overlooked. However McKinnon ended up being the best or close to it as he runs and catches passes out of the backfield. Many times these projections are horseshit and how we ended up with Jake Locker and Bishop Sankey. Not simply saying that all big school guys are ranked ahead of all small school guys but it does happen a lot and some good players fall while some overrated big school guys get drafted early and end up not lasting long.
  8. In the end i was upset that we drafted Locker and clearly thought Kaepernick was a way better dual threat QB it was clearly visisble by how much better his tape and stats were not to mention record but we chose a guy(Locker) who one year completed 47 percent of his passes and was 0-11. Locker was projected higher because he was from the bigger school. But instead of some of these GM's going hold on a minute how is guy like Locker who barely completed 50% or half his passes,injury concerns not to mention never going to anything but a minor bowl game and having an overall losing record end up being projected to the top of the draft? Instead of doing that they were led like lemmings mindlessly without a care or clue. Cincy looked like the smartest team then and now. They picked WR AJ Green in the first round and QB Andy Dalton in the second round and went to the playoffs that season and five of the next six years meanwhile Tennessee endured four straight losing seasons.
  9. (This will be broken down into smaller posts for those who have short attention spans or cant read longer material) I will never forget the 2011 NFL Draft. It was the first time i realized just how little some of these GM's know and how many of them literally go by how these players are projected like its the gospel. For instance in 2011 regarding the QB's it was unanimous that Cam Newton was projected best and that was correct however afterward is where i disagreed before the draft and was proven right afterward. For the first two rounds in order of where they were drafted.... Jake Locker,Blaine Gabbert,Christian Ponder,Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. Before the draft i personally from the eye test liked Dalton and Kaepernick. A lot of times the small school guys are getting ranked below the bigger school guys is BS. Myself and many others knew from looking at Locker's bio and tape he had accuracy issues and injury concerns but i kept telling myself that our GM will surely see this and not reach for Locker or Gabbert based on projected ranking. continued on next few posts.....
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans: The Sunday night cap to Week 3 on Aug. 25 (NBC, 8 p.m.) might be our best look at a Steelers offense post-Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown before the real team takes the field in the regular season.
  11. Billicheat was born in Nashville,Tennessee in 1952.
  12. He felt bad about how one-sided the Dennis Kelly/DGB trade was and decided instead to take a 4th and 6th round picks. 😀
  13. Toledo WR Jon’Vea Johnson, who averaged 20.6 yards per catch this season and scored nine TDs, was clocked in the 40 today by NFL teams at his school’s Pro Day between 4.33 and 4.37 seconds
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