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  1. So the Titans offensive starting skill position guys at RB/WR/TE (Brown/Jones/Reynolds/Firkser/Henry) average 6ft 3in and 230 pounds... There are gonna be a lot of defenders getting wore down trying to keep up with our physicality.... We are gonna be wearing a lot of guys down by the time the last quarter hits.
  2. Didn't read back through the pages but someone is making the argument that Ryan Tannehill is simply a game manager for the Titans,right???? Well if they are game managers don't do this..... *In his second start with Titans on October 20,2019 Tannehill completed 23 of 29 passes (79% comp rate) and a 120.1 QB rating in a 23-20 win over Chargers. *On 12-8-19 he threw for 391 yards, three TDs and a passer rating of 140.4 in the 42–21 road victory, earning him AFC Offensive Player of the Week vs Raiders. *In Tannehill's last 4 games of 2
  3. I'll never forget going to a Titans game and the guy next to me was looking at all the names on the stadium and he pointed says who the hell is Elvin Bethea and Curly Culp. I try to tell the guy they are Houston Oilers players and he laughed and said why are they up there they didn't play here. So i had to explain about the Oilers how they moved here and then they revamped the team changing the name and building a new stadium for the fans in Tennessee. It really confuses a lot of people especially newer fans. Like i said before i don't have anything against the Oilers m
  4. The Tennessee Titans began their inaugural season in 1999. This is when i became a fan. The one reason i did become a fan is the name change and i think this is true of thousands of fans here in the state. I have nothing against the Oilers but to me its two different entities.
  5. *In his rookie season during only his fourth game in his NFL career on Sept. 30,2012 Tannehill threw for 431 yards surpassing the Dolphins' single-game record for most passing yards by a rookie QB set by Dan Marino in 1983. Tannehill's mark was one yard shy of the NFL's single-game passing-yard record by a rookie QB, set by Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in 2011. Tannehill went on to set franchise rookie records for passing yards, attempts, and completions. *On October 25,2015 in Week 7 victory over the Houston Texans, Tannehill became the 64th QB in NFL history
  6. https://twitter.com/TitansDraftTape/status/1402432299828928513/photo/1
  7. You know your rich when you leave a 250k car sitting somewhere for weeks while your off doing other things. I wonder sometimes how much these athletes save and how much they do blow on ridiculous high dollar things like sports cars,a 20k dinner tab,a 10k bar tab,50k dropped at the casino,etc. etc. Just remembered how Floyd Mayweather would bet 500k or even a million dollars on a sports bet,thats insane. Heard stories about Michael Jordan making bets on the golf course where he literally put his house on the line as a bet. Crazy
  8. Solid signing and a weapon in the run and pass game. Has nearly 5 yards per carry in his 4 year career which includes two runs that both went for 60+ yards.
  9. Denver hasn't been able to do a lot over the last couple decades and the big reason why is they have failed to draft a good QB. The only successful part of Denvers past 15 years has been signing Peyton Manning and the only thing to look like a sure fire shot at being a success again is nabbing Aaron Rodgers if he becomes available. From 2006 through 2020 the last 15 years the franchise has struggled with the sole exception being the four years Manning played 2012 through 2015. Below are the last 15 years records except the 2012-2015 seasons Manning was there
  10. One of my all time favorite Metallica songs is.....
  11. Watch this bastard rejuvenate his career and get 10+ sacks,lol. Clowney most likely realizes that he is gonna have to start producing in order to keep the gravy train going in the coming years. It is amazing though that guys like Clowney,Beasley,etc. can get a 10 million dollar payday for one year and barely do anything and go back to the market and get another lucrative deal.
  12. I think this is an excellent hire. Schwartz can help Bowen utilize the talent he has on defense which should be better this year with the additions through free agency and the draft. If everything goes well defensively and Tannehill/Henry/Brown can keep the offense rolling like it has the past two years then we could have a pretty good team this season. I think the Autry/Dupree additions to the defense will be a big difference maker......
  13. The 2007/2008 defense was good enough to where we could've won a title and most likely would've in 2008 if it wasn't for all the terrible turnovers we had in scoring territory against the Ravens in postseason. We would've taken care of Rapistberger and the Steelers the next week and of course we already beat them in the first matchup just a few weeks prior.
  14. I was expecting to see someone much different looking considering he went through all that trouble,lol.
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