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  1. MIKE75

    Jets hire Gase

    Agreed. I think he did good for what he had to work with. Miami has made the playoffs 2 times the last 17 years. The organization is not what it once was. His first year 2016 he won 10 games and made playoffs. But the team wasnt as good as they seemed they were actually -17 in point differential winning a lot of close games. They won 8 games by a TD or less including winning 5 games by four points or less. 2017 his starting QB hurt for year he gets a QB off the street and offense finishes year 28th in scoring offense and even the defense is just as bad finishing 29th in scoring defense. The offense was shut out twice losing 40-0 and 20-0 but they still won 6 games. 2018 the team had lost Jarvis Landry,Ndamukong Suh,Mike Pouncy,Julius Thomas,Jay Ajayi,Lawrence Timmons,William Hayes and were not expected to be competitive. Offense finishes year 26th in scoring offense and even the defense is just as bad finishing 27th in scoring defense. BUT in spite of a bad roster and finishing close to last in scoring offense and defense they started the year 3-0 and were 7-6 and in the playoff hunt with three games left in the season(lost last three 7-9). He beat Chicago,New England and Tennessee all winning teams. He only got 3 years. He only had 2 years with a starting QB making the postseason 1 year. All 3 years the team had a negative point differential,2 years the team was 26th or worse on offense and 27th or worse on defense. 2016 he made the postseason, 2017 he lost his starting QB, 2018 he lost a good chunk of vet talent YET was 7-6 and in the playoff hunt with 3 games left. Was close to making postseason 2 of 3 years. I think that Gase will prove Miami wrong and win games in New York. He can mold young Darnold into a good QB and as far as Tannehill goes i think he is an average to below average QB. I think Miami has issues internally which is a big reason they have only been in postseason 2 times in the last 17 years.
  2. MIKE75

    Jon Robinson interview

    Same here, In the third quarter we had the score 24-17. With the way our defense was making momentum changing plays i think we got 2 big turnovers. That plus a one possession game going into the 4th quarter..... I personally think with Mariota there was a chance we could've won.
  3. I know there is a chance things backfire BUT I hate the Clots ,i hate them bastards, did i say i hated them yet? My soul being in the postseason is to root heavily against all division rivals So far in the last 20 years its worked each year accept 2006
  4. ......Your demise!! We know you live voraciously through your man love for all things Luck But Saturday he will be pummeled,hammered,leveled,smashed by his opponent And this year you won't get that coveted Finalist award your pill headed owner hangs in the rafters Goodbye........TARD!! If you look closely you can see Lucky boy's lineman behind him looking downward at Luck's anus for a good penatration spot for the Chiefs to give your boy something he will never forget. Where is his tight end???? HA HA HA Looks like someone else is getting cocked! But thats not all, LOOK BELOW and you can see your golden boy is giving a new meaning to....SUCK IT!!! Now when you look below it gives new meaning to BUTT FUMBLE, Tard
  5. Putting everything into perspective i think the Tennessee Titans in their first 20 years 1999 thru 2018 did a fantastic job. *Titans won 164 games and were just 4 games from cracking the top 10 in wins overall in the first 20 seasons as Dallas was 10th with 168 wins. *Pats,Colts,Steelers,Packers,Eagles,Ravens,Broncos,Seahawks,Saints,Cowboys,Chargers,Vikings are the only teams with more wins than the Titans from 1999-2018!! *Titans had playoff victories over the Colts,Ravens,Steelers,Chiefs,Bills,Jaguars over the first 20 seasons and made the postseason on 7 different occassions in 20 years that included playing in several wild cards and divisional playoff games,2 AFC Championship games,winning 1 AFC Championship and playing in 1 Super Bowl. *Titans had 10 winning seasons including.... three seperate 13 win seasons,a 12 win season,a 11 win season,a 10 win season and four seperate 9 win seasons had several opportunities to win a Super Bowl including.... *'99 when they played in a Super Bowl,in '00 they had NFL best record lost in divisional,in '02 they played in AFC Championship,'03 a Bennett completion from another AFC Championship game,'08 had NFL best record lost in divisional,'17 were one win away from playing in another AFC Championship game. *Had 2 NFL Rookie of the Year winners Jevon Kearse,Vince Young and an NFL MVP Steve McNair. *A 2,000 yard rusher (Chris Johnson) who set all kinds of NFL records including setting a new record for all purpose total yardage gained in a season 2,509 yards that still stands as well as having 6 runs over 80+ yards a record no one has broke and his shoes went to the Hall of Fame,Gained 90,60 & 50 yard TD run all in 1 game. 6 straight 125+ yard games broke Jim Brown mark. *The first 100 million dollar defensive lineman in Albert Haynesworth who had one of the most dominant 2 years ever for a defender. *Keith Bulluck most likely the only NFL defender to intercept Drew Brees 3 times in one game on Monday Night Football leading to Bulluck being called Mr. Monday Night *Jevon Kearse in 1999 who set the sack record for a rookie..... *Backup QB Billy Volek has the most passing yards in NFL history over 2 games passing for over 920 yards in December 2004. *FG kicker Rob Bironas in 2007 set a new NFL record when he made 8 FG in one game a record that still stands. Lets not forgot that Bironas also made a 60 yard kick as time expired vs the Colts to win. *Mariota has a better passer rating(106.4) in Primetime games since 2000 than Peyton Manning,Tom Brady,Aaron Rodgers,Russell Wilson,Drew Brees. *In his short career Mariota has beaten Tom Brady,Aaron Rodgers,Russell Wilson,Drew Brees,etc. *GM Jon Robinson made a splash in 2016 trading the top pick in the draft to the Rams who trade a boatload of picks back to Tennessee. *GM Jon Robinson and QB Marcus Mariota both responsible for helping the Titans achieve 3 straight winning seasons. *QB Marcus Mariota helps Titans win in biggest playoff road comeback in NFL history vs Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium the loudest hardest stadium to play in and also has the most comeback wins in 2017/2018 with 8. *Only 4 NFL quarterbacks have recently led their teams to three straight winning seasons: Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota.
  6. And Oldschool gives you the thumbs for being a smartass,lol Never change. Its all good. I'm in a great mood are you guys.
  7. There were 2 NFL trades this year that looked to be among the best in history for how those trades were able to turn both teams around drastically and turn both from what looked like non playoff teams into contenders. Both times it was the Raiders trading basically their best player on offense and defense. Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack. Who would've thought in 1 year that Jon Gruden would not only come back and coach Oakland but also trade their best player on both sides of the ball. Not only that but both players he traded ended up greatly improving their new teams. First is Khalil Mack. Most people had the Bears finishing a mediocre 7 wins but when they traded 2 first round picks for Mack it was worth it easily. From 5-11 to 12-4 in one year mainly due to Mack. Defense wins games AND championships. The Bears already had a top 10 defense but now a number 1 defense after adding Mack who was like the final piece to make a good defense a great one. After adding Mack the Bears made the playoffs after missing them for many years. Next is Amari Cooper he was like the missing piece on offense for Dallas. When the Cowboys traded a first round pick for Cooper there was talk about how once before 10 years earlier owner Jerry Jones wasted a first round pick on Roy Williams. Not only that the team had a losing record 3-5 and there was talk about head coach Jason Garrett being fired for mostly likely another losing year and no playoffs BUT..... After adding Amari Cooper the Dallas offense woke up and really improved and Cooper was getting multiple catches every game and the team started winning and won 6 of their last 8 games After adding Cooper the Cowboys made the playoffs after missing them 2 of the last 3 years in 2015 and 2017. Do you think after seeing 2 former first round picks like this be traded and go somewhere else drastically changing their new team for the better that more teams will take the chance??? For instance Titans could easily be one good veteran away from being a much better team. Something to think about..........
  8. MIKE75

    Jayon Brown Robbed

    Same here
  9. They are gonna stick with Mariota for better or worse. QB's don't grow on trees and in clutch time he showed us time after time he could get it done. Now i do think Vrabel/Robinson are making a big mistake if they keep Gabbert. With Mariota's injury history i think they need to go after the best backup QB possible..... Foles,Taylor,Fitzpatrick,etc. because Gabbert isnt the answer.
  10. MIKE75

    QB target: Tyrod Taylor

    Also some teams get lucky as shit drafting these mid-to late round QB's. Patriots were real good at it with Brady originally a 6th rounder and Matt Cassel a 7th rounder. Philly drafted Matt Barkley and Nick Foles in the 3rd and 4th round of the NFL draft a damn year apart. The 49ers Nick Mullens was undrafted Ravens drafted Tyrod Taylor in the 6th round AJ McCarron was a 5th rounder,Colt McCoy was a 3rd. Wonder if either is a free agent. What about Geno Smith? wonder if he'd be a good potential backup if Chargers were willing to part.
  11. MIKE75

    QB target: Tyrod Taylor

    For some reason and i'm willing to bet anything on it, JRob and Vrabel will think that Gabbert will be much better in year two of the system and that observation will be a big mistake in the end. I'd love to see them drop Gabbert and upgrade with Taylor or Foles IF Mariota gets hurt next year and Gabbert is our QB we might win a game but lose the bulk of them. In my opinion he isn't that good of a backup like i thought he was when we first signed him. But Taylor,Foles in my opinion would be a big upgrade.
  12. Whats crazy is the Titans,Colts and Texans all went on big winning streaks. Texans won 9 straight Colts won 5 straight and 9 of 10 Titans won 4 straight and 6 of 8 before last game AFC SOUTH had 3 winning teams Houston 11-5 Indy 10-6 Tennessee 9-7
  13. MIKE75

    QB target: Tyrod Taylor

    Great idea. JRob should unload Gabbert and upgrade with Taylor. But knowing the Titans they will use the excuse that Gabbert will be better in year 2 which is bullshit. Love the Taylor idea because you are right they are a lot alike. With our defense we wouldn't miss a beat with Taylor QB'ing if Mariota was out.
  14. Yeah both times we had the NFL best record. The 20 years the Titans have played overall they've been enjoyable and had a few cracks at the big game a few times. 1999 they nearly win it all. 2000 13 wins NFL best record, they come up short. 2002 AFC Championship, we were 60 minutes from another Super Bowl. 2003 a Drew Bennett dropped pass away from another AFC Championship game. 2008 13 wins NFL best record, they come up short again vs damn Ratbirds. 2017 Were one game away from AFC Championship game We have had several opportunities. I will never give up hope. JRob has 3 straight winning seasons and building well the scary thing is the uncertainty at the QB position.
  15. I loved the run-n-shoot Oilers them and the Raiders were my favorite teams to watch and Warren Moon was my favorite QB growing up. I like the Oilers but back then you had to think like i was thinking. I had never had an NFL team and spent years supporting efforts in Memphis to get one. When the time came i just wanted a taste of having a new team. I look back very fondly on the Oilers and often wonder IF the Oilers defeat Buffalo in 1993 and get to the Super Bowl possibly winning it..... Would things be different. Would Houston try and hold on to a newly minted Super Bowl team and if so would Tennessee still be without a team now ir would Nashville had gotten a team in 2002? Something to ponder.....