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  1. If Tannehill goes down and our defense isn't improved from last year it doesn't matter who our backup QB is.
  2. Curious to see the boards opinion on which season was more enjoyable to watch. I know we finished with a better record this year than last, even though we didn't make it as far in the playoffs, but last year just felt more 'magical' to me. I really felt last year was our year, that we had potential to go all the way, but even as good as we were this year I never felt much confidence that we were going to make a deep playoff run.
  3. It's going to be the biggest question mark of the off-season. I don't give them nearly as much flack this year as most posters on the board who's mindsets are clearly result oriented over vision oriented. What more could they have done to address it other than signing Beasley and Clowney? Yeah it didn't pan out as planned but A for effort. As for not attempting to sign a legit DC to replace Pees and letting go of key positional coaches on the defense side of things, that was unexcusable.
  4. The real question is will Rodgers set the all time NFL record for passing TD's in a single game... I wouldn't bet against it.
  5. The 9-7 season streaks were still better than 16 years of 8-8.
  6. I didn't expect him to play at the level he has this year after being pretty average last season but dude has been our only consistent player in the secondary. Without A Jackson and a non existent pass rush, everyone else in the secondary has regressed while he's really stepped it up.
  7. There's some validity in parts of this post. But all the defensive players you pointed out, how do you explain/justify such a massive drop off in their ability this year when almost all of them played at a high talent level just one year ago? The common denominator here is we lost Pees, no DC to replace him, and idk how closely you follow the inner workings of the team but it seems in general fans aren't aware that we also lost like half of our position coaches on defense, who were immensely instrumental developing our talent on defense, and replaced them with scrubs wi
  8. Speaking of special teams, it almost felt intentional that the Browns were trying to keep kickoffs out of the end zone today. Our kick return coverage is absolutely awful and I think they tried to exploit that. I don't think we had a single kick return make it past the 25 yard line and there were 3-4 Browns engulfing Batson at the 20 yard line every time.
  9. This was the real turning point in the game. We looked like we had a real shot at a comeback if Humphries makes the easy first down catch and we have 4 tries for the end zone closing the gap to a very manageable 4th quarter win. I held out hope up until that play I knew sealed the game for the browns.
  10. If we play every DB ten yards off the line of scrimmage every play we lose. Tighten up the coverage, quit this bullshit of allowing dink and dunk down the field all day. They're gonna score anyway. At least if they hit a big play or two our defense isn't completely exhausted and has more time to rest. I'm too lazy to look it up but I believe the Colts completely dominated TOP last week. And we all know why.
  11. The one game I'm attending this year. Bought the tickets a few weeks ago. 10 minute walk from my hotel, we better get our shit together this week!
  12. They showed a statistic during the Bengals game going all the way back to 1991 that we were the #1 worst 3rd down defense in that 29 year timeline. Only team over the 60% mark.
  13. Easily his worst game of the season so far. Without even looking up his stats today you could tell from the eyeball test he just wasn't on point like his usual self.
  14. What's going on with McNichols? He looked pretty solid in limited action and haven't seen him since.
  15. Which is crazy considering how well McNichols has played in his limited action. Even weirder so far this year is on obvious passing situations they're insistent on keeping Henry in the game when he's clearly a liability in pass protection and being a viable receiver out of the backfield. And don't even get me started on these damn screens we keep trying [failing] to get Henry involved in the passing game.
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