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  1. Those crazy leaps he does, in his first few years I cringed every time he did it; Now I encourage it.
  2. Hard to put too much fault on the offensive play calling when 10 of the Bills points came off of 3 TN turnovers.
  3. Easily one our best defensive plays of the game, likely even the year, so far.
  4. I was just thinking the exact same thing reading through this thread. That was a phenomenal year to be a Titans fan watching the team click on all cylinders almost every Sunday and gritting out some real nail biters. Felt for sure it was finally "our year". Don't get me wrong, I love where our current Titan's organization as a whole appears to be heading right now, but as far as a 1v1 season camparison I was definitely feeling more euphoric that year.
  5. Wait, people still think preseason record matters?
  6. I was excited for them at first but after seeing them in person tonight I came away a bit dissapointed. Whatever, it's just a uniform.
  7. 100 yards/game, referring to Titans. ^
  8. The only way I see us winning against KC is if we come out fast and get a quick lead on them forcing Alex Smith to play catch up. If they jump ahead too quick and gain control of the tempo I don't see us being able to climb back into the lead. Basically whichever team wins the first half probably takes the win.
  9. Not a bad season finale I guess but I felt pretty dissatisfied with it, personally. I felt for some time that it had been leading up to something much bigger with how great the other episodes were. Nothing exciting about a boring happy ending even though I'd say it probably makes the most sense relative to the real world which appears to be what they were going for with the whole "true story" theme. BTW, I didn't even realize the guy duck-taped in the car was the car salesman until my friend mentioned it to me. Had totally forgotten about that scene. I only recognized him as the customer in Lester's insurance agency from the first episode when I saw him lol.
  10. ^^ I guess you don't understand the difference between some guys making a comment at you on the street and one of them actually grabbing your woman right in front of you. I think I made it pretty clear in my post that at that point ONLY does it cross the line to where I'd feel the need to knock some punk ass out without hesitation. If you'd just stand there and let that happen I don't know what to tell you.
  11. The way I see it if you're any kind of man your primal instinct takes over when another guy is enough of a bitch to grope/feel up on your woman right in front of you. Unless you're into some serious daily tia chi meditation or something I don't think I'd have much self control over my further actions at that point.