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  1. I didn’t read it yesterday but it is......... A.A.S has to be the culprit....
  2. https://titansized.com/2019/11/12/titans-office-coaches-mariota-tannehill/ I doubt JRob would’ve been dumb enough to continue to trot out a deficient product.....
  3. I asked about that first he said the arm was fine and that it was the shoulder I didn’t ask any specifics
  4. I work at a Marriott 

  5. I never said the family, this guy was a family friend I saw wearing a 8 Foundation shirt
  6. To what extent did I claim? I’m just wondering what happened to the 2016 guy...?
  7. Unless you’re a M.D then how the fuckto you know for sure whether that impact could cause a shoulder injury
  8. I just have been trying to figure out what’s wrong with Marcus for a while I originally asked the guy if his nerve was still damaged.... He said the arm is fine but he hurt his shoulder on the 2pt play
  9. I don’t care why lie about the shit? The impact of his shoulder the left one on that play was pretty significant
  10. The family friend said the preseason game against N.E on the two-point attempt
  11. I see that now.... Slams very hard....a messed up left shoulder could still affect your throwing significantly..... This negates my left arm bag carrying hypothesis.... I just want the truth I’m not tied to keeping Marcus nor do I have any agenda...... I did believe in him and I thought he would seize his contract opportunity and flourish he definitely did not.... If there’s an injury to either shoulder I just wonder how much it affected his abilities