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  1. Are there any dumber moments on this board, as when Tolar comments? I feel like I’m transported to a different era even.
  2. We got it right!! Hoping he gets that stadium rocking as it should being that we are in Nashville
  3. He’s the only dude that sounds like Nashville in his chords. https://tradablebits.com/tb_app/465395 <Vote there
  4. This was Isaiah on October 14th looking like a “crackhead that got a holt of tha wrong stuff” Purely speculation, which is why I never posted this picture on Twitter. The picture was forwarded to me on Facebook. Somethings not right though and I can’t put my finger on it.
  5. Everyone hates Buck because he sounds like a younger George Plaster? He seems like a decent guy? Why the disdain for Buck?
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