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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/01/chiefs-will-propose-ot-rule-change-guaranteeing-both-teams-a-possession/ I guess the Chiefs agree with me!
  2. A College rules variation for the NFL playoffs could be cool though.... And it doesn’t skew the regular season record books..... I think Mahomes got hosed and even if it was the Patriots who where in the same boat I would have TB12 would have deserved a shot...... All phases of the team deserve an equal opportunity to move forward and not have a coin affect the equality of the formula..... This is my opinion I’m not attempting to incite anyone whom believes the current system is sufficient...... Different strokes for different folks.......
  3. Defenses are worn down offense has the advantage why not let both teams get a shot in the playoffs?
  4. Both teams deserve to touch the ball good grief... Any thoughts? Possibly eliminate extra points..... Allow both teams at least one possession each.... Field Goals still allowed “..... Maybe just force teams to go for two in order to create less chances for sustaining ties?
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