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  1. Same old, big, man. Always telling people how they think/feel and always being dead fucking wrong.
  2. Keep talking out of your ass, and I’ll keep watching everyone continue to own you. You’re complete fucking garbage. You still know nothing about me and continue to make accusations. Keep telling me what you think I I think. It’s comical because it truly shows how fucking stupid you actually are.
  3. It would be Rolltard behind the wheel, with Tux navigating. And they were were just trying to get to McDonalds!
  4. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Trump was a 13-year old girl with the way he Tweets and talks. Its a travesty this dude is the fucking president.
  5. You honestly know absolutely nothing about me, but you are so fucking transparent. You don’t know what political party I associate with. You don’t know my skin color. Yet you throw out all these wild accusations because you’re being called what you fucking are: a racist. You might be the dumbest fucking bigot on this board. And no, I’m not going to put you on ignore. Instead, I’m going to come at you every time you bring race into a discussion. You are just as much human garbage as the President you back.
  6. How do you know I’m not black, fucktard? The only person I currently find inferior is you, and it has nothing to do with skin color. Fucking disgusting racist.
  7. I’m definitely not a racist. I get it, though. You’re looking more and more foolish in this thread, so the only way to save yourself is to call someone else a racist. No big deal. You Are not only a blind idiot, but I’d venture to say you don’t get out of your house too terribly often. Probably a good idea since racists aren’t exactly liked in society.
  8. Good God. Rolltide looks like he is close to going full racist and blowing up the board in a TGLC manner. And of course, the usual suspects absolutely miss the point while constantly spewing hate. I guess that’s about as American as it gets. Petition on for the racist Rolltide to be banned?
  9. With what was shown at the end of the year, Lewis being an 84 and Henry being an 83 is a joke.
  10. Probably. But my fandom runs pretty deep. I’d rather win a ring with my favorite team, if given the opportunity. I’d have to be able to still live the lifestyle I would at that point. And I agree. They won’t lowball him. But, that’s just me personally. I love football. I love the Titans. Id be willing to sacrifice if needed.
  11. The ONLY counter I have is how I’d personally go about it. I’ve been a Titans fan for as long as I can remember. If I had the opportunity to play for them, I’d give my favorite team a discount based on my fandom (and that’s assuming I could still live my lifestyle with what I would make).
  12. I don’t know about that just yet. As you even pointed out, Henry doesn’t have the durability concerns Gordon has. Henry has a higher chance of getting signed purely on that.
  13. The fact it’s been pointed out and you’re still asking about it shows that you’re not looking for proof. You’re just plain stupid.
  14. Whatever the case may be, the President of the United States is held to a higher standard than others. He represents the country. He should NOT be saying shit like this.
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