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  1. That shit is just inappropriate and could get the site taken down. There is a line.
  2. This is where I’m at. This shit is unwatchable. This roster is stacked and is being dangerously held back by the putrid QB play.
  3. You do realize you just look like a buffoon, right? I usually dont don’t say anything because I don’t want to feed that false narrative of you thinking literally everyone is on your nuts. Do the forum a favor and stop attempting your crusade. It’s a completely useless effort.
  4. Wait just a second. “Don’t get personal because you don’t have an answer”? Dude, earlier in this thread, you told someone to just shut up. You’re not the authority you think you are, and it’s absolutely HILARIOUS that you try this whole white knight routine on this forum. You’re trying to educate the masses while being a dummy yourself.
  5. Disagree. This roster is very good and needs average QB play to be strong.
  6. God damn you’re a retard if you really believe this way. You must think Mariota is great.
  7. If you’re talking about Mularkey, you were definitely defending him pretty tooth and nail until the absolute end. Hell, you still defend him.