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  1. At first glance, I thought he was leaning over and sitting on the floor because the table and the carpet look so similar. It took me a second to differentiate.
  2. Of course you don't take the whole post. Fucktard.
  3. LOL. I love how you're to so many lengths to try to alter a fucking joke because you likely have the worst humor known to man. It's funny to me because I don't know of hardly any Bills fans, and there was only one die-hard that came in when we played them last year. It's that fucking simple, my dude.
  4. Okay, stupid fan. I thought it was a funny joke, so go fuck yourself.
  5. I would say to stay a miserable, sad sack of shit, but I really wish you wouldn't be. No one likes an intentional shithead who tries to suck the life out of everything fun.
  6. These stupid ass arguments always get everyone so tilted because people make it out to be so much more. It's annoying as shit.
  7. You're part of that poor fan base. And I'll make whatever jokes I want to, you joyless prick.
  8. Yeah, the excitement wore off for me around post-draft. I mean, it would be nice if we did, but I’m not holding my breath. If we sign him - great. if we don’t - oh well.
  9. My dude, you can’t even take a fucking joke. You must be a blast at parties.
  10. God damn. Didn't know this would turn into a debate on who the biggest board retard is.
  11. Oh, what do you know? Another laughably awful take by that fucking retard SleepingTitan. Wilson is an incredible QB. If Mahomes WERENT out of this world, Wilson would be the bonafide best QB on the planet.
  12. Yeah, but the excitement has worn off over time.
  13. That bomb to Raymond was a thing of absolute beauty. I remember jumping up from my seat when he caught it and was like "Holy shit! That's my QB" I do remember some dumbass on the board calling Raymond soft when he got concussed.

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