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  1. Xander left, I think. And it's kinda weird, because after a while, he just kinda gave up on things. I honestly don't know if he is still alive.
  2. It's really no contest between a few posters. Kinda surprised and also not surprised I'm not on the list. And despite what many think, I only despise a few posters. The biggest ones being Simple Jake, Rolltard, Maker, and (to a lesser extent) thor. Also Tux. (I still cant wait till Scotty dies)
  3. It’s already been done before. I’d say he is probably one of very few posters I NEVER agree with. His “play it safe” mentality, fused with a thin skin for online debate, make for a very uninteresting debate but great entertainment.
  4. It’s been mentioned several times by @oldschoolthat in regards to PA, doesn’t really matter who you’re trotting out there.
  5. It's just funny to worry so soon about things. Something that should have been worried about a little sooner: THE DEFENSE AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS, amirite?
  6. I feel the opposite. Given the circumstances, so far, this has been a great offseason for JRob.
  7. It was a mostly sarcastic/funny post that seems to have failed miserably. Haha.
  8. TECHNICALLY, Robinson didn't screw up the QB situation - because we got a franchise QB out of it.
  9. I assume you don't think the team is improved over last year's unit?
  10. Oh, make no mistake about it.. Sox is honestly about as dumb as they come.
  11. I didn't say to draft one. There are other avenues to getting a quality backup. I don't think Woodside is a quality backup. I don't know how someone can be content with everything they see from Woodside enough to definitively say he is a good backup.
  12. Coverage guys can only cover so long. Even the best ones are made to look like fools when you can’t get to the QB.

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