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  1. I'll definitely say that I am insanely glad we are becoming more pass-happy. Tannehill is doing a phenomenal job. It feels fucking good to have a franchise QB.
  2. Adoree is the best corner we have. And he is young and still coming into his own. He has played well when he has been on the field. I expect some rust, but even that should be better than what we are fielding currently.
  3. Just because Henry is one of the craziest physical freaks we've seen in a long time doesn't make him the most talented player on offense.
  4. Until he removes that fucking toss play from the playbook, he is still just OKAY to me.
  5. Wentz is a good QB with a bad supporting cast. He isn't great, but he doesn't suck.
  6. Your consistent downplaying of Tannehill and suggestion that Henry is why Tannehill is successful is making your takes about the RB position look really bad. I'm a Henry fan, but you gotta stop living in this fantasy world.
  7. It’s going to be a good game. It’ll be a good test as well.
  8. Exactly. This is spot on. Other than Rass having slightly better football takes, they are the same poster. You are consistently trying to be a neutral mediator and helping people out and then get lashed out at. I laughed at the post where he was dogging on you. It’s like, dude.. the one guy trying to help you and you bite the hand that feeds?
  9. At least we had the Oman vaccine. And Logical would be saying the same shit, over and over, without realizing he is being shit on.
  10. I’m living for this. I’ve got kyler Murray in one of my paid leagues.
  11. It’s because this is a dumb take. He is an elite QB, arguably the best in the league. I like Tannehill as much as the next guy and think he is playing phenomenal, but he isn’t Pat Mahomes.
  12. Logical’s stat sheet: JA 10/11 130 yards
  13. Awesome. I love hearing that. He definitely has looked great rushing in spelling Henry.
  14. I'm sure we will be alright. I'd rather have Lewan out there, but his backup is proving serviceable, so that's awesome.

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