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  1. I feel like it’s gotta be hard to be as dumb as Logical is. My guess is he gets rag dolled on his own board. Doesn’t understand the nuances of the game. Likely some young kid.
  2. Nahhhh. Art was trying way too hard to press with Henry INSTEAD of passing with Tannehill. As others have pointed out, the pass was open.
  3. And takes like this is why you continue to show your ass when it comes to football talk. Very flawed team? Comical.
  4. Well, god damn! I guess we got it wrong in having JRob as the GM. We should have just had @abenjamithis whole fucking time.
  5. Further proof that Jake is either severely simple or not an actual fan.
  6. As I said before, non-calls usually don't bother me because there are penalties almost every play. HOWEVER, some of this shit was blatant and to not call them was a big-time error.
  7. I will say this: Because of our dumbass friends in KC who decided to come to the board, I sincerely hope the NFC representative stomps the Chiefs into the curb.
  8. Allen didn't do shit because your shitty ass team was sitting at home watching us play in the afc title game.
  9. You didn't answer me, bitch. Don't be a pussy. What does your shit-ass QB do in big moments?
  10. I don't usually like calling out holds (because they happen almost every play), however there were some times that were just absolutely blatant. Oh well. The NFL gets their KC in the Super Bowl matchup.
  11. This is assuming he won't adapt. I think he will be great moving forward. Definite learning experience.
  12. Yeah, fuck this game. Great season by our dudes. Really proud of them.

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