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  1. Continue to misinterpret my post. It was always a two-sided thing. I wanted what I thought was best for the team. It’s just also really nice to see your ego/arrogance take a hit every once in a while. You probably care more about being right than anyone else on this board.
  2. Jesus Christ. Is all you give a fuck about is being right, Oman? I bet you’re a joy to live with/be around often.
  3. There's also zero proof (that I know of) that J-Rob was dictating to play Mariota. Here's what I think happened: J-Rob wasn't bringing in QB competition because Mariota was entrenched as the starter. Gabbert and Cassel were clearly inferior (I don't care what Joel says about Gabbert), and maybe that was to show good graces to AAS - a sign to show the investment in Mariota. J-Rob then gets a great deal on Tannehill for Mariota's make or break year, which basically brings a better guarantee the ship won't sink if Mariota doesn't pan out. Clearly, the above scenario is what I think happened. I'm not going to parade around like it's fact, because it isn't. And I'll be the first to admit my frustration and confusion with J-Rob if it comes out that he was behind all of it. At that point, the pitchforks will be out for me because I want this franchise to succeed. I will say that this coming offseason will be the biggest determining factor yet for JRob. I have a lot of faith in him, and I sincerely hope he doesn't let me down.
  4. Not necessarily. J-Rob could possibly convince her not to meddle, if that is indeed what's happening.
  5. The facts are that we don't know and we are all assuming.
  6. I guess we just disagree on this. I mean, AAS could have complete trust in J-Rob, yet still have wanted Mariota to stay as long as possible to prove a turnaround (which we all know ended up not happening). You don't think AAS loved Mularkey? I guess I just think you're wrong in your assumptions. I actually think your dislike/disagreement with J-Rob is a little overboard.
  7. Hope for the best for him, but even before this injury, he was undraftable in my opinion. I don't want another broken QB.
  8. At this point, it'll be teams praying for a miracle that he even finishes games.
  9. Dude, you're a fucking idiot. The situation is more than the black and white situation you are making it out to be. Careful with calling people retards. You may be grouped into hypocrite territory.
  10. I want to blame the owner because she had to be convinced to oust Mularkey. Her history suggests she wanted Mariota to stay. It was noted in the offseason (I believe that's the timing) that she hoped Mariota would work out. J-Rob's history has been to ship out those who either weren't up to par, or weren't in line with his vision. J-Rob brought in Tannehill on Mariota's last hope of a season. IMHO, I think a greater case can be made for AAS being the one "forcing" Mariota to continue to play. And, honestly, it's okay for there to be differing opinions on the subject matter. As pointed out, there IS the possibility of it being either AAS or J-Rob. HOWEVER, what posters need to stop doing is proclaiming it's AAS or J-Rob as FACT, because we still don't know.
  11. The fact is a lot of people (even those who dislike Mariota now) at some point liked Mariota, so to sit there and use that as some sort of bragging right is silly. Sure, you can use the whole "I saw it first" thing to your advantage while others were still holding onto hope.
  12. Since we don't know the whole story, and most everything is just speculation, I tend to give JRob a little more of leeway. We will definitely see what he is made of this offseason.
  13. Grow an even thicker skin than the supposed "thick skin" you already have. It almost seems as if you forget where the fuck you are posting, but then again, you TRY and fire right back. Maybe if your opinion wasn't fucking retarded, people wouldn't be such jerks about it.