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  1. Pretty much single-handedly made a majority of the board hate Mett just because they hated BK.
  2. Before he went overboard on the whole Mett thing, he had some decent football knowledge.
  3. Oh, he is genuinely a super friendly dude. Everyone loved him in high school. He was part of at least three clubs as well. It doesn’t surprise me he is a force in the community. He has always been that way.
  4. BK still sometimes showed some good football acumen. I have yet to really see that level from abc. Could be wrong though.
  5. I bet people are pretty close to placing him on ignore.
  6. Uhhhh. That’s what a backup QB is there for.
  7. Why are you even a fan of this team? I’m starting to question your fandom. Im sure there are other boards that will allow you to jerk off to ARod.
  8. @abc2330 if all you’re going to do is bitch about the QB situation not being as good as the one you’re accustomed to, get your ass out of here. Your recent posts suggest devolution because you’re not getting your way. Go back to watching ARod and being a GB fan.
  9. At least. One day, he will pay for his abrasive approach.
  10. Lol. Everyone knows if it was the opposite happening, you’d be grilling Mariota for not playing as fast.
  11. Shitty thing is I get the same treatment other friends from back in the day get - no inside knowledge. It’s usually just the typical, “hey! Thanks man! Hope all is well in life.” When that happens, I’m just like “Welllllllllll thanks.”
  12. The last time I talked to him was congratulating him on landing with the Bucs.
  13. I really do actually know him. We went to the same middle school for a brief time and then went to the same high school for a couple years. I transferred out cause the school was shit and all my friends were at another school. Ive hung out with him a few times and actually helped him with homework in high school. By helping, I mean I did his English homework and aided in his math homework. Haha.
  14. I grew up with this guy. I’ll shoot him a text and tell him to sign with the Titans.
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