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  1. For someone to defend Tez’s word vomit as intellectual is really something. If I felt Tez were correct, I’d be liking his posts. I don’t always agree with the general TR opinion, but going against it every time? Now, that’s just silly.
  2. You're siding with a dude who - most of the time - can't even type out a legible sentence. The fact you think he is an intelligent poster baffles me.
  3. Nope. Very good, but I don’t think the post season numbers overpower the weaker other numbers.
  4. I’m pretty free this afternoon. And it’s just so fun poking at you guys.
  5. You spelled “thin-skinned cunt” wrong.
  6. Doubtful. He just gave you an out and you didn’t have one before. Those of us who have been around a while can tell you’re not bullshitting. Peddle that bullshit to someone else, like Rass or charley who will believe what you will say. Or keep getting triggered.
  7. God damn, charley. For a guy who wants everyone else to buy into his intellectual superiority, you sure are ignorant. If you’ve seen Joel’s posts before, you would KNOW he is just acting like a douchebag.
  8. And charley will always be a baby back bitch.
  9. Sounds like Joel is triggered. What a snowflake!
  10. Also. I love that charley (who has largely been thin-skinned since being on this site) comes to Joel’s aid. And we won’t talk about Iowa. You engage in mud-slinging too, so don’t act like you’re not as degenerate as everyone else.
  11. You act like this is your first time on TR.
  12. Lest we forget that when Joel gets bested, you go to ignore.
  13. I'm getting my first Moderna tomorrow. When I had Covid, I didn't have any symptoms. I considered myself lucky.
  14. I don't really come away thinking any differently about him. I'm reserving judgement until I actually see the product on the field. The main difference being that Tannehill >>>>>>>>> Carr.
  15. What they need to install is an information room for you dumb asses who never seem to get information right.
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