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  1. Last year. No doubt. A surprising playoff run that almost put us in the super bowl. Tannehill emerging. Henry playing well. This year was a successful letdown. Last year, you didn’t expect what happened.
  2. It's baffling how awful you are with QB takes. Holy shit. There is going against the grain, then there is just pure stupidity. This is pure stupidity.
  3. If only you knew anything about football. Jesus Christ. Are you even reading what you’re typing out? In your previous post, you blamed everyone but Josh Allen for the awful product he left on the field against the Chiefs. His football IQ reverted back to dog shit. In the playoffs, he started reverting back to his old ways and THATS what killed your team’s chances. Josh Allen is holding them back in his current state. You can’t even be honest with yourself because we can see you typing through the tears of frustration. Get fucked. Every day you spend here is going to result
  4. I just mean, if youre working with a maekshift o-line, I would assume you'd be more willing to run it with your star RB as opposed to passing with long-developing pass plays if you KNOW your protection isn't going to hold up.
  5. I wonder how much of that shift in philosophy came into play after Lewan went down and they knew protection wouldn’t always hold up? Just a theory.
  6. Bring it. I’ll be laughing at your horrible takes every. Single. Day. Josh Allen was just one notch above Lamar against the Chiefs. How stupid do you gotta be to take those sacks? Or to not slide?
  7. @NFL2K5 stop making stupid ass threads, dude. This isn’t your fucking Twitter account.
  8. Fuck yeah. Cause if another moment like that happens, it could get even uglier. You’re supposed to manage the situation.
  9. The last few balls he has thrown have been way off the mark. It’s definitely improved but he is letting his team down.
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