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  1. It’s no use. Jamal has some pretty awful takes a lot of times.
  2. It was a weird fucking play, for sure. Mental lapse.
  3. Only reason I slightly believe it is because of his prior approach to things, IE going conservative and into a shell with a lead and the fact he thinks we can’t lose with DHen as the closer.
  4. At first glance, it looked bad. But I mostly bring it up as a counter-point to being unable to call out Tannehill’s poor play that big seems to think I gloss over.
  5. You’re confusing me with someone else. I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses because I disagree with your assertion. I even said in the game day thread the first int was a bad play. This idea Tannehill is nothing more than an above average game manager is silly, especially after yesterday.
  6. Seems kinda sus to me. Especially if you watch the INTs.
  7. Well, you’re also dumb.. so we take that into account.
  8. If you saw the INTs, I feel like you wouldn’t be asking this. Did you even watch the game?
  9. You’ve got to be TRULY stupid to watch Titans games like today and last week and not realize Tannehill is top tier. How do you consistently stay so dumb?
  10. Mahomes looked a little off, but this is far from a “gotcha” moment. Your opinion of him is still dog shit. The KC defense looked awful most of the day.
  11. Tannehill is a fuckin beast. The one int wasn’t great, but outside of that.. he has been phenomenal.
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