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  1. Disliked by who? Clearly not democratic primary voters. https://morningconsult.com/2020/01/22/sanders-favorability-declines-amid-clash-with-warren/ https://news.gallup.com/poll/260801/biden-sanders-best-images-among-democrats.aspx
  2. Sanders can absolutely win. Him and Biden are consistently the strongest candidates against Trump in the polling. All the talk about how he hasn't been "vetted", or "attacked" is completely speculative....at best. I'd happily make the exact opposite argument. Sanders is clearly disliked by the DNC and their mainstream media allies. Here's the reality of the data: He's polling at the top of the field, has the most enthusiastic base (based on polling), the strongest fundraising, and performs very well in head to head matchups vs Trump (just like in 2016).
  3. Why force him into a position change just to create a hole at guard.
  4. "it has emerged Wuhan, where the disease was first spotted, is the site of a biosafety lab housing some of the world's most deadly illnesses." https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1232761/coronavirus-news-china-wuhan-epidemic-outbreak-pandemic-biosafety-laboratory-sars Quite a coincidence...
  5. Just pay him I don't see what the issue is. OTs don't drop off suddenly like RBs or CBs. There's plenty of cap space.
  6. Skip to the end for the Titans game. This version has some different footage. After Henry's long run they handed it to him again the next play and then subbed him out. I saw live Vrabel was yelling something at him, turns out he was saying Tebow lol. Good stuff from Yanda and Judon too.
  7. Some camp reports definitely had Mariota outplaying Tannehill but Mariota was objectively terrible in every pre season game. Tannehill didn't do much and none of it was with starters plus it's easy to just say preseason doesn't matter. I honestly had no dog in the Mariota vs Tannehill fight but I vividly remember my enthusiasm for the season disappearing the more I saw of Mariota this preseason. Unfortunately by that point even if the coaches felt the same way they'd pretty much already made their bed by giving Mariota full reps in camp. If it wasn't for playing that pathetic Falcons squad Mariota probably would have been demoted a game or two earlier.
  8. Any insight on the run D? strengths? weak links?
  9. I'm curious to hear more about the Chiefs run D. Football outsiders has them ranked as one of the worst. If that is accurate they are unlikely to win IMO. The Chiefs will obviously be passing the majority of the time, and a lot more can go wrong when a team is throwing vs running.
  10. 08 defense could get tons of pressure with just a 4 man rush and Thornton Bulluck was a sick LB combo. The current offense and coaching staff are better.
  11. Is anyone else planning to bet this game? I will be and I'm trying to decide which options I consider to be the highest ROI and how confident I am in them. Titans are +9 or 3.45 to 1 to win straight up and an O/U of 19.5 points scored. Shaving points off the spread is also possible ie Titans +3.5 pays out 2-1 as opposed to 1-1 at +9. Last week I thought Titans +5 was an extremely safe bet (especially once Adoree was practicing fully) considering the Pats offensive issues and the likelihood that if they won it would be in defensive slugfest fashion. This week I am not nearly as confident in the points but I still think the money line is attractive as I do believe this team can win and is still somewhat underrated by the public. Taking the over on points seems attractive as well, especially considering the possibility of a garbage time score.
  12. I agree and I think the coaches know this as well. You can't shut the Ravens down, just don't give up the big play and make them work, hope for them to make mistakes. We have a lot of good open space defenders in Landry, Evans, Byard, Vaccaro, Jayon, etc to keep Jackson hemmed in. The offense can't play as conservatively this week. Belichick had a great gameplan defensively, but I don't think the Ravens are capable of limiting the play action game as effectively without getting gashed by Henry even worse than the Pats did. I think the offense comes out with a much more aggressive gameplan, not the avoid turnovers at all cost mentality of last week.
  13. Why is anyone even replying to these faggots. At least Manningenvy had jokes.

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