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  1. lmao if you want to believe in creationism ok but don't pretend your beliefs are in anyway based on scientific reasoning just because you're to lazy to educate yourself on evolution.
  2. And Mariota will be getting paid a few mil a year to hold a clipboard for a long time. Kaep's skill is not what's kept him out of the league.
  3. Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the decade and it will have set a new all time high price before the end of next year.
  4. I never watched him with the Dolphins but I think it's safe to assume this is the best supporting cast he's ever had.
  5. That is a no brainer challenge with the replay showing Tannehill got the 1st. All that's at risk is a timeout, even just a 20% chance of overturning is worth it.
  6. His back foot was past the 11 by the time he completely released the ball. Call was correct.
  7. Best game by far from Mariota, he actually displayed some pocket awareness. He just needs to give our receivers a chance because this group is good. I'm glad the coaches made it a point to get them involved. Watching the game I also got the feeling that Atlanta is just not very good.
  8. Another thought. Even if Trump is removed through impeachment, couldn't he just run in the GOP primary? He'd very likely win again.
  9. If you're Mitch McConnell it's certainly worth some serious thought whether the rest of the GOP ticket does better with Pence at the top in 2020.
  10. Yes, I think this is as big a story as Pelosi finally getting on board with impeachment. I think McConnell is deciding whether to throw Trump under the bus and roll with Pence in 2020.
  11. Realistically there was no way short of injury that Mariota could have lost the job by game 3 on a short week. From here on out, though, there's no excuse. He's showed nothing.
  12. He had an awesome headfake at the line on his catch and run. Happened so fast it's barely visible but the CB bit a little and turned towards the sideline.