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  1. I'll err on the side of privacy and individual freedom.
  2. We are talking about a global currency, just because I don't personally need to worry about my finances being seized by the government doesn't mean that Bitcoin's unseizability isn't a valuable trait for billions of other people.
  3. More people live in repressive societies than free ones.
  4. Really? Take a look at China, 1984 isn't fictional anymore. Most commerce there is done through non anonymous mediums like alipay or wechat, a person's bank account can easily be seized for no reason whatsoever. Chinese citizens face heavy restrictions in moving their wealth out of the country. Bitcoin is a way to re-empower the individual, which is exactly why the Chinese government is trying, and failing, to stop its adoption.
  5. Calibra isn't revolutionary, there are, and I'm not exaggerating, billions of dollars worth of dollar backed cryptos already in the market. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tether/ Calibra will require lots of personal information in order to create an account. A consortium of corporations will then know who you are and exactly how you're spending your money. When a government wants to sanction an individual or country Calibra will comply and blacklist the user because it's not decentralized like Bitcoin.
  6. I've seen no evidence that Coinbase "shuts the site down to prevent people from dumping coin". It would make absolutely no sense for them to shut their exchange down as it would mean they miss out on all the trading fees and lose the trust of traders. Their exchange is very stable and trustworthy. https://pro.coinbase.com/trade/BTC-USD The current fee to purchase 1 BTC right now ($8800 worth) is 13 dollars.
  7. Extremely easy, I have money from Coinbase into my bank account in 2 or 3 days.
  8. First part true, and the narrative of Bitcoin as a non correlated asset will encourage people to include it as part of their portfolios for the sake of diversification. Second part false, usage of the Bitcoin network continues to grow. Look at the charts of active wallets, # of transactions, average transaction volume, etc. This network has intrinsic value and owning Bitcoin is effectively investing in this network.
  9. This rally will continue a bit longer but I think a re test of 5800 will happen eventually.
  10. Posted December 15th 2018 - Literally the exact day BTC price hit its low at just under $3150 Bitcoin traded at over $6300 today.
  11. I loved it, someone one upping Trump in the 5th grade insults game.
  12. Lol no, you just generalize everyone else into being a "libtard" because that gives you a free pass to ignore anything inconvenient to your point of view.
  13. Why is it a fail? I'm sure Bill fucked some underage girls, Trump too. I'm not some partisan hack like you Trump cucks sworn to defend Trust Fund Donald from every insult and accusation.
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