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  1. Pieces of paper with pictures of famous people that are only valuable because people believe they are... sounds familiar. Bitcoin is a ponzi A much fairer one than the USD
  2. Yea im a huge YFI fan. As people figure out how easy it is to earn high interest % on their dollars the assets under management will continue to skyrocket.
  3. The financial system being built on Ethereum is more exciting to me than Bitcoin now. Billions of dollars worth of USD backed stablecoins are being paid ~20% interest for providing liquidity for exchanges. Millions of dollars worth of revenue being earned by protocols and then paid out as dividends to tokenholders. https://defipulse.com/
  4. Looking like i was too conservative. Nice to see all the no coiners have 0 interest still. Once they start buying, it will be a good signal we are entering the final stages of the bull market.
  5. Hopefully Trump is successful in convincing Republicans that it's all rigged so they don't bother voting. Biden should be in Georgia campaigning on giving more stimulus checks and saying it's totally dependent on Senate control.
  6. For now he's right and it's not even close. Who could stop him? Ted Cruz? haha
  7. Joseph has to go... I'd rather have Reynaldo Hill at this point.
  8. The title of most indispensable defender is a 2 man race between Adoree and Simmons.
  9. Im confident this defense is going to turn it around once Adoree comes back.
  10. I never rewatched the game but 2nd half against the Vikings when Lewan was out seemed to be when the run game finally started to click.
  11. If we didn't have Beasley waiting in the wings I'd be on board with this. OLB depth is pathetic right now.
  12. Neither country has chance of "conquering" the other in a conventional sense. Any physical battles would almost all be naval. China has more people, but their geography puts them at an immense, probably insurmountable disadvantage when it comes to projecting power. They are literally surrounded by competitors while we have free reign over a hemisphere. America does a lot of evil shit in the foreign policy department but I don't doubt the CCP would be worse given the opportunity.
  13. Dude this isn't ONLY about Floyd. Removing one straw doesn't fix the camels back after its been broken This is about a lack of police accountability that this country has never faced up to and now we're facing the consequences. End qualified immunity. Demilitarize the police. Increase accountability with civilian oversight and body cams.

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