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  1. It has a market cap of 36 billion and it literally does nothing. All you can do is send ADA from one wallet to another. It's all marketing fluff and buzzwords with nothing to back it up, no serious progress in 4 years. Where as Ethereum is growing exponentially in usage.
  2. ADA is vaporware. Its supposed to compete with ETH but it's been around since 2017 and doesn't have a single application running on it.
  3. It sucks losing home grown players but we should be getting 4th round comp picks for both these guys.
  4. Simple fix to the simswap scam as I've dealt with it before myself - make sure your cell account has a pin number required before any changes can be made.
  5. There were periods in 2018 were USDT traded around 90 cents for extended periods and even dropped to something like 60 cents because FUD scared so many people into dumping it.
  6. 2013 btc 1200$ - it's a bubble 2015 btc 300$ - see I was right! 2017 btc 20000$ - it's a bubble 2019 btc 3000$ - see I was right! 2021 btc 50000$ - it's a bubble
  7. By never recover I mean in terms of BTC ratio, they'll never break all time highs set during their initial hype cycle. Even dead coins can be drug along by BTC and gain value in USD. Look at XRP (Literally being sued by the SEC for fraud) for example. It's up 90% over the past year in USD, while losing 65% of its value vs BTC.
  8. Historically your median altcoin has underperformed BTC. 90% of them have ultimately offered nothing but empty promises, and after one hype cycle they crash and never recover. That said, 85% of my crypto is currently in "altcoins". A really simple rule of thumb that has served me well is simply asking - what does the token do? Is anyone actually using it for it's intended purpose? Can I use the token to generate a return or does it just sit in my wallet?
  9. LTC is just a copy of BTC with a less secure network and a shittier brand. The founder dumped all his LTC at the top of the last bullrun, it's a dead project.
  10. Probably 95% of my networth is in crypto. I've basically been all in since middle 2017. With debit cards accepting various cryptos and the proliferation of stablecoins and yield generating opportunities through lending or liquidity providing, there is little incentive to move my funds back into the traditional banking system. The decentralized financial system being built (mostly on Ethereum) is the best investment in the world, I feel even more sure of that than I did about bitcoin.
  11. If you're in the US and new to crypto I recommend using coinbase.com and just holding your crypto there initially.
  12. Anyone who thinks inflation is anywhere near as low as what the government reports, is an absolute sucker. Certain consumer goods and commodities have been able to mask the inflation in fiat through increased efficiencies due to technology but inflation in equities and hard assets has been massive for over a decade.
  13. It's not. Tether FUD is like an urban legend for bitcoin bears since middle of 2017. Tether is a cash cow for Bitfinex (which itself is an extremely profitable exchange), they are not going to fuck that up for themselves.
  14. But guys it's not backed by anything!!!! lol
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