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  1. I'm fine taking Tua in the 1st and re upping tanne for 3 years 70mm ish
  2. It truly is amazing what roster deficiencies a good or great QB can cover. I think for people to say he's not good because we haven't won more than 9 games in a season is silly. The reality is we've won 9 games 3 years in a row despite bottom 10 QB play is more impressive. I fully believe if Tanne plays the whole year, we win 10-11 games. I don't think he's perfect by any stretch. He's an above average GM IMO.
  3. Yeah... This definitely puts us at a zero percent chance of Burrow now.
  4. Agree, but we can't properly evaluate the O-Line until we have a line coach who is not literally the worst Oline coach in the NFL.
  5. Long had 8 tackles in 28 snaps.... Impressive.
  6. David Long quietly had a great game yesterday. He was a big upgrade over Woodyard.
  7. One of the TFL made by I can't remember who was made because Simmons blew up the line and diverted the RB to the outside. That's the only good play I can remember.
  8. If the play clock started immediately, I could understand because it would have taken at least 2-3 more seconds off the clock. I guess if you kick it short they have to return it.
  9. I had thought the clock started immediately if it was a squib kick. It did not. If the kick doesn't start until the player maintains possession, what's the point of doing it?
  10. Most impressive about Tannehill today. Pass protection was absolutely pathetic again today. He stood in there and fucking slung it.
  11. I thought that when the ball is kicked on the ground the clock starts immediately. The clock did not start until the returner picked up the ball. Confused by that.