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  1. Noticed the same thing... Really surprised he's not playing more considering our lack of pass rush
  2. Crazy to have that many missed tackles and still be in the top 10 is most categories
  3. On the bright side, if we lose to him I believe MM is done.
  4. Can't believe there are people who are crying about anonymity of a Football related poll? Geez, this isn't political beliefs or PHI or any other personally identifiable info.
  5. Think our offense will struggle... But I like Pees vs Minshew. I expect multiple turnovers.
  6. So many missed opportunities. It's sickening tbh.
  7. Those 19 people who voted no are likely flat earthers.
  8. Sorry, this isn't a hot take based on yesterday's game. I do agree that most of those sacks could have been avoided by MM. However, lots of pressure on almost all known passing situations.
  9. LOL @ turtle mode... Seriously, Marcus had his worst game as a pro IMO yesterday. Absolutely pathetic.
  10. I am quite sure he will be an easier tackle than Brisset in 100 degree heat. Game would have been completely different if Brisset didn't escape multiple sacks.
  11. Felt this way last year, but this year further solidifies my feelings. Dude clearly is not a good coach. We have invested major assets in the Oline and we're just really bad. At some point JRob has to say his unit is clearly underperforming the talent level he is given. The Pats have great protection with a fraction of the money and draft picks we have. Carter is a bum. We need to upgrade him.
  12. Point 9.. There was a place for him to go on 4th & 2. We had an open Corey Davis and MM locked in on AJB... Matter of fact, Davis' guy stumbles. Would have been super easy but he just didn't look.