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  1. Alts are having a party as BTC goes sideways. My guess another month or two of chop and then the next leg up that will take us to 100K by Q3.
  2. Hopefully he can become a starter. If all he will be is a backup ST player I would definitely be dissapointed with how highly he was drafted.
  3. The Monty Rice was a bit of a head scratcher for me. Feels like he will only be able to play special teams for a while, but I guess could replace Brown if he is any good next year.
  4. Places like https://keys.casa/diamond will help you with inheritance planning if you have a enough to pay for it. Otherwise just make sure your SO/estate person has access to your accounts/ and or private keys and teach them/make notes how to access. Do we get excited about people dying and their bitcoin being lost? Why yes, yes we do.
  5. Highly unlikely not drafting a WR in round 1? What universe do you live in?
  6. Rumor: Facebook is expected to announce today that it has purchased some Bitcoin for its balance sheet.
  7. Billions wiped out refers to cascading liquidations of derivative /margin traders. example
  8. It will go lower. This bounce doesn't have conviction.
  9. The giga chad Michael Saylor is a smart mother effer, that much is true. I believe we are close to being at a low, but Bitcoin still looks like shit. May make one more push to 45K
  10. This is clearly the players using Covid as an excuse to not have workouts. Vaccines are available and so are very strict protocols at the facility they would have o follow. Get your fucking shots and take your ass back to work people.
  11. Found this one....few 😁
  12. Good article about this weekends dip: https://www.casebitcoin.com/story/weekend-price-drop---leverage-and-misinformation
  13. There are many people out their have been calling a top to this cycle at this point. NO one knows for sure. While I admit there is a chance that the CB listing was the top of this cycle I do not believe that to be true. Way too many other top metrics that do not align with previous cycle tops. MVRZ Score is something I keep a close eye on, each cycle top has had this blow off top where we get multiple standard deviations above the moving averages. I actually believe this correction is good for the market and should propel us to new higher highs. I do feel bad about the 1 million a
  14. Might have been the best thing to flush out most of the open interest. Fucking degenerate derivative traders keep fucking everything up. Also read some shit about a big blackout in China which causes a huge plunge in hashrate, which seems to be inexplicably tied to price action.
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