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  1. No shit, he said it after last week, but I am sure he doubled down after this week.
  2. Agree, we must not burn henry up this early in the year. We need to try to limit his carries to 15-20 tops per game. I know that is more difficult when we keep turning the ball over and we need every carry from Henry to stay in the game. We need to start to be aggressive in throwing early in the games in order to build a lead. Still think the play calling is all over the place. There are a few nice wrinkles that I like, but not enough PA early. Feeling much better about the defense this year. Hopefully we don't implode when we start playing against good offenses. I am hoping we can
  3. Agree, Davis has been really bad this year. Wonder if there are some lingering effects from Covid. Brewer is decent, but physically limited with really short arms. I really worry if he plays this week against Buckner.
  4. Autrey and Simmons are going to go off in this game.
  5. Mostly A. No way we should have been blown out by the cards. Week one matchups are always weird.
  6. Henry looked 1000% more comfortable catching passes this game. You can clearly tell he worked hard at it this off-season. Can't be happier to get our best playmaker more chances with the ball.
  7. I don't understand the rule. Obviously they should not have overturned that play. You're telling me if his heel did not come down (meaning only his tip toes touches the ground) and his body landed out of bounds he is in? That is fucking stupid as hell. How can your tip toes be in if you fall out of bounds, but not be in if your heel lands out of bounds? WTF
  8. I don't care if he didn't directly call me one. Putting the words Trump and Bitcoin together, regardless of context is stupid. You can call it "cultist", but that is just a lazy analysis. I believe in Bitcoin more than government. I believe in Bitcoin more than I believe in organized religion. I believe the people who are against it or makes fun of those who are for it are just plain intellectually lazy. Not everyone needs to believe in it as strongly as I do. I am fine with that. But I can tell you, those who are opposed to it simply do not really understand it (or afraid of it), its use-case
  9. Number 1, FUCK TRUMP... Worst and most embarrassing president ever to live. So don't call all Bitcoiner's Trumpist cult members because I am absolutely not one of them. As I said before, Bitcoin is many things to many people. Whether you are left, right or a libertarian. I believe in Bitcoin because I believe the governments are deeply FUCKED and it is literally impossible for them to stop printing money and further devaluing my dollars. So as long as excess liquidity is around, money will flow into Bitcoin and it will continue to appreciate against the US dollar. I believe in Bitcoin be
  10. I didn't even know that CB had a debit option... Sucks that you have to have USDC, though. I don't believe last month was 6K in spend. The first I think 5K or something like that you get 3.5% interest back then it goes to 1.5%. I don't use a debit card for anything, ever. I always buy everything I can with a credit card to earn points + get a 45 day cash float. I pay the statement balance every month so I don't pay any interest. If you use a debit card for spend you are essentially giving up a discount you could be earning. We travel a lot and most of it is paid for by points we have ear
  11. And by the way, there is A LOT of chatter online that there is a better than 50% chance one or more of the MANY Bitcoin ETF's are likely to be approved in October/November. Still time, 100K+ by EOY I'd still say is fairly likely.
  12. Guys, I have been loving my new BlockFi credit card, last statement I earned 93$ worth of Bitcoin (which is now worth 96$). Zero annual fee, if you're someone who funnels their monthly spend to earn credit card points and are also a believer of Bitcoin long term, this is an easy way to stack sats. Also, with BlockFi, you actually earn interest from your Bitcoin that you earn from spending money on the credit card. All other credit card companies give you credit card points that are constantly being devalued and watered down. Here is my personal referral code if anyone is inte
  13. This is very true. To be fair no where to go but up for all of the players.
  14. The Titans always finds ways to lose games they are supposed to win and win games they are not. We lost because of our offensive line was absolutely terrible. Can't win like that and especially against Watt and Jones.
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