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  1. Love dw but was time for him to leave.
  2. Yeah it's fucked up out there. PS.. coinbase is legit.
  3. Yeah I agree. Unfortunately people are dumb and will continue to aggregate together despite the risk of exponential growth or spread.
  4. We will have to agree to disagree on this. I've seen enough shitty play and mistakes to think the potential of the line is limited by Carter.
  5. Agree.... the 3rd point is really interesting.... With the 17 game season, I'd be fine with a 1 game inactive per year policy that way all of the season records dating back to the 16 game season will stay normalized against the new 17 game season. Almost like 1 PTO day per year.
  6. Agree we need another CB, but the pass rush is priority to me. We were horrible at it last year and it killed us.
  7. Still don't believe it's a personnel issue. I believe it's a coaching issue.
  8. Just read through the document about the proposed changes.... Looks to be overwhelmingly good for players. I think it will pass. THe only sticking point is the 17 game capped check at 250K...That will piss off a lot of high priced vets, but I don't know the distribution or % of players who make over 250K per week. My guess is less than 25%/
  9. Interesting... only 1 defensive player on list - rest are on offense. Also, not a single punter on the list either. 61. QB RYAN TANNEHILL, TENNESSEE TITANS 65. RB DERRICK HENRY, TENNESSEE TITANS 78. WR A.J. BROWN, TENNESSEE TITANS 81. T JACK CONKLIN, TENNESSEE TITANS 88. T TAYLOR LEWAN, TENNESSEE TITANS 89. CB ADOREE' JACKSON, TENNESSEE TITANS 95. C BEN JONES, TENNESSEE TITANS https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-top-101-players-from-the-2019-nfl-season
  10. How the fuck did Jax punter get selected over Kern? 😧 SPECIAL TEAMS K: Josh Lambo, JAX P: Logan Cooke, JAX RET: Nyheim Hines, IND
  11. It would be really interesting to run this top 101 list separately for the first and last 8 games. I'd be willing to bet we'd have more players in the list if you used the back half of the year. We all know the team was very statistically different in the back half of the year. Man if I had access to PFF's database, I could go nerd out for weeks.

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