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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/BuckReising/status/1130944447917768704
  2. Of course nothing is a lock if injuries occur. We will have a better defense this year if we're relatively healthy I am fairly confident of that.
  3. Good thing we're a lock to have a top 3 defense this year. We're going to need it.
  4. Here's the real beauty of Bitcoin or crypto in general. The underlying technology is upgradeable. While it's possible something replaces it it's not likely. Even with Eth and Ripple had a hard charge at Bitcoin dominance, it always regressed to the mean.
  5. Personally, I don't give a shit if it's a currency. Cool if it happens, meh if not. It's a whole new asset class, with exponential growth opportunity. It's not controlled by a government, a CEO or board of directors. What gives it value? Demand. That's all that's needed. That demand is NOT going away. It's been around 10 years and network usage is at all time highs. What other thing in the world where you literally transfer 40 million dollars worth of Bitcoin (near instantly, any place in the world) for less than a dollar in fees?
  6. I'm looking for efficiency. 3 -1 TD int ratio, tds in the 30 TD range.
  7. 8k today.. up 2000$ this week.
  8. And you still don't understand why it has value. LOL There are 7.5 Billion people There will only be 21 Million Bitcoin MILLIONS have already been lost forever Do the math.
  9. Got damn, I am really impressed with Brown. Dude looks and acts the part already. I think he has the mental and physical makeup to become ELITE....
  10. Wow, that escalated quickly. 7k...
  11. I feel a strong smell of FOMO coming from the non-coiners very soon. This rally looks like it still has legs. It appears we just had a S/R flip at 6200 and should consolidate in that range before the next impulse up. I believe 7K is a reality in the next week.
  12. This is correct. Not sure Conk would see 13M on the open market as a RT who has struggled recently. Doesn't make business sense to pay him above his free market rate.
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