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  1. All time high will occur soon. Every support has held and any dips are bought up during this uptrend while consolidating below resistance. It's bullish AF.
  2. Fundamentals are 1000x better than 2017.
  3. Another day, more bullishness. If you're not exposed to crypto, you're doing yourself a disservice.
  4. I am very surprised that the Ravens didn't immediately attack Compton. They screwed up for sure.
  5. Sombrero was getting beat like a drum against Ngokue. Agreed.
  6. I was surprised to see Brewer in the game yesterday. Does anyone know why he played at LG over Douglas? I didn't notice him too much so I think that means he played reasonably well. Better than shit hands Sombrero that Ngokway was raping every passing down.
  7. Nice drives to start the game ! Let's keep it up
  8. It's a store of value. Just stop with the payment stuff. No different than gold. You wouldn't wip out a gold brick to buy a slushy at the 7-11.
  9. 98% of senior citizens couldn't figure out how to send Bitcoin to someone if their life depended on it. Would be difficult to scam. Edit: Almost $19K.. By the way see this: (Here is a hint, only 6300 Bitcoin were mined this week). Do the math of supply and demand. The beauty of this rally is it's not being fueled by retail. Which should theoretically mean we shouldn't expect the 80% draw down when we reach the top of the cycle.
  10. Anyone here use or uses https://celsius.network/ ? Offering 10% APR on USDC and Tether with collateralized loans @ 1%. https://celsius.network/earn-rewards-on-your-crypto/ My cash just sitting in a money market account barely making anything. De-centralized finance could be a HUGE disruption to the banking industry. Why pay banks all of that interest when you can cut out the middle man?
  11. LOL - BlackRock says Bitcoin could replace gold... They only manage 7+ TRILLION $. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/20/investing/bitcoin-prices-gold-blackrock/index.html
  12. The entire stock market is a pyramid scheme that's being held up by the Fed. Bitcoin has been around 11 years. It's the most secure computer network on the planet. It is the greatest performing asset of the 2010's and will likely go down that same path this decade. By the way, this is a log chart. Keep laughing, but there are a LOT of very intelligent people who believe in it. Just wait until Bitcoin becomes a reserve currency of a country. It will happen.
  13. Supdawg

    Virus in US

    Definitely could be symptoms of Covid. Should get tested. Find a rapid test place. Can get results in 15 minutes.

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