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  1. It will be windy so kickoffs will only be bad for us 1 half and not two. Maybe we can win the toss and defer.
  2. He can't be close to 100%..... and he's not a particularly strong run defender. Lets just hope we aren't in a ton of very obvious passing situations.
  3. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2020/1/19/21071881/overconfident-chiefs-and-six-other-reasons-to-like-the-titans-chances-in-the-afc-championship
  4. Maybe he knows the Titans are a better team?
  5. https://twitter.com/AllanBell247/status/1218581305765650432
  6. This infographic is all you need to know about getting your ass beat. You load up to stop the run.. You can't stop it Loading the box leads to being punished by the passing game Henry will, inevitably, break a 50+ yarder once it gets blocked up anyways You don't load up to stop the run. We control the clock 40 minutes You only get 7 possessions We still score touchdowns Either way, you're doomed.
  7. I'll add this. Been watching the team religiously for 2 decades. This is by far the most confident I've ever been in this team. I just feel it in my gut, It feels like we can score on every single possession. It feels like we can make good coaching changes in-game for the first time ever. It feels like we get contributions from different people every game, It feels like this offensive line and Henry cannot be stopped. It feels like Tannehill will make a few HUGE plays every game. It just feels like a winner, and that feels GREAT!
  8. Simply just follow this blueprint... Simple as that.
  9. I am very confident in this team and I truly believe we are the better team. Titans win... On to the SuperBowl.

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