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  1. 11K target was hit and had a nasty rejection (closed my long @ 10.92)... I believe ~8.8K bitcoin is back on the table. The last leg down will likely be a violent one. Bears are trying hard, this morning there were numerous 5+ Million $ market sells on Mex around 6AM, but the market didn't fall past support. We will likely get some fireworks today going into weekly close. I am definitely short right now. Will ladder in more on my position as the market changes.
  2. A lot of open interest in the upper 8K region... I believe it got front ran, so that 8K BTC is off the table for now.
  3. LOL, I got liquidated on the 900$ candle we had today... I Immediately went long and now I am comfortably in profit on that open trade.. I fully expect 11K or 11.5K in the next couple of days.
  4. I trade multiple times per day. My short term opinion can literally change 3x a day. The market is constantly going up and down. I look at charts and made a determination based on what I see whether I will short or long and with what risk level. I do believe that it's possible this is the last time you will have a chance to buy a bitcoin < 10K. I also fully expect to hit an all time high within the next 18 months. Edit:. closed my 25K trade for .07 BTC profit (~700$) and reshorted the bounce.
  5. I know, it's like he doesn't understand objectivity.
  6. Good news about the 9600$ is I've made thousands shorting it during this retracement. Sentiment is mixed. Some people believe we're going to spring to 16K this year once this correction is over. Others believe we're going to test 6K... I am not sure what to believe at the moment. My current position is short, with $25K contracts. I'd love to get it back to about 8800. Don't get me wrong, I am long term hella bullish. I just know it's a hyper volatile asset.
  7. Yes, this happened today in Congress🚀
  8. They could go 1, 2, and 3.
  9. Unless we have major injuries there is no way a team that's as talented as we are will be 5-11. We will 100% have a top 5 defense this year which will keep us in almost every game. Marcus may suck overall, but you can't deny he's clutch when he needs to be. I think our floor is 7 wins, ceiling is 11 wins.
  10. There are almost no sure fire gimmies in scouting prospects. Only probabilities. Cosell is really good. Not perfect. No one can predict the future.
  11. Check out this video... Gotta admit.. These guys are "starting" to get it.
  12. No one denies bad people can use it for bad things. My point is that bad people use traditional money for bad things every single day...? Singling out Bitcoin because of it can get stolen or used for nefarious reasons is silly. There was a billion dollars of drugs that got smuggled in a barge recently. Maybe we should say that ships are bad because it happened? You get the point. There are no hoops you need to jump through to ensure safety of your digital assets. You can purchase your assets online and leave them in the custody of the exchange. This is somewhat risky, those funds could be stolen. Most of the reputable exchanges have insurance funds to cover this. Recently Binance lost like 7000 Bitcoin. They covered the loss 100%. Remember why the FDIC was created? It was created as insurance for banks defaulting and running off with your funds. Don't pretend that digital currency is inherently worse than traditional fiat currency. If you want to ensure safety, you purchase a hardware wallet and keep your keys private and not online. As of right now, it's literally unbreakable and cannot be stolen. China is working on a state backed digital currency. If you no coiners think that digital assets including cryptocurrencies are not here to stay, you're in denial. It's literally unstoppable at this point.
  13. This is the single most dumbest retort to Bitcoin. Literally there are billions of dollars being stole and laundered across the world with traditional money. Bitcoin is no different. The funny thing about Bitcoin being stole is that the transactions are of course traceable and immutable. Enforcement can absolutely trace all transactions to a source. They may not be able to determine who is the owner of the wallet, but they can tell when those funds are moved.
  14. I am a trader. Not an investor. I am pissed I didn't open a very large (6 figures) leveraged long at 11K.
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