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  1. If you want to know what's really funny is the Fins fan that has over 500 posts at a Titans forum. https://tenor.com/bkbVy.gif
  2. Great post. I really admire his ability to consistently check us into the right play. We rarely have a bad play. He's great at diagnosing the defense and making adjustment and literally taking what the defense gives him. It really is a thing of beauty to watch him play. I've been really impressed. How bad does Miami & Gase look ?
  3. Dangerous? Nah.... Could they beat us under certain circumstances? Yes, it's the NFL and they do have some talented players. That being said, I still like the titans -10 based on the circumstances. Jags are feeling good, and we are feeling bad. I think we take it out on them.
  4. My feed is standard definition what the fuck? Dish network.
  5. I know, that's why I "LOL". Whats really funny is the same writers picked the Titans as a higher % of getting a wildcard than Houston? You mean the writers think that the Texans are the 2nd best team, but we have a higher chance of a wildcard? So stupid.
  6. The Athletic did this poll from its writers, made me LOL
  7. It's pretty obvious the kid is extremely immature. Hopefully he can grow the fuck up asap. This is his job and he needs to treat it accordingly.
  8. I am genuinely curious why you would think that secondary will be a MAJOR weakness? Our only major weakness from last year is gone in Ryan. I would expect Fulton to play better in coverage than Ryan did in 2019. Hell, Jackson might be a better nickel cover guy than Ryan. I expect our pass rush to be much much better would should make everyone in the secondary look better. It's okay to not be super bullish on the secondary, but to call them a major weakness is pure hyperbole.
  9. I said 12 4 but we could be resting our starters in week 17 so could lose that game to go to 11 5
  10. Good point. If Tanny has a good year, so will we. If he regresses/gets hurt, we will suffer. I am bullish on Tanny. Right offense and right personnel. We are very, very talented on offense.

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