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  1. He seriously looks like the Incredible Hulk
  2. Im sure Marcus is sitting on his ass in Hawaii doing nothing.
  3. THat would be a tremendously stupid idea. They are building their own FedEx without the bloat. Wouldn't be surprised in 5-10 years that Amazon shipping is larger than FedEx
  4. Been a huge fan of his. Really enjoy his commentary.
  5. See the pattern? 3 Parabolic advances followed by steep 80+% retracements. History will repeat itself.
  6. Could be just not showing his hand in negotiations
  7. I talked to Blake beddingfield back in July in person. I met him at a party at a mutual friend's house. We spoke for at least an hour about football then to be completely Fair he has always believed that we overdrafted Davis and reached for him. Apparently he hasn't seen anything this year that has changed his mind. Maybe he is right, I'm not really sure. I believe that Davis can be a legit 1200 yard wide receiver.
  8. Agree. Davis is more comparable to TO and Thomas... Thomas will be in the HOF if he doesn't get injured. Guy has literally had one of the best 3 year span of any WR's in the history of the NFL and these were his 1st 3 years.
  9. I am a BB fan, but I believe he's a bit too stubborn with his assessments. I haven't seen one example of him changing his bias based on this year's performance. It's like he forms an opinion quick and sticks with it no matter what happens.
  10. I think JuJu was named MVP of the team. I am sure Brown blew a gasket over that. He's a diva WR.. They are all fucked.
  11. He relies on his speed too often. He's not disciplined at all. He can get away with it most of the time, but he struggles both with big physical WRs as well as shifty guys. His return skills are way below average and we have to take him off teams. He honestly doesn't look like he even wants to do it.
  12. I agree. As far as I can tell, no local sources are confirming this yet.
  13. Wonder if the team knew this all along and just made it look like he will play to drum up ticket sales? If they would have came out early in the week and said no MM, they would have sold a lot less tickets IMO... If this is true, it's shitty by the team.
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