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  1. Simple Jake literally started a thread a while back linking to a blatantly satirical article that he thought was real. Tux posts shit from sites with ads for miracle cancer cures. These people are not qualified to use the internet.
  2. Kellyanne Conway's husband https://www.thehour.com/opinion/article/I-denied-that-Trump-was-a-racist-Not-anymore-14097653.php
  3. Keeping hiding behind vaguery to pretend you have a point. Nothing fake here, some of us are actually bothered by racism. Sad that that's so unfathomable for you.
  4. From "libertarian" to full on bootlicker in 2 years.
  5. Hey looks like Trump has the same low opinion and superficial level of understanding of Bitcoin as many of the people in this thread! Certainly no reason to reevaluate a position when Trump is on your side!
  6. Yea insider trading never happens in traditional markets LMAO
  7. What are you talking about? The Silk Road? Some people use it to buy drugs online, I've got no issue with that. The war on drugs is retarded. Supdawg also posted info on how this makes up only a tiny percent of transactions.
  8. Exchanges get hacked, not the blockchain. If you store your Bitcoin in a wallet that you and only you control the private key to it is unstealable.
  9. Fair enough DAI is a dollar pegged stable coin. The reason I have a negative value for it is because I took out an Ethereum collateralized loan for that amount, which I used to purchase more crypto. It's effectively a leveraged trade.
  10. Double digits and I started buying when the price was triple digits.
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