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Carson Wentz could be in trouble

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Absolutely awful again yesterday. Eagles fans have turned on him. He was kept clean all day, had one terrible INT, was consistently inaccurate and was the reason the Eagles lost. Hurts was active yesterday and if he continues to have games like that he could conceivably be replaced before the end of the season





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It was hilarious that the Eagles piped in boos when he threw that pick in the redzone. Even when they aren't at the stadium the people of Philadelphia find a way! 

He’s in a Miami/Tanny situation right now!

Apparently only qbs not named Wentz are expected to elevate their team regardless of the talent around them.

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Wentz was an animal his first two years. Wonder why he’s fallen so hard? The running game and receivers aren’t what they used to be and I think he may have taken one too many hits back there. Losing Defillipo and Reich certainly haven’t helped him either.

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41 minutes ago, CaliTitan3518 said:

I honestly think Wentz is just trying to do too much. He’s making some bad throws to less than stellar WRs. The OL is also dismantled. He was sacked 8 times by Washington. I didn’t watch the whole game yesterday but he seemed to be rushing throws and trying to force them into tight windows. 

The pass pro was great yesterday. He ran into half the sacks against Washington. He is consistently missing gimme throws and not seeing wide open receivers. It’s honestly shocking and was starting to show last season

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It doesn't surprise me to see him start to drop off.

When you actually look at the history of top drafted QBs in the past 20 years there is a good amount of guys who looked good for a few years and then just drop off and suck. Often it is injuries that seem to be the cause.

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