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  1. This offense is going to cause a lot of problems for teams once we get all our weapons back. Seriously how do teams expect to stop Brown, Davis, Humphries and Smith when on the field together?
  2. He's older than Pee's, I just can't see him wanting to coach much longer.
  3. Also one of the most conditioned players in the NFL, their is no drop off from Q1 to Q4 for the guy.
  4. Pat O'Hara might be the better choice with his familiarity with Tannehill and longer history with Vrabel. Honestly wouldn't surprise me to see a few Texans coaches end up over here after they hire a new coaching staff.
  5. Not to take away from Henry, but Jeremy McNichols is starting to impress me. It seems the more opportunities this kid gets the better he gets.
  6. Who do you suggest we snag this week to play against Bud Dupree and TJ Watt in a pinch if someone goes down?
  7. Can't David Quessenberry play OT in a pinch? Would probably be better than whoever we can bring in, time to get Wilson up to speed.
  8. Sacks would be nice, just isn't the defense we play. We aren't a penetrating defense, Vrabel prefers the lineman hold their ground especially in running situations (outside of goalline).
  9. Still playing at a high level, but not what he was before all the injuries. Should hope we can nullify him.
  10. Gotta have the front 4 to consistently get pressure, we aren't quite there yet.
  11. We never press so that's not going to happen.
  12. Was never a fan of Bell, I'm a Pittsburgh area native so I've seen a lot of Steeler games with friends. His running style greatly benefited from the Steelers offensive line all those years. I knew once he left or the Steelers line declined he would fall off a cliff. It's funny more fans back this way wanted to bring Bell back.
  13. Probably not that significant, because if they truly want to trade him and can't find a suitor it would just sour the relationship even more doing that voided his guarantees. I still highly doubt they are serious about trading him, but Thomas clearly isn't happy.

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