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  1. Might need to carry an extra DB to start the season due to Farley recovery.
  2. Demarvin Leal would be deadly playing opposite of Simmons, ZERO chance we have a shot at him. However, one can dream.
  3. I have zero expectations of him playing this year, hasn't played since 2019. Let the dude take his time. Theirs a reason why we brought in so many DBs.
  4. I think this offense puts Tannehill in some difficult situations. We don't have a very successful screen game, don't build in a lot of short chuck type plays, and put him a decent amount of 3rd and long situations. A lot of how this offense success is built on the run game/pa action and long developing passing plays. I think Tannehill has exceeded expectations given the circumstances.
  5. Theirs a lot of WRs balling out right now. If they continue then it will be hard not to keep them on the roster.
  6. We're gonna keep an extra WR I bet.
  7. Benjamin Moore Bold Blue (2064-10) Behr Integrity (P530-5) Sherwin-Williams Faded Flaxflower (SW 9146) and Heartthrob (SW 6866). Found this pretty easily online, not sure if the colors are available but worth a shot. Looks like it's a mix and match of different brands.
  8. I'm jumping on the Hudson band wagon.
  9. Farley will need time to adjust to the NFL and get healthy, Fulton is an unknown still. Would not be opposed to Gilmore at the right price.
  10. Eagles just released Jamie Newman, really liked him at Wake Forest. Would like to see us give him a shot on the practice squad.
  11. We've been missing those type play the past few years. Seems like our passing game is too long developing.
  12. I'm surprised no one has given Nick Mullens a shot.
  13. Both McCann and Haubeil have strong legs, if either of them can improve their accuracy we might have something.
  14. I'm watching Miami, they probably have the deepest TE group right now. Obviously O.J. Howard makes the most sense from Tampa. I do prefer Durham Smythe from Miami though if available.
  15. Sorry if it's been posted, but looks like another move is on the horizon? Tannehill restructure created 9.5 mil in cap space after Julio.
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