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  1. Oh look more ways for Bud to casually confess his love/homerism for Tannehill.
  2. Wow what a high level display of football accumen, where will be without your infinite knowledge
  3. How are you upgrading the offensive cast, maintaining a good defense, maintaining Tannehill, all while making the move up for QB? Are we waiting for another injury plague season to get another high draft pick? Do we kick the problem down the road like the Saints? You make it sound so simple, let's here your solution.
  4. Minshew reminds me of the one porno I recently watch. Kind of weird though watch the full two hours and the girls never came.
  5. Considering many are already coming off the elite talk from his 2019/2020 seasons. Are we really arguing over the descriptive word good/great vs average. I would really like to know who the majority think "average quarterbacks" are vs "good/great". I think the majority can agree who the elite are.
  6. It's the same exact offense we ran with pineapple Tebow, are you trying to say they entrusted him to make the same type of throws. Take the ball out of the quarterback hands and get to 3rd and manageable. Not because they wanted to consistently watch Tannehill try and convert 3rd and medium to long.
  7. He is significantly better, that's not the argument. To the Tannehill Stan's he's "good-to-great", even when we had the pieces around him we chose to mask him behind the run/play-action game. I'm not completely sold Vrabel prefers this type of offense. When he was first hired his first choice was Ryan Day. Last year we bring in Kelly to help the passing game. The way the offense is being ran is how Vrabel sees is the best chance to win, and that's a pretty big indictment on the QB behind center.
  8. Pretty sure we had back to back winning seasons and a playoff win with the same exact offensive philosophy with a terrible Quarterback. Cool we have a couple more regular season wins under Tannehill guidance with two more early playoff exits.
  9. It is our philosophy because it gives us the best chance to win. The more you take the ball out of Tannehill hands, the better the outcome.
  10. So he didn't only complete 15 passes in his only two playoff wins? Oh because it was the game plan for him to attempt so little passes, because it was the best chance to succeed....
  11. Yeah and what the Tannehill Stan's don't get is he had 2019-2021 with a competent offensive line and playmakers. The Stan's are still leaving off the 2019 playoff run where he threw 15 completions across two games. When it comes time to compete with Burrow, Mahomes, Allen when it matters he falls short. Every domino needs to fall into place to replicate that same success.
  12. Theirs a huge difference between those 3 teams and us.
  13. Will win games with Tannehill, I have zero doubt we will. I just think he needs everything around him to take us the entire way. Could it happen, sure. Will it happen, probably not.
  14. I think it just harder for some to realize he's closer to Miami Tannehill than 2019 Tannehill. Do you really feel confident even if we retool the offensive line, he'll be playing at same level he did from 2019 to 2020?
  15. Even when he had majority of the pieces from 2019 to 2021 he couldn't get it done. Now he's older, we have less pieces, and tight against the cap. You think we are turning around the next 3 years to compete with Mahomes, Allen, Hurts, etc.?
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