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  1. I would assume we hire someone internally or someone with previous play calling experience. I think it's a bad look to hire someone outside the organization who hasn't called plays yet, when I'm sure someone on the staff already feels they are ready to take over the role like Smith did.
  2. Doubt he moves but Jim Leonard would be a interesting hire. Has been great at the college ranks and played in a variety of systems in the NFL.
  3. I think it's a great opportunity for him, only other one I would have taken would have been the Chargers.
  4. I would love to snag Pat Freiermuth from Penn State, regardless if we retain Smith or not if his medical checks out.
  5. Its hard to blame the guy for as much as Vrabel micromanages. He probably wants to show case what he's actually capable of without being held back. Just a shame he was likely more focus on his interviews than the game.
  6. If I'm Smith I take the Atlanta job if offered in a heartbeat. Solid group of offensive weapons. Veteran QB with a chance to draft and groom his own guy. Salary cap is a little rough though.
  7. Would like to see us get bigger up front. Would like to see some OLB/edge players that can bully the guy across from them.
  8. Big concern with Smith leaving is him taking an in house candidate to replace him with him.
  9. 6-0 wearing the white jersey's this year 7-2 in blue britches this year
  10. I hope we see Brown and Davis together for a long time. They play so well off each other.
  11. Saw that the Lions special teams were ranked 4th before our game, he would be a good coach to add. Has experience coaching offense, defense and special teams. I'm sure we could find a spot for him somewhere.
  12. Secondary about to get roasted by Glennon.
  13. @tgo needs to start compiling our replacement list
  14. Appears Falcons are interested in bringing him in after the season. https://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-set-to-interview-three-candidates-including-rick-smith-for-gm-job/
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