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  1. People throw the "worshipping" tag around whenever something gets a modicum of attention they dislike. Because people follow this girl on tiktok and she's been involved in some news story it is "worship". On this board, make a post fondly remembering Steve McNair and people are like "I don't understand why people worship athletes. 90% of the time when you see that word in this context it's not a very well thought out perspective.
  2. We really have to hope for WFT or 49ers to step up. We've seen what the Colts can do with Rivers. Stafford certainly comes with some injury issues but he's a really talented guy and I don't want to deal with him with the Colts run game and defense, something he's never had. The reality is the Colts are big enough threat with the Hamburgler as their QB because of that defense and Taylor. I'd feel a lot more comfortable with the 5th choice rookie QB and Fitzmagic than Stafford. I think 49ers and Football team make similar sense, and if I'm Stafford Washingt
  3. It's funny. I always thought it was a baseline that the President had to be a decent respectful person who could practice professional communication standards that any entry level employee would need to learn to maintain.
  4. People argue this rule "favors defense"...not really as far as my perception is concerned. It favors the team currently playing defense, sure. It doesn't reward an exceptional defensive play. It doesn't reward a recovery of the fumble. I don't really care enough to have a strong opinion here, but it doesn't seem like the best rule. On the other, something should be done to penalize the offensive player. In this case, like others have mentioned, there is a bigger issue. The NFL has got to get over the hubris and arrogance related
  5. Definitely a trade target for teams with cap space.
  6. Clearly only one of these players is worth it and fills a real need. The lack of a quality sandwich ambassador is killing this team. Don't be a coward, J-Rob. Make the call. The "hero" we need.
  7. Why would you need to when Americans are willing to kill themselves off with incredibly poor pandemic leadership? I actually was talking with a guy a few months ago who was a high level advisor for one of the more scummy Republican leaders. He basically acknowledge that Trump is an idiot you have to pander to, and you have to be the last person in his ear and on his good side to get anything to happen.
  8. I think the problem herein is that we act as if some kind of inherent risk to the system forces us to perpetually keep average Americans frozen in cycles of poverty. The same thing is true about healthcare. We apply our "whataboutism" as if we are incapable of creating a society with more equitable standards. The problem is transparent, yet we refuse to act like this is true; we live in a nation of grifters who exist to ensure economic benefits of society increasingly go to the wealthy. The fear here..."what if they have to charge more?" They are always g
  9. Half our games are against teams that won at least 10 games this past season. You also have Arizona and San Fran which could be in that mix. Sure of these teams might regress but you can say that about any team. Other teams are probably thinking we are regression candidates, with limited cap space and after running Henry into the ground to get 2000. I don't see how you can look at the schedule and think it's going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.
  10. This game makes me sick because we played a winnable game and coached ourselves out of it. I don't see how else to read what occurred. I won't beat the dead horse that is the 4th and 2 call, and I understand the need to get Henry going---but for fucks sake, CHANGE SOMETHING UP when the offense is stale. Toss the ball to Henry. Run a screen. Open a god forsaken first down with a passing play. Utilize the play action. Maybe on the 3rd and 2s, that's when you actually give Henry a shot. Art Smith looks like he is out there pushing the ask Madden button. It m
  11. Do you not remember his laser pass to AJ to win us the division literally last week?
  12. Hawley angling to be the son to the traitor that incompetent Eric and Don could never be. The fuckery of these people is limitless.
  13. This is like the Bane sequences from the Dark Knight Rises.
  14. Right, his tweet was barely anything. Don Jr. has said more. Trump is probably reveling in what he has instigated.
  15. I was just watching live as they interrupted the debate to evacuate the building.
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