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  1. Like what? Sometimes it feels like folks are worried about water damage when the entire house is burning down.
  2. People in this thread talking about this backfiring or whatever. We've already hit rock bottom. There are people that didn't respond to Jan 6. Those folks are radicalized regardless. The members of the "general public" that still aren't convinced would swallow whatever garbage tik tok or whatever they are watching shoves at them. Trump's corrupt actions and illegal history is well documented. At some point you have to try to make an effort to preserve Democracy. The Foxnews apparatus will always have something to get the base relied up and we've seen first hand they don't have the ability to understand what is actually going on.
  3. The explanations are right here in this thread. There is plenty of information available. Do you want us to come to your house and read for you? There's an app for that.
  4. Eyes, ears, a brain, the ability to think critically, and pay attention. All things you clearly lack.
  5. How will they stop them? The report was absolutely damming, and the Judge essentially said it was the worst violation in NFL history. The suspension came back exclusively because of the NFL's weak precedence. This is set up easily for the NFL party hearing the appeal to make the argument that "we've gotten it wrong in the past, we start today to make it better." I am not sure it will be a whole year for certain, but it's definitely possible and I'd be stunned if it was less than 12.
  6. Right. The NFL party that hears it will "compromise" by hitting him with a year and a lesser fine.
  7. Not a realistic option by any means, but earlier in the offseason some Browns fans actually thought he'd get cut-that would have been a dream get for me--a guy who could realistically spell and be insurance for Henry and a passing game weapon...would be great here. Certainly won't end up here, but the kind of back I wish he had invested in.
  8. NFL appealing and almost certainly hitting him with a year.
  9. My god, it didn't even occur to me that my wife getting her MBA online could get me the bag.
  10. Any leads other than shit like NFL Bite for out of towners would be appreciated.
  11. I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. Go see a therapist. Mental health is health. Sometimes a wound will heal on it's own if you take care of it, other times you need a professional to guide you. You can't know if you don't go. I have friends and family where this has been a life saving move.
  12. I swear every time you post you demonstrate that there is nothing on the planet you like more than feeling like a victim
  13. Ah yes-social justice champion. Here's the thing, when "Christians" stop using a thinly veiled, hypocritical take on their own religion to tear down modern American society, I'll be right there with you. Until then, this pathetic take on Christian victimhood you are surely feeling is absolutely fair game. @WG53 is absolutely right, this take is incredibly hypocritical. You want to force your beliefs on others and takeaway rights based on your religion? Sorry to break it to you, but that makes criticism fair game snowflake.
  14. It's interesting. I saw this compared to the Herschel Walker trade. It's hard to find real comparisons. Firstly, I sympathize with the Nationals and get why they did it--he turned down the biggest contract in baseball history. But it's kind of insane to think about the talent they've had and shed--there must be something about DC, especially since they got one in hand. Kudos to the Padres GM. I love that they aren't just accepting the Dodgers as defacto division winners. What an interesting situation and gamble. I hope it pays off and they get a series. I think the timing of their various contracts lines up nicely too. At this point, I just really don't understand how baseball teams have this much cash on hand. Right now the sport has some of the most marketable stars in the history of the game, at least potential wise. It just seems like baseball can't make people care or get people interested. The Angels in particular suck--Sho should get way more attention. Did Sammy, Mark, and Barry do that much damage?
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