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  1. Just tanking and reading the market. Trade value out there is a lot more grim than you think and I'm pretty sure no one would have given me more for Cousins. He's a mistake I am admitting, going for a run when I should have bottomed out. I am bottoming out now.
  2. @Jamalisms I sent Cousins to @oldschool for a third.
  3. What the fuck are you going on about? This post is less stable than our offensive line. If this is you using logic, I don't want to know what your illogical side looks like.
  4. Bink


    I mean god damn. Of course it isn't ALL Mariota's fault. But he is giving us next to nothing, and that is being generous. If he has flashed, I haven't seen it. Caught or not, it seems like he might throw one pass a game.
  5. Holy shit. The high school intern that made this should be fired. Can we film a similar video where @OILERMAN pops out of a casket at a fan's funeral and tells his family and loved ones to give up on Marcus Mariota?
  6. Yeah for sure. I didn't mean those two sentences to be related. Fuck Edelman.
  7. Screw that. I would try to make a deal that gets you out of Mixon.
  8. Right. What makes the Patriots so successful is that they move quickly when they need to and get different guys involved. They aren't afraid to move on from mistakes. They aren't afraid to dump or sit a player if that player doesn't fit what they are trying to do. And they aren't afraid to give responsibility to someone who has shown they can handle it regardless of draft status or cost. We need to learn from those lessons.
  9. Don't you dare put this evil on us.