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  1. I don't sincerely think these threads should be banned. This is schtick from Nines about pumping up all of the players on his fantasy team in dynasty, which the other people in the league give him grief for.
  2. I don't think any content should be banned on Titansreport but dammed if these threads aren't spammy as fuck and should get the ban hammer. @Jamalisms we should at least consider merging them into one thread.
  3. at least they put it into a nice infographic
  4. I just haven't seen that in the tape. He doesn't look like a great decision maker. And while Haskins undeniably has better talent around him, he has faced significantly tougher opponents (Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State come to mind. And outside of the devision didn't they play TCU?). Haskins has a much stronger arm and his touch looks a lot better IMO. I've seen a lot of tape where Jones just stares down his first read and still makes a bad throw. The sail and arc to his throws looks wobbly with a lot of windup. Haskins looks a lot more natural and is able to boom it more naturally. I have tried to watch mostly highlights of Jones and I just don't see it. I would love to see any videos or highlights you have that showcase his arm strength and vision, his presnap reads and the like. People talk about system and fit, Haskins played in a system that wasn't designed for him and was often ineffectual because of it (he was not an option threat). Jones had 3 years as a starter with Cutcliffe--if he had meaningful development in that system the stats should at least show that. I saw Haskins in the game they beat Maryland 52-51. He was just automatic. Making read after read and hitting tough throws.
  5. I mean, the thing is I just find this to be lazy thinking. Does she need another one? Is that the extent of her projects? I'm not a fan of Kardashian content, but hating on the Kardashians in this way seems kind of cliche to me and usually is just hollow sentiment.
  6. Well, we can mindlessly hate on the Kardashians or we can respond to something good through a positive lens. People do care about reality TV stars, one is our president. The Kardashians produced the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Criminal Justice reform is important. I don't care about Trump's intentions or whatever here--whatever positive influence they want to wield should be encouraged, not lazily dismissed.
  7. I was looking for a thread about Daniel Jones. I honestly think this is absolute bullshit and Jones was a terrible pick. If you look at the way he performed, and compare that to Haskins, I don't see how you make an arguement for him--and all the people doing so simply mention the "Mannings." I think the Giants talked themselves into the scenario you described, but here's the deal: 1.) The Redskins have Keenum, who is as good as Manning at this point, so Haskins doesn't have to be rushed if he isn't ready. 2.) Haskins performed against much stronger competition. 3.) The idea that Jones isn't under pressure is absolutely laughable. He is under way more pressure than Haskins ever will be, because the Giants got boomed and picked him before they had to. He's a third round talent. 4.) Is there really an argument based on statistics or tape that Jones is better? Haskins both has a better arm and is more accurate. Haskins put up these numbers in ONE season. Again, when people defend Jones--it is almost always this abstract shit about him being willing to wait and his time with Cutcliffe. I really don't like this pick.
  8. I think the thing about the scouts is absolutely overblown. Of course you close out the circle now, when information is shared and mass published instantaneously. The idea that one rouge text message can affect your trade value is critical. It's not that the scout might talk to Schefter or something, but most people talk to someone in their circle who might let information slip.
  9. I'm sorry, can you string together a coherent set of sentences without using "tard" multiple times? By "take care of", do you mean type out the same redundant posts over and over again until the cum rag that is your brain smells so bad you can't even stand it anymore? At least when Charlie makes a post there might be something unique and interesting in it. Your posts are the equivalent of Charlie's dog there eating his own shit and throwing up on the carpet.
  10. This should be added to the landing page.
  11. Careful, you might hit the dog.
  12. People say this, but it's really not. I get the ways in which it is, but Fox and conservative news media outlets + talk radio are a whole different beast, with a smaller more distrustful audience. The way conservative media has been built up as a response to what happened to Nixon is going to be an important chapter in our history in 100 years.
  13. Despite what people say about CNN and MSNBC and the like, there isn't a media network that was explicitly designed to be their media machine ala Fox.
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