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  1. I agree here, although I am not opposed to generally wiping the slate clean to stimulate the economy and as an acknowledgment that students loans and the cost of education became extremely predatory and this would be akin to a bailout. We've seen government bailouts and government funds directed all over the place--why not something that for once would help a wide range of ordinary Americans? None of this happening in a vacuum. To the original post quoted here, an easy to apply for and get loan forgiveness for people that serve the public good would be fantastic. It's
  2. "overhype of a non issue" -- "different opinion" We get it. You don't get it. I am sorry you are annoyed, you poor thing.
  3. There is a difference between have a different opinion politically and looking at people who are fundamentally toxic to society and wanting no part of that. To your previous point about how "unbelieveable" it is that this is a bigger story than training camp... we are only in the middle of a generational public health crisis worsened by the fact that many of our neighbors and leaders refuse or outright can't think logically like adults, a legion of folks radicalized by social media while hospitals are overrun, doctors and nurses are quitting in droves, and even childre
  4. There are some fantasy owners in leagues that drafted early who will get Rogers and (more importantly) Adams for pennies on the dollar. Why you always draft late.
  5. Yeah, I know. But you can't always get what you want.
  6. I would take Minshew in a heartbeat, but I feel like it's an unpopular opinion that I find this guy to be a completely obnoxious ass. Such a try hard.
  7. What's sad about this story is that an organization that allows child abuse on a systemic level somehow seems to still have a kind of moral authority with a lot of people AND is a lot more likely to reject or cast out a gay person than an abuser. How pathetic is it that so many religious folks and organizations turn a blind eye towards abuse and protects abusers but reject and cast out people simply for being gay? In my opinion, many religious communities, including most Christian churches these days lack real developed morality and values. Not all by any means, but d
  8. Pedophiles are pedophiles. I think a vast majority of them identify as straight and are often married or in committed relationships before molesting a child--boy or girl. It's not helpful to call a predator straight or homosexual as if either preference in this way mattered. Doing so puts children at risk.
  9. Keep the best player regardless of position. I really think Keenan Allen is going to out perform Gaskin with Herbert in play.
  10. We're more likely to pay Richard Sherman's bail than spring for Howard.
  11. I would rather dig up Steve McNair's corpse and have Lewan and Saffold "Weekend at Bernie's" the football to Derrick Henry.
  12. Walker knows the situation and the subtext of his comment shows it too. "We'll see what happens when they really need a TE"-- when teams are hit with injury someone who can pick up a system and assimilate into a locker room quickly has value. Someone needed for a short season, no the whole season. He realizes his best bet is to stay in shape and look for an opportunity to come up.
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