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  1. Bink

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    With the talent in the front seven and 0-line, I'd rather us stock up there in 1-2 and get a guy like Humphrey in 3. Metcalf's injury worries me.
  2. Bink

    Awesome black conservatives...........

    These two posts sum it up pretty well. It's all about identity for them--not about the issues or understanding the larger cultural context or our history or the nuance of any given topic, but finding youtube videos where they can present a form of blackness that fits their ideology. And what's funny, you don't even have to watch these videos to deal some of these basic bitch talking points. This obscures any real point someone as broken as Rolltide might even stumble upon. This is because Rolltide, as a person, has been radicalized. Simple as that. His brain doesn't work anymore.
  3. Yeah, I agree with this. But that doesn't mean this is a good outcome for us. If Foles is going to replicate his success elsewhere, joining up with DeFillipo has got to be one of the better pathways for that success. Having a good defense likes Jags takes pressure off him.
  4. The dude can't even spell hamburger. Hamberders. Fucking hamberders.
  5. Bink

    Rookie QBs

    A lot of posters are not wrong in rationalizing all the circumstances that have mitigated his development. It is unfortunate. Who knows what would have happened had Marcus been completely healthy and developed more confidence. He could still make a jump. But we have to be realistic that, at this point, he does have issues that might not be resolved with us. I hope they do. I hope he looks like an absolute baller next season. Nothing is absolute in the NFL. Nick Foles bounced around in the league and looked like just another guy, but was able to step in and lead his team to a Super Bowl. Marcus could make that kind of jump. The optimal word there is could. We need to be prepared for the reality that a change in teams might be best for us and him. I think the timing is perfect with two strong QB drafts coming up.
  6. Bink

    Rookie QBs

    I want Mariota to succeed, but realistically next season is a huge referendum on him and we all know it. I don't like the QBs in this class, but the next class? Or the one after? The jump Mariota is going to have to make to be our long term answer is a big one.
  7. Nothing proves this point more clearly that Rolltide's insane broken brain rants. This is what being radicalized looks like--no capability to be part of the discussion just foaming at the mouth.
  8. Another masterwork in causing a distraction when serious shit is hitting the fan. I see this story all over social media. Coincidence he pulls this stunt as news is spreading about his attempt to get the US out of NATO and has covered up/confiscated all documentation of his meetings with Putin? It's a lock Putin rallied Trump to destabilize the US's relationships with our allies--but cheeseburgers, right? The reality TV president uses reality TV tactics.
  9. Bink

    PFF top 101-Kyler ranked 2nd

    I would love to see us get two players for the front 7 in this draft. A lot of guys to like there. Edge + DT is ideal IMO.
  10. He probably believes the translator is going to be totally loyal to Putin because of his gangster mindset and he might not be wrong there.
  11. Why would the people that elected Trump believe the Kenyan Muslim over the reality TV star that Make Racism Great Again?
  12. Bink

    Jeff Fisher Article

    I agree with the assessments that Fisher should have moved on from coaching into a front office role. He seems like a great fit for a GM or even an AD at a major university.
  13. I am fine with Romo, but Witten? Witten is horrible.
  14. Bink

    Luck Slips Up

    At least he and Marcus have one thing in common.
  15. In Arizona? I think he'd be fine.