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  1. Regardless of who wins we are essentially going to need to go 5-1 over the last stretch, which means I'm not necessarily looking for a winner, but for both teams to come out of Thursday worse for the wear.
  3. Yes, because the criticism of Trump here is that he is simply trying to have a dialogue. That accurately reflects the conversation, sure.
  4. Remember his bullshit during the election? "I'll release them! I just can't because I'm being audited!" He's gone from that to being willing to fight in the Supreme Court over it.
  5. This 100%. Such a massive waste of time basically to protect one's inability to even think about perspective other than their own. When you do this, you are actively holding your child back if they want to pursue a career in research, technology, or medicine.
  6. He's a better fan than the pieces of shit that inhabit this dump. I will say your joke about Lewan dedicating his first personal foul was fantastic.
  7. With Kaepernick, teams in the NFL claim that they will do due diligence on any player. If the likes of Josh Johnson get looks I don't see why you won't look at Kaepernick. We've seen RGIII reinvent his career so there's that. I personally don't think he's any good or will be good. I'm just tired of hearing all the fake patriots with their willfully ignorant takes, racism, and all-around stupidity just so they can indulge in their favorite pastime-fake outrage.
  8. Came in here to drop the hammer on simple simon, but @Downtown already has taken up the charge.
  9. Titansreport is a lawless zone. As it should be.
  10. The gaslighting is strong here. Are there extreme examples of "wokeness" being problematic? Is he generalizing? Is this even remotely the biggest issue? The answer to only one of these questions is no. Wokeness is a new form of something that is as old as human existence itself. What is "new" here is that more modes of communication means that different and more groups are wielding power than ever before. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we still see this kind of thing matriculating downwards in much more harmful ways. How can we care about wokeness when we don't care at all about a president who is saying that media that criticizes him is not free speech? Can we begin to think about institutionalized power and where our concern really should lie? The thing about this is, as a collective society, our media literacy and cultural competency has not caught up with modern communication and its not all about wokeness. We are all mostly complicit in "canceling" whoever if it fits our worldview. We only seem to really feel anguish over it when we see someone with an established position in society have a negative consequence to their speech. Or even better, someone who falls into an ideology that we agree with, or a social class we know should be supported or protected. It seems now that the only thing that unites us is that we are upset when a racist tweet emerges from the past to haunt someone. Wait, here's a fun thought experiment: was Colin Kaepernick "cancelled" by "woke" NFL fans? Damn this woke culture! Excuse me if I'm not going to overreact to this one or pat Obama on the back here until the subject is treated with a bit more critical thinking--something Obama is usually more adept at. Is the message here that this is really just young people? You don't think conservatives through an absolute mindfucking hissy fit when Macy's runs an ad with two dads kissing? We have state legislatures in Tennessee trying to defund higher education in general because it is a "liberal breeding ground." I have seen boomers on facebook arguing that Stephen Colbert should be taken out by a sniper because he made fun of Trump. Honestly, wokeness is only living rent free in your head right now because clickbait and low quality bullshit journalism is covering the bill. Half the time, it feels like it's the same old fucks who would lose their shit at the idea of someone speaking a different language in their presence who also feel like their own speech should never have consequences and all the gray areas of their lives should grant them forgiveness. Give me a break.
  11. I mean I get why people like Mariota and want him to succeed. We have some folks who followed him from a previous spot into Titan fandom. He's likable. This is an attempt to hold on to that investment. So be it.
  12. Center is extremely thin. Everything will have to go right to land Wiseman. I definitely think they need to tank this season and build up D-Lo's value for trade. I was just kicking some ideas around, sending him to the Suns for Saric, Oubre, and Baynes for example would fill out GS's needs nicely. Add like an RJ Hampton type and the Warriors would be back right there in the thick of it again in 2020-2021.