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  1. Clearly the emotional weight of having to convince the world to accept the clone Hamlin as real is taking its toll on them.
  2. It has come to my attention that @Righteousis an illegal immigrant. It should be pretty easy for him to post his social security number to disprove this false narrative he is creating. But he won't!
  3. Except you are missing a step friend. You are the one making a claim with no proof, evidence, data--you aren't making a logical argument. You can't just make an absurd claim with an arbitrary ask of evidence. Don't ask for critical thinking if you are applying none whatsoever. Again, you are asking someone to provide you with a headshot because you think they might be dead or a clone. If you don't see the flaw in your "logic", you are really beyond help.
  4. And yet you are the person saying someone needs to provide you with photographic evidence that they aren't a clone or dead because the Venn Diagram of conspiracy theorist, idiot, and oblivious intersects with a single circle that is you.
  5. Bink

    Covid Revisited

    The sad thing is the answer to this question is "no."
  6. This is such a cripplingly stupid thread. This is an abnormal event. How did you want the guy to enter the stadium? What did you think he would do, walk in singing and tap dancing? Did the Bills handle this in a way that caused rainbows to fly out of your ass, eyes, and ears? No. This is still a story people want to hear about. This is such a symptom of today's lack of media literacy, that otherwise (I'm assuming) sane people look for conspiracies everywhere. The poster in this thread saying "but a simple photo would..." Stop with that shit. People don't owe you pictures to prove their existence does or doesn't fit your narrative. Stop being weird idiots.
  7. Firstly, disagreement doesn't equal hate, and I don't think anyone is being unreasonable to @tgo here. If you want a reason to step away from this forum, main the politics section for a while. Second, I personally don't really disagree with tgo per say--I see the underlying logic behind your posts. It must be acknowledged that QB is the singular most impactful position in the league. We need to do our due diligence here and if we think a QB in the draft we could reasonably get is a difference maker we should do that. I disagree that we should make a move for a QB like Lance, who, as far as I am concerned, is riskier than his asking price compared to rookies. The argument is we aren't going to get a potential franchise QB in the discount bin, and yet Lance is not exactly a proven commodity and has yet to be successful at the NFL level over the course of multiple seasons. For whatever reason, that is the case and given the price the 49ers paid for him he is prime to potentially be a source of mismatched value. Similarly, even if we think Bryce Young is the second coming, we'd be hard pressed to beat out the Colts or Texans when it comes to drafting him. At this juncture, we must analyze the top QBs and make sure we are very confident guys like Levis and Richardson are not it before we make a draft day decision. You have to trust that work will be done. It's my personal assessment that we don't have the draft capital to move up given our roster issues unless the QB we are targeting is an absolute slam dunk. I also won't necessarily judge the FO for drafting a QB at 11 because I see the logic, but I was the guy chanting "anyone but Locker" when we drafted him. Missing on a decision like this with our roster being in the situation it is would be crippling, especially because whatever we do at QB now might lead to inaction (or action) in future seasons. I am not a fan of QB limbo, but our OL is in a state that no QB could fix. I think it would be fine to get a tackle now and angle for a rookie QB in the next draft. To the point where I wouldn't be upset depending on how the board falls if we went OL in rounds 1 and 2. A lot to consider here, and a lot of ways our FO could go.
  8. Yes, and that's why we aren't going to go after Lance or trade up. We don't have extra draft capital or cap flexibility and our roster has too much we need to work on. This is likely not the year we make a move on QB. We're definitely not going to pay the asking price for Lance.
  9. Bink

    GOP thread

    This is a new low in American history. At this point, Republicans are not just ambivalent to safe guarding America, they are willingly and gladly putting American security in the hands of the craziest among us.
  10. Enjoy all of this stuff. I would also say maybe try Destiny 2 and see what you think. You'll be set.
  11. Gotta say, knowing TR I expected this thread to be a lot more entertaining with a much more significant cruelty factor. This post is a good start. In particular, I expected better (worse?) from @OILERMAN
  12. I think all of that is contained in the Master Chief Collection
  13. Yeah I mean the story telling itself can be extremely hit or miss and more often than not is a miss. It's also sad the best story telling is outside of the game. But I am thinking of the experience of playing the HALO campaign, and I feel like you can kind of get that through the Legendary campaign style missions that came with Witch Queen and will with Lightfall. This was my main game for the longest time but now I've all but quit because it feels like something I need to give 100% or avoid. But I do agree the gameplay feels incredible. And there is nothing like experiencing the raids--just incredible atmosphere and mechanics. As you noted though, the problem is finding competent people and this game does become harder to enjoy without friends. I am lucky enough that I amassed a pretty wide circle in my time playing and had some people that could get me to and through the lighthouse pretty quickly, without that though gamemodes like trials are all but a misery fest.
  14. I think those of you how are expecting us to blow it up are really going to be disappointed. I also think it's extremely unlikely we will do anything other than draft a tackle. Vrabel was a Patriot. He has an extremely competitive mentality. He is going to remember how injured our team was, how close we were in a lot of games, and specifically how terrible the roster was a time. He's also going to watch these playoffs and see teams like the Bills and Bengals as vulnerable. Its likely that, at least from his perspective, the problem is gone in J-Rob. Just as he is avoidant to blame coaches for problems, he will almost certainly overvalue their impact and think rebuilding the offensive line and a new OC puts us back on track to be contenders. And there's just enough truth in that possibility that he can lean into it pretty radically. I am not saying that's something I necessarily agree or disagree with, but my guess is that we really go all in on OL and QB will be a 2024 problem unless Tannehill looks really banged up or something along those lines.
  15. Isn't Halo Infinite the most current game in the series? You'd be taking a step back, but many of the Halo games are known for their campaigns, which seems like what you are interested in. You might enjoy Destiny 2, which has similar gameplay and some good story content and campaigns (although you'll definitely need a lot of catching up on the history of the plot).
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