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  1. Gotta hand it to em, they ended up with Brown and 3 first round picks over Mack and Amari Cooper. Honestly, which would you rather have?
  2. That kid from Yale who is 1-13 blew this game. Yale would have had it.
  3. My thought was that and they are either going to come out focused and connected or distracted and give in. This was definitely my 14 to 3 gamble. Not looking good for me right now, but Yale is hanging in there...meaning zebra time
  4. Of all of these I worry most about LSU.
  5. It's all part of the plan to become the Patriots south. Collect as many white receivers as possible. Next Vrabel transitions from vest to hoodie and Amy Adams Strunk...
  6. The make-up of a city doesn't always reflect the fanbase attending games. Baltimore Ravens/Orioles fans in relation to the city itself is a good example. I think the point about notoriety comes from what players have reported and said over the years where they have experienced more racism from fans in Utah (I think Boston is up there too).
  7. This is a big factor. His whole rhetorical style is more Trumpian, and he realizes his road to success is to become a sentient version of a fox news opinion dump.
  8. Feel like one of Hock or Fant will be playing in TE next year.
  9. We tend to live in a country where the larger ideology has no trouble over penalizing and criminalizing the poor. It's unfortunate. In comparing cases like these, we can see how our cultural mindset is fundamentally broken.
  10. Yup. These people are so fucked. White collar crimes but still, so much evidence.
  11. I'd argue that they've gotten it very wrong on both accounts. Drafting Manning and Luck was easy, no brainer, no decision required. I guess you can argue that, at the time, Manning at least had a wrong choice available (Manning v Leaf)--but Luck was a guarantee to be #1. Regardless, I think you can criticize the roster building around Manning, and what they've gotten around and surrounded Luck with thus far.
  12. Bink

    Nick Perry

    1 year prove it deal would be nice.
  13. No. I'm not saying it's okay. I'm also not saying he's a trash person. He had a very human reaction, one that it's pretty easy to have empathy for.
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