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  1. I don't. I think that people in this position are very frequently advised not to comment one way or the other and create sound bites. His team has already released his schedule from the time he was alleged to have a meeting and there is not evidence for these meetings. Strong denial validates the claims if they are false as credible--essentially playing into the distraction game.
  2. Even with all of the suspicion surrounding the viability of this laptop it should be investigated and that investigation should be taken seriously. Child victims are no joke. Given the nature of the discovery of this laptop, there are too many possibilities to rush to judgement now. Evidence could have been planted, and this will be investigated as well. It could all be fabricated. But we know enough about human nature to know its possible for anyone to be a predator and we should have the dignity to respond like serious people who give a shit about the well being of others. I certainly have been frustrated Trump's own potential sex crimes have been glossed over, even though his predator like behavior is documented in his own words on tape. So I am going to hope that the professionals who deal with these issues everyday will do the right thing. I just find this whole situation sickening. What's the outcome? You hope Biden's son, who has struggled with addiction and recovery, is a predator. This is sad for everyone. And it's equally sad that so much trust has been lost, there is so much lying and dishonesty and sharing of false sources and information that we are here. I mean, I am sitting here trying to find whatever "real" facts can be found from this case, when earlier today I read an article about the child separation policy and the children with missing parents that cannot be located. In those centers, we are hearing about rampant child abuse, forced sterilization, and other untold trauma. All because of fucked up policy decisions centered around the crime of immigration, the never impacts of which are based on bullshit claims and racist ideas. That these children are abused is irrelevant. We are gleefully speculating about Hunter Biden or waiting to laugh at Rudy G revealing himself to be a predator in a Borat movie, hurling childish insults at everyone who disagrees with us in-between and ignoring anyone who tries to present something nuanced or reasonable. If you are good with that, then have at it, you do you, it is what it is. Hey, maybe we will get lucky and a Jag, Colt, or Texan will end up being a sexual predator and we can all celebrate good times together!
  3. I don't think I would do this. Boyd has been getting pretty consistent work with Burrow--I think that will only increase. The guy is trying to snag Lindsay in case something happens with the DUI.
  4. I wouldn't necessarily mind us selling a pick for a WR, but I don't really feel like Ross is it. Let's hope Michael Thomas finds his way on the block and we trade Corey's expiring plus the future #32 overall pick for him.
  5. His teammates weren't at home analyzing this normal reaction on a 60 inch OLED TV. Overtime gives the toss winner a massive reaction regardless. He also carried the team and had a massive game. You can nitpick the guys reaction here, but his share of blame for this loss is miniscule.
  6. Celebrating dumping Josh Allen on our resident AI in the dynasty league.
  7. Sounds good. There is no good reason why I am up this late.
  8. Two different issues here. Biden was answering a question. Correct me if I am wrong here, but when Trump interrupted him he was discussing Trump's disparaging remarks towards military veterans. We can debate whether or not Trump said anything bad about veterans elsewhere, not at issue here. But during the question Biden discussing his son Beau was relevant. Trump interrupted him and brought up Hunter. So it's kind of irrelevant what Trump was talking about when he interrupted someone else. Additionally, if Hunter is guilty of corruption, so be it. As a collective society we should be better than take shots at someone for being a drug addict. IF you choose to do that, it is on you. However, for a sitting president to do it during a debate is so far beyond presidential I shouldn't have to explain it or even discuss it. However, it is clear Trump is held to a different standard when it comes to speech. He was on tape saying "grab em by the pussy", he is on video mocking a disabled person, his twitter feed is filled with juvenile insults, and he has made bizarre accusations like his birther movement comments. Hell, when he was running for president the man insinuated that Ted Cruz's father had something to do with the assassination of JFK. A good example of this (to a lesser extent of course) is that George W Bush was maligned as an idiot and called a cokehead. That was fucked up. I would argue that "W", the "I would have a beer with this guy" president has done one of the more empathetic things any president has done with his portraits of veterans of the Iraq war. If you aren't going to call out Obama for drone strikes and every other president for their wars, then you certainly need to look at W with this in mind (imagine that, I am so verbose I went on a tangent where I defended W, bet nobody had that on the bingo card). Anyways, your larger point here comes down to Hunter's corruption and the severity of it and the question of how we should respond. Second point. I don't think you'll be surprised to know I read the entire 87 page findings from the Senate committee. It called Hunter's position a conflict of interest. The most significant claim was that it created "awkwardness" in the battle against anti-corruption. He was accused of having relationships with foreign institutions that he profited off of. I encourage everyone to read the report, and examine the testimonies both included and not included. I will say, trying to argue that not speaking the language and things to that effect are even relevant doesn't help your cause. Do you really thing international boards across the planet require native speakers or multilingual individuals exclusively? You don't think they communicate in English? I guess Kushner's business in China and roles in Middle East talks is super sus then, right? Let's just stick to what's relevant. After reading the report, I'd simply ask--from a legal standpoint I suppose--how we should respond to this and how it compares Trump and his own financial relationships and what is rampart in world politics. We can certainly have this conversation. I am certainly interested in knowing that, assuming all 87 pages of the senate report are objectively and absolutely true, what are we supposed to do with that information and similar findings?
  9. That's fine, if it is a matter of simply not having the time for it. We can leave it there and be done. If you don't want people to provide explanations and reasonings behind their worldview, I find it odd that you ask people to refute you, often on your own terms for what they can use as evidence. You say that my posts are "pre-hearsed." They aren't. I always write on the fly and think about these things in the fly. If you believe something is too lengthy to refute, that is your own personal opinion. I don't have anything against you as a poster, you can hit one mole or none for all I care. However, you can't really put conditions on discourse. Being concise doesn't make you right. I'd argue being wordy helps us navigate the difference between what you call "facts" and what others call "facts". The idea that it's pretty easy for each party to dispute the other puts the term "fact" in question pretty quickly. I think it's fine that you have a different of opinion than a lot of people, and I get that this probably puts you on the defensive more than most--but it's hard to take your claim that "folks are pretending to want to engage in good faith discussions" when you dismiss people with "bye basic bitch". Just my (more than two from your perspective I'm sure) cents.
  10. Sigh, someday we will get there. Lost in all this mess was probably the most stark contrast between inhuman and human during the debate. Inhuman: interrupting one person talking about their son who was a veteran that later died of drug cancer to say you "didn't know them" but that you did know the son who had a drug problem that you gleefully mentioned. You also made the insanely hypocritical comment that he "only had a job when you became Vice-President" when some of your children have jobs in your administration that they are not qualified for by any means and have repeated and transparently had clearance and access they really shouldn't have. Human: Saying that you are proud of your son for overcoming his drug problem and working on it. What a stark contrast. Just me personally, but I hope I never become so low that I try to take a shot at someone's child's addiction.
  11. Wait, so now you have time? You want people to dispute you when you call them out? I thought we were not supposed to do that. 🙂 Just playing bud. Can you please at least diversify your insults? Calling someone a basic bitch is kind of, well, basic.
  12. Right, but in this case one team is spitting in the umpire's face, shitting in the stands, and beating each other with the bats.
  13. Not a democrat either. I have supported Republicans in the past on levels as high as governor (even supported the guy who voted for a dead person, which embarrasses me). I read what people write and I honestly don't understand how most Americans see what they see. I truly don't believe people are paying attention to Trump, or they've been desensitized towards him. I don't know how else to call it. It's so far beyond what "normal" should be. Even the posts in this thread. I just don't understand it.

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