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  1. The whole game reeks of overthinking and outsmarting themselves. Imagine if we had decided to go up 7-6 instead of going for 2. That last drive means drain clock and potentially punt the ball. We can and we've all picked this game apart--we could keep doing it--no matter how hard we try, though, understanding won't come. Sometimes other elements of the human experience get in the way of our logic and our ability to make smart decisions or be consistent. Our defense rose to the occasion today and dialed in. Whatever they fed off of was not present on the offense's plate.
  2. Glad they found him. I can take down the "missing" poster I hung between the ones I made for Downing and Tannehill.
  3. If he is guilty, he should be out of the league. I'd rather have Q-ARod for sure.
  4. Goff also had more speculative value than Tannehill does. Tannehill is 33, Goff was 26 at the time he was traded. Goff has been to a Superb Owl.
  5. This will be an interesting draft. With WR and TE depth being what it is my inclination might be to trade down. Alternatively, draft analysis seems to have top QBs falling. We better do our do diligence on these guys, not implausible we draft someone to sit behind Tannehill for a year even if I don't really see that being a Vrabel/J-Rob move.
  6. I get that people are mad and frustrated. This was his worst game and worst season as a Titan. It's equally delusional when you think about his contract and the way Vrabel and J-Rob do things to think he will be gone. IMO, best case scenario for new QB in 2022-23 is a top rookie falls that we like--plausible in this class--who learns for a season under Tannehill who is dumped in 2023-24.
  7. Agree. And I always find myself rooting for players that have won a national title to go the distance in the NFL. I think it would be an incredible story for Burrow and Chase to do it together on both levels.
  8. A-Rod is a supreme douche. He definitely wins MVP---most victimized personality. This is a bit of a consolation. Strange, unlike other teams we've lost to I find myself rooting for the Bengals.
  9. Context matters. They had a lot of opportunity and the offense could sustain no drives. It's even more impressive that the D did this given how little rest our offense afforded us.
  10. Is the season a disappointment? After that game, yes it was. Because sometimes one game does a disservice to the entire season, what you fought for, and how you got there. The defense deserves nothing but praise. They put us in a position to win that game. A position we squandered time and time again. I even am going back to that extra point. We make the obvious decision to take the lead instead of risking the tie and that end drive is entirely different. We can run, waste time, and punt. I almost would have preferred Burrow to shred us and make this obviously about the QB. Instead we had another of those games we fucked away 10 times when only 9 would have meant squeaking through. Tannehill could have been Jimmy G level and we win this game, but he went full Wentz. Just feels bad all the way around.
  11. Just a shit play call. Run the fucking ball. You have all the goddammit momentum. Fuck!
  12. Joe Chill, Joe Camel, Joe Exotic---I don't give a fuck. I am happy for Bengals fans. I really am. Seeing them celebrate with their families last week was amazing. Joe believes they aren't done. How cool would it be to See Burrow and Chase win a National Championship together and then go on to the Super Bowl? Close the story book. The threads of reality spin more eloquent than Disney. Hercules doesn't always conquer the Titans. No one wants the Nashville narrative. Mahomes ascending. The Bills mafia having their day. Q-A-Rod against Billy GOAT Brady. Hell, Stafford's redemption in glitzy LA or a return to glory for the famed 49ers. Good. We go into this healthy, disrespected, and led by a man who not only knows how to win, but knows how to win at the greatest level the NFL has ever seen. The story of the Titans is not written with the singsong wonder from our friend Mickey, but the sound and fury of Shakespeare. Infused with the identity of Tennessee sports that has been slept on for decades but is now coming out of the shadows. The tenacious, scrappy, overachieving Predators--with defense and honky tonk weirdness making a unique and hostile opponent. The grit and grind Grizzlies who fight you more than play you, giving way to the most fearless and explosive player of this generation--a prince to the King in Ja Morant. And the Titans. Eddie fighting for extra yardage. Steve McNair battling through every injury to will the team to victory. Those Titans were lost for a long time. But now, they are back. And today, the King returns. This is not Lear, driven insane in the storm with only the wisdom of a fool to guide him. This is King Henry, and the game's afoot.
  13. Right. Mando certainly had fatiguing plot points, but was able to leverage a Grogu moment in even the weaker episodes. And while the plot points did seem to lag, Mando was a character navigating something he was struggling to figure out--there was uncertainty. Fett has none of these layers of development, and the volume of these episodes trying to establish backstory are really going with extremely overused and to me uninspired plot points. I agree that Mando and crew will likely make an appearance, and I certainly hope there will be some bigger moments that are enjoyable. It's certainly still a show I am going to watch all of--even if I am not all in on it. If we just get one really good episode with a few good cool moments I consider that a win--even if I don't see it as high quality as other shows.
  14. My expectations? Am I obligated to like a show? I won't call it outright bad or terribly made or something, I just don't get a lot out if it. My game of thrones comment was simply that I wish there were some tension in the show. It seems pretty easy for Boba to get loyalty. A lot of missed opportunity with characters like the twins, who I found weird and engaging. Plot points are recycled not from other properties but within the episode. I like the Fennic actress, who as always crushes the action. But her character does not have an interesting story. The idea of Boba Fett as a fish out of water bounty hunter, who can go toe to toe with a Jedi in combat but is struggling with a scheming mayor and weird huts with MBAs from the best business school in the galaxy was an opportunity this show presented itself that it didn't take. The threads it does pull just don't interest me. At the end of the day, Star Wars creates it's own expectations and I will watch all the content. This just simply isn't as good as Rebels, Clone Wars, Mando, Visions, etc. In my opinion. I agree with the world bland. That's fine. Can't all be transcendent.
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