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  1. Jags being Jags knocked 6 teams out of my decent pay out survivor pool. Down to 6 teams. Let's fucking go.
  2. In terms of weighing a loss versus the total schedule, keep in mind that in the history of the playoff, the SEC was only left out of the very first final. The SEC has made 8 straight finals. This means beating the teams from other conferences. The SEC put two teams in the title in two of these 8 years. They've won 4 straight, and 6 of these 8. Are we looking at record as blank statistic? An arbitrary number that determines who is the strongest. That seems to forget history and nuance. Texas gambled in a big way by scheduling Alabama--and that gamble paid off. Had they not had that win, FSU--even injured QB, would have made it. I am of the mind that the kids playing for all these schools in question are good, deserving athletes. Same with Oregon and Ohio State and some of the other top programs. I am glad to see an expanded playoff. Last season we also saw what happened when an undefeated team got their shot--and TCU did score an epic upset of Michigan. Only to get slaughtered 65-7. I believe the right thing to do is weigh all the various criteria and pick the 4 best teams remaining. OR make it as objective as possible and hard code in rules to guarantee these slots and let the outcome be what it is. You can't have it both ways.
  3. Firstly, can we please retire the terms "agenda" and "narrative." Everyone with a fucking opinion has an agenda, it's not some kind of charged way to describe their perspective--same with narrative. Of course any involved in these decisions is making an opinion and defending it--it is also about making money and putting forward the best matchups--welcome to sports. That being said, I understand a lot of arguments for and against these teams, but Starkiller is right here is that this process is and has always been subjective. This has always been a committee based decision. When you say it is "decided on the field" you are missing the fact that the point you are describing is not, in fact, a hard in fast rule or policy that guarantees a team a spot. This has never been the case. The argument that "No power 5 conference champion has EVER been left out." Relies on a scant, what, 9 years of precedent? The playoff isn't that old. This is the first situation of this kind. "There is no justification." And yet, they made a decision and provided it, based on the established criteria. Florida State found themselves facing the perfect storm--an awful injury, sure, but a weaker strength of schedule in an increasingly weaker ACC, compared to an epic Georgia v Alabama clash and a Texas team with a convincing victory over a much better opponent and a win over Alabama. The committee decided those teams all at full strength had a better claim. Being undefeated and conference champion is just one criteria. Evaluated. It isn't the end all be all. The reality is college football isn't and is never "purely" decided on the field. There are too many teams playing too different schedules and doing too much. It's like hiring a job candidate--let's say you have 3 candidates with a 4.0 and 3 others with a 3.9. Does that automatically make them smarter, more deserving, etc.? There are student athletes at all of these schools, and none of them are entitled a shot. The committee has criteria and weighed. If you wanted to make being an undefeated power 5 team a specific criteria that weighed above others you should have done that. The real solution is an expanded playoff, which we are getting. Ironically, the "alliance" including Florida State's AD fucked that and have them on the outside looking in.
  4. I think there are arguments for Florida State. The most bullshit thing you can say though is the "games are decided on the field". This is the nature of college football--teams play completely diverse schedules and you can't do enough to have it 100% decided on the field, because there are hundreds of teams with a variety of ability to field competitive rosters. interestingly, the only way to have it decided more on the field is to expand the playoff. Florida State is 100% one of the reasons why we don't have a 12 team playoff right now. I feel for the players to an extent but for the ADs involved...you reap what you sow my friends.
  5. I disagree. It's always a subjective process--this is not like the NFL or something where there are clear pathways to getting a title. A committee has always made this decision, and as such they have to consider a lot of factors, including the injury that likely would have made Florida State unable to compete. Texas, Alabama, Georgia--it was a unique situation where other factors aside from the record alone fed into the decision. I think had Travis been healthy and FSU routed Louisville the SEC champion would have been outside looking in. I don't think any team deserves or is entitled to a spot in a competition. And Florida State is one of the schools who is very responsible for the expanded playoff not being in place this year. We are getting arguably the best 4 teams in the country right now, although I still think Georgia is in that conversation. Again, we'll see what happens. But now Michigan has a real fight on their hands and Texas v Washington should be incredible. I think these matchups will be awesome.
  6. Here we have it: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/39033995/michigan-washington-texas-alabama-vie-title I have a few reactions, but I think mostly this was the right call. There is a lot of hemming and hawing over Florida State not getting in, but how would we feel seeing an incredible Georgia versus Texas game or Georgia versus Alabama rematch with Florida State walking into a buzzsaw and getting housed. I don't believe an undefeated record should be considered about the other factors. I also think the strength of schedule and injury concerns led to the correct decision coming about. We will see if I am wrong, and maybe Florida State shocks the world and plays well against Georgia. More likely than not, Georgia rolls them and we left wondering the "what-if" being Georgia in the Playoff. The two games we do get should be awesome. I really don't like either Harbaugh and would love to see Bama embarrass Michigan. Texas v Washington should be really fun, with two incredible offensive teams peaking at the right time. The Washington coach absolutely deserves a massive bag. I'd like to see them in the title game, but would be fine with Texas as well. Only outcome I am really cheering for is a Michigan loss.
  7. Just FYI, you can always go back to page 1 and look at the Spreadsheet to see if someone is on a list.
  8. Yeah and in situations like these family will do whatever they can to keep em alive.
  9. A lot of my friends know about the main death pool I am in and I have heard from more people with excited congratulations today on HK's death than I did on my birthday or any recent holiday.
  10. I am really interested in Mooney. He could come on the cheap if they let him go, and he's been stuck with Justin Fields since his sophmore year. Could have receiving upside for sure.
  11. I took the Titans in my high money survivor pool. I was desperate this week and my only other real option was the Vikings. Ready to get doubly disappointed.
  12. Yes, and it also became clear J-Rob committed a betrayal in trust and pissed everyone off by misrepresenting AJ's position and AAS's positioin to do his own thing.
  13. It turns out one person with common sense can essentially figure this out. Weird how that works.
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