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  1. I mean, thinking about it now, yeah I do think the AFC is stronger. If the NFC does have more depth, it's not really by much.
  2. Maybe not in terms of depth, but at the top? Ravens and Chiefs to me are in a tier above every other team in the league.
  3. I absolutely think they are legitimate contenders. The existence of Mahomes gives us a favorite. It does not disqualify others. Brady himself was on the receiving end of one of the best teams and offenses of all time losing a Super Bowl to the mediocre quarterback that all mediocre quarterbacks look up to. It would be stupid to not name them as one of the handful of teams that not just have the ability to win it, but are solidly in that second tier. The competition in the NFC is weaker than the AFC. Brady may not be in his prime, but the offensive talent he had to work with was abysmal. As others have pointed out, his supporting cast will be incredible.
  4. Still figuring it out, but so far so good.
  5. Trump can be judge to be the worst president of all time exclusively by analyzing his own words. You need nothing else. No dirt. No incidents. Nothing he has done. His words alone are enough.
  6. I absolutely think we need to sign a veteran backup. Carrying two QBs seems seem incredibly risky. I would keep 2 and isolate the third.
  7. @NashvilleNinja--I joined. User name is Binktitans What do I need to do to join the league?
  8. I definitely think Love. His path to the job is clearer. His overall ability and upside is greater.
  9. Why wouldn't we draft? The rookies have already been drafted. No matter what happens to the league not drafting messes up our flow. I say we draft and let what happens happen.
  10. This is a harder question. I think Swift and Akers are both really good. LA has a ton of RBs--remember the hype Henderson got? That could be a four way timeshare. And yet, I feel like Akers could carve out a consistent role as a pass catching back and keep it for several years. On the other hand, we all know Detriot is cursed. I am also not a huge fan of Patricia. But Kerryon is not very good and hasn't really made an impact. Swift has RB1 upside in an offense with a decent QB and some good WRs. I lean Swift on this one. I think his path is clearer and his upside is bigger.
  11. Davis. RBs have more inherent value and Mack has a clearer path to fantasy upside. Taylor catches COVID or gets hurt and Mack is a league winner. Also with no preseason and virtual training camps Mack might start the season as RB1 and get a lot of touches. Even if AJ Brown goes down or something happens to Henry I think we are a run first team. This seems easy to me. I would also take a hard look at Jonathan Taylor's owner. Could be trade potential there.
  12. I am so sick and tired of conservatives with no intelectual desire or capacity to talk about abortion beating their drum. You don't care about "killing little babies" (which is such a childish lens to see the issue through), you care about having the moral high ground. You can't talk about it like a public health issues; you support the policies that create the problem and are punishing on maternal health and social support. All of the complexities of this issue are surely lost on you. All you can do is present an exaggerated fallacy because it makes you feel better than others. Not surprising coming from probably the most narcissistic poster on the board. Weren't you the guy who posted a screenshot of your bank account as some kind of weird flex? Such a cringeworthy move. So go ahead, apply your broken record broken brain "killing babies!" argument over and over again. I hope it makes you feel good, but it doesn't do jack shit otherwise.
  13. As always, you are a fucking idiot. Generalizing to the level of a massive child. Go ahead and feel self-righteous about this issue instead of thinking like an adult through the lens of public health trying to solve it.
  14. @Starkiller, asking for the evidence here when it is readily available and you have some kind of self defined construct blocking your ability to accept historical consensus and how it was logically created is bush league. Jesus became what he became the way all these historical religious figures develop. It's not really different from the Mormons and Joseph Smith. American Christianity has nothing to do with wholesale thematic interpretation of scripture or scholarly readings of the Bible, which is an extremely anti-capitalist text.
  15. AFC is definitely tough. I liked the Ravens draft. The Chiefs retained Mahomes and Chris Jones. They have a million weapons. Both of these are teams to beat. I put us right there though. We need a few things to go right and I think we can get there. We are rolling players back and that matters. Our team composition is, at least, somewhat unique compared to league trends. I don't really like Rivers too much these days, but he's playing behind the best offensive life he's seen in a few years and has a stud rookie RB with a great defense. Steelers are similar to the Colts--if the offense stays healthy the defense could carry them. Bills will be a tough out with that defense and Allen, who can win close games. I don't think the Patriots have what it takes anymore. Texans feel like they lack stability. Broncos should be ready but I don't think Lock is ready. Jets are not as bad as they seem, but good enough? Doubtful. Our path is certainly there. Last season we had to go through the Patriots, Ravens, and Chiefs. I doubt we'll face a tougher road this season. I don't think it's crazy at all to put us in the top 3. The thing we have in common with the Chiefs, Ravens, and (I guess) Bills, that teams like the Colts, Texans, and Patriots don't have is continuity--that's really important this season.

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