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  1. Yeah, this is what I'm thinking too. I erred on this side of Bateman as he's more of a traditional Corey Davis replacement.
  2. A lot to unpack here. First I think people need to back off of @Doogie here a bit, who is at least trying to engage in good faith discourse which should be considered an oasis on this board. Otherwise, I am afraid we are going to only have space on here for the real bottom feeders. This is a systems issue. Hyper focusing on individual stories can be helpful to illustrate a point, but our issues with policing are a conflation of several different things and need to be addressed in such a manner--the proliferation of guns, America's foundational racism, and increased militarization
  3. Why do the white knights always show up to defend pathetic, ignorant viewpoints? I am sick of the social/cultural welfare given to conservatives, who somehow get to be victims, get to be uninformed, get to insult others ad nauseum, get to participate in discourse where they will not listen, etc. This has been stoked and flamed to the point of societal harm. This defense of decorum and avoidance of name calling is only situationally called on, it seems, to defend conservatives who have already demonstrated they aren't trying to operate in good faith. Sorry
  4. Rich that you bring up participation trophies. Because that's exactly what you are demonstrating here. You don't have critical thinking skills. You don't have good ideas to contribute to the conversation. Your words offer no merit. You can barely even comment on the subject--failing to see the difference between this simple initiative for the public good and "everyone gets a trophy" a talking point you can regurgitate despite having no relevance here. A response to the valid argument made against your claims? You don't have one, either because of a lack o
  5. This is an Alien vs Predator situation--whoever wins, we lose.
  6. Jesus the takes some of you people have are cripplingly stupid to the point that it is cringeworthy. Do you really think it's a macho take or makes you a tough guy to dunk on rooms like this? Rooms like these are safe havens for autistic individuals and neuroatypical people--real people--and this measure to support them doesn't impact you beyond that you can't process how community based initiatives help serve the greater good. Here's an example of how a room like this can help someone--at a local uni our counseling center has a quiet room. I know one stud
  7. Okay, where did he get takeout from? The quality of food he ordered determines our quality of defense next season. Book it.
  8. I think the Panthers realized there would not be a QB to be had at 8. There wasn't really anyone in front of them looking for QB, though. Now they are in a great position to trade down if you think about it. If a team like the Patriots wants to jump the Broncos you have to deal with Carolina.
  9. Bink

    Virus in US

    Yes, masks were to reduce transmission all along. That was the whole point. By acting as if we live in a collective society where the lives of others matter we can do the SMALLEST possible thing for our communities. Unfortunately, we've found out that asking many citizens of our "Christian" nation to do this is asking for way too much. I think people are underestimating how much this might change our culture. While I think there will always be a lot of people who don't want to wear a mask, I think we will see others go back to wearing them if there is something out there or around
  10. Bink

    2022 Elections

    Right. I think one of the problems here is you have a group of Americans who are stupid on a historical level, worshipping a shitty reality TV reject as if he were king ascended from on high. How is it possible to win on messaging for any reasonable person when you are dealing with a group of people radicalized by facebook and weaponized to vote against their own interests over and over again? Trump was able to claim the election was stolen from him literally from the White House and faced no consequences. What does messaging even mean anymore?
  11. Haven't watched it yet, but it looks pretty fun if not pretty predictable. I don't necessarily need these movies to "surprise" me, and it seems like this one should just deliver some good ole' fashioned action. Probably gonna try to watch this weekend and throw my predictions below to see if it does catch me off guard. Spoilers for my thoughts, because some people think even guesses are spoilers.
  12. Justifying your first round pick is fine, but it's not even the reach. You are projecting GR to slide to our pick in the second round--even if he drops out of the first he will probably go to our pick. Even worse, you project Moore to slide to our pick in the third and then Friermuth, the projected 2 TE, to last to our comp pick. It's fine if you don't want to accept the feedback, but my guess is that more people would take you seriously if the mock wasn't a wet dream.
  13. I wish you would use a mock draft site to form these. Like yeah, that would be nice. It relies on projecting multiple players to fall past their draft slot.
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