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  1. Relieved. People who thought we had a legitimate run in us after watching this defense all year are kidding themselves. Now I can actually enjoy watching the playoff games without worrying how they affect potential matchups vs us.
  2. Cut this dumbass and go after every penny you can. Dude won’t be in the League two years from now. Wow.
  3. Bad spot. Clearly got it before the knee was down.
  4. At this point what are we really getting? I like Adoree a lot, but the earliest we’re gunna see him is week 11. He’s gunna be super rusty with all this time off. Plus he’s gunna need some time to get in game shape. People act like he’s just gunna step on the field week 11 and be an all-pro without missing a beat. This ain’t Madden lol.
  5. Third round is a premium pick. Even if it is at the end of the round. Is this really necessary in 2020, though?? I mean if a guy has “It”, he’s gunna get a shot. Idc what color his skin is. Seems like social justice pandering to me, maybe I’m wrong.
  6. Some of y’all are in for a rude awakening in the coming weeks. It’s true that Sambrailo has played around 30% of the snaps. That means he’s not been playing 70% of the time. Some of y’all are completely glossing over that last fact lol. Lewan is one of the best LT’s in the league lol. To think we won’t miss a beat is laughable. Playing 30% of snaps is a lot different than playing 100% of the snaps and he’ll most likely get exposed sooner rather than later.
  7. If the salary is low, I’m all for it. We know first hand how good players under Gase can explode once they get out from under his thumb. He’s a dynamic playmaker and would add some unique things to this already scary offense. Key is salary.
  8. I’d venture to say if someone showed up unannounced at any team in the league’s facilities that masks would be a rare occurrence. Right or wrong “football guys” always think they’re tough and gritty and they can beat anything. We just happened to have bad luck and had an outbreak. To take a 1st round pick from us over this whole thing would be incredibly stupid.
  9. I honestly couldn’t care less about a fine as long as it doesn’t affect the salary cap. I just don’t wanna get any premium draft picks taken. But you can bet your ass the league will come down hard on the organization in some way. Especially if Sunday’s game has to be canceled.
  10. I think we’ll get some of the problems ironed out as the season goes on once we get Adoree back. But can you imagine this defense trying to stop KC right now???? Jesus Christ. They’d have 500 yards on us.
  11. We’re 3-0 and some of y’all act like we’re 0-3 lol. Are there problems? Sure. But we have a couple key starters still out and we’ll be fine. Super Bowls aren’t won in week 3.
  12. If they score a TD on this opening drive, we’re in trouble.
  13. Having a QB like Wentz is the worst type of QB to have. Good enough to give you hope, but not bad enough to replace. But as someone said earlier, you don’t take a 2nd round QB if feel like you have your guy in place.
  14. This will come down to a fg which Gostkowski will, of course, miss.
  15. Can’t wait to hear Vrabel be a complete dick after the game when questioned about Gostkowski.
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