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  1. We literally did and tried everything possible to put him in a position to succeed. And then he had 24 TD’s. In two seasons combined lol.
  2. Not buying it. No way Jrob says in his statement “He understands his absence was unexcused” if he was indeed at a funeral. No way.
  3. So apparently on A to Z tonight Buck said that the team hasn’t been able to communicate with him not only since camp started but the entire offseason. Something is definitely going on with him.
  4. I’m not saying this as a joke, but does he have a history of any mental illness issues? I seem to recall something like that happening with him in the past. Really the only solid explanation to go completely silent with no communication. JMO.
  5. AKA “I’m a projected 1st rounder and this the perfect excuse for me to not get exposed or injured. I also don’t have to go to class”.
  6. This is so odd. Not gunna report to camp because of COVID, that’s fine. But at least have communication with the team to let them know what’s going on. Also weird the team hasn’t at least heard from his agent. It almost feels like there’s something missing in this story.
  7. I’m so over this shit. I wish JR would just lay it down for him. “Either get here by the end of next week for a physical or our offer is off the table. Up to you”.
  8. Agreed. And if those last minute details are true, his agent should be fired. They’re expecting Mahomes money with Alex Smith skills. Not gunna happen lol.
  9. JRob must hate all of them with the passion of 1000 burning suns. Or they’re just terrible at their jobs. Both are likely. They NEVER break any news. Ever.
  10. Huge props to JR for sticking to his guns the whole way. Many GM’s in his situation would’ve reset the market. Instead he slow plays it and gets a super team friendly deal good for both sides. Best GM in the league.
  11. The offer was up to $35 million. If he goes out and has a good year he’s looking at, what, $40 million per year tops. On the other hand if he struggles this year (which is entirely possible since he’s overrated and learning a completely new system for the first time in his career) then he gets a fraction of the 35. Not enough risk/reward for me to turn down 35 and job security. Not to mention he’s only playing for 31 million this year, so he’s already 4 million in hole. JMO.
  12. In his defense, if I was built like that I wouldn’t even own a shirt lol.
  13. And one aspect of this story is that he’s still on the team. It’s not like he’s some great player or even a contributor. He’s JAG. If Jrob thought there was even a CHANCE there was anything to this story, Blasingame would’ve been out on his ass the second the story broke.
  14. Very true. We should let the all the facts come out before deciding either way. The only thing that trips me up is the consensual relationship thing. But you’re exactly right. Gotta let it play out.
  15. The fact that they were in a consensual relationship around that time pretty much exposes this as extortion imo. Ive always said in these situations that when a woman is exposed for lying about this that they should do as much jail time as the accused if they were convicted. You can absolutely ruin someone’s life and image forever with accusations like this. And it’s taken too lightly imo. Flat out falsely accusing someone of rape to gain a profit should be just as serious as a rape charge itself. Just my two cents. /rant.

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