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Carson Wentz could be in trouble

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It was hilarious that the Eagles piped in boos when he threw that pick in the redzone. Even when they aren't at the stadium the people of Philadelphia find a way! 

He’s in a Miami/Tanny situation right now!

Apparently only qbs not named Wentz are expected to elevate their team regardless of the talent around them.

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My God was Face spot on him or what. Mr. Throw it 4 yards on 3rd & 9. He's terrible.


Under a massive assault I was proven completely correct when I indicted Andrew Locker & I was actually prepping a Carson Ware series but it's already obvious, no need to kick the Ginger when he's down,


He had a completely stacked team & his 2nd year he threw a ton of very short TD passes that his running game set up for him so he had a great TD/Int ratio. His other numbers were blah. He's the safest QB in the league, never throws to the sticks. I can't wait till he frets destroyed in Philly.


I actually don't know why I hate the guy so much.

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16 hours ago, CreepingDeath said:

OC coaching changes, injuries, supposedly inferior teammates (WRs and OL)... sounds familiar. 




Except Mariota actually had to deal with this stuff. 


Have yiu yiu seen the Eagles OL? They have by far the best interior in Brooks, the best center in Kelce, the best RT in Lane Johnson, and a top 3 LT in Peters for years. Their OL is a Madden line. Wentz is terrible.

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