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  1. What guy do you NOT want at #25?

    Sam Hubbard
  2. This dude is the definition of a flash in the pan player. I don't see how people expect him to put up nearly the same numbers as he was doing last season. He tore his ACL which is even worse than what Marcus had and means lack of off season practice and training. Also, DCs will hone in on his tendencies and the fact the Texans offensive line blows will not help either.
  3. Patting myself on the back

    This FA is miles ahead of last year's. Need to get a good LB in the draft and fill in with defensive depth and the team should be ready to make an even deeper playoff run.
  4. What about signing Josh Sitton? I know is 31 but he is a damn good guard.
  5. Around the NFL FA News & Signings

    Out of nowhere, the Jags have signed Andrew Norwell.
  6. Avery Williamson Turned down Titans offer

    Lets pump the brakes on this for a bit ladies.
  7. Here is the compensation for the trade. Rams get a great player for not much.
  8. Eagles fans were predicting an 8-8 or 9-7 season just by looking at their schedule this past offseason. Look at where the Eagles are now. Anything can happen.
  9. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Ahh I did not know that. Thats good if the Titans want him then
  10. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Would love to see John DeFilippo as the OC but the Eagles may block us from interviewing him. Indifferent on the hire but we might as well take a chance on a younger guy.
  11. I am VERY concerned with this team's talent. Robinson needed to be more aggressive in the 2017 FA period to avoid the strain of having to hit on multiple defensive players in the draft which is what he will have to do. We need DL and LB help BAD along with an actual CB1 (I know Jackson has showed promise but Lattimore would have solved this). Needless to say I think we are bit behind every team in the AFCS save maybe the Colts.
  12. God it would be the best of both worlds if we fired him
  13. Whose ready for a mock draft?

    BPA for the DLine please.
  14. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Lattimore would have done fine against Brown.....