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  1. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Ahh I did not know that. Thats good if the Titans want him then
  2. Vrabel named Titans HC

    Would love to see John DeFilippo as the OC but the Eagles may block us from interviewing him. Indifferent on the hire but we might as well take a chance on a younger guy.
  3. I am VERY concerned with this team's talent. Robinson needed to be more aggressive in the 2017 FA period to avoid the strain of having to hit on multiple defensive players in the draft which is what he will have to do. We need DL and LB help BAD along with an actual CB1 (I know Jackson has showed promise but Lattimore would have solved this). Needless to say I think we are bit behind every team in the AFCS save maybe the Colts.
  4. God it would be the best of both worlds if we fired him
  5. Whose ready for a mock draft?

    BPA for the DLine please.
  6. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Lattimore would have done fine against Brown.....
  8. IMO its not very often you have a chance to draft a shutdown corner. Titans have had two opportunities recently. Ramsey (traded down) and Lattimore (took a WR). I am not saying Jackson cannot become one but Lattimore would have provided an immediate boost in talent to this defense. Lattimore and Ryan would have been a great pairing....
  9. Like drafting Lattimore......
  10. Around The NFL

    Raiders O Line not looking like the best in the league right now
  11. I don't really see anything wrong with Marcus in this situation. This is probably the best D he has played against.
  12. Win what? They have not done anything in the playoffs even though they "won" the division 2 years in a row.
  13. Good...But Not Good Enough

    At the very least, Kline will need to be replaced this coming offseason.