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  1. That doesn't mean we couldn't have front loaded a contract for Bouye. Our secondary needs a huge influx of talent and I doubt the draft alone is going to fix it.
  2. Don't worry, JRob is not done in the dumpster yet. I am sure he can find another ST player!!!
  3. Oh wow what a shocker!!!
  4. Well its 4:00, where is my Bouye news?
  5. No, they still take a cap hit of 9 mil and have no QB.
  6. It pretty much guarantees Jax will drafting Fournette.
  7. Surely this takes them out of the Bouye sweepstakes then?
  8. More dumpster diving!!!
  9. Looks like we will be dumpster diving in FA this year again.
  10. Only other guy is Bouye. Might as well go all in on him.
  11. May not even get one...
  12. We have like 60 million plus in cap space. How can he be out of our price range??!!!!!
  13. He just said that DeSean Jackson intends to sign with Tampa this afternoon.
  14. https://twitter.com/nfldraftscout/status/839566248807641089