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  1. Like drafting Lattimore......
  2. Around The NFL

    Raiders O Line not looking like the best in the league right now
  3. Get the hell out Sherm
  4. I don't really see anything wrong with Marcus in this situation. This is probably the best D he has played against.
  5. Win what? They have not done anything in the playoffs even though they "won" the division 2 years in a row.
  6. Good...But Not Good Enough

    At the very least, Kline will need to be replaced this coming offseason.
  7. Just thought our secondary was still vulnerable and Cooper would go off.
  8. I honestly thought the score was going to be a lot worse. We can still take this game.
  9. Bears @ Titans Preseason Game 3 Thread

    OL once again....
  10. Bears @ Titans Preseason Game 3 Thread

    You honestly think our senile coaching staff are that smart?
  11. around the NFL training camp observations

    Bortles missed AR15 wide open. God what if Allen Robinson left the Jags next year? I would go all in on trying to get him if I was JRob.