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  1. Gave em a fourth and we get a sixth.
  2. Can we please take a fucking corner
  3. Colts have Foster...
  4. Time to get a true leader in the secondary
  5. Adams should be ours no way jags take him
  6. If Thomas is taken, Adams could fall to us Lord please
  7. So is this mock the final mock or the pre final mock? I have lost track at this point....
  8. McCaffrey. The hype around him is starting to grow up here.
  9. What a fucking coward. Kills people and then kills himself because he can't own up to what he did. Glad we don't have to hear about him anymore after this.
  10. Wow. Hello Marshon Lattimore!
  11. A

    That doesn't mean we couldn't have front loaded a contract for Bouye. Our secondary needs a huge influx of talent and I doubt the draft alone is going to fix it.
  12. Don't worry, JRob is not done in the dumpster yet. I am sure he can find another ST player!!!
  13. Oh wow what a shocker!!!