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  1. Hit the nail on the head there. That's the difference between libtards and liberals. Most of the left's distrust of those institutions are because of Vietnam. Conservative distrust of those organizations are because of Russia gate.
  2. No Trump is much better for blacks economically and he will never take them for granted like democrats do.
  3. If a white voter said that the most important political issue for them is a white majority and white political power that would be considered racist right? But the biggest issue for so called people of color(A term that might be racist) is anti white and minority political power. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/13/politics/cnn-poll-2020/index.html In this CNN poll which shows Trump up 52-45% in battleground states the number one most important issue for democrats "of color" or democrats who are not white is "racial diversity" which is just code for hate whitey. Or anything but white. Diversity and multicultural are anti white terms. That is what they mean. It has nothing to do with open mindedness or acceptance. It is about eliminating white culture and white political power. Why would you not expect push back from that? This was the number one issue! Not health care or jobs or wages. Diversity! Hate!
  4. Why is that because in your opinion blacks are owned the democrat party like slaves? Whenever one of you asshole libtards make a comment like that you are never able to explain it except in the most superficial ways. Trump has done a lot of things to improve the economic situation for blacks I do not agree with all of them. Opportunity zones are the most obvious example but trying to not lose American manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico is another. Reducing illegal immigration is another the cheap labor from foreign nationals effect blacks the most. Like you tards would care. The one thing I disagree with is funding black colleges specifically. There should not be any such thing as a black college in this country just like there should not be a white college. Owned!
  5. I say stuff like this all the time and get called a racist. It is an attitude that exists in some many films like Avatar and the Green mile. Libtards eat that shit up. Biden believes blacks are enslaved to the democrat party the same party that enslaved them before and so many libtards here are too dumb to see what is wrong with that.
  6. Why are blacks not slapping Biden for his racist comments? Because they agree with them? What if white people started using words like "we" and "us" when talking about whites and started voting as a 90% super majority for the republican party? So it is ok for me to call Oilerman a traitor to our people for being a libtard? He is a traitor to America. This shit has been wrong for a long time. Will it ever stop? Blacks never seem to get very upset at being depicted as victims. They love it actually. The idiotic divisive comments about putting people back in chains should have been instantly rejected by every intelligent person in america but people cheer for that shit. Yeah yeah I'm a victim and I have no responsibility for anything I do!
  7. This is how libtards concern themselves with a national health crisis. This is what libtards consider journalism. Asshole Cuomo's enjoying the media spotlight. Too bad for those 5000 elderly people that died because of Andrew's policies. What next Chris is going to joke about his brother's cock size? They are libtards they do not give a shit about anybody.
  8. Chris the liar Cuomo took a less safe version of chloroquine back in 2006. He took quinine. He bashes Trump for taking an fda approved drug and he takes something less safe. https://nypost.com/2020/05/20/chris-cuomo-took-less-safe-version-of-hydroxychloroquine-mcenany/
  9. WTF is going on with our country? No distancing being practiced at all!
  10. The idiots simply cannot move away from the Russian collusion lie. Even after we have proof that it was in fact the democrats that colluded with Russia and the Ukraine. I have never seen anything like this in 50 years of following politics.
  11. Explain how the democrats are not today's fascists? The attacks on speech and civil liberties and what is going on in Michigan, LA Chicago and New Jersey. The democrats are using the fascists playbook. You are even running a racist white man who is a war monger.
  12. Here is a quote from the Chief of Russia’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Center. His name is Sergei Ryzhkov. https://www.defensenews.com/air/2018/09/14/us-russia-remain-at-impasse-over-nuclear-treaty-flights/ So Trump would not be doing what Russia wants? Did I just make you idiots my bitches? Yeah I did. So the treaty may be giving Russia a "strategic edge"? So Trump pulling out of the treaty is NOT helpful to Putin. Explain Bitch!
  13. Still waiting for one of you low IQ morons to explain how this helps Putin. You can't help it Russia gate is in your DNA.
  14. Provide us a treatise on open sky. Go ahead mailman tell us all about it. This is similar to net neutrality. None of you idiots know what it is but you thought it was important!

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