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  1. Henry has 38 fewer touches than Lewis. He has 3 more first downs and 7 more TDs.
  2. If you hate the people of this country that much then move out. Get the fuck out! You don't give a flying fuck about anybody it just fits your bullshit ideology. Go move to Africa or Latin America. I'm sure they will love a stupid dope smoking white boy there.
  3. It's possible that somebody overlooked her condition or that some medical person made an error. They may not have done everything right. Libtards want to pretend that Trump personally gave the order for the girl to die. As if an urgent phone call to the white house was made by a nurse begging for permission to save this girl and Trump said let her die.
  4. In any event how is this Trump's responsibility? I know that libtards think that people from Mexico and Central America deserve reparations, free health care and groceries. Can anybody prove that Trump changed the policy on medically evaluating illegals who have been taken into custody by border patrol? Did he order these people to not be given medical care? What is your point assholes? You think we should not have a border or border patrol? Ok let's say we did not stop them. Who takes care of her then? Sean Hannity made an interesting point on his show last night. He said that a real wall will deter people from making the dangerous trip in the first place. I agree with that. The bottom line is that you asshole libtards do not give a flying fuck about some poor Quiche Maya people from the highlands of Guatamala. You just hate Trump. Go fuck off.
  5. If anybody could provide me to a link that shows Obama had any specific economic program in the last 2 years of his administration to create jobs for blacks and Hispanics I would love to see it. Did he engage in this awesome work while golfing? What program because Trump has been in office for 2 years now. Obama's economic policy. 1. $800B stimulus that did nothing. It was passed early 2009 so please argue how it is creating jobs now. 2. Cash for clunkers worthless. 3. Expanding government dependency while increasing poverty.
  6. I wanted to emphasize the tard part. Good job starting worthless threads. Like somebody at the DNC is paying you or something.
  7. Rolltide

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

    What is the prison time for paying off(Bribe) a witness to commit perjury in front of the senate judiciary committee? What was in that envelope that congresswoman(idiot) Sheila Jackson Lee gave to Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer? I think we need at least a 2 year investigation into Ford, Jackson Lee and the attorney's in question.
  8. I wonder how Henry would do in a Ram jersey playing on a prolific passing team with top WRs and QB. The Rams are the #1 run blocking o-line according to FF. Todd Gurley has caught 74% of the passes thrown to him.
  9. According to football focus our offensive line is 25th in run blocking and 32nd in pass blocking. We were 27th in run blocking before that last game. Not sure how you can look at that and blame one running back for most of our offensive woes. As a receiver Henry has caught 80% of the passes he was targeted with. He has only been targeted 15 times and caught 12 passes. Not sure how we can assume he sucks as a receiver. He has caught 36 of the 47 passes thrown to him in his career. That is a higher catch percentage(76%) than Eddie George(74%) or Chris Johnson(72%) had in their careers.
  10. Well geez moron I was expecting something different since the title of the thread was that Trump is "going after" these people. Did any libTARD start a thread about Trump's criminal justice reform bill? How about record low black unemployment? 5.9% in November. How about this executive order signed yesterday to generate real estate development in poor neighborhoods? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/12/12/president-trump-signs-executive-order-establishing-opportunity-and-revitalization-council-video-and-transcript/ But when a tard named heymelonhead says that Trump hates all "nonwhite" people that gets applause. So again I ask how do we know that Trump is "going after" Vietnamese people?
  11. Rolltide

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

    Bet pertaining to what? You libtards hate America so naturally you would hate Bama. So what is your prediction?
  12. Rolltide

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

    How about when Trump gave Iran $150B and his sec of state said that of course some of that money will be used for terrorism? You cannot make shit like that up. https://hotair.com/archives/2016/01/21/kerry-sure-some-of-the-money-were-paying-iran-will-go-toward-terrorism/ Check out this quote from Mike Pompeo. Impeachable offense no?
  13. If he hates "non white" people he is doing a poor job of showing it. They are doing really well in this country since he rook office. Like you give a flying fuck about Vietnamese people. Can you even find the place on a map?
  14. https://www.newsweek.com/trump-administration-wants-deport-vietnam-war-refugees-using-decade-old-1256985 Show me a quote from Trump himself saying he wants to deport those people? There is none. Another nothing thread.
  15. Why would any pick be too steep a price for a proven player? You could take those picks and draft shit. The promise of future players is not worth as much as people think. Remember that Randy Moss was traded to the Patriots for a 5th rd pick when he was 30 and had no major injuries to his legs. He gave the Pats 3 stright thousnd yard seasons and was the best Wr in the league in 07. Only in the bizarro world is Cooper not a good player and only an idiot would say that Carr is not a god QB. Trading players like Mack and Cooper will turn out to be the end for the Raiders. I would love to see them trade Carr and then languish with inferior QBs. Gruden is a moron.