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  1. N Next thing you know Cory IBM Booker will be insisting he has a vagina.
  2. Lol Mythos is the voice of logic and reason. 🤨Why don't you tardettes lick my fucking balls. The question of Kamala's credibility with blacks was brought up in te very interview I cited. Both CNN and MSNBC have talked about this. Don Lemonhead-----"She's not African american but she is black" Really in what way Her wheat colored skin?
  3. Obama's idea how to deal with Iran was to free up $100B in assets and just give them $2B. You libtards have a funny perspective on foreign relations. Kerry did that pathetic deal thinking he could get a nobel prize. Hell just being a libtard can get you a free prize you don't need to do anything. Trump has done as much in 2 years as Obama did in 8. According to Oilerman the bar is obvious 10X higher for Trump unless Trump secures peace in our time he is a total piece of shit but Kerry and Obama can hand a terrorist provocateur bilions and that is progress?
  4. Wow deep. It impressed the board dunce so congrats. I have never seen you make a legit argument about anything. How many members of the libertarian party do you know? Mythos putting on a shirt while Mad Max cheers. "
  5. I remember Obama who was a self described long time White sox fan being asked who his favorite player was. After a long pause he said Minnie Minoso lol. Minoso's career was over before the liar even knew that Chicago had an American league team. Big White Sox fan from Hawaii. Right.
  6. Why was Kamala in south Carolina? Not Iowa and New Hampshire? Because that is where the black folks are at? Don't hate me for being right. The beige commie has to beat Cory IBM Booker out for soul. Should not be hard to do. What was her line of bullshit there? She has always been a fan of shrimp and grits? That when she got the munchies from smoking weed that was her go to food?
  7. There is Justafan being a nonpartisan socialist libtard again. This from the man who wants Linda Sarsour to be our next president. https://www.countyoffice.org/greencastle-army-corps-of-engineers-greencastle-in-ffa/ There is a branch of the US Army Corp of Engineers in Green castle.
  8. Right. It is just a way to stop building barriers.
  9. She does have a fascist streak in her. Many of us smoked weed and did other drugs when we were young and then changed as we got older and had kids of our own. She in my opinion is a statist who will almost always favor the power of government over the individual. She was critical of Trump for pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. So what does that make her a socialist war monger? Good god.
  10. When libtards say stupid things we need more libtards to explain it. We need racist black DJs to explain what a US senator said? Piss off.
  11. https://www.conservativereview.com/news/5-insane-provisions-amnesty-omnibus-bill/ 5 insane provisions of this bill. 1. Only enough money for 55 miles of barriers. " But it’s worse than that. This bill limits the president’s ability to construct “barriers” to just the Rio Grande Valey." 2. Local libtard politicians have veto power over barriers in their districts. This is from congressman Cuevas whose district is on the Texas border. He is one of the most liberal people in congress regarding immigration and has been promoting this idiot idea that local politicians have a say in where the barriers are constructed and what kind. 3. There is an amnesty provision that an illegal can stay here if they have a relationship of any kind with an unaccompanied minor. So gang members who are trafficking and raping kids can use those kids as a means of staying in this country. This is fucking insane! 4. Increases the catch and release problem. Instead of preventing people from coming here and deterring them from coming here just open the door and say come on in and then we have to spend more money processing them and they eventually disappear into the country for good. 5. Doubles the number of low skilled workers. Not too bothered by that one. The way the bill is crafted it basically admits that barriers will work and dems do not want them to work.
  12. I do not think there is a justifiable reason to call a national emergency. Just because other presidents abused that power is not reason for Trump to do it. The bill is a joke that does nothing to increase border security. If Trump signs it he is being weak. It actually makes us less secure. There are provisions in that bill that the most libtard members of congress would love. It weakens ICE, creates loop holes for amnesty for some of the most violent illegals. Makes catch and release even worse. The money it does provide for barriers limits where those barriers can be built. This is a horrible bill that conservatives and Trump should never support. It is a big steaming 10,000 tons of horse shit!
  13. Nobody gives a shit about her smoking weed in college. Good job being clueless.
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