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  1. No republican should ever vote for Joe Biden. If you cannot vote for Trump vote for a third party candidate but never vote for that criminal pos. No candidate should ever be elected who treats voters the way Biden treated that guy in Iowa. This is not just ideological. Biden is a war mongering ass. His son is a loser and because of his criminal father was given a job he did not deserve that paid more in a month than most Americans make in a year. These are elites who do not give a flying fuck about average people. Just like Al Gore who wants poor people to reduce their standard of living while his carbon footprint is equal to 50 people.
  2. Do you think the Ravens did well by paying Flacco $120M after winning the super bowl in 2012? The deal at the time was the biggest in history. Flacco was only 27 at the time and just won the super bowl and was super bowl MVP. The Ravens could not just let him walk!!!! What kind of return did they get on that investment? Amazingly they signed him to another 3 year $66M deal after that. They did get a 4th rd pick when they traded him.
  3. Back up money is $2M. We should have offered him something in between starting and backup money. This year his base was $7M with about $5M in incentives. I would have had no problem offering him a 2 year $15M($5M SB) type extension and since he was not sure how much he would even be able to play this year it would have been hard to turn down.
  4. What if JRob offers him a 6 year $120M deal with a $30M signing bonus and he said no thank you? How high should we go? FYI the franchise tag for QBs will be $26M next year but it would give us another year to evaluate him before offering him a long term deal. I'm more for singing Henry and tagging RT not the other way around.
  5. What do you mean by "let him walk"? He has all the motive to go on the free agent market and let several teams bid for his services. It's not like we get some discount because he played with us in 2019. His price might be too high.
  6. Democrats want to change our political landscape by letting foreigners in and vote. They want criminals and terrorists to vote. They want children to vote. Trump? He wants that criminal Biden and his crack head son investigated.
  7. Normal people making fun of Russian bullshit. Rachel Maddow suggested that during a cold snap Russia could cut off our power and freeze us to death. She is not joking! She is not a comedian! She really believes that shit and you morons are willing to believe it. This is a sickness that needs to be destroyed.
  8. Remember that the person who started this thread admits to be employed by the military industrial complex. He claims to work in defense though knows not a damn thing about it. These people make their money off of fear. They over exaggerate threats. If you disagree with them they will say you are a traitor and Russian agent.
  9. Russia Russia Russia. We are at war with Russia according to the impeachment morons. When Putin invaded Crimea the idiots said nothing. When Obama refused to give any lethal aid the idiots said nothing. When they saw a video of Joe Biden withholding a Billion dollars of aid to Ukraine they said nothing. But Trump holding that aid a short time was dangerous to the republic and impeachable! This does not pass the idiot test.
  10. It was the genius of Arthur Smith! Let's give him $30M!!!!!
  11. Not to be mean but I don't have a great deal of respect for the posters here. After the loss to Denver we had threads saying that JRob is shit, Vrabel is shit and the world is about to come to an end and everybody should be fired. We have posters who will judge the entire meaning of life on one quarter of play. Both here and on gotitans. I'm judging a player based on almost 100 games.
  12. People thinking with emotion not their heads. No regard to value. Andy Dalton has a resume similar to RT and you could get him for chump change. In 2008 the Titans offered Albert Haynesworth a $10M a year deal. It was the same deal another high level DT(Tommie Harris) had just gotten. Albert turned it down and that was it. We knew the risk, we knew we could not break the bank on this one guy. A sensible evaluation was done of his overall play and work ethic and we did not go any higher. It was the right move. Emotional ninnies would have said "give him what he wants". He is a beast!
  13. Money numbskull and before this season started Cam was considered a far more valuable property than RT. Why did Miami trade a QB that was far superior than Cam Newton for less than a straight 4th rd pick?
  14. Back up? He is making about $12M($7M base) this year with incentives so something similar to that. Obviously it would have been for something more than typical backup money. He didn't know he would even see the field this year.
  15. Miami after investing an 8th pick and watching this guy close for 6 years basically gave him away for nothing. Less than a straight 4th rd pick! Then after less than half a season we have posters wanting us to pay him "whatever he wants". Whoa.