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  1. In some ways yes. Economically and educationally. Do some research and learn. The black family was much stronger then. Also urban "renewal" of the 1960s destroyed black neighborhoods and pushed blacks into government housing which replaced the houses.
  2. More like 3rd or 4th place actually but point made.
  3. So anybody who opposed the idiot Iraq war was a pro Saddam asset?You see the problem with this regardless of what your ideology might be.
  4. Clinton, Kamala who cares. The DNC has a hit on Gabbard which only proves how racist and sexist those people really are. Based on what you are saying you can call anybody a Russian asset which is absolutely stupid. It is a way to attack opinion and speech. That's what that asshole Max Boot does if you disagree with him he calls you a Russian asset. These people are atacking our basic freedoms and anybody with a functioning brain should push back against it.
  5. This link might be informative. Some real white supremacy there.
  6. What short bus did you jump off of? Did you read the post where I talked about how Indian immigrants make 61% higher household income? How is that white supremacy? I do not even identify myself as white. I do not refer to white people as "us". You are making a royal ass of yourself.
  7. Duh the belief that white people are supreme. I'm not even supreme in my own house you dolt. I'm glad you had one white libtard friend.
  8. Provide a quote of anything i have said that is white supremacist. Again you just sound like a libtard. That is what they do when they debate this issue. Just try and call people racist. That's what Beto would do. He wanted to meet me and I told him to piss off.
  9. We meaning America. We are all Americans. You continue to make a complete ass of yourself. I have never said one word that is white supremacist. Read the posts and pay attention.
  10. 70 years old. Dialysis patient. Online supporter of Louis Farrakhan and the nation of Islam. Mono cultural.
  11. Blacks are failing now and they are worse off NOW then they were in the 50s in part because of people like you and your heroes Beto and Shaun. Hating whitey does not put food on the table. Crying about being a victim does not get your kids through college. I bet my music collection blows yours away. I bet I own more Coltrane, Lee Morgan and Herbie Hancock albums than you. The only thing black in your music is probably Sly and the family stone's greatest hits or the Car wash soundtrack. Go listen to your Bread albums white boy.
  12. The tv show Roc is very informative as to how we have gone backward in race relations. Polls in the 1990s showed us to be as close as we have been on equal attitudes among the races. Roc was a show on the then new network Fox. Charles Dutton(Roc) is a mid 30s man in Baltimore who works for the city as a garbage collector. He has a beautiful smart wife who is a nurse. They are responsible people with education and jobs! What makes the show interesting is that while Roc and his wife are sensible moderates, centrists who do not hate white people the dad is that way. So where it is the usually the younger generation that is more radical and political here it is the 60 year old father who is quoting Malcolm X and talking about black victimization not the son. It was a sign of the 90s and now look where we are at.
  13. In what way do I sound like that race baiting libtard?