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  1. At least 50% of these adults are not the parents of these kids. In many cases they are the abusers and rapists of these kids!
  2. Obama did the same thing. We have photos of kids in cages during Obama!
  3. Here is a democrat election commissioner in New York admitting that the party buses minorities around to vote at numerous polling places. In NY it is illegal to even ask for ID. It was a similar under cover video that showed a white guy in DC asking for a ballot in the name of Eric Holder and they were going to give it to him. That was in Holder's precinct.
  4. By the way to get a photo ID or a drivers license at the DMV what do you need to bring with you? ID! lol. You need to bring bills and proof that you live at that address. That you are that person. OMG how racist!
  5. You get an ID from a government agency. Almost everybody has a drivers license. Don't you have one? Do you honestly think it was privilege for you to have a license? My mother in law had an ID and she was not a citizen and she never drove in her life. We drove her and my father in law down to the driver's license bureau so they could each get a state ID. Took all of 15 minutes, wow. Are you fucking serious?
  6. In the interest of fairness I will say this. There are a lot of very red states in the south and midwest that have much higher taxes than you would think and are less business friendly than you might think. The deep southern states have income taxes but also high sales taxes. The computer industry grew up in very left wing areas like Seattle and San Francisco. Boston has long been the top spot for biotech. Here is Forbe's ranking of all 50 states for business. Notice that Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama are in the bottom 10. Why? https://www.forbes.com/best-states-for-business/list/#tab:overall
  7. Oh yeah those inner city blacks are really smart. According to the study cited below the average black person in Baltimore has an IQ of 76. Yeah smart. http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/022469.html Let's dispense with the politically correct bullshit about how much smarter blacks are than whites or other people. I know it makes you libtards feel good but deep down you think they are too dumb to even obtain a drivers license.
  8. Why do you asswipes keep talking about Kansas? Kansas has the same per capita GDP as Germany. A 3.5% unemployment rate and a lower than average crime rate and lower than average taxes. So what is your fucking point again postman? It is a rural state where they grow corn and wheat. So?
  9. No libtard response to East St Louis? According to you morons it should be paradise on earth. Almost no whites and no conservatives. Why don't you all move there? It is also in a blue state.
  10. God's favorite university and football team is in Alabama. They also have the best BBQ down there.
  11. Libtards so obsessed with people defending Trump. What is there to defend? He did not do it. He would have had zero sexual interest in that woman at that time or any time. He was 49 at the time and had no sexual interest in any woman over 30. This is an Axelrod special folks. Trump's biggest poll weakness is with college educated white women. That is where he could lose an election. This is a play on them. Jake is right this is all politics. Did she file a criminal complaint? A law suit? So she makes this accusation for purely political reasons. I wonder how much she is getting paid for this.
  12. If it is so horrible for these people to come here why don;t they stay in their own country? Trump did not force them to come to our border they relocated themselves. You demitards could care less about kids being used by cartels and being raped and trafficked. All you see is libtard voters. Trump is not persecuting anybody. These people are in paradise compared to what they are used to. Your retarded attempt to smear Trump is slandering our border patrol officers who have conducted themselves in a fair and compassionate way. Nobody is stopping anybody from sleeping. Kindly fuck yourself.
  13. Trump's separation policies are no different than Obama's and you libtards could give a flying fuck about those kids anyway.
  14. Large urban areas will have a higher per capita GDP that does not mean the quality of life is better or the individuals are wealthier. Alabama is a poorer state but still has about the same per capita GDP as France.
  15. http://www.city-data.com/city/East-St.-Louis-Illinois.html East St Louis Illinois is the ultimate example of poor democrat leadership and ideals. Libtards would call it an American success story. The population is about 25% what it was in 1950. There is 32% poverty and they don't have enough money to keep police cars running. The demographics by libtard standards are diverse. 97% black. The murder rate is 18X higher than the national average frequently the highest in the nation. In 2016 in celebration of Obama's last year in office the murder rate was over 100. Perfect place right? No whites and no republicans.
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