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  1. What did I lie about? Be real specific brain stem because your entire ideology is being destroyed. Libtard hypocrisy proves that this is a fraud. We cannot stop other countries from developing and having kids. It is all a bullshit illusion. Princes lecturing us about having only 2 kids and not eating meat while they fly around in private jets. Al the gay blob Gore with a larger carbon foot print than 20 families and the Obama's buying an expensive home in the wake of a tidal wave. Busted....Pwned!
  2. You said that Walsh will "threaten his base". That is idiotic.
  3. Woke elitists lecturing us about eating meat and how many kids we can have but they fly around the world in private jets. The idiots take a boat to save the planet but the crew had to use planes to get back. "Staggering hypocrisy" lol.
  4. You made a comment that made no sense. How does one hide behind the Klan? You could argue that some people think like the Klan while trying to pretend to be mainstream but how would a racist hide behind the klan? Perhaps if you would think before you post. FYI the democrats started the klan and the last Klansman in Washington received a heroes burial by your democrat heroes.
  5. I almost gave you a thumbs up until you came up with that idiot hiding behind the Klan bullshit. How does one hide behind the Klan? You libtards have called all republicans, conservatives and libertarians racists. In 1992 Maxine Waters called George H bush a racist. You libtards have no credibility on this issue.
  6. Lied with facts, links and quotes? Show me the lies bitch. I shit all over everything you tards stand for. everything you idiots stand for is a total lie.
  7. This thread is not going anywhere even if i have to write 50 straight posts. The climate change fraud and the racist motives behind it has been revealed.
  8. https://www.liveaction.org/news/bill-gates-warren-buffett-population-control/ Why are mega rich white men so concerned about population control and especially the birth rate of dark skinned people?
  9. The mega rich have always been obsessed about population control. I bet Gates and his wife are #2. The mega rich always seem to be obsessed with population control especially among black folks. How about contributing a post or 2 to the climate change thread I started. I have destroyed everything these racist tards stand for on that thread.
  10. What poll is that liar? The most recent Rasmussen poll has his approval at 50%.
  11. What the hell is taking Soros so long? Buffett is not that bad. Would be nice to see Ginsberg and Breyer kick the bucket so Trump can make the supreme court his own.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Koch David Koch was a Libertarian who was pro choice on abortion and supported gay rights and an end to to the war on drugs. He was anti war and pro immigration. So why do you libtards hate him? Oh yeah you people hate civil liberties and capitalism. He donated almost $400M to medical research including $100M to his alma mater, MIT for a cancer research facility. He believed in freedom and liberty and lived the american dream and gave away hundreds of millions to charities. Not somebody libtards would like.
  13. Trump is so stupid he is making the democrats defend these idiot Israel hating congresswomen. How do you like his impromptu press conferences outdoors where you can only see him answering questions you no longer get to see the idiot libtard fake news reporters who are asking the questions? Trump is pwning you idiots.
  14. Didn't Prag start an entire thread comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter? Biden the ultimate Washington insider is similar to Carter who was the ultimate outsider candidate?
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