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  1. Hope and change was so intellectual. The next thing you know demtards will be advocating that 16 year olds vote and we let convicted felons vote while in prison. Wait they already have!
  2. Most recent polls of the democrats.. 4/23 https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/ Monmouth Biden 27 Sanders 20 Harris 8 Buttigieg 8 Warren 6 Bozo 4 All others 2 or less. Morning consult Biden 30 Sanders 24 Buttigieg 9 Harris 8 Warren 7 Bozo 6 Booker 4 All others 2 or less.. Pretty simple how this will go. Buttigieg has basically eliminated Bozo. Warren and Harris will eliminate each other. It will be a 2 old man race by super Tuesday. The democrat are toast. You will end up running a candidate that inspires nobody and himself has no fire and energy. Landslide for Trump.
  3. So fine blame him when gas prices are high. They are not high. I guess that is the best libtards can do with Trump. Bash him hypothetically.
  4. I should not be giving free advice to libtards but here is some. Can you wait until something is true before bitching about it? When gas prices are pushing $4 a gallon start your idiot thread. Not when they are $2.69 which is what I paid to fill up last.
  5. Not trying to be hateful but it is totally stupid to be talking about that many players. Pound the table for a couple and tell us you absolutely do not want a couple of guys. Listing that many guys is silly and you obviously did not do any in depth analysis on even one player. In the discussion about TEs Kyle could not make a single cogent point for one, Hockenson or one single cogent point against another Fant. Look at his comments about the 2 Clemson DTs. It is frankly dumb. He says that Lawrence is the next Ngata and Wilkins is the next Tuit. Well Ngata was clearly the better player. So pound the table for Lawrence and do not bother with Wilkins. A major part of drafting is identifying those real gems and going after them. Not likeing 10 guys.
  6. Wilkins has almost identical measurables to Sylvester Williams.
  7. Don't forget the Hindus and the Taoists. Muslims would never kill anybody for religious reasons.
  8. Muslims attack Christians in Sri Lanka and the result is over 300 deaths. Libtards bashed and wanted to ban the poster who started this thread and another idiot poster wants us to think Muslims are victims. Why did Obama and Hillary refer to the people attacked as "Easter worshipers" in their tweets about this event? Not Christians? Of course neither mentioned who did the attack did they.
  9. Nobody ever did that liar. There were 43 countries with a Muslim majority population that were not involved in the "ban".
  10. Steve Schmidt is an elections expert. A LIBTARD!!! He predicted that Hillary would have over 400 electoral votes. He predicted that Hillary would win Georgia and Texas. He was wrong!
  11. I have been a member of the libertarian party since 1990 or 1991. Libertarian does not mean fair to libtards. It does not mean i have to help make your arguments for you either or want my president to fail just to make you feel good. . Trump is closer too being libertarian than any democrat presidential candidates. Why is Rand Paul a republican and not a democrat? Why was his father a republican? Why were Gary Johnson and William Weld once republicans? People like that would never join the democrats.
  12. Try educating yourself of the difference between a corporation that has thousands of shareholders and thousands of employees with rich individuals. Not the same and not the same tax. Who said zero taxes? The top 1% pay 24% of all income taxes. the bottom 47% pay 0%.
  13. A democrat who rides the short bus except there is no room for them all. Not get get your shine box.
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