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  1. Bloomberg could be on audio and video saying that he wants "niggers against the wall". That will instantly improve his poll numbers with libtards. Max will be cheering his ass off. Prag communist posts in the last 6 months-5. Prag since he became a paid shill for Bloomberg(Nazi)-5550.
  2. Rolltide

    Virus in China

    The democrat libtard dream is for a world economic meltdown and billions of deaths from this pandemic. The end result is to elect a man ideologically similar to Trump but far more racist and far more abusive to women.
  3. In 2008 John McCain said we should have 100,000+ troops in Iraq for 100 years. That guaranteed he would never get my vote. For a libtard that is considered being a reasonable moderate.
  4. That is Biden. It's an idiotic comment. Epstein was friends with lots of people and 3/4 or more were democrats. Bloomberg is supposed to be in Epstein's book. Even when they try to be smart asses they sound stupid.
  5. Rolltide

    Can Sanders Win?

    Of course he will debate him and he will destroy him.
  6. What do Bloomberg-Weinstein-Epstein-Wieseltier-Weiner-Moonves all have in common? Jewish democrats who treat females like garbage.
  7. What is the next audio coming out from Bloomberg? Him using the N word? The guy is a fucking brown shirt and you want to give him your vote because he supposedly is electable. They just had the mayor of Columbia SC on fox. a black guy who endorsed Bloomberg. WTF? Democrats voting for a guy who thinks like Jessie Helms. You people disgust me.
  8. Bernie's economic plan includes a 3 trillion dollar tax on fossil fuel businesses. What an idiot. Libtards are an existential threat to freedom and democracy.
  9. Rolltide

    Virus in China

    The virus was created in a lab by the Chinese government with financial assistance from Bloomberg and Soros. The objective for China is greater control and domination of their own people. The objective for democrats is an economic meltdown of the world economy and the USA economy so they can beat Trump in November. These are evil people and they are an existential threat to the world.
  10. All democrats and the entire democrat party is an existential threat to democracy, morality and humanity. Do not vote for any of them.
  11. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/joe-bidens-150-million-gun-deaths-democratic-debate-error-didnt-happen-in-a-vacuum You guys are libtards so the truth is of no concern to you. Half of our country died from gun violence it is was all Bernie Sanders fault according to jolting Joe.
  12. More proof the democrat party is colluding with China here.

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