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  1. Its gonna be around 15 if they want him.
  2. PFF's #9 rated guard. Massive upgrade if we can get him.
  3. Yep, its a shame we aren't built to expose that.
  4. He can tear his ACLs with the best of em!
  5. He for sure wants to come back to Nashville. Only issue is that the Jags can just keep tagging him to keep him down there.
  6. Need some more magic on special teams for the offense to keep up with Luck.
  7. They took him out and put Brisset in for a hail mary attempt.
  8. Wilson behind our line throwing to Davis and Walker + others, sign me up!
  9. Two picks from Trubisky. Looking SO much better.
  10. We can beat the Texans but we HAVE to have Lewan and Conklin on the field. Merceilus and Watt will feast on the backup tackles.
  11. Remember what happened in 2016? Only reason the Dolphins won last year was because Mariota was injured and they played against Matt freaking Cassel. Your roster has gotten worse overall (I do like Drake though) while ours has gotten better. That is the reason we are so optimistic.
  12. This forum is a cesspool with all these shitty hot take accounts.
  13. Its funny, Davis has had more hamstring issues than Lattimore who was dinged for that in the pre draft process. I just disagree with JRob on the pick. I don't hate the Davis pick per say but having a true lockdown CB1 right out of the gate would have been amazing.
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