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  1. I cant imagine anyone on this board who would not value Daddy to his true value
  2. I personal think Lewan should shut his mouth and go to work and block his man when called on to do that
  3. IF we would have lost they would have fired him. Seriously I like Vrabel a bunch and I like Robinson a bunch but that call was what some loser Madden player does. Thank you for re thinking the risk.
  4. We were fortunate the falcons score 14 all the time in the 4 th quarter
  5. She would have fired him if they would have lost due to not kicking a field goal i hope he he gets a good talking to
  6. If the Titans lose the game the board would have been saying Fire Vrabel for the stupid call. To be honest if we lost the game Amy might have fired him
  7. When you are winning you should play safer
  8. by the way the Falcons not kicking field goals were equal to the level of stupid decesions
  9. I don't understand why teams are not happy with 3 points earned and move on. Vrabel looked like a loser Madden player who you like to play against
  10. What a dumb ass. Serious its ok to say I made a mistake and move on. There was zero to gain from being up 21 vs 17. Going up 3 scores you make the other team score 2 touchdowns and 1 field goal instead he allowed the Falcons to being able to tie the game with 2 scores. Terrible.