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  1. total Sheep. Think for yourself. Nature is always changing. I wonder how much carbon this assholes are producing to put on this show.
  2. The best gift ever will be when Hillary announces...
  3. Jobs at plus 304,000 in January. Its the economy stupid.
  4. I don't want the dark years coming back. I am ok with Marcus mainly because Jrob is ok with Marcus
  5. Am I missing something we have been 8-8 9-7 and 9-7 the last 3 years qb has to get some credit
  6. ❤️😊🐪🐪😊😊❤️❤️🐪
  7. its December 17th and I am Happy as hell Derrick Henry is on our roster. We actually have a chance to close these two games out.
  8. Just another ( this is number 112,012) headline that does not come close to meeting expectation when you dig deeper. What is funny is how many times Charlie Brown try's to kick the football
  9. He is not a moderate. I like him voted for him once. Realize that Al Gore lost Tennessee and because of that he lost out at being President. Cant imagine Phil does much better
  10. It's always surprising to me that people are amazed that the Titans actual thought about a game plan and then worked the plan.
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