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  1. I would take D Smith at 22 in a heartbeat he reminds me of Marvin Harrison perfect combination for our offense
  2. The dolphins are now responsible for his contract
  3. I would take JC back with a reasonable contract in a nana second. He is a pretty good player.
  4. Wrong year to for being a free agent. The Titans have no free cash
  5. The problem with the Titans is cap space. J J would only be one of our targets.
  6. His career is not over. I doubt he turns it around but tomorrow Momma might have a little talk with him and get that Ho off his lap and actually start playing football.
  7. The thing that bothers me most about Wilson is I have yet to see one post where he acts like he is going to embrace the grind. Talk is free and would open up less people taking shots at you. You dont even have to mean it.
  8. Wentz is not better than Rivers. I am happy that the colts are locked into a large contract on a qb that Ceiling is less impressive than his floor.
  9. We are still on the hook for the dead cap money
  10. JJ Watt will sign where it best suits him. The Texans were going to release him any way. I dont think the Titans have any cap money to sign him so I think he is out unless he is around 4 or 5 million
  11. That would be a terrible trade for Houston.
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