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  1. We have had bad qb play. Marcus is not the problem
  2. The Truth about Marcus. First off The titans have done him little favors Ken Wisenhunt and Mike Markley were his first two coachs His offensive coordinator one year was Terry Robiskie. He lost his best offensive weapon early in the year and had an offensive line who refused to block for the first 6 weeks last year. The titans have zero Wide receivers. Hopefully Corey makes it but he is maybe a number 2 at best right now. Marcus is 26-20 in the last three years. He has lead the league in 4th quarter comeback wins. Quality wins against KC Twice Green Bay Seattle Baltimore Philly New England I hope Marcus earns a 100 million dollar contract I am enjoying the 9-7 years over the other. It's hard to win in the NFl. The titans / Oilers have never won a Super bowl and have only played one time in the Super Bowl. Instead of always looking at the Negative realize Marcus brings many postives
  3. Friday night release is all you need to know
  4. total Sheep. Think for yourself. Nature is always changing. I wonder how much carbon this assholes are producing to put on this show.
  5. The best gift ever will be when Hillary announces...
  6. Jobs at plus 304,000 in January. Its the economy stupid.
  7. I don't want the dark years coming back. I am ok with Marcus mainly because Jrob is ok with Marcus
  8. Am I missing something we have been 8-8 9-7 and 9-7 the last 3 years qb has to get some credit
  9. ❤️😊🐪🐪😊😊❤️❤️🐪
  10. its December 17th and I am Happy as hell Derrick Henry is on our roster. We actually have a chance to close these two games out.
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