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  1. We better beat Buffalo at home....
  2. I really don't want to draft another wide receiver high in the draft. We are going to run the ball a lot. When we pass it, I think Delanie, Jonnu, Humphries, Davis, and Taylor/Sharpe will be enough. If we find ourselves in a pass-only situation, then Dion Lewis is another option. I would much rather use the first 3-4 picks on DL, OLB, and OL. If we did trade back, then something like: Jeffrey Simmons/Dexter Lawrence Garrett Bradbury/Chris Lindstrom/Dalton Risner Khalen Saunders/Isaiah Buggs **JRob's favorite EDGE** I believe these picks would effect the team a lot more than drafting possibly our 3rd WR in the second round.
  3. hahaha wow. A lot of people feel very strongly the Bradbury is going in the 1st.
  4. Is there any chance Bradbury would be available with our second pick? 20%?
  5. Our receiver corps is really coming together. Main Targets: Walker, Davis, Humphries Potential Targets: Taylor, Smith Reliable Depth: Sharpe, Firkser If the only other thing we do on the offensive side of the ball is sign roger saffold or Matt Paradis or draft bradberry I would be happy. I don’t wanna draft a receiver in the first couple rounds and I don’t think a late round receiver will be an upgrade. Get a center or guard and then get a EDGE and 2 DL in FA and early in the draft.
  6. So would our top targets left be? C Matt Paradis OLB Preston Smith OLB Zadarius Smith G Roger Saffold C Mitch Morse Do we have enough Cap to get a top EDGE and Interior linemen in free agency? Imagine adding Humphries, Paradis/Saffold, and Smith/Smith along with Vacarro. I think that would make our intentions in the draft very obvious (and I would love this).
  7. I don't have a problem drafting IOL in the first if there are no pass rushers we love there BUT we better try to move back a little if that's the case IMO.
  8. Damn. Didn't realize there were so many talented receivers. If AJ Brown, Hollywood Brown, DK Metcalf, N'Keal Henry, or maybe Harmon are there in the second round I would definitely consider taking one of them even though I want DL, IOL, and OLB very, very badly. If not, I want 2 DLs and a guard in the first 4 rounds of the draft with one BPA pick. OLB in FA
  9. Yet we were below average in sacks and one of the worst teams in turnovers (pressure causes turnovers). If we are already the 3rd best scoring defense, imagine what constant pressure up the middle would do. I think that would help score more points too -- better field position, more time of possession, ability to use the whole playbook.
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