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  1. I want edge rusher and defensive lineman with first 2 picks. Resign vacarro. Defense is then set. fix offensive line late in draft and free agency. Tight end looks great. Get a deep threat receiver later in the draft. We don’t seem too far away, but neither does any other team in the division. EDIT: by the way, we let orakpo and Morgan walk.
  2. Important games this weekend: Dolphins @ Vikings Bucs @ Ravens Pats @ Steelers possibly, maybe, probably not important games: Texans @ Jets Browns @ Broncos Cowboys @ Colts
  3. the Eagles might be interested. They need secondary help very, very badly. That great defensive line is a waste without a serviceable secondary behind it. Not saying we should get rid of Butler. It was just a random thought.
  4. I think you are correct. Would have been a perfect day if not for that Miami miracle (Colts winning was more good than bad in my eyes).
  5. In short, 2 of the 3 cannot happen(I think): ravens finish 3-1 steelers finish 3-1 broncos finish 4-0 20% seems low @titanruss EDIT: actually if the broncos finish 4-0 it doesn’t matter what the ravens and Steelers do (if broncos hold the tiebreaker over us)
  6. Says whom? I definitely disagree.
  7. I hope you’re right. Steelers play two shitty teams and then would just have to split the pats and saints. AND Ravens also play two non playoff teams and then would have to split the chiefs and chargers. Remember that these really good opponents may have already clinched by the time they play too. I will say that I haven’t even talked about the dolphins (who will lose) and the broncos (no idea about this tie breaker). I guess the title to this thread shouldn’t say probably, but I think there’s about a 25-40% chance we don’t get in at 10-6. For this week: Go Tits, Go Pats, Go Chiefs, Go 49ers, and Go Raiders
  8. I sure hope it does, but: Division winners: Patriots 9-3 Chiefs 10-2/Chargers 9-3 Steelers 7-4-1/Ravens 7-5 Texans 9-3 Wild Card: Chiefs 10-2/Chargers 9-3 Steelers 7-4-1/Ravens 7-5 Dolphins 6-6 Broncos 6-6 Colts 6-6 (doesn't matter) IF we win out, we would pretty much need the Steelers to lose to the Saints AND Pats or the Ravens to lose to the Chargers AND Chiefs. There are other things that need to happen, but this is the main thing. Titan Up!
  9. gnawed

    Lewan curses out officials

    same crew that missed Lewan getting cheap shotted game #1 in Miami.....
  10. gnawed

    Young Nucleus on Defense

    Forgot about Jayon Brown. He played great last night.
  11. Byard, Jackson, and Landry are 3 of the top 5 or 6 players on this defense (Casey, Woodward, maybe Logan Ryan). If Evans can figure it out, I’ll feel great about the future of this defense. Having a young star safety, CB, MLB, and pass rusher is easy to build around.
  12. gnawed

    Who won The King's Ransom Deal?

    So will about every offense in the nfl...
  13. gnawed

    Who won The King's Ransom Deal?

    Goff is a good QB, but McVay and Gurley are the ones that make that offense go.
  14. gnawed

    Enough Bitching, Let’s Get Loud Sunday

    Got free tickets. I'll be there too. Adoree gonna do something crazy!
  15. gnawed

    With Rishard Matthews gone...

    Even if Rishard wasn't the #2 guy, it still leaves us pretty thin with receiving options: WR1 - Corey Davis (only played in 14 NFL games and has less than 50 catches) WR2 - Taywan Taylor (14 career NFL catches) WR3 - Tajae Sharpe (19 career games with less than 50 catches and missed all of last year) WR4 - Darius Jennings (Unsigned rookie) WR5 - Nick Williams (Unsigned rookie) TE1 - Jonnu Smith (20 catches in 19 games) TE2 - Luke Stocker (veteran who hasn't played 16 games in 7 years *only 3 last year*) While I love the idea of Davis and Taylor getting more snaps and targets, I still worry about this group. There are going to be games where we are going to have to pass a lot. I wish Rishard would've left sooner, so we could've signed Jordan Matthews. I think he would be a great addition to this group. He's a sure-handed veteran with a great work ethic. I think he would be a great WR3 and leader for this group. Do y'all have any other names that might fit in well with this group?