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  1. Damn. Didn't realize there were so many talented receivers. If AJ Brown, Hollywood Brown, DK Metcalf, N'Keal Henry, or maybe Harmon are there in the second round I would definitely consider taking one of them even though I want DL, IOL, and OLB very, very badly. If not, I want 2 DLs and a guard in the first 4 rounds of the draft with one BPA pick. OLB in FA
  2. Yet we were below average in sacks and one of the worst teams in turnovers (pressure causes turnovers). If we are already the 3rd best scoring defense, imagine what constant pressure up the middle would do. I think that would help score more points too -- better field position, more time of possession, ability to use the whole playbook.
  3. Give me a solution headhunter. Another rebuild?
  4. We have made the playoffs 1 time in the past 10 years... We have been 9-7 the past 3 years. An elite defense will get us in the playoffs. An elite defense with good offensive performances from the players we already have on our roster (with the exception of the new offensive linemen and FA wide receiver) will give us a chance. It's not like we have a terrible offense with no talent... Mariota can be good. Henry can be dominant. Delanie and Jonnu can be very good. They just need to play well and stay healthy. An upgraded interior offensive line would make a big difference.
  5. Okay. Tell me this. What would you do in the draft to make our offense as good as the Pats, Rams, Saints, or Chiefs?
  6. Okay where are our holes on offense? Offensive line and WR right? I don't think draft a quarterback or running back in the first 4 rounds. I don't think we need to draft a tight end. We don't need offensive tackles. Inside offensive line and wide receiver is where we need help. Is drafting a wide receiver in the 2nd-4th round going to fix that? I don't think so. I think another year of our young guys in the offense and bringing in a vet in FA is the smart thing to do. Also, Delanie and Jonnu will be catching plenty of passes and Henry will be running the ball a lot. Inside Offensive Line is the biggest question IMO. We are set at the offensive tackle positions. Lewan and Conklin (or Kelly). IF Kelly starts at tackle then Conklin can play guard. But I am hoping a 4th round center/guard and a big free agent signing will really solidify the inside OL. Keep the best one of Spain, Jones, and Kline. Wouldn't you like to have an elite defense? This starts with the first two picks joining Casey on the line. If they can provide constant pressure up the middle, then we will be elite because the rest of the defense is very solid. By the way, a better defense will give our offense better field position and more time of possession. First 4 picks: - DL - DL - OLB - C/G I'm all in on this plan. Please tell me why I'm wrong. This is also under the assumption that we only sign an inside offensive lineman and a wide receiver in FA. I'm all for signing a dominant OLB too.
  7. My preference would be to draft another guy like Finch and Correa to keep that spot fresh maybe in the 3rd or 4th round. Then I want two first round talents in the first and second round next to Casey getting pressure up the middle (Imagine Jurell Casey, Dexter Lawrence, and someone like Jerry Tillery). This would make the rest of the defense so much better. The other top 4 round pick can be offensive line. FA can deal with the rest of our holes (OL and WR). We are close! Need to hit on these picks!
  8. I didn't do any trades because the trades are very unrealistic. 1-19 - DL Dexter Lawrence 2-19 - DL Jerry Tillery 3-18 - C Tyler Biadasz 4-19 - OLB Christian Miller 5-19 - WR Lil Jordan Humphrey 7-19 - CB Isaiah Johnson In free agency, we need to sign a OG, but how bout that Defense!!! DL - Casey, Tillery DL - Lawrence, Johnson DL - Jones, Possible FA? OLB - Landry, Miller, Possible FA? OLB - Correa, Finch ILB - Woodyard, Evans ILB - Brown CB - Ryan, Butler, Johnson CB - Jackson, Simms S - Byard, Cruikshank S - Vacarro QB - Mariota, FA signing RB - Henry, Lewis, Fluellen WR - Davis, Sharpe, Jennings WR - Taylor, Humphrey, Possible FA? TE - Walker, Firkser TE - Smith, Pruitt LT - Lewan, Pamphile LG - FA, Levin C - Biadasz, Levin RG - Conklin, Levin RT - Kelly, Pamphile That defensive line is going to make everyone else on that defense look a lot better. Also, the offense can be good if the O-line is really good, so we need to go out and sign the best guard in free agency. 2019 Titans offseason plan: dominate the trenches
  9. I like most of this a lot. I don’t want a running back in the 3rd round though. Would rather grab another defensive lineman. Or grab another defensive linemen in the second round and grab a guard in the 3rd. Two elite young DL next to Casey sounds ideal to me (especially with this draft class).
  10. We have a dominant defense that can get pressure up the middle. On offense, Derrick Henry is a beast, and our play action to our great tight ends and good YAC receivers is lethal. That is the gameplan to beat everyone, including the Colts.
  11. Yes, I'm an optimist. I think this team will be in the mold of the Bears this past year: Great defense and capable offense. Defense: Safeties: Resign Vacarro. Byard and Vacarro were a very good safety pair in their first year together. They should improve in their second year together. Cruikshank can add depth. Cornerbacks: Logan Ryan needs to get healthy. Jackson and Butler simply need to improve. Jackson needs to get better with his technique and ball skills when finishing plays. Butler may just need to be more comfortable in the defense. Simms needs to be a capable backup. This position group will be good enough with how strong the rest of the defense will be. Inside Linebackers: Woodyard and Brown were very good most of the year. Evans needs to keep improving and understanding the defense. If Evans figures it out, we will have 3 very strong inside linebackers. This could be a very dominant position group. Outside Linebacker: Bye, bye Morgan and Orakpo. Landry and Correa looked really good at times this year, but they need to do a little bit more this year. Adding help on the defensive line should help. We also need to draft an outside linebacker in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft (Burns, Ferguson, Walker in the 3rd round). Finch can provide depth. Defensive Line: This position group will be the very important for this team to be elite. Casey needs to get healthy. Jones and Johnson are fine rotation guys, but we need to draft 2 defensive linemen in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft. If we can hit on those 2 draft picks in a loaded defensive line draft and put 2 studs next to a healthy Casey, then this DL will be scary. (Gary, Oliver, or Lawrence in the 1st round and a stud that falls into the second round-- Tillery, Brown, or Wilkins) Offense: QB: Mariota needs to get healthy. We need to sign Tyrod Taylor or Teddy Bridgewater as a backup. RB: Henry MUST run like he did the second half of the season. Dion Lewis will need to play his role well. Fluellen is a fine 3rd back and special teamer. WR: Sign John Brown. John Brown will be a positive presence on the field and the locker room. Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor need to be more consistent. Tajae Sharpe needs to stay healthy and keep providing consistency. Jennings provides depth. TE: Walker and Smith need to get healthy. This could be a very, very strong position group if Delanie is the same Delanie and if Smith doesn't take a step back. Firkser can add depth. OL: Resign Pamphile (I think he's a free agent, but not sure). Sign Rodger Saffold from the Rams (best free agent guard). Let Ben Jones walk. Figure out where Conklin is going to play. If we plays guard we will have from left to right: Lewan, Saffold, _________, Conklin, Kelly. Pamphile and Kline provide depth. We need to draft a center in the first 4-5 rounds of the draft. Hopefully we can grab the best center in the 3rd or 4th round. (Biadasz, Jenkins, or Bradburry in the 4th round) Rough Depth Chart: QB: Mariota, Taylor OR Bridgewater RB: Henry, Lewis, Fluellen WR: Davis, Sharpe, Jennings WR: Brown, Taylor TE: Walker, Firkser TE: Smith Firkser LT: Lewan, Pamphile LG: Saffold, Kline OC: Biadasz, Kline RG: Conklin, Kline RT: Kelly, Pamphile DL: Casey, Johnson DL: Jones, Brown DL: Gary OLB: Landry, Burns ILB: Brown, Evans ILB: Woodyard, Evans OLB: Correa, Finch CB: Jackson, Simms CB: Butler, Simms Slot CB: Ryan S: Byard, Cruikshank S: Vacarro, Cruikshank K: Succop P: Kern KR: Jennings PR: NOT Adoree Special Teamers: Cruikshank, Bates, Fluellen, Finch Rounds 5-7 and free agency can add depth. Final Notes: A loaded front 7 with an above average secondary. Hoping for a Ravens or Bears-like defense. An above average offensive line with a top 5 (hopefully) running back. This could be the perfect year for Mariota if the offensive line plays well and Henry runs well. He will destroy teams on play action with a couple studs at tight end and with receivers who will have a high YAC. A man can dream!
  12. I really like this, but I’d go with another stud DL in the second round and a guard in the third. But that’s minor and depends on how the draft shakes out.
  13. No Stidham. Please no Stidham.
  14. I want edge rusher and defensive lineman with first 2 picks. Resign vacarro. Defense is then set. fix offensive line late in draft and free agency. Tight end looks great. Get a deep threat receiver later in the draft. We don’t seem too far away, but neither does any other team in the division. EDIT: by the way, we let orakpo and Morgan walk.
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