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  1. I wonder if Suh and Wake got along well in Miami
  2. CBS ranked their top 10 free agents left. 4 of them were Defensive Linemen. Are we done in free agency? Have we been linked to Suh, Wilkerson, Ansah, or Liuget? I would love to get one of these guys on a one year deal.
  3. Really doubt Wilkins last till 19. Gary is kinda meh. Brown is better, but not one of my top wants. This board has been quiet today. Let's get the chatter going!
  4. Marquise Brown - first wide receiver drafted +150
  5. 1st receiver taken - Hollywood Brown +150 ^might be my favorite bet
  6. 2 reasons why the Titans would leak this Lock news. To make sure he is either picked before them to make sure another defensive player slides, OR if he is still available around the Titans pick that no one will trade up ahead of the Titans to get the defensive player that they want. SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE...... Please tell me the last time something was leaked about the Titans in the draft was true? ^honestly have no idea
  7. I doubt Lock would even last to 19. Definitely think this is a ploy to get another offensive player drafted before us. OR to make sure no one tries to trade ahead of us to get the defensive player we want because “we want Lock”. I think that is much, much, much more likely than them actually drafting him. SMOKE
  8. We better beat Buffalo at home....
  9. I really don't want to draft another wide receiver high in the draft. We are going to run the ball a lot. When we pass it, I think Delanie, Jonnu, Humphries, Davis, and Taylor/Sharpe will be enough. If we find ourselves in a pass-only situation, then Dion Lewis is another option. I would much rather use the first 3-4 picks on DL, OLB, and OL. If we did trade back, then something like: Jeffrey Simmons/Dexter Lawrence Garrett Bradbury/Chris Lindstrom/Dalton Risner Khalen Saunders/Isaiah Buggs **JRob's favorite EDGE** I believe these picks would effect the team a lot more than drafting possibly our 3rd WR in the second round.
  10. hahaha wow. A lot of people feel very strongly the Bradbury is going in the 1st.
  11. Is there any chance Bradbury would be available with our second pick? 20%?
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