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  1. Hahaha no. We have the draft and free agency. Signing Henry for too much will leave too many other holes... I don’t think Logan Ryan not resigning gives Derrick Henry any more leverage. That’s the point I’m trying to make.
  2. Why would Henry be a lock? And why would they have more leverage? If there are plenty of good running backs in the draft and free agency then I don’t think Henry would have much leverage. I know they don’t want massive roster turnover, but they have a good portion of the starters signed. Pretty sure we only have like 4-5 starters set to hit free agency...
  3. Biggest NFL surprise: 49ers undefeated Biggest Titans surprise: Saffold’s terrible start
  4. I know people post these videos sometimes. Has anyone seen a video for this? Edit: I attached the video:
  5. Logan Ryan is the only free agent on this team that I would be upset if we didn't resign.
  6. As good as this defense is, Simmons could make them noticeably better (if he was healthy and in game shape). His bull rush that will collapse the pocket and prevent the QB from stepping up in the pocket and into his throw will make this secondary look even better. My other favorite thing about his game besides his bull rush is his awareness. He doesn’t seem to cheat very often. He plays run and keeps his eyes in the backfield. The moment he sees pass he can transition into a pass rush effortlessly. I am so excited about Simmons, but I am afraid we will have to wait till next year. This year I will settle for flashes.
  7. DL - Simmons (2024) OLB - Landry (2022) ILB - Evans (2023) ILB - Brown (2021) *need to extend* S - Byard (2025) S - Hooker (2023) *Butler and Casey are signed through 2023* LT - Lewan (2024) WR - AJ Brown (2023) WR - Corey Davis (2022) possibly TE - Jonnu Smith (2021) *Humphries is signed through 2023* It is depressing to be a Titans fan right now, but I am still excited for this young core.
  8. I know he wasn’t noticeably bad today, but the Rams offensive line is really struggling without him. Trade him back there and gain some cap space and draft capital. I know the probability of this happening is probably less than 1%.
  9. If he reaches his potential (not this year), then Simmons vs Quentin Nelson will be incredible.
  10. It's not about Conklin not being able to play RT, it is about what makes this offensive line (and team) the best. If we don't have a decent RG, I think that it would make sense to move him inside since Kelly has proven he can play Right Tackle. I guess if Conklin is terrible at RG then it doesn't make sense, but I definitely think he would be good.
  11. Maybe this question is obvious to some, but I am wondering if anybody feels that Kelly has proven he should start at RT or that we need a RG so bad that we have to start Kelly at RT. I know last game our offensive line looked good, but let's not forget the Jacksonville game. Personally, I think a Lewan-Saffold-Jones-Conklin-Kelly offensive line could be stronger this year than a right side of Davis-Conklin. Not sure if Conklin can play RG though.
  12. Do we have any idea on a game we can target for his debut? I saw Denver somewhere but that seemed way too optimistic.